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“ Justice is the construct of moral rightness based on moralss, reason, jurisprudence, natural jurisprudence, faith, equity, or equity, along with the penalty of the breach of said moralss. ” Justice is a human creative activity to construct peace and harmoniousness in the society. This is really good described in the authoritative drama ‘Antigone ‘ and “ The Visit ” . The myth used by Anouilh and try to make a morally impersonal stance created a job for Anouilh. The political position at those times was non good. The life was really rough still in the Nazi occupied France. Antigone was seen as a new Grecian drama with thinly disguised message for the Gallic opposition. Antigone instigated the spirit of opposition. Gallic confederates had interpreted Antigone ‘s rebelliousness and were really pleased with the drama. The drama was besides interpreted to demo the battle of French opposition motion against Nazi business. The Germans confederates were besides pleased because Creon is portrayed really good who sacrifices everything for his state.

France was devastated and demoralized by their speedy licking to hitler. The drama Antigone proved to be an priceless beginning of inspiration and desire to have justness. It besides played as a beginning of communicating among the people. Her idealistic forfeit made her a epic figure in France. “ The Visit ” is one more drama where the inquiry of justness is raised. Here the inquiry is about the corruptibility of justness with the power money and wealth. The drama was foremost performed in Zurich in 1956. “ The Visit ” is a tragic comedy which shows the image of station war Europe chiefly Switzerland. The rise in Capitalism, fascism and corruptibility of justness is what the drama signifies. “ Wagner mill gone clang ”[ 2 ], this shows the economic status of the town. The inquiry whether justness could be bought or slaying is the right manner of taking retaliation is really strongly asked in this drama. The visit reveals the chilling truths which points to tragic positions of universe. This essay aims to analyze a realistic retaliation drama “ The Visit ” shred Claire as a revenger revenging against a individual who betrayed and abused her several old ages back and the drama “ Antigone ” where Antigone the supporter battles for the justness of her brother. The essay analyses and shows how justice becomes a impulsive force for the characters in the drama.

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When Antigone fought for justness where she realized there was no 1 to bury her brother, she instantly took the measure to make so without any vacillation, being cognizant of the effects she will hold to face. She thinks what she is making is merely really human and every individual born has the right to acquire a entombment and she does n’t mind deceasing for her brother ‘s right. She explains Creon that he was traveling against the Godhead Torahs and that his Torahs are merely useless. She is courageous and strong to give her life for the award and pride of her brother. She chooses to decease without any 2nd idea. Antigone was a adult female but justness becomes the chief drive force and she goes against work forces who were supposed to be more superior. Ismene her sister accepts it. She says “ It ‘s all really good for work forces to believe in thoughts and dice for them. But you are a miss! ”[ 3 ]This reveals her character and makes her stronger of a individual in the drama interrupting the gender stereotype. Creon thinks justness was in seting Antigone to decease but for Antigone it was the entombment of her brother. As a male monarch of Thebes Creon tells her “ you shout an order, and if one adult male refuses to obey, you shoot directly into the rabble. ”[ 4 ]This shows that he advocates complete obeisance in his regulation. But in the terminal justness lies in the loss of Creon ‘s household members. He pays a awful monetary value for his determination by recognizing that he has besides caused the decease of his boy and his married woman. His loss was the poetic justness for the readers.

In “ The Visit ” in his early yearss Ill bought justness by showing bogus informants and turn outing Claire incorrect in forepart of the whole town. Claire faced a batch of embarrassment and had to populate a life which she would ne’er hold of all time chosen for herself. She became a cocotte and fell into a debauched province in which she lived a atrocious life.

This was the ground for her to seek retaliation from Ill and everyone who supported him in his offense against her. Claire ‘s first hubby was an American millionaire from whom Claire inherited a batch of money. She said she wanted to “ turn the universe into a whorehouse ”[ 5 ]because it turned her into a prostitute She believes anything could be bought if you have money ; this is what she might hold learnt from her life experience. When she arrived back in the town she was welcomed by everyone because of her wealth and money. She offered the hapless people of her town an extraordinary sum of money on a status that the people of the town will hold to kill Ill. She said “ I can afford it. A million for Guellen if person putting to deaths Alfred ”[ 6 ]She instantly tries to purchase the Torahs of the town by coercing townsfolk to fulfill her personal desire for retribution. For Claire Ills penalty is justness. It is shown in the first act that everyone is against Claire ‘s offer but as the drama progresses they have no pick but to kill Ill. The inquiry is whether the consequence of such a proceeding can be classified as “ justness ” . But for Claire justness is her desire of personal retribution. Ill forced her into a life which she did n’t take and now she drags him to his decease. Ill early in the drama says that Claire loves justness but so after enduring unfairness she has really small religion left in it. The priest has called her an revenging Grecian God He said her should hold been “ Clotho ” and that she is a Satan like her first hubby.

Antigone is the adult females full of unity. No affair what are the consiquences, like her male parent she will ever contend for justness and due to her unity she breaks her battle with Haemon to salvage him from hurting. Antigone ‘s desire for justness was because of her religion. When Creon state her the true narrative of polynices and strips off her false perceptual experience of polynices, she loses her religion. This is shown when Creon asked her “ would it hold been better to allow you decease as portion of it ”[ 7 ]To which she answered “ It might hold have been. I had my religion. ” Her religion was excessively strong to be broken by anyone. Creon was seeking to assist her but her desire for justness did n’t go forth any option for him.

In the yesteryear, Claire had equated justness with vengence. Boby the Butler was the justice of Guellen, but opted to go forth his occupation and enter Claire ‘s personal service. He said that the wage was so high that he could n’t decline to her. This foreshadows the town ‘s experience with Claire ‘s gifts which are so generous that the forfeit of personal self-respect is non excessively high a monetary value to pay in return. Ill becomes really witting and insecure when he sees an addition in criterion of life of people. He says “ How did you all get new places? “ aˆ¦ “ How are you traveling to pay? ”[ 8 ]He is afraid that everyone will owe Claire a batch of money which would take to his slaying. Claire has besides rescued two people Roby and Toby, antecedently American mobster who were sentenced to decease but Claire buys their life which proves that money is capable of changing the Torahs of America. The thought of justness in the society is corrupted in “ The Visit ” . For the wealth and money everyone from Mayor to Priest went against Ill and supported Claire. Koby and Loby the flase informants of Ill besides fall quarry to her position of justness. She tracks them down from different terminal of the universe like a godess. Roby and Toby castrated and blinded them, and they were referred to as castrate. Claire is herself half dead with a unreal custodies and legs.

This shows what penalty one suffers when they go against the Godhead jurisprudence. Creon is a really cardinal figure in the drama. After Antigone ‘s decease he is the exclusive tragic hero. He is deemed by everyone to be incorrect by denying burial rites to a dead adult male. In the terminal one can reason sing the history that Creon represented the Nazi dictator who had all the powers and ruled over everyone and Antigone who is like the French opposition who took the enterprise to contend for justness. Even Claire represents a Nazi dictator with the power of money and wealth where as Allfrid Ill who is like a Jew concealing n seeking to salvage his life.

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