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short narrative, “ A Clean, Illuminated Topographic point, ” describes two servers at a Spanish cafe . Their last client, an old, deaf adult male, has yet to go forth and it is get downing to acquire tardily. The servers begin discoursing the old adult male ‘s recent effort at self-destruction as Hemingway introduces the two characters. Hemingway ‘s comparing of the two servers has given me a expression into the worldview of each to demo how ignorance, assurance, understanding, and worldview all impact our lives and actions.

The immature server is evidently bothered by the presence of the old adult male at the cafe . The server references that he has a married woman waiting for him at place and that he wishes to run into her at a sensible clip. The older server answers “ He had a married woman one time excessively ” ( Hemingway 143 ) , but the vernal adult male feels a married woman would be of no usage to the adult male now. When the old adult male requests another glass of brandy, the server expresses that he wished the adult male had been successful in his self-destruction effort. The immature server is acrimonious toward the old adult male for maintaining the adult male from his desires.

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The immature server has much assurance in his young person, but lacks life experience to be able to sympathise with the old adult male. The old adult male stays dignified at the cafe , without sloping a bead of his brandy, but Hemingway references that the immature server “ poured on into the glass so that the brandy slopped over and ran down the root into the top disk ” ( 143 ) . His vernal assurance seems to blind him to the universe around him. He is unable to sympathise with the adult male ‘s demand for the cafe perchance because he has ne’er experienced letdown in life to where he needed a safety. Michael Adams says in his essay “ significance can be created merely through an consciousness of its absence ” ( Adams ) . The immature server can non understand why he should remain tardily because he has ne’er experienced the demand for a safety tardily at dark. The server expresses his vernal ignorance by stating “ I would n’t desire to be that old. An old adult male is a awful thing ” ( Hemingway 143 ) . When the old adult male finishes his drink, he requests another, but is turned off and is asked to go forth by the immature server. He insists the adult male can imbibe brandy at place though realizes that it is non the same as the cafe . The immature server is so concerned with his ain involvements that he treats the old adult male as if he was a condemnable.

The older server does non portion this bitterness for the old adult male. He is disappointed when the younger server refuses to function the adult male. The senior has sympathy for the old adult male ‘s desire to remain at the cafe tardily into the dark. The older server provinces that he is “ with all those who do non desire to travel to bed. With all those that need a visible radiation for the dark ” ( Hemingway 144 ) . The server feels the cafe should remain unfastened for those that need it, for those that do non want to see bodegas. The older server realizes the difference between the cafe and a bodega, “ When the immature server says there are bodegas unfastened all dark, the other points out that the bright ambiance of the cafe makes it different ” ( Adams ) . The older server ‘s life experience allows him to see past his ain demands and recognize the demands of others.

The older server has a nihilistic worldview. Nihilism argues that life has no existent nonsubjective significance or intent. The server sees no ground for his being and believes that all is “ nada Y pues nada y nada Y pues nada ” ( Hemingway 145 ) . Keeping to this worldview, the server realizes that work forces need a safety from the pandemonium of the universe. He sees the demand for a clean, well-lit topographic point to take a interruption from normal life.

Personally, I feel as though I can associate to this narrative in several ways. Much of my life has been spent in vernal cloud nine and ignorance. I had ne’er, before now, made an effort at any school I have attended. I had ever thought that I would be all right in the terminal, no affair what I did. At the age of 18, I decided, on my ain free will, to travel out of my parent ‘s house and support myself. I can compare this portion of my life with that of the immature server in the narrative. “ I have assurance. I am all assurance ” ( Hemingway 144 ) . My assurance had blinded me to the universe around me.

After populating on my ain nutriment for over two old ages, I lost my occupation, lost my auto, was put on probation, and failed out of school. After losing my occupation, I had no money or manner to back up myself on my ain. My lone option was to travel back to my parent ‘s place. Given this experience of holding lost it all, I feel as though I appreciate the things I have much more. As the old server in the narrative, life experiences have made me a more understanding individual. In my clip spent at place, I ‘ve besides found a new avocation. Riding motorcycles makes me experience as if I have non a attention in the universe, really similar to how the clean cafe makes the old adult male and elder waiter feel. My life experience has molded me into the individual that I am now going.

Ernest Hemingway ‘s “ A Clean, Illuminated Topographic point ” seems to hold captured the feelings I have had through different phases of my life. There are times where it feels like all is nil, and it really good could be true. All that we know is that there can ever be a clean, illuminated topographic point for us to rest from the universe around us.

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