Banksys Wall Of Fame English Literature Essay Free Essay

The text was about a celebrated graffito painter. Cipher knew who he is, what he looked like or where he lived. The lone thing they knew for certain was his being. The ground why Banksy wanted to remain anon. is because of his occupation: no 1 is allowed to make graffitos, so when his namelessness would stop, his graffito would besides stop.

Simon Hattenstone tried to interview this cat, but when he mentioned Banksy ‘s name, everyone acted unusual and no 1 believed that Simon managed to set up an interview with Banksy.

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The ground why Banksy ‘s celebrated because his plants are alone and that ‘s what makes them particular. His plants besides lift up people ‘s temper, because they truly love his work. Once you ‘ve seen one of his work, you want to see more.

Subsequently, he meets Banksy and he told things about himself, but he does n’t travel into inside informations. Harmonizing to Banksy it ‘s all about requital, when you ca n’t have anything, you put your name on it as if it were yours.

And a batch of trade names asked him to publicize for him, but he turned everything down, because he does n’t necessitate the money and he doens n’t desire anyone to endure for what he made.

The ground why he ‘s making graffito is because he kicks on non acquiring caught for something that is non legal and he likes the fact that no 1 knows what he is making.

All right Go – ***

The text is about a celebrated set called OK Go, it ‘s non one of those adolescent sets, but it ‘s a set that works with different stuffs which are connected to each other. And all those stuffs are being moved by a simple motion. So the autumn of dominoes causes a ball to turn over across the floor where it managed to do a talker start playing the vocal of the set, et cetera. The picture ends with the four set members who are acquiring balls with pigment fired to their caputs.

The members of the set are n’t merely instrumentalists but they compare themselves to mechanics, they care for making “ cool material ” . Now they want to make something which no 1 will of all time bury, they want to be like Goldberg and Heath Robinson, who besides created such material. For this, they asked aid from different scientist cats: the set wanted to do testimonial to Goldberg and it should incorporate motions that are astonishing and the continuance of the motions should be long and there are no darnels acceptable. After they made the appliance, everything failed. They had to make it 47 times before it worked absolutely.

Peoples of different coevalss are amazed by things Heath and Goldberg show and that ‘s the ground why it became so popular and why people try to do more and more astonishing machines.

A Burger from the lab – ***

The text is about professors who are seeking to contrive a sort of meat: vitro meat. This is a flesh merchandise that has ne’er been portion of a life animate being. Vitro meat allows us to bask meat without holding any animate being killed. First it ‘s merely wasted musculus ( cells ) that has to be “ trained ” before we can utilize it as meat. The cells are being put in a medium that allows the cells to turn. While they ‘re in the medium, electric watercourses are being passed through the cells. But it ‘s decidedly non simple to transform root cells into skeletal musculus cells. Once this obstruction has been overcome, it brings benefits such as decrease of green-house emanations, fresh water usage and animate being agony.

But there still is a group of scientist who try to do it work. Post says that it ‘s necessary that the usage of electricity is every bit small as possible, which is impossible and that ‘s why he tries to contrive a method by detecting how the cells alteration. But when they manage to do vitro meat, the texture and gustatory sensation is really of import. That meat will be losing a batch of belongingss of meat, but they can easy add those things.

This innovation seems astonishing but critics do n’t wish the idea of person playing God, but Post does n’t understand why person would believe that.

Mud, clay, glorious mud – **/***

At first sight the Glastonbury festival expressions like it came from the Middle Age, but that ‘s a error a batch of people make when they ‘re non familiar with the festival. The Glastonbury festival is a really large festival ( 4 kilometer ) with 100 thousand of people. Peoples are supposed to maintain traveling from topographic point to topographic point, so you could acquire lost really easy. You would believe that people would acquire cranky between all those people, but really, they ‘re smiling.

Every twelvemonth G2 send a journalist, this twelvemonth Alexander Chancellor, to happen out why everyone is so happy during the festival, because the conditions are atrocious: it ‘s really foul, you have to walk a batch through all the clay and there is a big sum of litter. The ground why people are happy is because of the music, some people would n’t even be at that place if it was n’t for the music. But the chief ground is that they feel free to make whatever they want: it ‘s the topographic point where they can loosen up.

