Eleven Minutes Written By Paul Coelho Summary English Literature Essay Free Essay

Once upon a clip there was a cocotte called Maria. The fresh Eleven Minutes is about a immature grownup named Maria who finds herself through going around Europe in order to accomplish her dreams to go celebrated. Although this was non what she achieved she found love even after she was certain she will ne’er happen true love. Maria experiences what she thinks love is at a really immature age. From the age eleven she fell in love with her neighbor and hated him when he did n’t love her back, she so had many fellows and experienced the deepnesss of relationships until she decided she did n’t necessitate a male child and promised to ne’er fall in love once more. At the age 19 she decided she wanted to prosecute her dream and persuaded her foreman for a hebdomad vacation.

After going to Rio de Janeiro she met a Swiss adult male who offers her work as a Samba terpsichorean in a cabaret in Geneva. Gaining dancing was non her passion, she quit the occupation and searched for work as a theoretical account but found herself being offered money for one dark with an Arab adult male. This dark led her to the whorehouse, Copacabana in Rue de Berne where she began work as a cocotte as she enjoyed the easy money and the manner she got it. Here she worked many darks but merely befriended one co-worker, Nyah, as many other adult females saw her as a menace to their profession. The dehumanising profession caused her to “ close out ” her organic structure and head to any connexion with love and her life now revolved around something that took eleven proceedingss which was the clip Maria found that was really exhausted holding sex. As Maria merely worked at dark, she spent her yearss at the library, befriending the librarian and taking out books on many different topics such as how to larn French, books about sex and farm direction. She besides explored the metropolis which led her to the “ Road to Santiago ” where she meets a Swiss painter, Ralf Hart. Hart as a painter, loved her “ light ” that she gave away and asked if he could pull a portrayal of her. This brush caused Maria ‘s organic structure and psyche to go reintegrated because of the love and passion she shared with him although they foremost argue and he disrespects her profession.

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One peculiar client nevertheless, enabled her to see hurting yet make a sense of pleasance from sex known as sadomasochism. This brought her to gain that hurting and pleasance can associate. Although she experienced this, she did n’t state Ralf Hart and one twenty-four hours he introduced her to a different sense of hurting that helped her to “ go ” beyond any other pleasances. After several meetings with Ralf Hart, frequently at his house they shared something she did n’t portion with any other clients. She fell hopelessly in love with him as he brought her to rekindle her psyche as it was merely destroyed from her profession. Maria so felt she needed to go forth Rue de Berne because of her feelings and travel place to her household regardless of the fact that if she worked for merely six months longer, she could hold given her household everything they desire. She so buys a ticket to Brazil, disappointed that she had n’t filled her bags with keepsakes as she has wished. Before going back place she wanders around the metropolis hold oning the constructs, stating adieu to those she had grown near to. During this clip, the reader begins to larn about the librarian as Maria listens to what she has to state after she has read many books about sex after telling them for the library. The librarian explains her life to Maria and although Maria does non cognize what to state, she merely listens and allows the librarian to show herself. However, Maria does inquire if she had of all time had an matter and although she did, she ne’er told this to Maria.

In the eventide saw Ralf for the last clip, or at least what she thought would be the last clip as the love they experienced with each other brings them closer than past relationships. Ralf Hart becomes the hopeless romantic and meets Maria in the airdrome and the “ words ‘The End ‘ appear on the film screen. ”

Narrative Manner

This novel is written in 3rd individual remarkable with an all-knowing manner but nevertheless displacements to first individual remarkable when Maria writes in her journal ; “ She grew prettier and prettier, and her sad, cryptic ways brought her many suers. ” and “ Everything tells me that I am about to do a incorrect determination, but doing errors is merely a portion of life. What does the universe privation of me? ” This therefore indicates that there is an epistdary manner to the novel as Maria ‘s ideas are shared through diary entries. The pronouns ‘he ‘ and ‘she ‘ are often used and characters are continuously addressed by their names. The novel is besides written with an intrusive manner ; “ But if, one twenty-four hours, person should make up one’s mind to state her narrative, she would inquire them to get down it with merely as all the faery tales Begins: Once upon a clip. ”

Fictional character Analysis

Mares: is an independent, altruistic immature lady who dreams of success which she will travel out of her manner to accomplish. This is shown through her finding and even during her self-destroying profession she longs to accomplish her dream she had since she was a small girl even though this is achieved through an escapade which causes her to alter from being the inexperienced person immature miss she was. Maria is caring adult female, this feature is portrayed through her darks with many clients as she non merely gives them sexual pleasance but she besides relieves them of their jobs by discoursing their life jobs and state of affairss. She is besides a friendly lady as although Ralf Hart first offends her profession she still continues to speak and decide the tenseness which so leads to a friendly relationship and so a relationship. Her friendliness is besides shown through her relationship between the librarian and her work co-workers although they see her as a menace. Maria is besides giving as she spends the money she personally earned on her household in order for her household to win in life by purchasing a farm for her household.

