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Establishing relationships of friendly relationship is one of the unconditioned qualities of people as rational human existences, the demand to pass on, be societal and discuss those issues or concerns that affect our lives and portion what you can non portion with merely anyone. A friend should be person who can be trusted, person whose purposes are the best for you. Harmonizing To the RAE “ Real academe de la lengua Espanona ” friendly relationship is “ personal fondness, pure and disinterested, shared with another individual and is strengthened by assurance and careness ” ( RAE, 2010 ) . A friend is person who is willing to listen, console, give you back up and be with you weather you feel happy or suffering.

In this essay I will compare the dealingss of friendly relationship presented in books, The Great Gatsby and The bike Diaries. First, from The Great Gatsby we have Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby ; on the other manus, in the book The Motorcycle Diaries we have Ernesto Guevara de la Serna and Alberto Granado. To do a comparing between the two texts we must set up a correlativity between them, friendly relationship as a common subject in both books between the chief characters of the novel.

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The Great Gatsby is a fresh written by Fitzgerald during the 20s. The text is about love and American dreams, which are celebrity, profusion, and power. However, the issue that affairs is the friendly relationship that arises between Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby. To get down with, we must take into history that we are speaking about people who are wholly different and come from wholly different universes. First, Nick Carraway is a thoughtful individual, quiet, tolerant, unfastened head who has a sort personality. He came from Minnesota Because he wanted to work in the edge concern, so he Rented a house following to Gatsby ‘s sign of the zodiac in West Egg and traveled to New York. At the beginning of the book Nick said “ I ‘m inclined to reserve all Judgments, a wont that has opened up many funny natures to me and made me the victim besides of non a few veteran dullards. ” ( Fitzgerald, 1925:3 ) . On the Other Hand, Jay Gatsby Grew up in North Dakota, he was a really hapless adult male, but wanted to be rich because he was in love with Daisy, a miss who belongs to the high society. He has one intent in his life which is to obtain Daisy ‘s love back. He became so a rich Man, known for keeping parties to people who he did non cognize.

The friendly relationship between Nick and Gatsby, from their roots does non intend anything, they did non portion much with each other, instead Nick would pass his clip with Tom Buchanan, Daisy ‘s hubby, he knew his escapades with Myrtle and accompanied him on his meetings with her lover. The relationship between Nick and Gatsby began to increase when they begin to pass more clip together, to portion their concerns and dreams. Nick knew the narrative of Gatsby with Daisy, assisting them on what he could so they could be together ; nevertheless, Daisy chose the life she had with her hubby. Nick thought that Jay ‘s life was filled with empty and unrealized dreams, and despite the unhappiness of holding been surrounded by so many people throughout his life, he was left all entirely. Merely Nick, some retainers, Henry Gatz his male parent accompanied him on his funeral. In that minute we can recognize about how many people was truly close friend of him, and I can state that cipher was in his funeral.

“ Gatsby believed in the green visible radiation, the orgastic hereafter that twelvemonth by twelvemonth recedes before us. It eluded us so, but that ‘s no matter-tomorrow we will run quicker, stretch out our weaponries farther…

And one mulct forenoon — so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back endlessly into the yesteryear. ” ( Fitzgerald, 1925:193 )

In the novel “ The Great Gatsby ” we can besides happen other types of Friendship, between Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker for case, a true friendly relationship that lasted for old ages.

“ The Motorcycle Diaries ” is a book written by Ernesto Che Guevara, friendly relationship here is shown by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, a male child who is analyzing medical specialty at the University of Buenos Aires and Alberto Granado, who is a biochemist who specializes in leprology. The book focuses on the escapades of these characters that will go across Latin America on a bike, the program is simple, and they wanted to cognize about different medical worlds that will assist them to turn in their professional development. Their relationship is strengthened during the trip because they portion twenty-four hours and dark, together they face the hardships encountered along the manner, good non merely to attach to but at the same clip take attention of each other when anyone suffers a disease, for illustration, when Ernest had febrility and had to travel to a physician friend of Albert, who advised him to rest.

“ Alberto photographed me in the infirmary cogwheel. I made an impressive spectacle: gaunt, flushed, tremendous eyes and a pathetic face fungus whose form did non alter much in all the months I wore it. It is a commiseration the exposure was non a good one ; it was an recognition of our changed fortunes and of the skylines we were seeking, free at last from “ civilisation ” . ” ( Guevara, 2003:41 ) .

