Analyzing The Play The Glass Menagerie English Literature Essay Free Essay

The drama The GIass Menagerie n The Glass Menagerie all the chief characters escape into a fantasy universe when faced with the cold facts of their being. They dream of what might hold been or what will be but ne’er truly come to clasps with what is. Laura escapes into her glass menagerie to seek freedom and peace. She conjures lives for her glass animate beings and negotiations about them in such a manner as to bespeak that they were existent existences and that she could pass on with them as she did with Amanda and Tom. For Laura fantasizing was a necessity as that was the lone clip when she felt unchained and free. Her personification of the animate beings justifies her being in this universe of semblances where she spends most of her clip and can experience uninhibited. When the horn of the unicorn interruptions by chance, she makes another fantasy out of it and says that now the unicorn would experience more relaxed and less “ capricious ” in the company of other Equus caballuss. This is, possibly, a contemplation of her ain secret yearning to be more like other people and non be invariably reminded of her disablement because of her leg-brace.

This inclination to get away into an illusional universe is present in Amanda and Tom every bit good. Amanda lapses into her young person and reminisces how popular she had been with immature work forces. This helps her to bury that in world she had made a hapless matrimony and in malice of her appeal her hubby had abandoned her and their kids. She besides uses this device to overlook the fact that unlike her Laura did non pull as much attending from work forces and that Laura ‘s being crippled could be responsible for it. Tom, on the other manus, flights world by fantasying about the hereafter. He imagines himself off from his household and duties affecting his occupation at the warehouse, composing poesy and going round the universe. When Tom does travel off he lives in the yesteryear and his memories haunt him and he is ne’er able to get away a feeling of guilt for abandoning Laura and Amanda. So we see that Tom does non of all time take stock of his present world and either spends his clip day-dreaming about the hereafter or live over his life in the shadows of his memory.

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In The Glass Menagerie, Williams captures the more common inclination among worlds to get away hard state of affairss instead than confront them and hold the energy to alter their fortunes. Laura, possibly, resorts to the more realistic pattern of escape and life in a bubble. Both these reactions to life ‘s worlds are true and widely prevailing and one should non pull false decisions or be judgmental about the methods opted by the characters to cover with their state of affairss.

Laura ‘s Glass Menagerie

As the rubric of the drama informs us, the glass menagerie, or aggregation of animate beings, is the drama ‘s cardinal symbol. Laura ‘s aggregation of glass animate being statuettes represents a figure of aspects of her personality. Like the statuettes, Laura is delicate, notional, and someway antique. Glass is crystalline, but, when visible radiation is shined upon it right, it refracts an full rainbow of colourss. Similarly, Laura, though quiet and bland around aliens, is a beginning of strange, multifaceted delectation to those who choose to look at her in the right visible radiation. The menagerie besides represents the inventive universe to which Laura devotes herself-a universe that is colourful and luring but based on delicate semblances.

The glass unicorn in Laura ‘s collection-significantly, her favourite figure-represents her distinctive feature. As Jim points out, unicorns are “ nonextant ” in modern times and are lonesome as a consequence of being different from other Equus caballuss. Laura excessively is unusual, lonely, and ill-adapted to existence in the universe in which she lives. The destiny of the unicorn is besides a smaller-scale version of Laura ‘s destiny in Scene Seven. When Jim dances with and so kisses Laura, the unicorn ‘s horn interruptions off, and it becomes merely another Equus caballus. Jim ‘s progresss endow Laura with a new normality, doing her seem more similar merely another miss, but the force with which this normality is thrust upon her agencies that Laura can non go normal without someway shattering. Finally, Laura gives Jim the unicorn as a “ keepsake. ” Without its horn, the unicorn is more appropriate for him than for her, and the broken statuette represents all that he has taken from her and destroyed in her.

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