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Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of the most celebrated chef-d’oeuvres done by James Thurber and is a short narrative which is more frequently anthologized in the universe of literature. It is a narrative of a despairing adult male who does non desire to confront existent life state of affairss but attempts to get away through holding changeless reverie. Walter Mitty reverie of populating an extortionate and alien lives of others that are really successful and happy than he himself his. His reveries are non that harmful but it catches Mitty away guard every bit shortly as he comes to world. Thurber did narrate the narrative merely as an observant in omniscient and from a third-person point of position which has made possible for him to uncover the character of Walter Mitty as he encounters day-to-day activities. He did non come in into the head of Mrs. Mitty but brought out her character through her speech production and actions in interaction with Mr. Mitty.

Mrs. Mitty is seen as a tyrannizing adult female, she nags her hubby to purchase overshoes, to set on the baseball mitts and to avoid hurrying. Despite all the negative portrayals of his married woman, he is uncomplete and can non go to to existent life issues ; she is her hubby ‘s nexus to the existent universe, she ensures that her hubby avoid accidents and losing the sight of the existent universe.

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The narrative negotiations about Mitty ‘s five epic reverie scenes. In the first dream he is a pilot in the US navy boat, so as a superb sawbones runing a outstanding person, so as an bravo testifying in the tribunal room, so as a pilot in Royal Air Force ( RAF ) and eventually he dreams of confronting a fire squad.

The dreams happen as Mitty and his married woman are driving to Waterbury for the usual hebdomadal shopping and for her married woman to go to to the parlour. While driving he has his first dream as a pilot being instructed to exchange to a certain figure, he takes the instructions and sped his auto. The dream vanishes as his married woman barks at him to decelerate down. Mitty has the 2nd dream of him as the brilliant sawbones after dropping his married woman at hairstylists and while driving past a infirmary. The 3rd dream as an bravo happen as shortly the carrier shouts the headline on Waterbury test and after purchasing material for her married woman.

While reading a magazine on air power, he dreams the 4th as a captain and all of a sudden her married woman taps his shoulder and awakes him. He and his married woman drives place but on the manner she stops in a pharmaceutics, it begins to rain and the 5th dream occurs, he lights a cigar, stands against the wall with pride ready to confront the fire squad. This may hold marked the terminal of his undoing, the narrative leaves us at a suspense inquiring what truly happened, was he fired, will he be seeing a head-shrinker or will he divide from his married woman.

The scene of the narrative seems pretty clear, Thurber reference the hairstylist likely the salon, the parking batch, apothecary’s shop and a anteroom hotel, all these are our mundane life scenes and usually are dull topographic points. The obtuseness of these topographic points brings out the dull nature Walter Mitty ‘s life. A crisp contrast is seen with Mitty ‘s dreams of phantasies. The operating room, the brilliant sawbones and the lighting of a cigar in forepart of a fire squad all these provided a dramatic and exciting scene.

Subjects that are portrait in the narrative are success and failure, vicarious escapade and escape among others. The subject success and failure is portrait though Mitty non being able to achieve his life outlooks which every bit forced him to populate life full of phantasies. Mitty likely had a desire to be like others who are successful for illustration he desires those in Air Force or as a physician but because of the failure and inability to accomplish the same he opts to accomplish it through the dream universe. Another subject portrayal is escape, because he can non accomplish the life outlooks he chose to woolgathering as a whipping boy. He does non desire to confront existent life state of affairss but attempts to get away through holding changeless reveries.

The subject of force can every bit good be said to be in the narrative. Napierkowski has that Mitty in his ego seems to keep unsaid Acts of the Apostless of force, from the expression of all his twenty-four hours dreams it centers on guns and decease. Even the peaceable reverie in the infirmary runing a patient may connote the spilling of human blood ; one may reason that Mitty may one twenty-four hours resort to re-express all his violent acts to the populace at big. Although it may hold non been the purpose of Thurber to indicate on Mitty ‘s psychological head there is demand to raise the palpebra on his subconscious.

The secret life of Walter Mitty narrative is full of literature elements such as symbolism, imagination and fable. The sound of “ pocketa-pocketa-pocketa ” is imagination to the sound of thumping cylinders in the ” Navy seaplane ” . Imagery component is besides portrait when Mitty imagined himself as a British pilot ; flame-throwers made similar sounds of his auto engine which he hears as he drives his married woman into the town.

Symbolism has been employed in short narrative vastly, there is the usage tyre ironss, baseball mitts, overshoes and the auto which are being used by Mrs. Mitty to rule her hubby. She is seen to be commanding her hubby to have on baseball mitts, drive easy and telling him to purchase her overshoes. Climax is another component used by the writer and it seems to happen on the concluding reverie. It is said to be a flood tide because all his jobs seems to hold an terminal. For illustration holding him executed by the firing squad may intend that he decided to set an terminal to all his jobs. The narrative is presented to the audience through narrative manner. In “ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, ” Thurber narrates the narrative of Walter Mitty, as an person who lives in a fantasy universe in order to get away duties and humiliations he undergoes in existent life state of affairss. The narrative itself merely happens over a individual twenty-four hours where Walter and his married woman are out on their usual shopping trip. Mitty so begins his reverie, which are interrupted by her married woman admonishing him to be watchful for illustration he is told to drive easy. Thurber has efficaciously design the narrative ‘s narrative to associate Mitty ‘s “ secret life ” with the existent life.

Repeat of sounds has been used in the narrative. For case Thurber employed onomatopoeia “ pocketa-pocketa-pocketa ” in emulating the sound of the aircraft in the first dream, he uses the same sound besides while copying the sound of anesthetizes and in the 3rd reverie to copy fire throwsters. There is the usage of pun in the narrative, for case the word “ obstreosis of the ductal path ” besides “ tickseed has set in ” does intend anything in relation to Medicare but are used by the writer to intermix the narrative.

Thurber chef-d’oeuvre is more relevant it the current society, most people have chosen to get away from their duties most notably parents that can non supply basic necessities to the household are seeking consolation in negative societal activities. Persons that do non achieve expected criterions like go throughing an test are non without this context since they opt to get away the world by woolgathering or prosecuting in other activities such as imbibing intoxicant and drugs, afterwards floating into a universe of phantasy.

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