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Writer of ‘Looking for Alibrandi ‘ , Melina Marchetta, discusses strong facets of Australian life through the portraiture of the characters in the novel. Josephine Alibrandi is an Italian- Australian adolescent, go toing an sole Catholic school on a scholarship. Socially friendless by her prejudiced equals who are from households of high societal standing, Josie longs to be “ ( Please God, allow me be ) accepted by person other than the underdog ” . Fighting to come to footings with her Sicilian background in suburban Sydney, she is lacerate between two wholly different yet demanding civilizations. Throughout the novel, Josie, being a victim of favoritism due to her cultural background and rigorous household outlooks, inquiries why she can non populate life her ain manner.

Question: We should be able to populate our lives the manner we want ; non be influenced by ordering cultural outlooks.

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Thesis: ‘Looking for Alibrandi ‘ raises the issues of populating your ain life, traversing cultural boundaries, self-acceptance, personal individuality and interrupting free of cultural outlooks ; all of which are clearly portion of Australian society today.

If you ‘re populating in a foreign state, and were brought up in that state, to parents who were besides born in that state, should you abandon the cultural heritage your grandparents grew up with? Or should you digest their prejudice, antique ways and live up to the cultural outlooks and stereotyped mold they cast for you from birth. Should you get married the adult male they choose? Do the occupation they pick for you? Be dictated to populate your life the manner they expect you to?

Josephine Alibrandi does n’t believe so.

Josie dislikes sing her Nonna ( grandma ) , and infinitely longs to interrupt free from her clutching, ordering household unit that oversees and controls everything she does. Yes, the same household unit, stuck in its ‘ old ways, that suffocates Josie ‘s vivacity by bring downing cultural, matrimonial and calling regulations and ordinances on her. Josie, whose actions are invariably scrutinised, feels the demand to arise against these rules, and flight from the cliched female in Italian civilization that her household assume she will, with clip, go. Josie, experiencing inferior, is combating to equilibrate herself to fulfill both civilizations in a in-between category being. Josie ‘s long for freedom is clearly stated when she make remarks such as “ I ‘m non traveling to follow in their footfalls, as I know a batch about get awaying tradition ” , or “ Traditions will ne’er allow travel. Simply because like faith, civilization is nailed into you so deep you ca n’t get away it. No affair how far you run. ”

So, should Italian-Australian teens, born in Australia, unrecorded by the entrenched Italian civilization? Well foremost, entrenched civilizations such as the Italian do n’t be in the Australian manner of life. Australia is a modern, multicultural state, and instead than one opinion faith or civilization, facets of many different civilizations are combined into 1. Up to this point in clip, the bulk of Australia has had a western mentality on life. But as clip base on ballss, this state ‘s cultural diverseness is increasing, and in the hereafter, Australia will most likely go more oriented towards an Asiatic position of life. For illustration, Australia one time was ‘part of Europe ‘ , whereas nowadays we are bit by bit going a ‘part of Asia. Aspects of this alteration in civilization can be referred to already, such as China being Australia ‘s biggest trading spouse, compared to Europe and America.

Migrants that come to populate in Australia must incorporate themselves into a multicultural society. In other words, if they want to reconstruct their lives here, they must the fact that can non go on populating their lives by a individual, entrenched civilization. Some say ‘if they want to convey their ways with them, so Australia is non the topographic point for them ‘ while others say that this attitude towards migrators is a racialist one. But certainly if the migrators are n’t open-minded to a new attack on life in a assorted cultural environment, so they should remain in their state of beginning, alternatively of bring downing their beliefs on others. At one point in the novel, Jacob Coote, Josie ‘s first love, replies Josie “ Well, what the snake pit are you? The other twenty-four hours you called me an Australian as if it was an abuse. Now you ‘re non an cultural? You people should travel back to your ain state if you ‘re so baffled ” .

Here ‘s the thing: each new coevals has to germinate from the old, otherwise there would be no patterned advance in future mentalities and thoughts. Josie ‘s state of affairs is a ‘clash ‘ of coevalss beliing one another ; the older generation- for illustration, Josie ‘s Nonna and great aunts- garbage to recognize the fact that the younger generation- Josie ‘s generation- is traveling frontward with their new beliefs on life. Nonna ‘s coevals do non cognize any different, staying deep-seated to the imposts they were raised with. Not understanding why the ulterior coevalss want to research the Australian civilization that surrounds them, they inflict an Italian-orientated life style on them to a point, like Josie, where they want nil more than to get away it. Nonna ‘s haughtiness to Josie ‘s wants can be seen when she makes remarks such as “ Where is the civilization? She ‘ll ( Josie ) grow up, get married an Australian and her kids will eat fish and french friess ” , or “ Josie, I deserve respect and I will non hold you dishonoring this household ‘s good name ” . When Jacob wants to run into Josie ‘s grandma, Josie feels she can non present the two for fright of being scrutinised and gossiped about by her household. To Josie ‘s refusal to present them, Jacob answers “ If I was Italian at that place would n’t be a job, would there? ” To this a defensive Josie responds “ Why ca n’t you understand my life? Thingss are n’t as easy for me as they are for you. You live with such freedom. With no faith or civilization ” . Jacob replies “ Your grandma is one of the most influential people in your life. I want her to cognize that I plan to be another individual in that life ” . This is an illustration of foreigners detecting that the cultural boundaries set for Josie are taking their toll on her.

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