Analyzing Themes In The Godfather English Literature Essay Free Essay

Did you of all time inquire how and why some people ever acquire away with everything they do? How regulations and Torahs merely did n’t look to use to the households and friends of neighbours and people you know. Hundreds of 1000s of dollars would be in the custodies of people who, the twenty-four hours before did n’t hold two pennies to rub together. Welcome to the life and times of one Mafia household who did it all.

“ Behind every great luck there is a offense ” ( Balzac ) .

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Due to all of this power that the individual extrudes to people looking in, foreigners see this individual or individuals as a safety ; person who could protect them, if the proper favour was done in the topographic point, of the protection the “ high power ” is giving them. This builds the “ Underboss ” or in this instance the “ Don ” to a higher power, the power of respect.A

What did it intend to be a Godfather and a Don, what was the large importance of his being? The Don was no ordinary adult male, he was really respectful and recieved the same regard back from his household and friends. The Don would ne’er travel back on his word, if he promised you something he would make everything in his power to acquire it for you.

“ Don Vito Corleone was a adult male to whom anybody came to for aid, and ne’er were they dissapointed ” ( Puzo94 ) .

“ He respected your male parent as no 1 else respected him and the Godfather has earned regard from everyone ” ( Puzo118 ) .

The Don was non merely a adult male, he was like a God, he gave you the things you long wished for but made you work for it every bit good, to merit what he had done for you. He was a adult male with a word that could ne’er be broken.

Respect is one of the most of import qualities that the “ Underboss ” needs to win in his line of work.A

Friends of the Corleone household and particularly the Don himself, showed their regard to the all powerful adult male in many ways, most by inquiring the Don if he would be the Godfather to their boy or girl. The Dons married woman would besides be asked to be the Godmother of their kid. The Don had many Godchildren, all whom which he cared for and helped when they requested him.A

“ He became Godfather to Mrs. Columbo ‘s boy when he had made his verification ” ( Puzo202 ) .

Johnny Fontane, was the Don ‘s most beloved godchild.A

“ Mr. Corleone held the infant Johnny is his custodies when he was being baptized ” ( Puzo58 ) .A

Friendship was besides as immense portion in the line of demoing your regard to the Don, though he would non inquire for it he expected the clients that he helped to demo their friendly relationship and gratitude to the Don. The Don would make impossible favours for his friends and in return, when they were called on by the Don they would hold to return the favour to him.

“ It was understood, it was mere good manners to proclaim that you were in his debt and that he had the right to name upon you at any clip to deliver your debt by some little service ” ( Puzo8 ) .

Religion plays a immense function in the book, “ The Godfather ” . Though it may non be every bit obvious as other things in the book, Catholicism was practiced throughout their lives.A

“ Mr. Corleone is Johnny Fontane ‘s Godfather. That ‘s a really close, really sacred spiritual relationship ” ( Puzo 56 ) .

The Don acted as a guardian to many of his close household friends excessively, one of which he took in off the street and raised in his place ; Tom Hagen.A

“ Don Corleone permitted the male child to remain in his family ” ( Puzo 47 ) .

“ In all this the Don acted non as a male parent but instead as a defender ” ( Puzo47 ) .

Though faith was such a immense portion in the Corleone household and to the friends of the household, they ne’er seemed to stay by the regulations of the highest Catholic jurisprudence, the 10 Commandments. Though they genuinely respected their faith, the concern they ran ne’er crossed easy with the jurisprudence. Most of the 10 Commandments had been broken in the household concern.

“ 1st Commandment: I am the Lord your God ; you shall non hold unusual Gods before me. ”

“ Freddie was ever a pretty tough cat. I guess seeing the old adult male gunned down was difficult on him, he ever thought the Don was God ” ( Puzo97 ) .

“ 5th Commandment: You shall non kill. ”

“ Far down at the pes of his bed was a familiar form and Woltz struggled up on his elbos to acquire a clearer expression. It had been the form of a Equus caballus ‘s caput ” ( Puzo65 ) .

As it was stated earlier, the Don would halt at nil to carry through the wants of his Godson, even if it meant to chop the caput off of a six hundred 1000s dollar Equus caballus to acquire his wish.A The slayings did n’t halt at animate beings either, if person had to be taken attention of, the occupation was certain to be done.

“ 6th Commandment: You shall non perpetrate criminal conversation. ”

“ His married woman was in the kitchen seting the last touches on the helping of the nuptials bar. Sonny whispered a few words in the immature miss ‘s ear ad she rose. Sonny waited a few proceedingss and so casually followed her – The amah of honor – was a mature miss who already had a ‘reputation ‘ ” ( Puzo14 ) .

Though many of the 10 Commandments were broken they still showed a full regard for their faith on a personal degree.

The ways of the Corleone household were either on a personal degree or on a concern degree, and in the concern you were ne’er to take anything personal, to demo your true emotions or allow anyone outside of the household concern cognize how you truly felt about something, that was considered a failing ; a defect in the household chain.A

“ Santino, ne’er allow anyone outside the household cognize what you are believing. Never let them cognize what you have under your fingernails. ” ( Puzo72 ) .

One little error, like demoing your true emotions about a trade could be important to the concern, and in this instance it was.

“ Sonny was hot for my trade. Right? You know it ‘s the smart thing to make excessively. Narcotics is the coming thing. There ‘s so much money in it that everybody can acquire rich in merely a twosome of old ages. The Don was an old ‘Moustache Pete, ‘ his twenty-four hours was over but her did n’t cognize it ” ( Puzo87 ) .

And so came a ruin to the Corleone household.

When you turned your dorsum on your concern, you turned your dorsum on the whole household. And thats merely what Paulie Gatto, a button adult male in the concern, did to the Corleone household. This about do the decease of the great Don Vito Corleone.

“ The first slug caught Don Corleone in the dorsum. He felt the cock daze of its impact but made his organic structure travel toward the auto. The following two slugs hi him in the natess and sent him sprawling in the center of the street. Meanwhile the two gunslingers, careful non to steal on the turn overing fruit, started to follow in order to complete him off. At that minute, possibly no more than five seconds after the Don ‘s call to his boy, Frederico Corleone appeared out of his auto, looming over it. The gunslingers fired two more headlong shootings at the Don prevarication in the trough. One hit him in the heavy portion of his arm and the 2nd hit him in the calf of his right leg. Though these lesions were the least serious they bled abundantly, organizing little pools of blood beside his organic structure. But by this clip Don Corleone had lost consciousness ” ( Puzo78-79 ) .

This was the start of a great war between the Mafia households of New York.

The work forces and adult females were greatly different in the book “ The Godfather ” . The work forces, as it is so clearly obvious were ever in action, where as the adult females ne’er concerned themselves with the work forces work. Business was ne’er to be discussed with the adult females of the household, and the adult females were ne’er suppose to ask.A

“ Work force should ne’er discourse ‘business ‘ with adult females, and adult females should ne’er oppugn the judgement of work forces ” ( Puzo241 ) .

The adult females were ne’er involved in any of the concern that took topographic point with the work forces, this was to maintain the adult females and kids safe from injury. With that being said, the adult females evidently abided by all of the! O Commandments, unlike their non so true Catholic hubbies.

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