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In the huge sphere of universe literature, there have been a bunch of outstanding authors who influenced coevalss of readers through their chef-d’oeuvres. In this context, it is non an hyperbole to state that the Grecian authors like Homer have set the theoretical account for them. Immortal literary creative activities like Odyssey will of all time play a important function in finding the literary tradition of authors from all across the universe. It is a authoritative work which is noted for its literary and stylistic devices which are harmoniously blended together. However, the word picture is the individual major facet that makes the work attractive. The present paper comprehensively analyses Homer ‘s Odyssey, subdivisions I-V and X-XX. While reading the text, it is clear that Odysseus is a dynamic character who exhibits multifaceted characteristics of a typical heroic poem hero.

Odysseus is one of the superb characters universe literature has of all time created. He is influential as he possesses a figure of central human virtuousnesss. For the same ground, he has become more of a type than a character in all literary discourses. He is genuinely a character with heroic dimensions. On reading the heroic poem, it becomes clear that he is endowed with a twosome of heroic qualities. He is courageous and intelligent. He endlessly wants to acquire involved in escapades. Literary critics are rather consentaneous to state that the presence of Odysseus makes the heroic poem a dynamic one with tonss of actions and emotions.

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Every individual would love to follow most of the facets of Odysseus ‘ character. He is an exceeding combination of physical strength and intelligence. He is rational and rather patient to see things in the perfect angle. He is a successful figure in the conflict field as he is capable of taking up appropriate schemes from clip to clip. He is loved and revered wherever he goes. It is a fact that even his enemies admire his characteristic traits. As it is remarked, “ Ulysses ne’er broke his word nor left his work half done ” ( 11 ) . Hence, no admiration, people are fond of him and want to follow his character.

Even in the thick of all qualities and achievements, the fact can non be denied that Odysseus has taken certain incorrect stairss in the class of the narrative. He is, without any uncertainty, the most powerful and brave among both the Trojans and the Greek. It was his courageous promotion that paved the manner for the success of the Greek in the conflict. However, he achieved all these differentiations by doing others suffer. All his workss had perfect justifications from his portion as he is involved in a great enterprise. But, some of his activities are wholly against all human-centered concern. Among his failings, it is besides said that he is overwhelmed with the sense of pride. He is, of class, the greatest of all Grecian warriors. But pride is an unwanted and destructive feeling in everyone. It destroys all achievements of people. Odysseus himself identifies that he is incorrect to see himself as a adult male of importance. Consequently, he says, “ I was a rich adult male one time, and did much incorrect in the obstinacy of my pride ” ( 136 ) . Odysseus has of all time been criticized for this defect in his behaviour.

It is fate which seems to be the main opposition of Odysseus. Since it is inevitable, it could ne’er hold been avoided. Throughout his life, Odysseus has achieved many things. At the same clip, he had to confront a series of challenges in life. Initially, he was non interested in contending a war against the Trojans. However, when he realized that the war is ineluctable, he actively takes portion in it. Even among his ain work forces, there were dissensions with respect to him. To exceed it all, he had to roll for 10 old ages in the huge seas. All these things justly degraded the heroic poem hero. But he had no control on these developments around him. Bing a human being, he has no option but to get by with what destiny decides. He has suffered a batch in life and it is likely that the destiny will go on. He says, “ destiny has flung me upon this seashore that I may digest still farther agony ; for I do non believe that I have yet come to the terminal of it, but instead that Eden has still much immorality in shop for me ” ( 44 ) .

Even though a superhuman fabricated character, the Superman exhibits a figure of features which relate him with Homer ‘s Odysseus. Both are capable of making excess ordinary things. With his bravery and gallantry, the demigod wins the bosom of the viewing audiences. Equally far as he is concerned, no obstruction is unbreakable. If the purpose is set, no external force can blockade the promotion of the demigod. In this manner, correspondences can be traced between Odysseus and the film hero, the Superman.


On analysing the characteristics of ancient Greek, it can be concluded that Odysseus is a true representative of the clip in which the heroic poem was written. Peoples love escapade and they expect the same spirit in all literary creative activities. Coevalss of people have been attracted to the epic narrative of Odyssey and the dare hero, Odysseus.

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