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Barack Obama in his first book Dreams from my Father – A narrative of Race and Inheritance takes his readers to a attractively crafted journey of self-discovery. His first book was published over a decennary ago and is late re-published by Random House. It is a compelling narrative of non merely race and civilization heritage but besides of personal growing, human experience, life lessons and human nature. Obama tells his antic life narrative in a really thoughtful and brooding manner. I feel this is a narrative of a really sagely examined life. The fact that readers, irrespective of societal background, cultural heritage or clamber coloring material could happen themselves in the narrative reminds me that as human existences every bit good we all portion plentifulness of similarities and differences.

About a few months ago in a really unusual incident when the Republican presidential and frailty presidential campaigners stood on phases around the state inquiring who was Barack Obama? They had a really easy entree to their ain inquiry if they would hold read “ Dreams from my male parent ” . If they would hold read the narrative they would n’t hold adequate cognition about the adult male who would function as 44th president of the state but more approximately themselves every bit good.

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The autobiography tells the narrative of the life of Barack Obama up to his admittance in the Harvard Law School.

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Barack Obama Sr. Of Kenya, a black African and Ann Dunham of Wichita, Kansas, a white American, who met as pupils at the University of Hawaii at Minoa. Obama ‘s parents separated from each other and got divorced in 1964, when Obama was merely two old ages old, and the ground behind the divorce was Obama ‘s male parent went to Harvard to prosecute his PhD but did non hold money to take his household with him. Obama ‘s male parent subsequently on returned to Africa to carry through his promise to the continent. A child without his male parent, Obama formed an fanciful image of his absent male parent from the narratives told by his female parent and his grandparents. He could see his male parent one more clip in 1971 when Sr. Obama had come to Hawaii for a month long official visit, without cognizing decease could be merely a few off. Obama ‘s male parent died in a auto accident after 11 old ages in 1982.

After the divorce Obama ‘s female parent remarried to Lolo Soetro an East-West Centre pupil from Indonesia, and so moved to Jakarta. When Obama was merely 10 old ages, he returned to Hawaii to acquire better educational chances available in Hawaii, under the attention of his grandparents and later his female parent. He was enrolled at Punahou School, a private college-preparatory school, in 5th class where he was on of the lone six black pupils at the largely white school. Obama attended the school from the 5th class until his graduation in 1979. Obama in his writes “ For my grandparents, my admittance into Punahou Academy heralded the start of something expansive, an lift in the household position that they took great strivings to allow everyone cognize. ” In the school Obama met Ray who introduced him to the African American community.

After completing high school, Obama moved to Los Angeles, where he enrolled at Occidental College, he describes his life there to be a “ party ” life style with the drug and intoxicant usage. After two old ages of his party life at Occidental, he transferred himself to Columbia college at Columbia University, in Manhattan, New York, where he majored in political scientific discipline. After graduation, he started a concern for a twelvemonth, which did non travel really good, he so moved to Chicago there he worked for a non-profit community forming in the Altgeld Gardens lodging undertaking on the South side of the metropolis. He recounts the trouble of the experience, as his plan faced opposition from apathy on the portion of the established bureaucratism and entrenched community leaders. During this clip Obama foremost visited the Chicago ‘s Trinity United Church of Christ merely to be motivate himself to make something expansive in his life.

Obama decided to see his relations in Kenya before fall ining the Harvard Law School. Obama uses the experience Kenya to be the scene for his book ‘s concluding emotional scene. Associating the narrative with Obama ‘s life the book includes a great trade of contemplation on his ain personal racial experiences with the Americans in the United States.


“ I ceased to publicize my female parent ‘s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to surmise that by making so I was ingratiating myself to Whites ” – this is a quotation mark from the debut in the book “ Dreams from my Father ” . This gives the really first glance of the racial favoritism and racial issues faced by Barack Obama right from the age of 12 or 13. Obama still had the thrive to go on and accomplish everything that he aimed for.

“ There was something about him that made me wary, a small excessively certain of himself, possibly. And white ” . This is during the clip when he describes a occupation interview with a adult male in Chicago. It seemed that race had been a portion of their treatment as the white had a certain air about himself seeing Obama being a black, but alternatively of acquiring de motivated and upset about the behavior from the white Obama took it as an chance and showed what his true endowment was. And at the terminal he was able to win the individual, which was one of his many passions.