Subsequently, Alexander has been told that he should travel to the rock circle to understand the true spirit of the festival. The rock circle is a topographic point where people gather around to sit and woolgather. Here Alexander discovers that the people are non every bit brainsick as he thought they would be. They ‘re really friendly and they love to chew the fat with aliens. In the terminal, Alexander was happy to take portion in the festival, but he would n’t make it once more.

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Writer: Graham Joyce


My book is complicated and there are a few things go oning which are connected to each other.

First, a instructor named Tom lost his married woman when a tree fell on her auto. He could n’t manage the decease of his married woman and at school happened something he could bear either: person wrote soiled things on the blackboard, impeaching him of kiping with a pupil, so he quitted his occupation.

After he resigned, he went to Jerusalem to run into an old friend he met in College. But when he was standing for her door, her neighbor said that she would n’t come place for a piece. So he went to a hotel where he met David and where the unusual things went on: every clip between 3 and 4.15 there was strike harding on the door and right before he fell into slumber, he heard the voice he ‘s ever been hearing. But it was acquiring worse: every clip when he was researching the metropolis a black veiled adult female showed up, waving him. She tried to compose something on a wall, but Tom ever fled. The shade took different forms. Sometimes it was the black adult female, other times it was a adult female who tried to state something about what happened 2000 old ages ago and there were times when the shade looked like Katie. He started seeing this that were n’t at that place. Person accused him of rip offing with a pupil and that became existent in his caput.

Subsequently, he started to acquire along with David, but he was an old adult male and he would n’t populate much longer. So David gave Tom the Dead Sea Scrolls. He wanted him to convey it to person who was able to calculate out what it was stating and that ‘s where Sharon brought him to her friend Ahmad.

The Dead Sea Scrolls was written by Mary Magdalena ( the shade Tom had been seeing ) , who claimed that people who wrote the bible tested to do the prognostications come true, the crucifixion. They merely picked Jesus to play Jesus and he was n’t supposed to decease at all. The thought was to crucify him ( you do n’t decease for 3 yearss so ) , so so he would “ lift from the dead ” and populate his life. But St. Paul broke his leg, because so your longs ca n’t manage the force per unit area which can take to the decease, so they changed the book by stating that he rised from the dead and disappeared.

The shade crossed the line and the things he saw were gross outing, so Sharon tried to convey him to a healer. Once he was at that place, the healer found out that there was n’t any shade. She figured out Tom had been seeing those creepy things because of guilt, because he did n’t love Katie the manner she loved him and Tom knew she knew. So guilt made him see unusual things. Tom claimed he felt guilty because he cheated on her with a pupil, but at that place was n’t any cheating. This besides he imagined.

Tom could n’t manage the things she said so he locked himself up. Sharon, Ahmad and Therapist were seeking to quiet him down, but he would n’t allow anyone acquire close to him so he ran off. He went to a church, where the shade ( a.k.a. guilt ) made him put it on fire, because he thought that would be the solution to all the jobs, but it was n’t: people got huffy and the Jew blamed the Muslim, Muslim blamed the Christ, Christ blamed the Jews and so on. During the public violence, Ahmad got killed by a slug shooting by Tom.

In the terminal, Tom is traveling back to his hometown. He even asked Sharon to get married him, but she did n’t desire Tom to endure from all the things they ‘ve been through. And she knew that if when she ‘s in his life, he would n’t be able to acquire over Katie.



Tom was an English instructor who was married to Katie, he was n’t spiritual while Katie was. During their relationship, Tom found out that he may non be in love with Katie, but he had troubles accepting it. After Katie died, he became an unstable adult male. He could n’t accept the fact that Katie died.


David is an old hotel proprietor. He was a adult male who did n’t swear anyone, because they were after his Dead Sea Scrolls. He had n’t been outside for 25 old ages and he does n’t wish alterations.


Katie has a cryptic personality: you do n’t acquire to cognize really much about her. Tom is the lone beginning of information, but he does n’t state a batch about her character, he focuses on her life style and the things she liked.


She has been in love with Tom since the twenty-four hours she saw him, but it took 25 old ages to accept it. She ‘s really helpful and goes through everything to assist a individual. She is a strong adult female who one time was an alcoholic and that ‘s why she became a healer for people who have an dependence.


