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In this essay, we are traveling to analyze the relationship between Othello and the state of affairs of uncertainnesss and agnosticism in the Western civilization in the early seventeenth century.

Othello which was portion of the Shakespeare eraA is written from a society which viewed adult females to be inferior to work forces and that certain races were more superior.A The authorA wasA illustratingA from the societal political orientations of his clip and therefore could be influenced. It would be considered socially acceptable that he could non accept the thought of making something universal.

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There have been many groundss about the Venetian society in Othello that reflect the crisis of uncertainness and agnosticism experienced in the Western civilization in the early seventeenth century. However, we will be analyzing some of the major constructs of agnosticism and uncertainnesss which includes bias, importance of relationships and radical differences.

Western civilization at that epoch

During the seventeenth century racial tenseness was common in Western European societies and racism in England was besides an accepted as portion of life.

Industrial Revolution happened where there is a series of enlargement throughout the Western state, conveying in different faiths, constructs, believing and people from different walks of life.

Racism between the “ White persons ” and “ Blacks ”

In the seventeenth century, racism was a common construct ; people of colorss were frequently thought of as “ barbarian. ” Shakespeare would hold encountered no social force per unit areas against showing such thoughts at that clip.

The author illustrated Iago as utilizing racialist slurs to wake Brabantio up by stating that his girl is run offing with Othello. Iago describes Othello as an “ old black random-access memory tupping your white Ewe. ” ( Shakespeare, 2005, pp. Act 1, Scene 1, Line 9 ) This means that all black work forces animal-like gender was perverting Desdemona. He is aiming at Brabantio ‘s fright of assorted matrimony ( black and white ) . Although Othello is a Christian which he did so to seek to suit into the society, Iago still calls him a “ Satan ” , intending that all black work forces were evil and devil normally took the signifier and form of a black adult male.

Brabantio argues that Desdemona ‘s love to Othello is unnatural, she is non supposed to fall for a black adult male whom “ she fear ‘d to look on ” . ( Shakespeare, 2005, pp. Act 1, Scene 3, Line 6 ) Iago played on Brabantio ‘s racism towards the inkinesss as the old illustration demonstrated of his thought towards crossbreeding, to equal against Othello. Brabantio maintain on take a firm standing that Othello must hold cast a enchantment on her with “ disgusting appeals ” and charming enchantments as she is non conforming to what the society should act.

There are elements of uncertainness and agnosticism between the Blacks and Whites ; they are separately divided into two castes. As shown in the illustration, the nature that White should get married White and frailty versa, and that if White marries a Black, she is traveling against nature.

Othello is made to gain and to accept that racism appears to be the major job in the seventeenth century when he realises that he killed Desdemona for no good ground. He is picturing himself like a “ base Indian who threw a pearl off ” ( Shakespeare, 2005, pp. Act 5, Scene 2, Line 68 ) without cognizing its true worth and one that is ever ignorant and farcical. He associated Desdemona to a pearl, an prototype of pureness.

Shakespeare had portrayed racism as a cosmopolitan construct at that clip by explicitly utilizing certain words of favoritism against the people of coloring material.

Fragility of Relationships

Othello reflects modern society ‘s preoccupation with familiarity and human relationships.The breakability of those relationships is emphasized by a focal point on Iago, Othello ‘s sure subsidiary. On the exterior, Iago appears to be a carling and solicitous friend, inside he is consumed by green-eyed monster and attempts to savage the matrimonial relationship between Othello and Desdemona. ( Shakespeare, 2005, pp. Act 1, Scene 3, Line 12 )

Iago assumes that his married woman, Emilia is rip offing on him with Othello. We know that this is non true nevertheless we know that Iago did name other motivations to destruct Othello which includes non giving him a publicity. Therefore, it is wholly possible that Iago makes up the rumor about Othello and Emilia to warrant his motivations to harm Othello. On the other manus, most work forces in the drama assume that all adult females are unfaithful and unchaste therefore it is non surprising that he believe Emilia to be untrue.

Iago provinces that Desdemona ‘s action of disobeying and lead oning her male parent suggests that she has the ability and unconditioned character of being unfaithful. ( Shakespeare, 2005, pp. Act 3, Scene 3, Line 18 ) This implies that she can easy rip off on her hubby excessively. Othello responds that he feels the same manner. Alternatively of seeing Desdemona ‘s determination to run off with Othello as a mark of his married woman ‘s trueness to him, Othello sees Desdemona ‘s willingness to run off as a preliminary to her unfaithfulness. It seems that Othello ‘s male chauvinist premises leave him reasonably vulnerable to Iago ‘s plotting.

Raymond Powell besides explains how Shakespeare ‘s word picture of romantic love is seen as a “ delicate instability, the manner its narrow strengths can so easy be diverted into craze, mental unsoundness, and destructive possession ” . ( Powell, 1980, p. 58 )

Similarly in the seventeenth century, the industrial revolution led to birth of capitalist economy and for the Americans, it means the creative activity of freedom, advancement, greater wealth and mercenary comfort. This better criterion of life let them to see matrimony as a chase of ain felicity than of an drawn-out household support system. This breaks off from the traditional position of matrimony, instead it serves as a base for a better life. Idea of the traditional demands for matrimony faded off and many Americans have no thought how these traditional grounds for matrimony can make a long lasting relationship, without oppugning its stableness.

In Othello, Othello and Desdemona marry rapidly out of passion with no respects to the people around them. Desdemona besides breaks off from the traditional ideal matrimony of “ white to white ” , acknowledging to her male parent that Othello is her legal hubby. This causes Brabantio to servers all ties with her, losing her lone household support everlastingly.

Since there is no drawn-out support for Desdemona in times of demand, she is easy harmed. Othello ‘s desire for single matrimony besides makes him susceptible accusal and rumor, vulnerable to rumor as he had no trusty family to confide in. Therefore, he was easy swayed by Iago and causes their matrimony to interrupt isolated easy.

Uncertainty between Europeans and Turks ( Religion )

From this, we can see that Othello wants the people to believe of him and retrieve him as a soldier who has “ done the province some service ” and who has killed a batch of Venice ‘s enemies. He is sorry for doing decease to Desdemona by associating it as a offense against the Venice province. This is proven when he compares himself to a “ turban ‘d Turk ” , utilizing the same blade that he used to kill the enemies on the battleground, to perpetrate self-destruction. ( Shakespeare, 2005, pp. Act 5, Scene 2, Line 66 )

Similarly, there is an uncertainness in the faith of Othello as during the seventeenth century, there is anxiousness about the spiritual transition in post-Reformation England and lifting of the imperial power of the Ottoman Turks. In Othello, there is a battle between forces of good and evil, transition to other faiths in order to suit into the society and be accepted by all.

Shakespeare ‘s Othello draws on early modern anxiousnesss about Ottoman aggression and links them to a larger web of moral, sexual, and spiritual uncertainness. His fright of female sexual instability is linked in the drama to racial and cultural anxiousnesss about “ turning Turk ” the fright of a black planet that gripped Europeans in the early modern epoch as they faced the enlargement of Ottoman power.


All in all, there have been groundss that Othello portrays some of the features of the Western Culture in the seventeenth century. Othello has shown to reflect the major job during the industrial revolution period, racism, positions on matrimonies and the battle between spiritual struggles. Othello has serves to portray the occurrences at that epoch.

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