American Dreams And The Great Gatsby English Literature Essay Free Essay

Harmonizing to writer James Truslow Adams, the American dream is “ that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with chance for each harmonizing to ability or accomplishment ” . I agree with Adams that the American Dream is non a dream of material ownership simply, but a belief of “ societal order ” in which everyone is able to accomplish harmonizing to his or her unconditioned capableness. However, I do non hold to the point Adams made, that everyone is able to recognized by others for what they are, “ regardless of the causeless fortunes of birth or place ” . In Fitzgerald ‘s Great Gatsby, both Jay Gatsby and Nick Caraway illustrated their American Dreams are non merely about autos and high rewards. For Jay Gatsby, the American Dream is a belief that he can carry through his true desire, Daisy, through wealth and power. Nick Carraway, who ab initio envies about the unworried life style of affluent people, was able to look inward, and recognize that moral is weighted more than wealth deep in his bosom. Gatsby was non awarded the same societal statues as Daisy and Tom have, and he was ne’er accepted by the society.

I agree to Adams ‘ point that American Dream is non material, but emotional. Gatsby had a love matter with Daisy when they are both immature, nevertheless it did n’t last long. Because of the difference in their societal statues, Gatsby left. However, his dream has ne’er changed. Much wealthier than he was earlier, Gatsby returned from the clip spent in the ground forces, with the hope that his paddling wealth will allow him to derive back Daisy ‘s bosom. When Gatsby left, Daisy ‘s devotedness to him was broken by Tom Buchanan ‘s affluent entreaty, because Daisy values the material ownership more than pure love. Superficially, Gatsby ‘s American Dream is material. “ In his blue gardens work forces and misss came and went like moths among the rustles and the bubbly and the stars ” ( 43 ) . After he has returned, he began to through parties every dark non cognizing who were his invitees, trusting to affect Daisy. However merely Daisy was his true and lone desire. Gatsby sees that the lone manner he can repossess her is by affecting her with his wealth and turn out that he has the fiscal power to procure her a unworried life style every bit good. Gatsby ‘s purposes on carry throughing his end made him to believe that the terminals justify the agencies. Nick Caraway, the storyteller, suffered from the same irresistible impulse to a dream. In the beginning, Nick admires and enviousnesss Gatsby, by naming him “ the Great Gatsby ” . “ He has an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic preparedness such as I have ne’er found in any other individual and which it is non likely I shall of all time happen once more ” ( 6 ) . Nick was in awe of the wealth Gatsby has and the unworried life manner it allows. As the narrative goes on, the dishonest agencies by which Gatsby has gained his wealths was uncovered to Nick spot by spot. Following Gatsby ‘s decease, Nick showed the reader the lesson he learnt from Gatsby ‘s folly, that his dream could non be achieved when moral is tossed off. “ It could n’t forgive him or like him but I saw what he had done was, to him, wholly justified. They were careless people, Tom and Daisy, they smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money or their huge sloppiness or whatever it was that kept them together, and allow other people clean up the muss they had made… “ ( 187 ) While being a true friend of Gatsby and assisting him to accomplish his dreams, Nick was besides able to recognize that Tom and Daisy are a category of careless and heartless people because the huge wealth blocked their emotion look and their statues and power reflect their apathy. Fitzgerald strives to picture a dramatic consciousness that in Nick ‘s American dream, moral value weights more than wealth. Both Gatsby and Nick have strengthened writer Adams ‘ statement that the thought of the American Dream is non merely about wealth simply, but a dream of the true felicity everyone shall be able to achieve.

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I disagree with Adams that everyone can be recognized by others for what they are capable to accomplish, irrespective to causeless fortunes. One chief constituent that kept Gatsby from making his dream was the difference in societal statues between Gatsby and Daisy, because the societal favoritism and the divisions among the categories can non be overcome. At the beginning, Daisy refused to get married Gatsby because Gatsby did non hold the power to procure her a high philistinism life style. “ Who is this Gatsby anyhow? ” “ A batch of these freshly rich people are merely large moonshiners, you know ” ( 114 ) . Even after Gatsby had gained his luck, he was still non and would ne’er be in the same societal degree as Daisy and Tom. Because his wealth was non inherited, but was gained from bootlegging and other organized offenses, Gatsby was distained by the wealth old money people. Gatsby ‘s American Dream collapses when Daisy refused to go forth Tom and finally rejected by the higher societal category. “ I suppose he ‘d had the name ready for a long clip, even so. His parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people-his imaginativeness had ne’er truly accepted them as his parents at all. The truth was that Jay Gatsby of West Egg, Long Island, sprang from his Platonic construct of himself. He was a Son of God, and he must be about his male parent ‘s concern, the service of a huge, vulgar, and meretricious beauty ” ( 104 ) . Nick, as an honest foreigner, proved to us that how of import societal statues are in the society they lived in. Gatsby had the aspiration to carry through in a higher societal category when he was immature, and engrossed himself in making whatever it needs to mount the societal ladder. Gatsby tries difficult to suit into the universe Tom and Daisy lived, but his dream was tarnished by the society that will ne’er accept him. Gatsby ‘s empty funeral proved that, contradictory to Adam ‘s American Dream, dreamers like Gatsby were judged and mistreated harmonizing to the unequal societal statues they were born with.

The thought of American dream still holds true in today ‘s clip. One thing ne’er changes about American dream. That is, one time there is dream, there is hope. Just like Gatsby, everyone desires to be better in life, and everyone strives to accomplish the dream. Dreamers should be respected and encouraged.

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