No-one but Sharon likes her. She has an speech pattern which annoys everyone. She ‘s consecutive to the point and that ‘s why you have to cognize her before you start wishing her.


The subject of the book is guilt. The book shows what guilt can make to people. All the things that were go oning in the book was because of guilt. Tom felt guilty because he did n’t love Katie. Sharon felt guilty because she and Katie were best friends but she still loved her adult male. And Ahmad felt guilty for puting his friend up.


It was complicated book yet really original. I ‘ve ne’er read such book in my life, and that ‘s what made it particular. The things that happened in the book were chilling and at the same clip gratifying. The book adds something to you: you see what guilt does to people.

Because the book was complicated, I could n’t truly distinguish world from phantasy. Tom went through a batch of things and eldritch thing were go oning in the book, but subsequently the book tells you that non all of it was truly go oning. I think the book should be more specific about what was existent and what was n’t at all.

The painted bird

Writer: Jerzy Kosinki


My book was about a six-year-old male child whose name was non mentioned in the narrative. He was sent by his parents to a distant small town for his ain safety, because they lived in the 2nd universe war. The parents lost contact with the adult male who was supposed to convey him to his surrogate household, so they did n’t cognize where the adult male brought their boy. In that clip people thought that a black-eyed individual was possessed, so they did n’t handle them nicely. Sadly plenty, the male child had dark eyes, dark hair and he was colored.

The male child went to different topographic points and everyplace he landed something happened which made him go forth the town. The whole book contains descriptions about all the topographic points he went to:

Marta, Olga, Lekh, Miller, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Forest, Peasant, Rainbow, Priest/Garbor, Makar, Labina, Red ground forces, Orphanage, Home, Jail, Mountains.

But I ‘m merely traveling to sum up a few of those topographic points:

First, he lived with an old adult female named Marta. She believed in dark thaumaturgy. But after two months she died, because she fell into slumber when her house burned into fires.

Subsequently in the book, the male child stayed with a Miller and his married woman. The Miller is known for his green-eyed monster, so when he found out that his married woman may hold an matter with their retainer, he kills the cat with a spoon: he poked his orbs out off their oculus sockets. The male child saw everything and could n’t manage it, so he ran into the forests and he found a bird keeper ‘s house whose name was Lekh. He thought him everything about birds. The adult male was urgently in love with Stupid Ludmilla, and one twenty-four hours she managed to take the male child to a graveyard. There she tried to ravish him, but as the male child screamed, provincials were coming from the town to see what was go oning. When they saw the bare lady, they raped her. The adult females of the provincial know the lady and they know how much she loved work forces, so they tore her apart. Lekh came and tried to halt the adult females, but nil worked. The male childs besides started running off.

One twenty-four hours, as he was walking through the forests, he found a hurt Equus caballus. He decided to convey the Equus caballus to the small town where they could take attention for him. After he arrived at the small town, he found the Equus caballus ‘s proprietor, who said that the Equus caballus would n’t be able to retrieve so he decided to kill the Equus caballus: he tied a rope around the Equus caballus ‘s cervix and he attached the other two terminals of the rope to two Equus caballuss, but the male child ran off because he knew what would go on.

When the male child was walking in the forests, armed cats were following him. The male child tried to run, but they caught him and brought him to an officer who said that he had to be killed. The male child begged one of the armed cats non to and out of commiseration he let him travel.

Subsequently in the book, he went to a priest, who did n’t believe that the male child was bewitched, so he decided to take attention of the male child, but Garbos, the adult male whom the priest sent him to because of the war, abused him and his Canis familiaris tried to eat him. The male child was n’t allowed to state anything to the priest.

In the terminal he lost his voice because was thrown into a cavity. He managed to acquire out of it and decided to seek for a dormant topographic point. Subsequently they were liberated by the ruddy ground forces. They found the male child in that town and brought him to an orphanhood where his parents found him. They brought him into their place, but he managed to acquire into problem, so they sent him to a topographic point where he fell into a deep gully. When he woke up, he was at a infirmary with his voice back.

Persoonsbeschrijvingen ( alleen de belangrijkste personages )

The male child: The male child is really naA?ve, he goes through a batch of things but he still believes in the humanity even though they treat him severely. He is n’t strong, because he does n’t state or make anything when people treat him like soil.

