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In the opening scene of the film, the Roman ground forces is in Germania, fixing for a battle with the Germanic savages. While they are fixing, the General Maximus Decimus Meridius ( Russell Crowe ) is speaking with one of his officers, Quintis ( Tomas Arana ) . When he was asked if the savages were traveling to contend, he answers that they ‘ll cognize shortly plenty. A few minutes subsequently, the Roman courier returns on his Equus caballus. However, he had been decapitated. Maximus knows at that minute that they had to contend the savages. He so rides to where the horse is waiting in order to surprise the savages. While he ‘s giving his address, the other work forces are puting up their catapult and slingshots. The slingshots ‘ ammo was fundamentally firebombs. They besides create a little row of fire for their pointers. When they ‘re ready, they start firing on the savages, making pandemonium and finally get downing the conflict. The Roman foot progress towards the savages as the horse comes from another way. The savages attack the foot but are rapidly surrounded because the horse came up from behind them. The Romans finally win the conflict, but non without casualties. After the conflict, the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius ( Richard Harris ) asks to see Maximus. Marcus tells Maximus that Commodus ( Joaquin Phoenix ) is n’t traveling to govern the Roman Empire. He besides tells Maximus that the power will travel to him and that it was up to him to do the Roman Empire a Republic once more. When Commodus speaks with Marcus, he learns of his program and putting to deaths Marcus. He so tells everyone that he died in his slumber and that there was no hurting. Commodus asks Maximus for his trueness but he refuses and walks off from him. Commodus so orders the executing of Maximus and his household. The Praetorian Guard arrests Maximus and takes him deep into the forest to kill him. Maximus asks to be killed with self-respect and when the guard listens, Maximus disarms him and killed the other Praetorian Guards who were present. He so rides ferociously in an effort to salvage his household, but does n’t get in clip. After burying his married woman and boy, he lies following to the freshly dug Gravess. While he ‘s puting at that place weak from hurt, slave bargainers find him, spot him up, and take him to Zucchabar, North Africa. It is at that place that Maximus is purchased by Proximo ( Oliver Reed ) , who is in the gladiator concern. Initially, Maximus refuses to contend, but when he defends himself in the sphere ; his combat accomplishments earn him popularity with the crowd. Maximus known merely as the Spaniard to the crowd and fellow gladiators befriends Hagan ( Ralf Moeller ) , a Germanic savage and Juba ( Djimon Hounsou ) , a Numedian huntsman. Juba and Maximus become rather close and speak about the hereafter. Commodus, holds “ games ” to honor his male parent, but more significantly, to derive popularity. Meanwhile, Lucilla ( Connie Nielsen ) and a Roman senator, Gracchus ( Derek Jacobi ) secret plan to subvert Commodus for the better of Rome. Commodus hires Proximo ‘s gladiators to take part in the games and they all stare in admiration at the Coliseum when they arrive in Rome. The first conflict that the gladiators had to take part in was a diversion of the Battle of Zama. The gladiators were the savages under Hannibal, and the soldiers were playing the portion of Roman Legionnaires under the Roman general, Scipio Africanus. Maximus tells the gladiators to lodge together so that they would hold a better opportunity. After another bloody conflict, Maximus and the gladiators are successful in crushing their enemies. After the conflict, Commodus goes down to the bowl to run into Maximus. He nevertheless, does n’t cognize that it is him as Maximus was have oning a helmet which hid his individuality. When Commodus asks him to take off his helmet and state him his name, Maximus turns his dorsum to him. Commodus, profoundly enraged, he gives him a opportunity and tells him to make it once more. Maximus takes off his helmet and says: “ My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commanding officers of the ground forcess to the North, and General of the Felix Legions, loyal retainer to the true Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered boy, hubby to a murdered married woman and I will hold my retribution, in this life or the following. ” Commodus is profoundly disturbed upon larning that his enemy is still alive and orders his Praetorian Guards to weaponries. The crowd hoot Commodus and starts intoning “ Live! Live! ” much to Commodus ‘ displeasure. He lets Maximus unrecorded because of the crowds blessing of him and he did n’t desire to lose popularity with the people so he leaves the bowl. Commodus, now looking for a manner to kill Maximus, sets a lucifer between him and Rome ‘s merely undefeated gladiator, Tigris of Gaul ( Sven-Ole Thorsen ) . The sphere was besides filled with Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams and their animal trainers instructed to travel after Maximus. Although he was about killed a few times, Maximus is able to grate up a win, but insulted the Emperor farther by disobeying his order to kill Tigris. Although the crowd wanted Maximus to kill him, they still took his side and started naming him “ Maximus the Merciful ” as his popularity starts to lift, and Commodus ‘ popularity was in diminution. After the battle, Maximus ‘ retainer, Cicero ( Tommy Flanagan ) speaks with Maximus and tells him that his ground forces is stationed at Ostia and are still loyal to him. Maximus seeks a meeting with Lucilla and tells her, who in bend Tells Gracchus, about his program to reunite with his ground forces and overthrow Commodus. Commodus nevertheless, is really leery of his sister. When he threatens her boy Lucius ( Spencer Treat Clark ) , she admits that she was plotting and Begins to shout. Because she told Commodus of the secret plan, Gracchus was arrested, and the Praetorian Guard were able to fix for the attempted flight of Maximus. His program to get away was to mouse away during a public violence started by the gladiators. The Praetorian Guard had killed Hagan, some gladiators, and Proximo. Juba and some others were arrested as Maximus escaped. However, as Maximus approached Cicero, unaware of the fact that his program had been foiled, and witnessed Cicero ‘s slaying at the custodies of the Praetorian Guard who so arrested Maximus. Commodus visits Maximus and challenges him to a battle. Maximus laughs because he knows that Commodus has no opportunity of crushing him. However, Commodus evens the odds by knifing Maximus in the side with a sticker. He orders the guards to conceal the lesion with his armor and they get ready to contend. When they enter the bowl, the cheers of Maximus Begin. Although he is weakened, Maximus puts up a great attempt and is able to demilitarize Commodus. He drops his ain blade out of exhaustion and begins to hallucinate about the hereafter while Commodus is inquiring for a blade from one of the Praetorian Guards. Quintis orders the Praetorian ‘s to set their blades off. Commodus so tries to complete Maximus with the sticker, merely to hold the onslaught reversed and acquire stabbed in the pharynx with his ain sticker. Maximus so continues to see his married woman and boy but is brought back to world by Quintis who asks for instructions. Maximus tells him that Rome is to be a democracy once more by order of Marcus Aurelius. He so collapses and after Lucilla tells him that Lucius is safe and that he should travel to his household, he dies. Gracchus and the other gladiators carry his organic structure out of the Coliseum. That dark, Juba, who is now free, goes back to the Coliseum and buries the wooden statuettes of Maximus ‘ married woman and boy. He so says that he ‘ll see him once more but, non yet.

By: Ryan McGregor

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