Character Changes Throughout A Novel The Bean Trees English Literature Essay Free Essay

In all literary plants at that place will look characters or characters will be described. When reading a novel the characters normally have their ain personality. This personality along with their character traits can alter throughout the fresh merely like every human traits can alter throughout their life-time. The book “ The Bean Trees ” written by Barbara Kingsolver has perfect illustrations of how characters can alter and why this alteration takes topographic point. The character Lou-Ann Ruiz is one of the best illustrations. She undergoes drastic personal alterations due to grounds beyond her control, and alterations to better her life and to be able to last.

As the audience continues towards the center of the book we see some alteration in Lou Ann ‘s character. She is get downing to hold more assurance and is organizing her ain sentiments which she is now get downing to province aloud, but merely to Taylor. Not merely does she voices her sentiments she argues for her sentiment to be the right one unlike she was in the beginning of the book:

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“ So why are you taking his side? ” Lou Ann wanted to cognize.

“ I ‘m non taking his side. Whose side? ”

“ You are excessively. Or at least you ‘re non taking mine. Whenever I complain about Angel you wo n’t hold with me that he ‘s a scum bucketaˆ¦ ” ( The Bean Trees, 128 )

Lou Ann is get downing to voice her sentiments and is reasoning so that she can be right. She is get downing to discontinue being a inactive individual and making something about her sentiments. However she is still stuck on Angel and Taylor knows this and wants her to cognize that even though she is altering she is still the same deep down interior:

“ aˆ¦You might believe he ‘s a scum pail now, but earlier or subsequently you might desire him back [ once more ] . And so you ‘d be excessively abashed to look me in the oculus and admit you ‘re still in love with this dork whose anatomical parts we ‘ve been express joying about for the last two months. ” ( The Bean Trees, 128 )

Taylor is seeking to turn out to Lou Ann, who thinks she is a new and changed individual, that deep down she is still the same and that if Angel wanted her to come back she would make what he wanted and travel back into her inactive ego. When subsequently in this subdivision Angel writes a missive to Lou Ann that he wants her back Lou Ann really considers traveling: “ So what do you believe Taylor? Do you believe it [ Angel ‘s house ] would hold a floor, or plaster walls inside? “ He really misses me. ” aˆ¦ writhing the gold nuptials set around her finger. ” ( The Bean Trees, 157 ) Lou Ann is really sing to travel back to Angel after what he did to her. She is still attached to him and the nuptials ring which she keeps around her finger is proof plenty. If she truly hated him and did n’t desire to see him once more she would hold thrown it out or sold it by now. However Lou Ann is non dependent anymore and has her ain precedences to go to at her new occupation: “ ” But I ‘ve got duties now, ” she arguedaˆ¦ “ At Red Hot Mama ‘s [ salsa mill ] . ” ” ( The Bean Trees, 157 ) Lou Ann has stopped being dependent on others and found a occupation at a salsa mill where she begins to alter even more. She stops worrying about being dependent on person else and starts to depend upon herself.

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