Labina: Labina was the lone individual who treated him nicely. She has a sweet personality. She made the male child see that people are n’t every bit bad as they look like.

Lekh: Lekh is a nice adult male, but when it comes to love, he ‘s helpless. He ‘s urgently in love with a adult female who is n’t able to love him back and that made him unstable.

Greta garbos: Garbos is a atrocious adult male who loves to see people in injury. He does n’t halt until person dies.

The male child ‘s parents: His parents truly loved him, but they were really disquieted which made them direct their child off. They did n’t cognize what the male child went through, so they did n’t understand why the male child was misconducting.


The subject of the book is acceptance. The male child tries to happen a topographic point where he would be treated nicely, but every clip he fails. Everyone sees him as a bad individual and no 1 tries to cognize the male child for who he is. Subsequently, the male child finds out that the lone topographic point where he would be accepted is place where he ‘s surrounded by the people who love him for who he is.


It ‘s a beautiful book for so far. You get a clear image of what happened in the yesteryear. You get to cognize how people treated each other and you besides get to cognize what their wonts were.

But nevertheless, I did n’t wish the book, non because it was tiring or the author could n’t compose, but because the things he wrote about were atrocious and gross outing. For illustration he described how and old adult female caught on fire and how a adult female got raped or how a adult male tried to kill person with a spoon. Those things are n’t nice to read about. And the worst portion was that he wrote everything in inside informations, so I had to read about atrocious things in every item. I truly felt really regretful for the male child because everybody hated him.

I besides did n’t wish the book because of the clip it ‘s written in. The book is written in the clip of World War II, so the conditions were atrocious and people believed in the strangest and weirdest things.

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Dancing male childs from Afghanistan

This docudrama is about the dancing male childs of Afghanistan, besides known as Bacha Bazi, which means playing with male childs. This is an ancient tradition ; boys between 10 and 19 twelvemonth wear bells on their pess and frock like a adult female so that they can dance and entertain work forces, who normally abuse them. A Bacha stands for power and wealth. The more Bachas you have, the more regard you have.

But on the other manus, the pattern of Bacha Bazi is in no manner acceptable in the Islam. In fact, it ‘s illegal, but the figure of instances is still turning. In Afghanistan adult females are non allowed to dance for work forces, so small male childs are used to replace them. Peoples do n’t wish to speak or hear about it, because it ‘s a tabu, but you can travel to every DVD store to acquire some Bacha Bazi DVDs.

Muhzamah Pudi, the caput of the independent human right committee, has been asked if it ‘s true that the pattern of Bacha Bazi is turning. His reply to this is that the tradition ne’er disappeared of the state and it ne’er will, because the constabulary ca n’t make anything about it. Most work forces who are traveling to such parties are career work forces, so they ‘re really rich, which means that the constabulary in Afghanistan ca n’t make anything to halt Bacha Bazi. The authorities besides knows about the being, and people asked them to halt the pattern of it, but they wo n’t make anything about it, because they ‘re excessively ashamed to acknowledge the being of it.

The adult male went out to interview a Bacha. He works 12 hours a twenty-four hours and gets 2 dollars. His male parent died when he was 10, his female parent does n’t hold any occupation and he has 2 small brothers to take attention of. He has no pick but to work as a Bacha Bazi. It ‘s hard for him to speak about what work forces do to him. They spend the dark with him, but he ca n’t state no, because they force him and he ‘s excessively affraid to state something.

Subsequently, he goes to person who likes to travel to such dances. His name is Sabbi. Sabbi owns 3 Bachas, the youngest is 15 and the oldest is 18 twelvemonth old. Sabbi is 40. He gives them apparels and money in exchange for snoging and embracing the bachas, but he denied passing the dark with them. Sabbi does n’t see it as a offense, but as a avocation.

Mistreating a adult female is a offense, but it ‘s different with male childs and some people do n’t really see it as a offense. It ‘s non easy to contend it, because the work forces take portion in contending a bloody war, so they ‘re unsafe. Many male childs do n’t hold a hereafter and they do n’t cognize what to make.

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Jos: a metropolis still divided

Jos is a metropolis divided into two faiths: the Christians and the Muslims. The Muslims and Christians life individually from each other. Rob Walker went 2 old ages ago to Jos to understand why they were killing each other in the name of faith. And since so, 1000s of people have been killed. Now he ‘s back in Jos to happen out if the force has continued.

