Education Mainly Is What We Have Unlearned English Literature Essay Free Essay

To populate and larn is the really kernel of genuinely happening self-identity. Populating life and acquisition from life experiences allow us to derive cognition about the universe around us and develop our ain true sentiments and ideas that make us who we are. We become more educated as our lives advancement and learn that instruction can take many signifiers. The universe we live in now glorifies scholarly instruction, but ignores the negative effects of instruction. Education that is learned through experience or observation can learn persons constructs that are valuable for character development, but it excessively can besides bring forth negative results. However, the chief intent for instruction is to learn, for the better or worse depends on internal and external factors that can be seen from the actions of the characters in Frankenstein and Educating Rita.

Persons who hold higher grades in their well-thought-of field of survey are given credibleness, recognition, and frequently times a nice wage cheque. Although the benefits of a formal instruction are assuring, it can besides be destructive. In the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, she tends to look at largely the negative effects of instruction. The destructive facet of instruction seems to linger around the actions and effects of the characters but it is besides a common and changeless subject from the beginning to the terminal of the novel. The death of instruction environments chiefly three characters in Frankenstein, Victor, Walton and the Creature. In the narrative, instruction is an semblance of something positive in each of the character ‘s lives but finally ends up being the make up one’s minding factor in their ain destiny.

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Victor Frankenstein ‘s formal instruction took off when he attended the University of Ingolstadt and was taught by two professors by the names of Krempe and Waldman. Krempe was Victor ‘s professor of natural doctrine which ab initio left a bad gustatory sensation in Victor ‘s oral cavity. Waldman on the other manus, ignited Victor ‘s love for scientific discipline with his first talk. Once Victor becomes highly interested in scientific discipline, he surveies infinitely, disregarding all things and “ seemed to hold lost all psyche or esthesis but for this one chase. “ ( Shelley, 41 ) In larning about the anatomy and decease, Victor becomes interested in taking it a measure farther to making life from dead tissues. He states “ I will open up a new manner, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the universe the deepest enigmas of creative activity. “ ( Shelley, 35 ) This can be observed as the first of many negative effects of his indefatigable instruction. From this point on Victor will give himself “ to a scientific discipline for which I believed myself to possess a natural endowment. “ ( Shelley, 35 ) He becomes a individual minded individual and no longer thinks about the effects of his actions.

Self-education is what we learn from observation and can frequently clock learn us more about ourselves. The Animal in Shelley ‘s Frankenstein learns everything through himself. From the minute he opens his eyes for the first clip, he is abandoned and left to last on his ain. Everything around him is new, he is the alien in a new land and hence he must depend upon himself and larn whatever he can about endurance. The animal strives to larn and educate himself so that if he can derive a human instruction, he might be able to associate and be more recognized by Victor, his Godhead. The Animal ‘s instruction starts off with indispensable endurance cognition and an optimistic position about worlds. He learns about the dangers and benefits of fire every bit good as how to feed himself. His instruction expands as he observes a household and how they live. When detecting the household he begins to larn human linguistic communication, peculiarly Gallic. With this, he is able to read and educate himself when he finds a satchel full of books and is moved when he finishes reading Milton ‘s Paradise Lost. Upon reading Paradise Lost, the Creature acclaims that it “ aroused different and far deeper emotions. “ ( 111 ) This is a polar point in the Creature ‘s instruction. He learns the function of Godhead and animal and realizes Victor ‘s failure as a Godhead. The Animal relates himself to Satan stating, “ I considered Satan as the fitter emblem of my status, for frequently, like him, when I viewed the cloud nine of my defenders, the acrimonious saddle sore of enviousness rose within me. “ ( Shelley, 112 ) The animal ‘s instruction at this point is get downing to transfuse feelings of desperation “ to the full positive that I was in world the monster that I am, I was filled with the bitterest esthesiss of despondency and chagrin. “ ( 97 ) In the instance of the Creature, the more cognition he additions, the more he needs person to accept him but the fact that he ‘s a monster he knows he will ne’er hold a loving household without his Godhead, or person like him.