“ It remained necessary to turn out which side you were on, to demo your trueness to the black multitudes, to strike out and name names. ” Obama discusses this portion of his life when he talks about his childhood and his schooltimes in Hawaii. Though holding a white female parent Obama faced excessively many racial favoritisms in his school yearss, which made him vulnerable to the Whites.

“ I ne’er emulate white work forces and brown work forces whose destinies did n’t talk to my ain. It was into my male parent ‘s image, the black adult male, boy of Africa, that I ‘d packed all the properties I sought in myself, the properties of Martin and Malcolm, Dubois and Mandela. ” This statement shows that though being a black, Barack Obama did non acquire emulated with his destiny to hold born a black, he made it his strength and walked in front alternatively of walking backwards and run off from the adversities.

Despite holding faced so many incidences of racial favoritism and implicit in authorization Barack Obama had merely one thing that was unbitten and that was his ne’er deceasing spirit and bravery and this is what one think doubtless defines his leading quality.


Recently I happened to read an article on leading qualities and how is a individual tantrum to go a leader. To prove the article I decided to experiment with few of my friends, on a insouciant treatment I asked them “ who do you believe can be a leader? ” to my astonishment the full treatment turned into an statement whether a leader is born or made. Later on after giving the full statement much idea I decided to jot down few of the qualities of a leader I could calculate out during the treatment.

The first thing that I noticed was during the full conversation there was one friend who did non even try to acquire into the conversation, subsequently when asked he said “ I do n’t believe that ‘s even a treatment, it was so unpointed, I ‘d instead pass my clip reading Barack Obama so make up one’s minding whether a leader is born or made it is ever traveling to be problematic ” , that ‘s when I realised that a true leader ne’er gives excessively much clip to such treatments he instead concentrates more on developing his ain leading qualities which he thinks are necessary for his success. One of the other things that I noticed was in a group there ‘s ever a individual who leads the treatment, gives it a proper flow and concludes it, this group had a leader every bit good, but the quality I noticed here was a leader ever has followings, you take the instance of Hitler, Mussolini, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi anyone in that instance, they are perfect illustrations of Leadership and one thing that is common among all of them is they all had their ain set of followings. Which I think is one of the biggest qualities of a leader, what is the point of taking a group when you do non hold anyone to follow?

Sum uping the full incident I could come up with Five qualities that a leader possesses. They are as follows:

A leader should be


Clarity in idea

Forward looking



Now the of import occupation for a leader is to expose his accomplishments or the five qualities mentioned above and at the same clip animating people to follow. Below is a narrative of a great leader who does n’t hold a name in history, has n’t made it large yet she is a motive, a function theoretical account and has all the qualities for an enterpriser mentioned above.

How frequently do you acquire a opportunity to actuate? How frequently do you acquire a opportunity to touch people ‘s lives and do them better?

Well i merely came across a instructor who made it all possible, they called her Miss G.

Miss G was a happy, and a merriment loving human being, merrily married and a perfect hubby made her confident, and lively. She came from a political background and as her male parent she excessively wanted to make something for the society, she had tried a twosome of things already but someway did non involvement her, or instead the work did non O.K. her, non acquiring de motivated Miss G joins the Long Island school, Long Beach to seek her custodies on instruction, small has she thought of what she was acquiring into, she would hold had dark female horses before measure frontward to take the occupation. Her male parent did non O.K. of her going a instructor, he thought it was excessively low a profile to work in, she did n’t pay attending to it, as she knew she would be able to do her male parent agree to her pick finally.

She started off her first twenty-four hours as a instructor with a group of pupils majorly African Americans, who were engaged in pack wars, drugs, contending etc. She had a difficult clip even speaking to them as they had a typical attitude to the manner they lived. They were freshers at school and evidently hated the fact. The first twenty-four hours she experienced the hostility amongst the pupils with the issue being the “ coloring material ” of their tegument. She has a difficult clip commanding their battles, but gets clasp of it finally. When she walks out after the school she sees that the “ Whites ” are on one side of the land and the “ black ” on the other none of them even bothered to interact with the other “ coloring material ” . The really following twenty-four hours she mixes the different “ coloring material ” pupils within the category to interrupt the ice amongst themselves. That does n’t work really good as many of them feel offended of their coloring material and halt coming to the category.