Language & A ; Diction

Eleven Minutes is a descriptive novel that uses informal linguistic communication frequently including linguistic communication normally used amongst many people. There are many conversations in the novel between the characters, particularly dialect between Maria and her sexual clients every bit good as between herself and Ralf Hart and Maria and the librarian. Techniques of originative authorship are used such as personification ; “ Geneva would merely be the face of a adult male she loved and whom had loved her. ” There are besides rather a few rhetorical inquiries which emphasize the state of affairs and let the reader to go involved with the state of affairs in the novel. Several long sentences are used to depict feelings or objects ; “ She was get downing to gain that after long months of self-denial, the force per unit area, the temblor, the vent of her psyche was demoing marks that it was about to break out, and the minute that this happened, she would hold no manner of commanding her feelings. ” Short sentences are besides used to do an impact and stress the significance, for case ; “ She was terrified. ”


The imagination is apparent throughout the novel because all stimulations are aroused. Haptic imagination is apparent when Maria sleeps with many different work forces because of her profession. The novel is really descriptive when Maria and Ralf Hart discourse their sexual relationships and when he seeks her as a client ; “ Maria felt Ralf ‘s manus on her waist, his cheek pressed to hers and the music – Thank God – was excessively loud for them to speak. ” This description of Ralf and Maria ‘s brush hence links to auditory imagination as one can conceive of the sound of the music around them. There is a sense of odor when Ralf caresses Maria ‘s face with his fingers ; “ she can smell merely a intimation of ink on them, a odor that will remain at that place everlastingly, even if he washes his handsaˆ¦ ” Ocular imagination is foreseen throughout the novel when Maria enters the church before go forthing back to Brazil. The fresh explains traditions of a church ; “ splendid stained-glass Windowss ” and “ empty cross ; she was confronted non by an instrument of anguish, by the bloodied organic structure of a deceasing adult male, but by a symbol of resurrectionaˆ¦ ” Taste imagination is apparent when Maria has experience with a assortment of nutrients, in Brazil she can merely afford sandwiches and on occasion eating houses nevertheless, in Switzerland she eats more abundantly and dines at more expensive eating houses after she is employed at The Copacabana.


The subject of find, hurting and solitariness is apparent throughout the novel as Maria had to see hurting throughout her life in order to detect her true ego. Loneliness is shown through the novel as Maria was lonely and her psyche and head was lost in order for her to go on with her hard calling pick. Discovery besides relates to this as she discovered herself from holding made love with Ralf Hart and she began to experience much happier and gain that she had found “ love ” and that her psyche was rejuvenated. The subject of sexual dealingss is represented profoundly throughout the novel as Maria is a cocotte and has many sexual relationships throughout the novel because of this. Sexual activity in the novel is a really dominant subject particularly when Ralf Hart helps Maria to detect that sex is sacred and goes beyond 1s soul. This subject may associate to love and woo as Maria falls in love with Ralf Hart and they begin a relationship together after she flies place from Switzerland to Brazil.


This novel has assorted different scenes which all motivate the novel in assorted ways. Whilst Maria is a immature miss, the novel is set in Brazil in a privy town. At 19 she travels to Rio de Janeiro, a celebrated metropolis for its carnival jubilations and many dances. These two scenes encourage the novel because as a immature miss her parents are hapless and as she begins to go she wants to gain a nice wage to be able to back up her household. As a immature miss Maria besides dreams to hold the “ typical life style ” and a “ aglitter life ” and by traveling from a privy country to a populated town, Maria ‘s dream is genuinely reflected. The fresh so takes the reader to Geneva in Switzerland so to Rue de Berne, down town from Geneva where unhappily she becomes a cocotte but meets Ralf Hart.


The genre of Eleven Minutes is love affair because of the relationships between Maria and her clients. Although Maria did n’t fall in love with her many clients, she fell in love with a adult male who had on occasion entered The Copacabana and so paid for a dark with her. The two endured sex and love and experienced what is called “ sacred sex ” in the novel. The genre could besides be true life play as the narrative line is based on a individual ‘s life but is altered in ways so that it is n’t merely a life. I say this because Maria experiences harlotry that is portrayed through mundane life although it is frequently non spoken approximately.

Aspects I liked

I enjoyed the fact that Maria eventually realised that harlotry was non the manner she should populate her life and that although after another twelvemonth she would hold earned adequate money to prosecute her womb-to-tomb dreams and give her parents the life they had dreamed of, she left Geneva in order to populate her life a better manner. The novel besides helped me to derive penetration that there is a different side of gaining a life and that harlotry is a colony that immature adult females make. I besides enjoyed the fact that Ralf Hart went through attempt in order to delight Maria at the airdrome. It was the typical stamp minute that every hopeless romantic will love. Despite this, I did n’t bask that the fresh stoping in this manner as I felt that the stoping was a cliche in comparing to the novel. I feel that the reader is able to conceive of the stoping before really reading it which spoils the novel as it involves deep treatment about harlotry but so alterations to a typical love affair.


I would urge this novel to any high school kid that is sophisticated and mature to read about sexual relationships and harlotry. The novel is really unfastened sing the topics sex and love and defines that sex without love is of no usage. Stating this, I would specifically urge this novel to teenage misss over the age of 17 because the subject, harlotry can be violative to those who do non hold an unfastened head. The fresh discusses harlotry which is non an mundane subject although it can be a portion of mundane life for certain people and it involves deep descriptions about sex and the find of sex in different ways. I would besides urge this novel to a adult female who feels that they were one time merely a “ sexual object ” for work forces as the fresh suggests female gender although it is explained through harlotry.

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