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Change is difficult to accept, but it ‘s besides difficult to convey. Change can be brought in a figure of different ways ; it can be brought through force, addresss or words. Wars forced alteration through force, Gandhi brought it through addresss and Hughes caused it by his verse forms. Winston Churchill one time said, “ There is nil incorrect with alteration, if it is in the right way ” . Winston Churchill believed in alteration every bit long as it was for the better. Langston Hughes besides believed in the same alteration. He wanted to alter America and do them accept African Americans as their ain American brothers. Langston Hughes witnessed the racial bias against his community. He was terrified at the racial inequalities faced by African Americans, which influenced his poesy and made him give his work to conveying alteration. Hughes changed his poesy manner, during the Harlem Renaissance in 1920s, as he started to look up to wind music, pull stringsing his poesy towards music. During the early 1930s, Langston Hughes was mostly influenced by The Great Depression. Hughes ‘ ideas became pessimistic and his dreams became hopeless, as he started to show it in his poetic work. Hughes ‘ milieus influenced his ideas, which encouraged him to reflect it in his poesy. This caused Langston Hughes ‘ poesy to germinate from treatments of racial inequalities, to jazz poesy, and so to his pessimistic positions on life.

As a consequence from witnessing racial maltreatment, Langston Hughes decided non to be a bystander. Hughes started to reflect his milieus in his work. He began to compose in his verse form the tough challenges faced by African Americans. Hughes based most of his work on the subject of societal unfairness. He expresses, in his verse form, the racial inequalities faced by African Americans, as they were capable to low category and favoritism. His critics frequently objected that he portrayed low-class facets of life through his pick of capable affair, but Hughes frequently felt that he needed to pass on that, in order to convey his message. Hughes wanted to convey alteration through his verse form ; he wanted to demo that Blacks are non truly different from other cultural groups. Hughes genuinely portrayed this through his verse form “ I, Too Sing America ” . In this verse form, he illustrates humbleness of inkinesss during that clip when he writes, “ I am the darker brother / They send me to eat in the kitchen / When company comes ” ( Hughes 2-4 ) . Hughes foremost conveys the image of how inkinesss are treated. Then he continues on, “ Tomorrow, / I ‘ll be at the tabular array / When company comes. ” ( Hughes 8-10 ) . Hughes so shows the alteration that he strives to do. The verse form continues on to demo that the alteration is accepted as, “ They ‘ll see how beautiful I am / And be ashamed ” ( Hughes 16-17 ) . Hughes so closes off the verse form with, “ I, excessively, am America ” ( Hughes 18 ) and shows that Blacks are non truly different, as they are besides American and sing the same national anthem as other Americans. Hughes expresses deep concern for the agony that his community faced, through his verse forms, and purposes to convey alteration.

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Subsequently on during the 1920s, a new motion started in America known as the Harlem Renaissance. Most African Americans started to travel from the rural agricultural South to the urban industrial North during 1914-1918. During this clip many African American gathered in New York. Many settled in New York and in the territory of Harlem. This motion brought many gifted African Americans together. It besides brought many good black instrumentalists together, who publicized wind music during that clip. The Harlem Renaissance besides brought many artistic Blacks who had their endowments in art and literature. These African Americans found a new manner to research and see black life in America. Many rational African American and creative persons challenged racism and rejected to mime white American manners. These talented and rational creative persons celebrated their black self-respect and creativeness. This caused these African Americans to show their true feelings about the racism they faced, and their impulse for freedom and democratic rights. The African Americans explored their individualities and celebrated their black civilization, as they tried to regenerate it from the bing low category perceptual experience. With so many rational and gifted figures, authors, creative persons, and poets started bring forthing a assortment of original work covering with Afro-american life. These plants so promoted and attracted many other inkinesss from all over the universe and established a new cultural community within America.

