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Anne McCaffrey, born on April 1st 1926, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her male parent graduates with a BA, MA PHD from Harvard Universality and is in the Colonel Army, while her female parent is a existent estate agent. McCaffrey besides has two brothers, Hugh McCaffrey who is now dead and Kevin Richard McCaffrey who is still alive. The high school she graduates from are known as Stuart hall and Montclair high school, she subsequently gradates from Raddiffe Collage majoring in Slavonic linguistic communications and literature. As a immature grownup, she becomes a character actress and surveies voice for nine old ages. She plays a enchantress in Ludus de Nato baby Mirificus and Liberty Music store and Helena Rubinstein. In 1950 she marries and had 3 childs. Her first narrative is published by Sam Moskowitz in Science Fiction + Magazine and Ballantine Books publishes her first novel. She devotes her whole clip to authorship and she wrote her foremost novel to protest the insensible portraitures of adult females in sci-fi novels. Through out the old ages she has been all over the universe sing scientific discipline fiction conventions as a invitee of honor, but her arthritis now prohibits her from making so. She is the interior decorator of her house in Ireland and has a private livery stable with Equus caballuss. Though she does non vie in competition, she enjoys watching her Equus caballuss have won many awards at tests and show with other riders. McCaffrey has written so many book series over the old ages this includes Arona series which have eleven books, Brainship series which has nine books, and Pern series with a sum of 27 books. It besides includes Dinosaur planet with a sum of six books, Donna series with a sum of four books, Freedom Series with four books and The Petaybee Series with three books. Other series she has created are Talent Series which consist of three books, Tower and Hive Series which consist of five books and The Twins of Peraybee Serise which have three books in entire. McCaffrey has besides written 23 non series books but the genre she chiefly focus on is science fiction.

Fictional characters

Trait ( Killashandra Ree )

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Proof from Text


“ If she could n’t be at the top the snake pit with theatre humanistic disciplines! ” ( McCaffrey 4 )

Attention demanding

“ ‘I wo n’t be 2nd rank. I want – wanted ‘ – and she [ Killashandra ] had the satisfaction of seeing him [ Maestro Valdi ] wince at the resentment in her voice – ‘to be a top-rank vocalist. You said I had- ‘ “ ( 2 ) .

Un- friendly

“ Suddenly she did n’t desire to return to the recruits ‘ sofa, non did she wish to hear the histories of the other eight who has skimmed off from the Guild Complex. She wanted to be private. ” ( 101. )


“ Merely as she emerged from the corridor she heard Tukolum imperatively naming for attending. Glancing back over her shoulder, she saw that every caput was turned in his way. Once once more, she had made a major issue without an audience. ” ( 146 )


Killashandra says to Lanzeki “ I could n’t really good go forth him ” ( 255 ) when he asked her why she did n’t go forth her trainer to confront the lucifer storm by himself.

Killashandra ‘s personality does non alter much during the book. In the book she is seen as obstinate and her attending demanding personality is shown through out the whole narrative. She is really end oriented and wants to be a Crystal Singer highly severely. As the narrative progresses we see that she loves her privateness, she can be sort and really sarcastic. She is frequently found in her room when she does non hold anything to make and the writer has writes “ Some people preferred to hold a pick reacting to their idle comments: she preferred the saneness of quiet. ” ( 85 ) turn outing she is really private. Killashandra is able to talk her ideas particularly when she is speaking to Captain Audurs about going a Crystal Singer. He asks her “ ‘Do you see what happens if your become a Singer? ‘ ‘ [ w ] hat? ‘ she asked guilelessly. Audurs flicked his fingers impatiently at the aloof quintet. ‘You ‘d be entirely. Wherever you went. ‘ ‘I was n’t entirely with Carrik. He was really good company ‘ ” ( 53 ) .