There used to be nice countries where there was no force at all, but those countries changed into unsafe metropoliss. Peoples were populating in peace, but that was merely go oning in the past. Now people ca n’t walk decently over the streets, because they are being attacked.

Now there ‘s merely one topographic point left where people are populating peacefully together. That ‘s the lone country without force. What ‘s the secret? They had an understanding with each other: they agreed to protect their community from outside interlopers, would it be Muslims or Christians. The people in that country say it ‘s hard to explicate why other topographic points ca n’t be like their topographic point. There are excessively many factors.

Subsequently Rob went to bomb explosive to see what ‘s go oning. You could experience the tenseness. There were 2 work forces who dropped a bomb. Muslims blamed the Christians and Christians blamed the Muslim. When Rob mingled into the crowd he saw the organic structures of the people who dropped the bomb. But they had no weaponries, legs and caputs. Some people where chopping their organic structures to eat the meat. He had been told that the ground behind the chopping and feeding was that that was the lone opportunity to mortify their enemies and it ‘s for adhering together those involved in the force.

Rob Walker went to happen out what the axial rotation of the politic is. Cipher wants to decease, so when there ‘s danger people ran off. But where should they run? And there ‘s where the political relations come in action. They promise shelter when you support them in your country.

Rob Walkers finds out that it ‘s non about faith, but it ‘s about power. Leader of different cultural groups want to take the lead. Another factor which can do the force is the uneven distribution of rights. One group has more rights than the other group.

A batch of people are unsure about that lies in front. Young kids are being exposed to all the force, they see atrocious things. At some point they think it ‘s normal and because of that, the force will ne’er stop.

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Family affairs

This docudrama is about how a atomic household should look like. Lucy Williams goes to Kathmandu to happen out how the constructions of household have changed. In the yesteryear a household unit was a male parent, a female parent and a little figure of kids. This has been held up by politicians, spiritual leaders et cetera. They say that this can take to a successful society. But now everything is different. Families used to hold seven kids. Now the ideal figure of kids is 2.

Lucy visited a adult female named Loupna and she asked her why she does n’t desire to hold more kids. She ca n’t afford a 2nd child because of the fiscal state of affairs and she wanted to put all her clip and net incomes and nest eggs on this one child. It ‘s quality over measure ; people want the best for their child, so that ‘s why they merely have one child ; they want them to analyze and that is n’t possible when they have a batch of kids, because they merely ca n’t afford it.

The following household she went to is a household which consist of 10 people: a grandma, a gramps, 4 boies, 1 daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren. Harmonizing to the grandma they ‘re really happy together ; so far so good. But the grandma does n’t desire their boies and their grandchildren to travel to school, because people who go to school will analyze when they ‘re finished. And after they ‘re finished, they split up. 30 old ages ago every household was merely like this household, but everything has changed. Families who are still populating this manner are husbandmans who live from what they harvest.

The chief ground why households are n’t populating how they lived 30 old ages ago is that it ‘s hard life together. It ‘s because of economic grounds: the boies split up to work in the small town and from at that place they send money to their places. Leaving a small town and traveling abroad is the lone manner to gain money.

Roules Stalger, the cardinal mind of household constructions said there are 3 pre-conditions a household should populate to:

Ready, willing and ability.

Readiness: the new signifier of behavior must be economically executable.

Willingness: the new signifier of behavior should be sacredly and ethnically acceptable, it ‘s about covering with the cultural background.

Ability: there should be proficient agencies to these ends.

If one of the conditions is losing, the new signifier of behavior is non executable.

Lucy goes to a meeting of a clump of immature adult females where they talk about love and sex. She wants to cognize how those adult females think about large households, but she finds out that some misss got confused between attractive force and love. They had no thought how love feels, but they all experienced attractive force. At school they mix with male childs en they form strong sets. Because of these things, they split up faster.

In the terminal, she went to a attention place where they take attention for grandmas. Children abandon their parents because they ca n’t afford them. The grandmas long for their kids, but they do n’t desire nil to make with them.

There is a large spread between the coevalss. A batch of things differ from the past and household constructions change rapidly.

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