With knowledge the animal is going more cognizant of his state of affairs and function in the universe. He is clearly unhappy with his image and longs for credence. When the household that the Creature observes ; runs off in fright from him, the animal is a changed character. He reflected and felt “ a fury of choler, and unable to wound anything human, I turned my rage towards inanimate objects. “ ( Shelley, 120 ) The monster in the Animal is more apparent as “ for the first clip the feelings of retaliation and hatred filled my bosom and I did non strive to command them, but leting myself to be borne off by the watercourse, I bent my head towards hurt and decease. “ ( Shelley, 120 ) As the animal gets more intelligent about his being, he starts to vent his choler and defeat towards his Godhead Victor. Because the animal was self-taught and unguided, he does n’t to the full larn how to cover with his jobs. The Creature did non understand how to pull attending from his Godhead, and every clip he was upset his reaction would be to do Victor hurting in the decease of person close to him. This lone drove Victor farther off from the Creature and caused Victor to love the monster less, if he of all time loved him at all. The sad and tragic destiny of the monster is that he ne’er additions the love of Victor before he dies. This left the Animal to decease crying for a sense of credence: “ While I destroyed his hopes, I did non fulfill my ain desire. “ ( Shelley, 200 ) Experience is the pedagogue for the Animal and through it he was able to larn things he would n’t instead cognize. As the Animal gained more cognition, it inflicted womb-to-tomb hurting from recognizing all the ugliness in the universe. He learned that worlds can be barbarous, judgmental, and prejudiced. This unfortunate “ instruction ” was a factor in the Creature ‘s character development and had a important function in the tragic destinies of both Godhead and creative activity.

Walton ‘s function in Shelley ‘s Frankenstein is to portray what Victor could hold become with a different signifier of instruction and a warning to be cognizant of detecting excessively much cognition. He proclaims his “ love for the fantastic, a belief in the fantastic, ” ( Shelley, 9 ) which pushes busyness along the risky and alone way that he has chosen. Because of this, Walton and Victor are similar but it is his more optimistic and self-educated background that help him last. Walton has learned to listen to everything he can in order addition cognition, hence, when Victor speaks, Walton listens and is able to last. Victor saw so much of himself in Walton and did non desire Walton to do the same errors as he did with his life and chases. Victor tells Walton to “ seek felicity in repose and avoid aspiration, even if it be merely the seemingly guiltless one of separating yourself in scientific discipline and finds. “ ( Shelley 196 ) Walton had a self-taught instruction similar to the animals ‘ but being born as a human with inherent aptitudes and regard for human life proved to be the difference in their destiny. Besides, Walton chose a life of solitariness for the chase of accomplishment and was n’t forced into it as the Creature was. Walton was portrayed to hold similar aspirations as Victor but holding a different signifier of instruction and a clearer apprehension of relationships with people finally saved his life and set him apart from the destiny of the Creature and Victor.

Education is the cardinal subject and motivation in Willy Russell ‘s Educating Rita. In this drama, Rita is a pupil who achieves personal growing from confronting academic and societal challenges and get the better ofing them. In Educating Rita, Rita is ab initio a hairstylist who decides to do and advancement in her life by going educated. She wants happen more about herself and travel up the societal ladder in the procedure. Her professor, Frank, is a literature professor that is a veteran at his establishment, Open University. He has lost his motive in educating his pupils and cares more about imbibing than learning. Frank ‘s academic character and position represents what Rita wants to model into. Frank recognizing this tells her that he is traveling to harm her simplistic and echt character, fearing that she would lose her true ego. Trish is Rita ‘s roomie who appears to be an intelligent and extremely motivated pupil, person who Rita strives to be. Upon larning about Trish ‘s self-destructive effort, her perceptual experience of Trish ‘s character is changed. Rita realizes that instruction is n’t the “ wonder drug ” that will do everything better. She now realizes that people who are educated besides have jobs merely like everyone else. This changes Rita ‘s image of herself. She begins to acknowledge that she ‘s non merely a low category hairstylist and this motivates her to persist through her categories. Finally Rita coatings her categories and is now on saloon with the remainder of her schoolmates and is an educated and literate member of society. Although she has made advancement academically, Frank has issues of accommodating to the promotions that Rita has made. This is in portion due to the fact that Rita has made paces in bettering herself whereas Frank has made no advancement in altering his unhappy ego. This struggle consequences in Frank ‘s loss of control of Rita. He is n’t superior and is clearly covetous of Rita ‘s advancement. In the terminal both Rita and Frank come to good term and travel on. Frank is to travel to Australia on academic leave and before he moves off, Frank and Rita exchange gifts. Frank gives Rita a frock whereas Rita gives Frank a haircut. Both gifts are symbols of alteration. Frank ‘s haircut represents a new individuality where he has put his old ego behind and is ready for a new visual aspect. Rita ‘s frock symbolizes Frank ‘s blessing of Rita suiting into the cast of an educated and sophisticated adult female in society.