Hence, Langston Hughes became connected to the Harlem Renaissance. He rapidly became known for his work during the Renaissance and led poesy division. He established a different manner in his poesy and innovated wind poesy in his work. Hughes started to listen and look up to blues and wind music. He spent much clip in blues and wind nines, which influenced him to compose about wind poesy. Hughes truly enjoyed listening to wind and wrote it in his verse form, as he said, “ I tried to compose verse forms like the vocals they sang on Seventh Street… ( these vocals ) had the pulse round of the people who keep on traveling. ” ( Famous Poets and Poems, ) . Hughes changed his subject of his poesy and started to compose in the spirit of wind. Many of his verse forms were set to music and communicated light operas, a genre of opera. Hughes ‘ wind poesy is normally represented through the verse form “ The Aweary Bluess ” . In this poem Hughes negotiations about him listening to wind as he writes,

“ He played that sad raggy melody like a musical sap.

Sweet Blues!

Coming from a black adult male ‘s psyche

O Blues! ” ( Hughes 13-16 ) .

Hughes shows his love for wind music during the Harlem Renaissance, as he changes the subject of his poesy and follows a passage to wind poesy.

Consecutively, The Great Depression brought an terminal to the Harlem Renaissance and the African American literary activities. It forced many of the gifted and artistic African Americans to go full clip laborers, as there was scarce of occupations. Many creative persons quit their literary work to do a life for themselves and to back up their households. This destroyed the hopes and dreams of many creative persons of their freedom and rights. Some creative persons besides became involved in extremist political relations, since they non merely felt racial unfairness, but they besides suffered through occupation loss and lower rewards. This made most rational poets hopeless about their endurance and freedom. A battle for life started as money and nutrient become a large issue, and for the African Americans their coloring material was besides another issue. It was difficult for them to talk out, since they could non do a life from merely literary work at a clip like this, doing most to back up extremist political relations for some hope. The Great Depression caused hopelessness and people had negative positions about their dreams, as it turned down hope for a bright hereafter for the Black communities. This lead to people holding pessimistic positions on life and their life became more suffering as they continued to fight and set up their dreams one time once more.

However, Langston Hughes besides suffered a batch from The Great Depression. His dreams of conveying alteration seemed hopeless now. Now that the literary activities had gone down, Hughes besides struggled for endurance. Langston Hughes ‘ poesy besides changed during this clip, as Hughes became interested in socialism. Hughes supported the Soviet ‘s political orientations of communism as there were no defects of equality. The communistic economic systems presented battle and poorness, but Hughes still believed in it since there was no racism or categories in society. Hughes took portion in the Communist party in the US, along with other Black figures. Sing his dreams and of other Black artists become black, Hughes ‘ ideas became pessimistic and were reflected in his poesy. In his verse form “ Life Is Fine ” , Hughes writes his pessimistic ideas,

“ I took the lift

Sixteen floors above the land.

I thought about my babe

And idea I would leap down ” ( Hughes 10-13 ) .

In another verse form Hughes writes about his dreams being put off as suggested by the rubric “ Dream Deferred ” , in which Hughes writes “ What happens to a dream deferred? / Does it dry up / Like a raisin in the Sun? ” ( Hughes 1-3 ) . This shows that Hughes became hopeless about his dreams coming true, as they were belated due to The Great Depression. Hughes ideas became pessimistic as his hopes for his dreams turned black, but he still retains some hope to maintain him on path and to maintain him composing his verse form.

In decision, Hughes brings a major alteration in the eyes of Americans, through his influential and powerful poesy. He witnesses the societal unfairness faced by African Americans, finds his esteem in wind music, and suffers pessimistic ideas and weakened hope through the 1930s. Langston Hughes reflects the atmosphere in his poesy, as his subjects change harmonizing to his feelings, ideas and puting. Hughes ‘ poesy emerges from scrutiny of societal unfairness, followed by wind poesy, and so to his pessimistic positions on life. Hughes plans of conveying alteration are revealed in his verse form and go his dreams. They are nevertheless, shunned as he faces the Great Depression and the agony it causes to his community. His dreams are deferred and his hopes of conveying alteration among his people diminish. He learns from his experience and relates it in his verse form “ Dreams ” , as he writes, “ Keep fast to woolgather for if dreams die /

life is a broken winged bird that can non wing. ” ( Hughes 1-2 ) . Langston Hughes teaches his readers and supporters to contend their dreams and to non allow them detain, as dreams go your success to life.

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