Their friendly relationship was complemented in such a manner that they supported one another in each of the experiences along the journey. Geting to cognize different topographic points, different people with different worlds makes them reflect, makes them believe about what is go oning in the universe, political unfairnesss that are committed to certain people or certain societal groups. During the trip, Ernesto thinks, “ I now know, by an about fatalistic conformance with the facts that my fate is to go, or possibly it is better to state that going is our fate, because Alberto is the same as me. Still, there are minutes when I think with profound yearning of those fantastic countries in our South. Possibly one twenty-four hours, tired of circling the universe,

I will return to Argentina and settle in the Andean lakes, if non indefinitely so at least for a intermission while I shift from one apprehension of the universe to another ” ( Guevara, 2003:45 )

During his trip, Ernesto and Alberto met people who were really friendly with them, offering them nutrient, a topographic point to pass cold darks, H2O, their beloved couples, etc.. , despite their economic position.

Ernesto and Alberto traveled to Peru, where they worked with people with leprosy ( a forte of Alberto ) , physicians and patients were separated by a river. In that topographic point the physicians discriminated against the ill, but Ernesto and Alberto began to handle them like normal people, which brought great felicity and peace for themselves and for physicians of topographic point.

It is hard to specify the construct of friendly relationship due to the fact that this is non something inactive and regularized ; which tell us how we have to move in forepart of a friend in certain fortunes, on the contrary, all depends of each individual, he knows how he has to move and the values that he has to hold, I mean, he has to be loyal, he has to be sincere and, besides he has to be dependable. Those qualities are really of import in friend ‘s relation ; those features are present in the books read. From the read books I can deduce that the friendly relationship has been tackled from diverse positions, in “ The Great Gatsby ” , friendly relationship is a small forced due to the fact that Nick feels commiseration because of his state of affairs he ( Gatsby ) was populating, both of them have something in common ; lonely. This made them to be closer each other, besides they could portion their jobs, feelings and many other things, which made the closer friends. “ The Motorcycle Diaries ” , show us an old friendly relationship, which grow up and turn stronger each twenty-four hours during the trip that they decided to set about. Because of these things, I can deduce that the characters ( Nick and Alberto ) have the mission to back up to Gatsby and Ernesto in their lives, assisting, and reding them when they need it such as a existent friend does in the existent life.

In the concluding pages of this book Ernesto said the followers:

“ The awful thing is, the people need to be educated, and this they can non make before taking power, merely after. They can merely larn at the cost of their ain errors, which will be really serious and will be many guiltless lives. Or possibly non, possibly those lives will non hold been guiltless because they will hold committed the immense wickedness against nature ; significance, a deficiency of ability to accommodate. All of them, those unable to accommodate – you and I, for illustration – will decease cussing the power of they helped, through great forfeit, to make. Revolution is impersonal ; it will take their lives, even using their memory as an illustration or as an instrument for cultivating the young person who follow them. My wickedness is greater because I, more sharp and with greater experience, name it what you like, will decease cognizing that my forfeit stems merely from an inflexibleness typifying our icky civilisation, which is crumpling. I besides know – and this ailment non alter the class of history or your personal position of me – that you will decease with a clinched fist and a tense jaw, the prototype of hatred and battle, because you are non a symbol but a echt member of the society to be destroyed ; the spirit of the beehive speaks through your oral cavity and motivates your actions. You are every bit utile as I am, but you are non cognizant of how utile your part is to the society that sacrificed you ” ( Guevara, 2003: 164 )

Guevara changed his outlook during the trip, the poorness and the unfairness that the authorities had with people revolutionized his head.

To reason the comparing between “ The Great Gatsby ” and “ The Motorcycle Diaries ” is necessary to advert that there are many things in common between them, non merely the subject of friendly relationship is insert of it, besides we can happen subjects related to love, related to escapade, besides related to historical context and there are many subjects to discourse in both books. The friendly relationship is an unconditioned quality in human existences and it is present in our full lives. The friendly relationship between Nick and Gatsby is a little forced because nick feels commiseration because of his state of affairs ; they become friends since they feel entirely. So they joined each other and they began to swear in them.

“ The Motorcycle Diaries ” , is a book which told the escapades of two closer friends, they are Ernesto and Alberto, who are joined by similar ideas.

Friends are people who help us in the most hard minutes that we have, besides they are people who love us and are about us. They do non necessitate to be called when you are sad because they ever are disquieted about you. In the happy yearss they are the most hypnotized company. Nowadays the existent friendly relationship is truly hard to happen it, so if you found it make non damage that individual because friends are lovely and they will travel along with us during a long clip.

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