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The American Dream is the belief that everyone is capable of mounting the ladder of success to accomplish their ends and go rich and comfortable through the difficult they input. The American Dream is the driving force behind the characters ‘ activities in Fitzgerald ‘s The Great Gatsby. The ideal American Dream is non so realistic. The characters of The Great Gatsby can non hold on the construct that The American Dream is an semblance because it is non possible for everyone to acquire what they desire despite how difficult they work. The novel is about Gatsby, a rich adult male who is thought to hold attained his wealth through assorted corrupt ways, and his journey to achieve his reading of the American Dream. Though Gatsby worked difficult to go affluent, his end was non to derive celebrity and luck, but to derive his love, Daisy, which was his reading of the American Dream. Ultimately, he ne’er realizes his dream because Daisy merely thirsts for attending and Gatsby quenches her thirst until Daisy moves off. Tom and Daisy Buchanan ne’er worked toward the American Dream because they were born into it. Their exclusive intent is to maintain their position and achieve anything more than they already have every bit good as being heedlessly excessive. Jordan besides is a chapter in the American Dream. She cheats her manner into the American Dream, but is non satisfied with the consequences. Overall, this compulsion with the American Dream is the semblance that gives the characters of The Great Gatsby intent.

Tom Buchanan, Daisy ‘s hubby, feels that he deserves more power and demands to act upon the people around him. He is non satisfied with what he already has which includes his power, wealth, Daisy and girl. His American Dream is his feeling that he deserves more. For Tom, one adult female does non drift his boat ; he wants another adult female, Myrtle Wilson, to maintain his American Dream alive. Since Myrtle is of a lower societal category, Tom feels that he has more power over Myrtle and a feeling of complete control over her. Myrtle does non travel with Tom blindly ; she besides has a motivation behind her adulterous personal businesss with Tom. She believes Tom will give her the American Dream. Myrtle sees the American Dream in the same manner as Tom, the feeling that she deserves more than her hubby George Wilson and their life in the Valley Of Ashes. Myrtle wants to populate the life of extravagancy, so she depends on Tom to supply the adjustments with his money and power. He knows of her program and uses it to do certain he does non lose his power over Myrtle by doing certain she does non lift above her current position. Tom acknowledges his demand for more when he says, “ I love Daisy excessively. Once in a piece I go away on a fling and do a sap of myself, but I ever come back, in my bosom I love her all the clip ” ( 138 ) . Along with Tom ‘s demand for more, he besides feels a demand for exhilaration in his life, which is a ground why he chooses to take on Myrtle as a kept woman. Tom ‘s insatiate hungriness for more is clear to Nick. “ Something was doing him nibble at the border of stale thoughts as if his hardy physical self-importance no longer nourished his autocratic bosom ” ( 25 ) . Tom ‘s desire to experience superior makes him paranoid of anyone who becomes better than him, including Daisy.

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Daisy has a girl, a hubby, an copiousness of money and a craving for attending. She can non make up one’s mind whether she wants Tom or Gatsby. Daisy has learned to pull strings others so that her craving for attending is satisfied. Nick even learned of her programs and he states, “ I ‘ve heard it said that Daisy ‘s mutter was merely to do people thin toward her ; ” ( 13 ) . Even though everyone that looks at Daisy assumes that she embodies the American Dream, Daisy does non experience that she is the American Dream. She is to the full cognizant of her entreaty and uses it invariably to maintain her lifestyle stable and have a sense of security in her life. Tom is Daisy ‘s security and stableness, without him, she would non cognize where her life would be. When these two go away on a fling, there is at hand pandemonium.

Destruction is the wake left of the way that Tom and Daisy walk. “ They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money or their huge sloppiness or whatever it was that kept them together, and allow other people clean up the muss they had made ” ( 187 ) . Daisy and Tom “ smash up ” a “ animal ” known as Gatsby. Gatsby best resembles the spirit of the American Dream because he, from the beginning, has worked towards its ‘ semblance, which is celebrity, money and power. His American Dream consisted of his love for Daisy. That love was the force that drove him to go what Daisy wanted, a rich, power adult male who will supply her societal safety. Gatsby besides represents a fallen American Dream. By the terminal of the novel, Gatsby does non carry through his end of achieving Daisy, his American Dream, therefore portraying the prostration of, or the nailing up of, the American Dream in footings of the animal, Gatsby.

The prostration of Gatsby ‘s American Dream lends sarcasm to the novel because while all the other characters were either born into the American Dream or cheated their manner up, Gatsby worked his manner towards his American Dream, Daisy, but to achieve Daisy, he needed wealth, power and celebrity, which is the American Dream for all the other characters. “ Possibly it had occurred to him that the colossal significance of that light had now vanished foreveraˆ¦His count of enchanted objects had diminished by one ” ( 98 ) . Even though Gatsby had worked to achieve his American Dream, he could non populate the dream because there was no Daisy by his side. His whole life was thrown off when Daisy had disappeared from his life. “ He [ Gatsby ] must hold felt that he had lost the old warm universe, paid a high monetary value for populating excessively long with a individual dreamaˆ¦A new universe, stuff without being existent, where hapless shades, take a breathing dreams like air, drifted fortunately about ” ( 169 ) . Gatsby candidly believed that his diligence and his dreams would be good to him in the terminal, and he genuinely believed the power of the American Dream and that he could achieve it. This thought was the 1 that ruined him, the thought that he could accomplish the American Dream by utilizing his abilities was revealed in a conversation between Nick and Gatsby. “ I would n’t inquire excessively much of her, ” I ventured. “ You ca n’t reiterate the yesteryear. ” “ Ca n’t repeat the yesteryear? ‘ he cried unbelievingly. Why of class you can! ‘ ” ( 116 ) . Gatsby ‘s American Dream revolves around Daisy and him traveling back to the past how things were before Daisy got married to Tom, when she was in love with Daisy. Gatsby ‘s can non penetrate Daisy ‘s restlessness and works to do things back the manner they were, but he absolutely fails because Daisy finally moves off. Jordan Baker seems to be populating the life of the American Dream. Her fame revolves around her golfing calling which gives her wealth, but she is non satisfied with what she has attained. She will halt at no lengths to win, whether the affair is in golf or in societal affairs. Nick describes Jordan as “ incurably dishonest. She was n’t able to digest being at a disadvantage, and given this unwillingness I suppose she had begun covering in blinds when she was really immature in order to maintain that cool insolent smiling turned to the universe and yet fulfill the demands of her difficult jaunty organic structure ” ( 63 ) . Jordan is non satisfied with her life because she did non gain any of what she has. She knows that her success is volatile and that it can fall in at any minute because it was non built on any agencies of difficult work towards the American Dream. Therefore, Jordan ‘s reinforces the statement that the American Dream is an semblance and that people will achieve it by any agencies necessary, without respect for the effects for their actions.

The way of the American Dream is one that consists of grief, treachery and devastation of many lives. Nick ‘s male parent says, “ Whenever you feel like knocking anyone, ‘ he told me, merely retrieve that all the people in this universe have n’t had the advantages that you ‘ve had ‘ ” ( 5 ) .If the characters in the novel had realized what they had, several lives would hold been spared. “ Life is much more successfully looked at from a individual window, after all ” ( 9 ) . Daisy was Gatsby ‘s window, and she failed him. His American Dream collapsed, and he set himself up for failure. That is the gimmick that comes with the American Dream, it ne’er satisfies, and leaves a trail of devastation in its aftermath.

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