Research Ideas

Get your Zotero on

Use the search mechanism to dig up discussions relevant to your interests, then follow the links to the bibliography entries. Make this another way to build up your Zotero collections

Organize scholarship by topic

Either using search as above, or using the topic links, start making groups to describe scholars or scholarship around different characteristics, e.g. characters they comment on (or don't), or people who are noticably more cited in the commentary than the appendix (or vice versa).

Ask about a query

There's a lot of data in here, and I haven't yet done any distant reading work on it. If you have a question that, based on what you see, you think could be queried out of the database, let me know in the distant reading group. I'll see if it'll work. N.B. The result of any suggested queries will be made public under an Open Data license.