She tries to calculate out for yearss together what is it that is halting 13 twelvemonth childs to speak to each other and discriminate amongst each other due to their coloring material in modern America. And one twenty-four hours something happens that teaches her the existent ground, a boy gets killed by one of the Whites merely because he was black, she learns the fact that one of her pupils called Eva was besides involved in the incident. She wanted to face the miss about it but was warned by the disposal of the school to non to make so as it was against the policy of the school. She still tries to face and learns that the “ inkinesss ” are abused by the American bulls for no ground, they were bitten up, shooting and captive merely for being a “ black ” . Miss G did n’t gain what to state when she was confronted with a truth like this.

She knew the pupils would n’t talk to her straight in the category, but she wanted them to take all their hurting and agonies out so that she could mend them and do them better human existences, because she knew, she had hope in them that they were n’t every bit bad as they were made out to be. She so came up with this truly astonishing thought of doing them maintain their diary, she asked them to compose any of their experiences that were near to her bosom. She told them she would n’t read their journal unless and until they would let her to. She offered them a cupboard to go forth their diaries if they wanted her to read them. And to her surprise everyone wrote in their diaries and left them behind for her to read it.

The disposal of the school was purely against all the activities that she was making and would n’t back up her or assist her even with the stuff she required for the category. Miss G did n’t give up on the childs, she worked dual occupations merely so that she could supply them with the stuffs that they needed. But in all of this her personal life, her happy matrimony had started to travel on the unsmooth path. Thus she was losing support both from her working environment every bit good as her hubby. But with her finding and passion to do a difference to those childs ‘ lives, she continues to learn with all the hurdlings and troubles that she was confronting.

With all the attempts she was seting in she succeeded in doing the category room a place for all the childs she was learning. Her hubby left her, the disposal did n’t hold with her attempts and the people around her tested every possible manner to de motivate her. But she was a “ warrior princess ” despite holding an emotional dislocation, the menace to lose the occupation, no place she ne’er gave up or instead ne’er bowed to the state of affairss, she kept contending.

During the full muss up she was traveling through for the first clip her actuating force was her male parent. Her male parent told her “ I am covetous of what my girl is being able to make, she did what I had dreamt for myself ” , which I think in itself is a impulsive force for any single. And with the warrior she was this merely added to her strength.

She motivated the childs to maintain their ain diaries, this clip she motivated them to change over their diaries into books. The childs already following the footfalls of their instructor readily agreed to it, and after months of strict work they came up with their ain single books with their ain narratives. Their ain narratives of battle and their ain narratives of endurance, she had succeeded.

This motivated Miss G to compose her ain book for the childs and the experience with them. She surprisingly called them “ the freedom authors ” .

My Learning

It is non necessary that you make it large if you are an enterpriser, it is non necessary that the universe should cognize what a large personality are you. The satisfaction comes from within.

One if the inquiry that I came across while reading the book was “ why does n’t everyone hold a name in history? What is so particular about the people who have made it large? ” the reply to the inquiry was “ their intelligence ” . Imagine what if everyone had the same wavelength, what if everyone was every bit intelligent as Mr Narayan Murthi of Infosys, Mr Warren Buffet the investor, Mr Bill Gates of Microsoft, there would be a new Infosys and Microsoft coming up every twenty-four hours in every different corner of the universe. There would n’t hold been any uniqueness in their ventures. Therefore intelligence plays a critical function in what you do.

Intelligence plays a critical function in what you do but intelligence without lucidity of idea can non be put to the best usage. Imagine Bill Gates holding an thought of establishing Microsoft but does n’t cognize where, when and how, one think without a clear vision he would n’t hold been able to make any of it.

And in conclusion holding a vision of where you want to be sums up to all the things that are needed to be a leader.

Therefore a mixture of an intelligent, frontward looking and clear minded single makes it to be the best leader.


Whether it ‘s Miss G or Barack Obama, both of them had their ain portion of adversities and struggles one thing that kept them traveling was their ne’er say NO attitude to life. This is what has made them a leader, an enterpriser and a satisfied homo.

At the terminal of the twenty-four hours it is non what you do or what you make out of what you ‘re making, it is the acquisition that life offers for the present and the hereafter.

“ Lions sleep 18 hours a twenty-four hours – if difficult work entirely was the secret to success, so donkey would hold been the male monarch of the jungle ” .

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