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“ There is nil perfect, ” August said from the room access, there is merely life ” ( Kidd 256 ) “ Every individual on the face of the Earth makes errors, Lily, every last one, we ‘re all so human ” ( Kidd 256 ) .Lilly had to larn to get by with loss and learn to forgive. The bees led Lilly to a journey of freedom, love, religion and credence. Lilly had to go forth place to happen a place.

“ When a bee flies, a psyche will lift ” ( Kidd 206 ) . “ To remind each other that when they died they ‘d be resurrected ” ( Kidd 206 ) . Bees are used as similes of religious transmutation all the manner through the novel. “ In Greek mythology, in which honey is the drink of the Gods of Olympus, it is the symbol of cognition, larning and wisdom, it is a nutrient reserved for the chosen, and to exceeding people in this universe ” , besides the symbol of all sugariness, the honey of cognition creates the felicity of world. “ ( Mackey ) .

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Lilly Owens lived on a Prunus persica farm with her opprobrious male parent T. Ray. The narrative takes topographic point in the 1960 ‘s during a clip of racial favoritism and the civil rights motion. She did non retrieve much about her female parent except that she had shot and killed her when she was four old ages old. The lone female Lilly had in her life was Rosaleen who took attention of her.Rosaleen was African American.

African Americans did non hold any rights in the 1960s.They were frequently thought as nescient people. White people would engage them to be caretakers of work in the Fieldss or in their places. John F. Kennedy promised when he became president in 1960, he would stop racial favoritism. John F. Kennedy signed the measure of rights in 1964 to give inkinesss a opportunity to vote but there was one judicial admission, they had to be able to compose their name.

Rosaleen worked difficult to larn how to compose her name. As she and Lilly went into town, she was traveling to register to vote and three racialists stopped her and she poured out the snuff tongue on their places and the jurisprudence took her to gaol. Rosaleen did finally acquire to register to vote toward the terminal of the novel.

Lilly knew there was a difference between inkinesss and Whites and she had ever been taught inkinesss were nescient and Whites were superior. When Lilly met August and realized how educated she was she had to cover with her bias ideas. She meets Zach and has romantic feelings for him and recognize she must one time a addition trade with racism. Zach and Lilly both agree it would n’t work because of so much racial tenseness in the South.

Life was difficult for the African Americans in the 1960’s.The African Americans could non sit at the same tiffin counter or utilize the same remainder room as white people. The American people, inkinesss and Whites loved Martin Luther King, Jr. , for standing up for the rights of African Americans in a nonviolent manner. A quotation mark from Martin Luther King he stated, “ Like an unbridled malignant neoplastic disease, hatred corrodes the personality and eats off its critical integrity and hatred destroys a adult male ‘s sense of values

and his objectiveness, It causes him to depict the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confound the true with the false and the false with the true. ( King ) He gave people the strength to hold religions and hope that racism would stop, inkinesss and Whites would hold peace with each other and do the universe a better topographic point to populate.

The black Madonna is an illustration of Symbolism in the Novel. “ She inspires religious strength in the female characters in the novel, and has been connected with the solidarity of the Godhead female parent with those who are oppressed ” , harmonizing to Jennie S. Knight.

Sue Kidd describes the Black Madonna as, “ Her darkness has great power in it and “ She becomes a motive for adult females who need to look for independent spirit, for adult females raising up their ain strength and their ain power, being their ain authorization ” . ( Kidd ) . The narrative is that the statue turned black from all the tapers firing around it for so many old ages.

The Madonna tells you to look deep in to your bosom and do n’t run from your hurting but to forgive and it will do you stronger as you live through the state of affairs. Though some people believed the Madonna turned black from the wood that changed through out the old ages as it aged. Eckhart Meister says: “ All the names we give to God semen from an apprehension of ourselves. ” [ 12 ] “ To give God the name “ Black Madonna ” is to honour inkiness and all people of colour and to acquire over an inordinate whiteness of psyche and civilization. ” ( Meister )

The Black Madonna is of the Catholic Faith. It is faith poetries ground why people worship statues. All faiths have criterions and a spiritual facet of their ain. The Black Madonna tells us non to hold an oversimplified image of people and to non be a racialist. August refers to the Black Madonna as she says to Lily, “ You see, everybody needs a God who looks like them, Lily. “ ( 140-141 )

The subject in “ The Secret Life of the Bees ” comes from the quotation mark “ Most people do n’t hold any thought about all the complicated life traveling on inside a hive. ( 148 ) “ ” Bees have a secret live we do n’t cognize anything about. “ ( 148 ) .People have secrets in their life. There are parts of people ‘s life that they do n’t desire to explicate to anyone. So it is kept a secret and sometimes it is better to be left unexpressed and kept deep within the bosom. Peoples can merely see what ‘s on the surface, they ca n’t see in person ‘s bosom. The bees represent people coming together and working within that community like a beehive as a household.

