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Sigmund Freud, born in Freiberg, Moravia on May 6, 1856, is one of the most outstanding psychologists in the field of depth psychology. His male parent, Jacob Freud, was a wool merchandiser but an unfortunate economic crisis caused his concern to neglect and made the household to travel to Vienna, Leopoldstadt in 1859 where Freud studied and lived most of his life. Freud studied medical specialty at Vienna University where he subsequently received his doctor’s degree in medical specialty. During his surveies, Freud helped his professor, Brucke, with laboratory experiments. Due to this, Freud discovered nerve cells and received scholarship to travel to Paris and learned more from Charcot at the Salpetriere Hospital. There, Freud was “ able to detect the manifestations of craze and the effects of hypnosis and suggestion ” ( Chiriac ) , which prompted him to invent thoughts of many theories of depth psychology. In 1886, Freud opened a little office to pattern medical specialty and began to analyze his patients ‘ heads.

Under the force per unit area of emphasis and depression, Freud became a cocaine user since it “ assist [ ed ] him pull off his depression, achieve a province of good being, and loosen up under tense fortunes ” ( Chiriac ) . Cocaine was non prohibited during that clip and the harmful effects were non discovered yet ; hence, Freud used cocaine as a prescription for himself and others. Freud even suggested his friend L. Konigstein, an oculus physician, “ to look into on the extent to which the anaesthetic qualities of cocaine might besides be used with sensitive eyes ” ( Chiriac ) while analyzing the impact of cocaine on medical specialty. However, a calamity turned up when Freud tried to assist his friend Fleischl-Marxow, who was a morphine nut, by stating him to utilize cocaine alternatively to ease the hurting. Marxow non merely gotten worse, he died in a painful decease and the cocaine merely raises the hurting. Still, Freud contributed to the survey of cocaine and its effects on the human organic structure and in medical specialty.

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While analyzing his patients, Freud besides did soul-searching on himself. He so theorized that “ being in love with [ his ] female parent and jealous of [ his ] male parent ” during his childhood is “ a cosmopolitan event in early childhood ” ( Chiriac ) . From this, Freud developed the phases of Psychosexual Development since he believed that sexual and aggressive behaviour is an of import motive in the human head. There are five phases of Psychosexual Development ; unwritten, anal, phallic, latent, and genital. The unwritten phase began at birth and terminal at about the 18th month where the “ infant found its greatest pleasance in sucking, particularly at the chest ” ( Boeree ) . In the anal phase, which lasts from 18 months to about four old ages old, focuses on pleasance of the anus such as enamored preparation. From around four to seven old ages old, the kid experiences the phallic phase where “ the kid may hold discovered the pleasance of touching or rubbing against his or her genital organ ” ( Boerre ) . The 4th phase began about seven to twelve, called the latent phase. This phase is where the kid enters repression since the kid is busy with school. The last phase, venereal, began at pubescence as it “ represents the revival of the sex thrust in adolescence, and the more specific focussing of pleasance in sexual intercourse ” ( Boerre ) .

Harmonizing to Freud, “ a critical event ” that a kid will see “ during the first five old ages of life is theaˆ¦Oedipus and Electra struggles ” ( Rana ) . This is where a kid develops sexual attractive force to the opposite sex parent and green-eyed monster towards their same sex parent. A male child will see “ emasculation anxiousness, a little misnomer for the fright of losing one ‘s phallus, ” and a miss will see “ penis envyaˆ¦ [ where ] she would wish a phallus replacement, such as a babe ” ( Boerre ) . The male child will so quash his feelings for his female parent onto misss and ulterior adult females. Besides the miss will quash her feelings of her male parent onto male childs and subsequently work forces. The kid will besides place their same sex parent and attempts to follow their features in order to get the better of their challenger. Because of this theory, Freud received many unfavorable judgments in his yearss because people “ were barely prepared to speak about gender in grownups, much less in babies ” ( Boerre ) . Even today, many psychologists believed Freud ‘s theory is non dependable because it can non be measured and tested to see if it is true or non.

