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I dive into the common subject of Dylan Thomas Do Not Travel Gentle into That Good Night and Jean Rhys Used to Live Here Once. I will be comparing their apprehension of decease and life along with contrasting their signifiers, context, and manners within these pages. Death is a morbid topic for many, nevertheless with the usage of poesy and short narratives, these two writers are able to give a different penetration on the credence and understanding for decease.

Death: Dylan Thomas and Jean Rhys

Death is ineluctable, and credence is a journey each individual must digest while they live and die. The thought of happening more clip and mourning the loss of loved 1s is capable that some people refuse to accept. While others consider the possibilities of the hereafter, how would they come to accept their destiny? Using poesy to depict the emotional convulsion for contending for more clip, Dylan Thomas ‘ verse form, Do non travel gentle into that good dark, gives us the understanding yearning for more clip and allows for our emotions to desire to contend for endurance, a basic human nature. While in Jean Rhys ‘ short narrative, Use to populate here one time, we are given the opportunity to accept our concluding destiny of decease, recognizing we do hold to be fearful of the unknown, but find the credence we need. However manner we view these two elegant pieces of literature, we do happen the common evidences with the usage of symbolism. But do they stop there with commonalty or are the differences that noticeable? To happen out how these pieces come together we must first look into their significances separately and so discussion their common evidences, along with the differences.

We begin with Dylan Thomas ‘ verse form ; Do non travel gentle into that good dark, written in 3rd individual and alterations to first individual point of position at the terminal of verse form. It is a noticeable alteration at the terminal when the talker addresses his male parent in line 15. “ And you, my male parent, there on the sad tallness. ” We see the first individual point of position alteration, since in the undermentioned lines is followed by the emotions of the talker. The verse form speaks to reader on the emotional degree, mourning the loss of person beloved. Promoting them to contend for their right to populate, hankering for more clip. The verse form itself is celebrated for the usage of rime, signifier, metaphors, and metre. The usage of metaphors is noticeable within the verse form, mentioning to the “ light ” as life, and “ dark ” as decease. You notice this right off within the first line of the verse form, “ Do non travel gentle into that good dark, ” ( Thomas. line 1 ) to hold another significance. This sentence is a metaphor to non to travel easy to decease, but it is non until line 3 we realize the metaphor. “ Old age should fire and rave at stopping point of twenty-four hours ” ( Thomas. Line 2 ) , describes the stoping of life utilizing a sundown as another metaphor.

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Another noticeable trait for Thomas ‘ verse form is the usage of rime. For illustration, “ Though wise mean at their terminal know a dark ” ( once more dark is a symbolism for decease, ) “ is right, Because their words had forked no lightning ” ( intending they know their words will non halt it ) “ they do non travel gentle into that good dark ” ( they still fight for their right to populate. ) ( Thomas, line 4-6 ) . You notice “ right ” and “ dark ” as rhyming words. However it is the usage of “ -ight ” that is repeated throughout the whole verse form. Thomas usage of rime besides allows the reader to follow the verse form easy and understand his significance and detecting the subject, decease.

Another interesting facet of the verse form is the metre. Harmonizing to Clugston ( 2010 ) , a metre is described as “ the rhythmic form in a line of poesy created by stressed and unstressed syllables. ” Although the metre is non required in order to do Thomas ‘ verse form interesting, nevertheless it is noticeable. Normally the usage of metre is 19 lines divided into five three-line stanzas and a 6th stanza with four line give up an apprehension on the signifier and manner of the verse form. In Thomas ‘ verse form “ there are merely two rimes that end all the lines. ” ( Shmoop Editorial Team, 2008 ) . Harmonizing to Shmoop Editorial Team ( 2008 ) , in the first and 3rd line are repeated four times, the first line shows up at the terminal of the stanzas 2 and 4 and once more at the 6th. So to construe this information the rime strategy is “ AbA’abA aba ‘ aba ‘ abAA, ” when we use this information right we get the overall metre to cognize when the emotional emphasis presented in the verse form.

I believe it is the overall emotional response behind the verse form that sets it apart from others. Thomas uses this verse form to promote his male parent to contend for the life he had, giving the readers a feel that we should non decease without a battle. In some ways, Thomas appears to be scared of the unknown. What lies beyond decease, what is to be expected. Although, it is a battle we can non win and we begin to recognize how short our life may look. We should care for all the things we do daily. However, what does come after decease? Many writers have tried to explicate the events that can happen ; Jean Rhys is such an illustration. Rhys is able to give some penetration into the credence, instead than the fright, some persons portion.