In the Bible, honey is used for nutrient ; for illustration, the honeycomb was the sweetest and most valuable. Proverbs 16:24 ( New International Version ) Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, Sweet to the psyche, and wellness to the castanetss.

Proverbs 24:13 My boy, eat 1000 honey, because it is good ; and the honeycomb, which is sweet to thy gustatory sensation: In the land of CannanExodus 3:8 And I am come down to present them out of the manus of the Egyptians, and to convey them up out of that land unto a good land and a big, unto a land fluxing with milk and honey ; unto the topographic point of the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites.Leviticus 20:24 But I have said unto you, Ye shall inherit their land, and I will give it unto you to possess it, a land that floweth with milk and honey: I am the LORD your God, which have separated you from other people.

“ The bee works difficult and indefatigably, non for himself, but for the drove and has a strength and cognition of stuffs that can non be duplicated ” . ( Allen Roberts, p. 74 ) . “ He works in complete cooperation, and without dissention, with his fellow bees while he protects the Queen, refuses entree to enemies, physiques, makes honey, and lives in a society ruled by jurisprudence. ” ( Roberts, p. 74 )

“ The cardinal spiritual image in The Bees is the honey, a metaphor for mending ” , in ancient times, “ bees were considered a symbol of the psyche, of decease and metempsychosis ” and “ honey was regarded as a charming, sacred substance ” ( Judith Hebb ) . Some mediaeval anthem “ referred to the Virgin Mary as the beehive, and Christ as the honey that flowed from her. ” ( Hebb ) . ‘In some narratives, the Virgin Mary was associated with the queen bee, and in ancient Greece the goddess Demeter was referred to as the queen bee, and her priestesses were the worker bees, who served her ” ( Kidd ) .

“ The honey house is Lily ‘s first place where she had felt safe since her female parent ‘s death. ” ( Gresham ) . Lilly felt at easiness at the honey house as if it had a calming consequence on her. She felt like that was the topographic point she should be at and she at first thought her female parent had been at that place and later she found out she had been at that place. “ Anger overcame her, the idea of her female parent go forthing her to come here and she took it out on the honey jars and threw them up against the wall. ” ( Graham ) . Lilly ‘s female parent had really come back for her, the twenty-four hours her female parent died.

August gave Lilly a box with a few of her female parent ‘s things in it. ( Bees ) August gave Lilly a exposure of her female parent. In the exposure is her female parent keeping her and smiling. Lilly realizes her female parent did love her. There was a whale pin in the box ; her male parent had given it to her female parent old ages before she was born. ( 272 )

Lilly is ready to travel on with her life. She has the replies she was looking for about her female parent. She pins on the whale pin and walks out of the honey house a stronger individual. The Boatwright sisters met her religious and physical demands and taught her the significance of life through the bees. Lilly did non fight with shame, or guilt, any longer. August said ” You have to happen a female parent inside yourself, even if we have a female parent, we still have to happen this portion of ourselves inside ” . ( 2 ) Lilly gained the love of three female parents alternatively of one. They came together and made a household and place. “ This is the minute I remember clearest of all- how I stood in the private road looking back at them. I remember the sight of them standing at that place waiting. All these adult females, all this love, waiting. ” ( 299 )

Sue monastic Kidd, is the writer of the secret life of the bees.This narrative was her first published novel. It gives a brief life of Sue Monk. Sue Monk was raised in a little town in Georgia.She loved to read and populating in a little town influenced her authorship. Readers ask if Sue Kidd was treated every bit severely as T.Ray treated Lilly.Sue monastic Kidd had ne’er heard of the penalty of kneeling on the grits. Its something she made up in the narrative.She had a fantastic kid goon.

It took her three old ages to finish the novel. ( Kidd ) She tells of a narrative about the bees in the wall as a kid. ( Kidd ) She remembered her female parent cleaning up honey that came out of the walls besides she recalls hearing the sound of the bee in the house. She did n’t cognize anything about bees,

so she had to educate herself about bees and she visited an apiary and was taught everything she could n’t larn from books about bees. ( Kidd )

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