Killashandra is a really interesting character at one point she can look really rough and average piece at other times she seems really sort and friendly. She is able to stand up for what she believes in and is a really strong individual who believes that she can make anything by herself. Killashandra knows the effects of going a crystal vocalist, she knows she might lose her memory and acquire hurt by terrible storms yet she chooses to follow her bosom alternatively of her head. One of the more memorable scenes in Crystal Singers is when Killashandra has gone into a enchantment like signifier speaking about her experience with the black crystals. One of her friends asks if she is alright because she keeps speaking about her experience and starts to free her ego in her memory. She besides finds out she has been in that enchantment for six proceedingss and four seconds. Another interesting point is when Killashandra enters a enchantment of vocalizing, while binding to do the Trundimox systems crystals work after she finished put ining them, and can non liberate herself frightening the people of Trudimox. After that she passes out and becomes unconscious for three yearss. The ground these two scenes are diverting is because it shows me how dedicated Killashandra is to her work. Many people would give up after being controlled by the crystals but she sticks to her occupation doing her really devoted. Killashandra would non do a good friend because at times she is really ill-mannered to people. Shillawn asks her if she wants to be a Crystal vocalist, and she replies “ You ‘re occupying my privateness ” ( 50 ) . She is besides approximately to shout at Shillawn because he nudges her but realizes that he was merely seeking to demo her something.Killashandra besides does non wish to be really societal and is invariably seeking to get away her friends. For illustration, the writer writes “ Suddenly she did n’t desire to return to the recruits ‘ sofa, non did she wish to hear the histories of the other eight who has skimmed off from the Guild Complex. She wanted to be private ” ( 101 ) .



Proof from Text

Furete ( Planet )

“ I ‘m told I have n’t been on Fuerte before. I ca n’t state that it lives up to its name, or possibly you ‘ll populate up to the name for it? ” ( 16 )

Shankill ( Ballybran ‘s Moon base )

“ She was asked for her ground to set down on Shankill. “ ( 39 )

Ballybran ( Planet )

“ She wished for that distraction of position of approaching Ballybran, but the rider subdivision had no port and the position screen set over the forward rampart remained opaque. She felt the entry into the ambiance ” ( 81 )


Proof from Text

The hereafter

“ Killashandra was half manner to the spaceportaˆ¦ ” ( 8 )

This book uses futuristic footings such as spaceport and symbiont.

The scene of this fresh includes Furete, Shankill and Ballybran. In Ferute, Killashandra goes from her category room, to dorm to restaurant and spends balance of clip with Carrik either researching Furete or in his hotel room. The ambiance is really dark and dejecting at the beginning because Maestro Valdi tells her she does non posses plenty accomplishment to be a top rank vocalist, doing Killashandra to be full of hatred and unhappiness and the reader is left experiencing that manner. Around the walls of Shankill, Killashandra saw holographs of trees flowers bushs and mountain scenes. A false freshness of visible radiation besides makes it look as if there was sunshine. It makes her experience as if she is standing outside alternatively of interior. The hotel she stays in when she foremost arrive is highly little and enclosed but when she is accepted to be a crystal vocalist, she is given a really immense and epicurean room for the dark. Killashandra ‘s first glance of Ballybran occurs while in a ship ( heading towards Shankill. ) . She see ‘s the Sun reflect a strong beam of visible radiation from the crystals and clouds covering and twirling across most of the oceans, and where Sun shined she sees piercing beams of blinding visible radiation all colours yet they seemed white and clear. The room she is given by the Heptite Guild is every bit good as the guest 1 on Shankill.


Introduction A

Introduced to Killashandra

Merely been told that she will non be a top rank vocalist

Trigger Incident B

Meets Carrik at eating house

Discoveries out he is a Crystal Singer and that anyone with perfect pitch can be Crystal vocalists

They spend clip with each other and Killashandra decides to go one

Carrik swoons because of a sonic blast made by Crystals and is brought by Killashandra to Shankill

Rising Action C

Is warned about the dangers, solitariness and memory loss of Crystal Singers by Captain Andurs

Killashandra Meets Guild maestro Lanzeki

Sign up to go a Crystal Singer in Shankill ( Ballybran ‘s Moon station ) and meets Carigana, Shillawn, Rimbol and other recruits

Brands it past hearings and it told of the effects of going one

Shown the Markss match storms can do on you and is told about symbiont and how it enters your organic structure leting you to interact with crystals, doing you heal faster but lose your memory faster.