In Rhys ‘ short narrative, Used to populate here one time ( 1976 ) , it appears to be journey into the credence of decease. Written in 3rd individual, a deep adult female begins her journey by traversing a river. Here we begin to detect the first symbolism. “ Traversing a river ” is frequently associated with crossing over, or decease. Rhys narrative is filled with symbolism, giving the readers the opportunity to see things from a different position. Alternatively of fearing the unknown, it becomes a journey into the credence of the adult female ‘s decease. The unknown adult female sees mundane things otherwise and go down roads which are changed. All the alterations appear to hold happen while the adult female was off. The adult female continues on her manner, when she across a childhood place, and reflects on her yesteryear. The cryptic adult female tries to interact with a few kids who are incognizant of the adult female ‘s presence. This gives readers the feeling possibly the adult female is non seen.

In the concluding subdivision of Rhys ‘ short narrative we notice the kids talking about a temperature alteration. “ Has n’t it gone cold all of a sudden? D’you notice? Let ‘s travel in. ” ( Rhys. Para 8 ) . Rhys ‘ usage of “ adjectival is the first intimation the reader brushs in his/her reading that suggests a supernatural dimension ” ( Gianlucaavagina. 2012 ) . It is with this remark the adult female has come to recognize her new place, she has accepted her decease. Each symbol and metaphor is manner to depict the overall feeling of realisation into a new life.

Rhys ‘ short narrative manner gives the overall feel of gradualness. Not fearing the unknown but larning through a new position point. The imagination she presents and word usage allows readers to plunge into the unknown. What is most interesting is the point of position used to state the short narrative. It is what gives the readers the demand penetration into the talkers ‘ emotional position along with showing the tone for the narrative. To image walking along and happening things changed and to be non be noticed. To some it would a atrocious construct, but with manner presented in this short narrative, we feel the talkers ‘ slow credence into her decease. Harmonizing to Grecinger ( 2012 ) , the limited all-knowing point of position allows the reader to understand the subject. “ Without the confidant ideas and memories of the adult female we would ne’er been able to understand what all of the symbolism meant or even been given the concluding minute of lucidity that brings it all together. ” ( Grecinger. 2012 ) . Rhys ‘ usage of symbolism draws readers into the narrative along with developing a relationship with the character. If we are non able to associate to the information we would be lost within the diction of the narrative. Since the narrative deals a insistent usage of words like “ remembered ” and “ same ” demonstrates that the adult female died some clip ago.

Although each writer presents their work in two different manners Thomas usage of poesy and Rhys usage of short narratives, they do portion a few similar features ; from the overall subject, usage of symbolism or metaphors and signifier. The subject for both literature pieces are decease and credence. With Thomas ‘ verse form it is the battle for life and refusal to accept it versus volitionally to accept decease. While in Rhys ‘ short narrative it is after decease and acquisition to accept new place of one ‘s decease. Another similarity between the pieces is the usage of symbolism or metaphors to help the readers in understanding the subject. With the assistance of symbolism or metaphor, the writers are able to depict the emotions and ideas of their characters, but it besides ensures the readers are able to associate to the literary plants. The readers are able to see what it feels like with the battle for more clip, and to see the alterations that can go on when decease has occurred. The concluding commonalty between the two is the overall signifier. Although each was giving different point of position of decease and each used a different signifier, the usage of signifier in literature allows the writer to acquire their position points across to the reader.

Even though they portion those commonalty the differences between Thomas and Rhys is rather clear. The pick of words and symbols each writer used in their literary work is really different. For illustration in Dylan Thomas ‘ verse form, visible radiation is to stand for life, but in Jean Rhys ‘ short narrative it is the kids who represent life. The manner they present their thoughts is another difference, both are elegantly written. However, with Thomas ‘ usage of poesy to show his emotional yearning for his male parent to contend for his life, instead than to travel volitionally to decease gives us the emotional purchase we need to promote that battle. Rhys ‘ usage of a short narrative allows us to the penetration into the unknown and happening the credence we may hold non found in life. Although both writers do portion a common subject of decease, Thomas ‘ verse form in the refusal to accept alteration and decease, while Rhys ‘ short narrative subject is more accepting and realisation of decease.

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