The Role of instruction in Educating Rita is delusory merely like many of the underlying motivations in the drama. First and first, Russell ‘s intent for instruction is that it is overrated. The chief message Russell is seeking to portray is that the educational system is non ever as effectual in learning a pupil as life itself. The cardinal character of both Frank and Trish serves as contrasts in the function and results of being an “ educated ” individual of society, the really thing Rita wants. Frank and Trish are basically burnouts of the educational system ; it did non supply them with a echt and fulfilling life. They are extremely educated but profoundly troubled in the sense of whom they truly are and what they truly want. To populate and larn is the really kernel of genuinely happening self-identity. Both Frank and Trish have learned, but they have non lived, something Rita has done good. Once Rita was educated, self-assured and “ enlightened ; ” she was able to see that at one point in the drama, Frank and Trish were seen as letdowns and deprived from existent instruction that is life. This shows Rita ‘s character development is changed due to the fact that she is able to eventually see that things are much less than meets the oculus. This shows that the function of instruction in Educating Rita is every bit deceptive as the characters of Frank and Trish. Although Rita was able to have a formal instruction, mature academically, and travel up in life ; instruction was the chief perpetrator in the want of a “ self-taught ” instruction. Frank was ab initio seen in the drama as a respectable bookman who in truth, was a rundown alky that lacked a echt and vivacious character. Trish was seen as a classical music and poesy loving mind who turned out to be a down self-destructive pupil and lacked true grasp in what was around her.

When comparing the functions of instruction in Mary Shelley ‘s Frankenstein and Willy Russell ‘s Educating Rita, it is apparent that although instruction has its promises, it can besides name upon issues that can be lay waste toing. The function of instruction in both texts portrays the negative facets and effects that a rise with the chase of cognition. Victor ‘s frenzied chases of cognition accordingly lead him to prosecute an accomplishment left merely for God. Due to his aspiration, he was finally able to make a “ monster ” he was unable to command. Victor ‘s monster, the Creature ; faces similar results due to his accretion of cognition. Although the Creature was self-educated ; the more he learned, the farther off he became from his Godhead. Besides, as the Animal learned more about humanity, the more he grew disgusted with worlds. He was able to larn the cruel, judgmental, and prejudiced side of human nature ; which in bend leads to his destructive violent disorder, ensuing in the tragic destiny of himself and his Godhead. Walton ‘s character shows the optimistic facet of instruction in Shelley ‘s Frankenstein. He was able to last due to his self-taught instruction and his open-mindedness of human nature. Victor ‘s warning of aspiration, struck Walton in the bosom as he learned about the fatal struggle between Victor and the Creature. Similarly, Rita ‘s self-developed cognition about life and instruction allowed her to develop and maturate as a adult female. She was able to see the double sided effects of instruction and its function in Frank and Trish ‘s troubled characters. For Frank and Trish, accomplishment in literature was due in portion for their endowment. Although Frank was good respected in his field of survey, and Trish was intelligent both had diminishing regard for themselves. This can be seen by Franks changeless imbibing and Trish ‘s suicide effort. Their character shows that although instruction can convey success but it can non needfully convey felicity and repose.

Victor and Rita are two characters between the two texts that actively seek an instruction to provide towards their ends. They both nevertheless have two different results. This is due in portion of how they are able to alter and develop as people. Victor remains nescient and obstinate throughout Frankenstein ; he fails to look things in other people ‘s position which in bend could hold saved the lives of himself and his loved 1s. Although Victor was successful in conveying life to the dead, he paid the monetary value of his life by neglecting to alter his position as a Godhead and take duty of his actions. Rita has a happy stoping due to her ability to alter non merely herself but others every bit good. At the terminal of Educating Rita, she eventually achieves her end of going an educated lady in society. Her transmutation inspired Frank to alter non merely internally, but by giving Frank a haircut she besides changed him externally. By holding such a vibrant and surpassing personality, she was able to prosecute the people around her and do connexions. Victor fails to prosecute and link with the people around him ; alternatively he isolates himself and drives them away. His abhorrent nature was important in the rejection of his creative activity which finally turned against him, taking everything off from him.

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