Gos to Ballybran and make she does assorted occupations like screening and presenting crystals

The recruits develop symbiont crystals after 10 yearss, Carigana dies and Shillawn becomes deaf

Killashandra becomes near to Lanzeki

Killashandra is told to look for and cut black crystals on her first trip as a Crystal vocalist

About gets killed by trainer and mouse off where she finds cuts and sings to crystals

Sees a lucifer storm approaching and goes back to base, salvaging her trainers life ( he did n’t desire to go forth )

Is famished because of pre-Passover season

Is told that lucifer storms become worse during Passover season and Lanzeki gives her an off planetal mission

Gos to Trundiomoux system to replace crystals

Climax D

Replaces crystals

System still does n’t work

She sings to the crystals and is sent into an unmanageable trans

Falling Action E

Has been unconscious for 3 yearss and is ready to travel place

Has to pass three more twenty-four hours in ship so is told she can merely travel to Moon base ( Shankill ) as Passover season has non finished

Decision F

Killashandra has eventually become a crystal vocalist

Goes back to Shankill to rest when Lanzeki barges in room and asks why she came back so fast

Anne McCaffrey ‘s Crystal Singer is about a miss name Killashandra. After her Maestro ( Maestro Valdi ) tells Killashandra that she does non posses plenty accomplishment to go a top solo vocalist Killashandra, decides she will no longer go on in this profession. Until she meets Carrik who is a Crystal Singer. He is rich, celebrated and lives an exciting life full of danger. He lives and works in Ballybran, which is full of unpredictable storms doing him to be in danger invariably. Killashandra finds out she can go a crystal vocalist because she has perfect pitch. Killashandra ‘s Maestro and Carrik warn her about the unsafe of this occupation but she still does non listen to them. On their manner to the infinite port, Carrik swoons from a sonic blast but Killashandra does non take this mark as a warning and she flies to Ballybran ‘s Moon station to use for this potion. There she meets Rimbol, Shillawn, Carigana and others who have the same desire. She hearings and makes it and so is told about the farther effects of going a crystal vocalist. Once on Ballybran, Killashandra learns that she has the gift of happening Black crystals ( the rarest type of crystal ) .Ten yearss after populating on Ballybran, and making assorted occupations such as unloading crystals and screening them, Killashandra and her friends develop the symbiont, leting her to interact with crystals. She begins her preparation as a Crystal vocalist and meets with Lanzeki the Guild maestro ( who has the highest potion at Ballybran ) , and falls in love with him. On her first mission, her trainer about kills her and she feels the best manner to happen black crystals is to mouse away from him. The sight of Mach storm forces her to acquire into her vehicle and on her manner back to establish she finds her trainer still cutting the crystals and declining to go forth. She knocks him unconscious, carries him to his sled, gathers all at that place belonging and get away the storm. Once back at the base she starts to experience highly weak and hungry and is the medic informs that all who live on Ballybran experience this during pre-passover season. Lanzeki tells her during this clip storms become highly strong and gives her an off planet assignment in Trundimoux system. She is to replace 5 crystals so their communicating system can work. After replacing the 5th crystal, she notices that the communicating system still does non work so she decides to sing to the crystals doing her to travel into a enchantment. Later, Killashandra finds our she has been unconscious for 3 yearss after finishing her mission and asks to return to the Moon base where she eventually releases she has become a crystal vocalist. This book is slightly hard to follow as Anne McCaffrey does non to the full depict its scenes nor did she depict what some of the electronics Killashandra uses do. But this book is besides really unpredictable and the lone portion that can be foreshadowed is the fact that Killashandra becomes a Crystal Singer in the terminal.