Freud besides studied the unconsciousness of the head and concluded that there are two parts of the unconscious: the preconscious and the unconscious. The preconscious merely takes up a little portion of the head and it is memories that people “ are non at the minute believing about but can readily convey to mind. ” On the other manus, the unconscious occupied the largest portion of the head and it “ includes all the things that are non easy available to awareness, including many things that have their beginnings at that place, such as our thrusts or inherent aptitudes, and things that are put at that place because we ca n’t bear to look at them, such as the memories and emotions associated with injury ” ( Boerre ) .

Freud besides stated that the head consist of the Idaho, self-importance and the superego. The Idaho lays in the unconscious portion of the human head and it “ operates harmonizing to the pleasance rule and it merely seeks immediate satisfaction ” ( Rana ) . The Idaho besides functions as a life and decease inherent aptitude. The superego contains two facets: the scruples and the self-importance ideal. Both work together endeavoring for ideal things such as flawlessness. Fortunately, harmonizing to Freud, we have the self-importance whose intent is to equilibrate out the Idaho and the superego. The self-importance maps harmonizing to the world rule ; it “ trades with the demands of the environment, aˆ¦acts as an internal justice, [ and ] punishes the self-importance with feelings of guilt or it wagess, which lead to feelings of pride and heightened self regard ” ( Rana ) .

Freud studied his patients utilizing therapy, which helped a great trade in depth psychology. Different techniques included relaxed atmosphere, free association, opposition, slips, transference, and penetration.

In Freudian Therapy, relaxed ambiance is when patients are “ free to show anything [ and they ] aˆ¦do non hold to be afraid of societal judgement or banishment ” ( Boerre ) . In some state of affairs, the healer does non look in order for the patient to experience comfy and relax before showing themselves. Freud used free association to allow his patients speak about any jobs they have or merely about anything they feel like showing. He believed that “ with relaxation, the unconscious struggles will necessarily float to the bow ” ( Boerre ) . This manner, the professional healer can assist patients work out jobs that most people overlook. Resistance is one of a hint for healer because it is when a patient “ attempts to alter the subject, draws a complete space, falls asleep, comes in late, or skips an assignment wholly ” ( Boerre ) . The healer can so detect that certain subjects can do the patient to experience uncomfortable and even endangering. Parapraxes, besides referred to as Freudian faux pas, are faux pass of the lingua, which comes from the unconscious struggle of the head. Freud believed that slips are of import hints to understand the unconscious head. Freud considered transference, when a patient emits their feelings onto the healer that really belonged to others, to be necessary in therapy because it “ convey the pent-up emotions that have been blighting the [ patient ] for so long, to the surface ” ( Boerre ) . As said by Freud, therapy coatings off when penetration is experienced. This is when the patient realizes their jobs can be solved and that the end of therapy, “ to do the unconscious witting, ” ( Boerre ) is reached.

From all of his surveies and finds, Freud wrote many books to enter it and besides took portion in composing in magazines and diaries: The Interpretation of Dreams, Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Der Witz und Seine Beziehung zum Unbewu?ten, Drei Abhandlungen zur Sexualtheorie, “ Yearbook of Psychoanalysis, ” “ International Magazine for Psychoanalysis, ” Lectures presenting Psychoanalysis, The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Beyond the Pleasure Principle, The Ego and the Id, and Civilization and its Discontentments. Although most of Freud ‘s publications were non supported, he contributed a great figure of new ways to look at depth psychology. Ignoring all of the unfavorable judgments from the people of his clip, Freud managed to “ show a new manner of believing about human nature, and his bequest lives on in the vocabulary and beliefs of 1000000s ” ( Rana ) .

Throughout his life, Freud devoted his clip to depth psychology and helped psychologists today to detect the possible theories that may assist in future developments. His best known theories are of the unconscious head, defence mechanisms, mental illness, psychosexual development, and the psychodynamic attack. Although some of his thoughts such as the Idaho, self-importance, and superego can non be measured, Freud was a superb perceiver to convey those thoughts into his surveies. Even after his decease in September 23, 1939, Freud ‘s work is still a large influence until today. Several theoreticians compare their findings with Freud ‘s theories and utilize it as a treatment.

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