Three subjects, which are present in Anne McCaffrey ‘s Crystal Singer, are aspiration, duty, and danger. First, the subject of aspiration is a outstanding subject throughout Crystal Singer. Right from the beginning of the book Killashandra appears sad because her Maestro tells her she does non posses plenty accomplishment to go a top rank vocalist and that there are many different risky that will happen she still follows her bosom and her caput to stop up as one many months subsequently. For illustration, Killashandra says, “ I made up my head before I of all time arrived. And I do n’t frighten easy, anyhow! ” ( 77 ) ! She states this after being told and shown legion times the unsafe and effects of going a vocalist and after seeing Borella ( a member of the Crystal Singers ) cicatrix. Next the subject of duty is outstanding thorough-out Crystal Singers. During the book Killashandra has to get by with life on a whole new planet, researching new topographic points and finishing highly of import undertakings. Even though Killashandra trainer about kills her, she still takes the duty to take him and his things back to the base when she saw the lucifer storm nearing. Killashandra states “ I could n’t really good go forth him, ” ( 255 ) which shows a great sum of duty. As a Crystal Singer, Lanzeki assigns the occupation of replacing crystals in the Trundiomoux system to Killashandra and she does non return place till the system works. Tic proves this by blunder outing out “ Ma’am -thank you for the crystals! ” one time the mission was complete. Finally, danger is another subject shown in Crystal Singer. Killashandra is invariably being told about the unsafe of the lucifer storms and the unsafe of the symbiont. Killashandra herself about dies during the lucifer storms and Carigana died when the symbiont entered her blood. The crystals besides took control of Killashandra ‘s trainer so much that he is unable to halt cutting crystals despite the storm warning. “ I ca n’t go forth! I ‘ve struck a pure vena, I-ve. I ‘ve got to cut merely one more. Just one more. “ ( 221 ) is all he could state. Killashandra is besides influenced by the Crystals and could non halt her ego from singing. This proves that the subjects prominent in Anne McCaffrey ‘s Crystal Singer are aspiration, duty, and danger.

Literary Device

Literary Device

Example from Text


“ Nothing. Nothing. ” ( McCaffrey 12 ) .


“ A Mach storm can cut down a adult male to a veggie in one sonic crescendo. ” ( 23 )


“ that something in the H2O of Ballybran, in its really dirt, in those crystals, that consequence your head? ” ( 30 )


He was listed among the inactive rank for good many old ages. ( 38 )


Clouds screen swirled across most of the ocean country occluded two subcontinents in the southern hemisphere but the where the Sun shone, occasional pinpoints of blinding visible radiation were seeable – visible radiation that was all coloring material yet white and clear. ( 33 )


“ though there ‘s quality about this grey ” ( 83 )


“ I ca n’t state as I ‘d wish Borella for an confidant friend ” Killashandra ( 93 )


“ the H2O as she washed her face and custodies had a softness to it non antecedently noticed ” ( 145 )


she caught her breath at the spread of esthesis from her thenar through her organic structure to the mammillas on her chest aˆ¦ . ( 192 )


“ You sneaked off nice and early, ” ( 67 )

In Crystal Singer, Anne McCaffrey writes in 3rd individual present tense. She uses this so the reader gets a better apprehension of what is traveling on in the book. For Example “ Her quarters were every bit goof as the guest installation in the Shankill base, nil gaudy but surely significant: bed, tabular array, chairs, composing surface, tri-d screen, the customary audiovisual terminuss, a catering slot convent to the tabular array a storage closet. ” ( 85 ) . Throughout the book, McCaffrey uses first individual narrative every bit good. This is outstanding when Killashandra is believing to herself, which gives the reader an penetration to her mundane life. An illustration of this is “ [ Y ] ou ne’er experience wholly clean, thought Killashandra as she undresses, utilizing the spray cabinets on ship and station. You truly necessitate to soak in the hot H2O of a full submergence bath. “ ( 85 ) .The temper of this narrative is feels as encouraging because Killashandra ever has an unfastened head and will non allow anything stand in her manner. Killashandra provinces, “ I made up my head before I of all time arrived. And I do n’t frighten easy, anyhow! ” ( 77 ) !

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