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There are a batch of things that give me energy in my life. The first beginning of energy for me is kiping. Sleeping makes me more energize to confront the approaching twenty-four hours. The most relax and enjoy minute of my twenty-four hours is dark because in that clip I can set down every work on custodies and have a good remainder. Sleeping is of import to me, without slumber, I will experience really tired and exhausted in the following approaching twenty-four hours. Without slumber, I can non concentrate on what lector and coach are learning in forepart of the category.

For me, household is chief beginning energy of mine. My household ever give me a batch of support in everything I am traveling to make. For illustration, survey. When I get bad consequence and I am non satisfied with my consequence, they will soothe me and promote me to go on survey. When I face the job in my college prep, my senior sister will learn me even she do n’t cognize what is the reply but still she will seek her best to work out my job. I love my household, I enjoy passing my every 2nd with them, and I love my parent and sisters.

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I love to dress up myself nicely. It gives me beginning of energy to get down a new twenty-four hours and makes me more confident. I ne’er feel lazy to dress up myself but survey does. With the nice and beautiful outfit on my organic structure, I feel more assurance to confront the crowded and I will hold a beautiful temper.

Watching film is another beginning of energy of me. In the clip that I am watching film, I feel enjoy and loosen up. I love to watch film in place and film. I ever go to cinema bask new film that are merely release with my friend and household. I can bask the talker and large screen in the film and I can bury everything and emphasis in my life for a piece.

Reading magazine is besides a beginning of energy of me. I love to read magazine because it is non related to my surveies. From reading magazine, I can acquire the latest intelligence and information that are happened in this universe.

Beginning of Energy ( Leakage )

The chief beginning that takes my energy off is survey. Study makes me experience nerve-racking and I ca n’t even kip early in the dark. I have to hotfoot my college ‘s prep every twenty-four hours. I have to fix all the tutorials that needed to be discoursing in the tutorial category. Therefore I have to remain awake to done my tutorials until midnight. Assignment makes me sleep non good and I have to remain overnight at my friend ‘s house to finish our group assignment.

The following beginning that takes my energy off is deficiency of clip. I have non adequate clip to pass in a twenty-four hours. My timetable of college ‘s category is rather pack. I have to wake up early to travel to college in the forenoon but back to place in the eventide. I have non adequate clip to make my things so that I have to kip late every twenty-four hours.

The conveyance that I use to go to college and back to place is besides a beginning that takes my energy off. I have no have a auto or minibike, so I have to take college coach or public conveyance to make college. Because of taking public conveyance or college coach, I have to wake up more early in the forenoon and I have to make place really late every twenty-four hours after category. I feel really tired because of waiting the public conveyance and college coach. I need pass more clip in waiting.


Gives Energy

Takes Energy



Dress up myself nicely

Watching film

Reading magazine

Lack of clip

Travel to college


I would wish to pass my ideal life during 20 to 30 old ages old by working really hard. I will seek my best to gain a batch of money and do my life more meaningful during that clip. My coveted life manner is hope I can bask everything that go oning in my life and I can rest more and do non necessitate to contend so difficult when I am acquiring older. I besides wish that I can populate merrily and no demand to be so stress for this competitory environment. I will pass my clip more on earn money in that clip because of after I have work hard for that clip and I can bask my life and go forth my occupation earlier in the clip when I am acquiring older. My coveted work manner is worked what I love for my occupation. I like web development occupation. My coveted work manner is work in the forenoon and remainder in the eventide. I would non convey my work to place merely and I will merely make my office work in my office but non place. So that I can hold more clip to attach to my household alternatively of support on make my work overtime and convey my work to place. Money is really of import for day-to-day life, that is why I will work hard attempt to gain every bit much as possible income during I am 20 to 30 old ages old. Friends are of import in my life because human need societal life. By cognizing and holding more friends in my life, I will non be entirely and I can work out my job by happening different friend for different job.

Money and enjoyment life style pull me for working difficult. But work repels my ideal life of this.

Idea Generation Guide

Properties – Would Excite

The first concern that I would wish to come in is dressing shop. Since everyone now a yearss is really concern about their day-to-day garb.

The following concern I wanted to come in is ice pick store. Most of the people like ice pick particularly in the Malaysia, there is merely summer season. We need some cold ice pick to let go of the heat.

Furthermore, I wanted to open an organic nutrient shop. Since everyone is care about their wellness status now a yearss.

Other than those concerns, another concern I wanted to come in is java store. Since the java is the drink which is popular now a yearss. A batch of people like to imbibe and bask java now a twenty-four hours, they non merely imbibe it in the tea clip but besides earlier sleep or when woke up in the forenoon.

Other than that, concern that I wanted to come in is fast nutrient eating house. Peoples now are so busy in their day-to-day life, so provide fast nutrient in short clip for them will salvage their day-to-day clip to take and order a repast.

In add-on, the concern that I wanted to come in is on-line shopping Centre. Since now a yearss, people are so busy and non adequate clip in the day-to-day life, the online shopping Centre that provided can salvage their clip by merely sing on the cyberspace and do order by merely few snaping gesture and the things they ordered will make their place.

Another concern that I wanted to come in is toy store or plaything provider. I have a dream to have a batch of plaything in my childhood. I will sell those soft playthings, cartoon strips ‘ playthings, life narrative plaything, and other plaything to my client. A batch of people like to roll up those playthings that they wanted, from this I can assist them to happen the plaything they wanted and sell to them, so that I can assist them and gain some money.

I wanted to come in the concern of unfastened a subject park. Since now a yearss, people love to happen something fresh, aroused and merriment. They can pass their trim clip and holiday clip in my subject park.

Another concern that I wanted to come in is hotel, because when people leave their house to work or go to another topographic point that they do n’t hold a place so I can supply a room to them to remain overnight or hold a remainder. I love to supply services to other.

The following concern that I wanted to come in is fitness Centre because people now a twenty-four hours are really concern about their organic structure form and heath status. They willing to pass money on the fittingness Centre to hold a good status and organic structure form expression.

Properties – Would Turn Off

I would non wish to come in the concern of opening a book shop. The ground of why I will non come in to this concern is people in Malaysia normally unlike to read book. Most of the people prefer magazine or newspaper but non books.

I would non come in to concern of opening cyberspace cafe store because cyberspace is acquiring really common now, everyone place has internet and everyone has smartphone to entree to internet anytime. Other than that, now a batch of public topographic points offer the free Wi-Fi to their client and occupant.

Another concern that I would non wish to come in is tuition Centre because a batch of parent now a yearss willing to pay more to engage a place coach alternatively of directing their kids to those tuition Centre. Home coach can learn their kids 1 to 1 but non a category.

I would non wish to come in the concern of unfastened a apothecary’s shop because the demand of client is high now a twenty-four hours. It is really difficult to supply an low-cost and choice medical specialty or drug to client.

I would non wish to open a eating house because Malaysia is a multi-racial state, different race has different faith. For Malay, they merely can hold halal nutrient and for Indian they can non eat the nutrients that contain the ingredient of the beef. It is difficult to pull off a eating house which can supply nutrient for all races in Malaysia.

Business that would give me energy

The concern that would give me energy is coffee store because now a twenty-four hours java is celebrated and the market of the java has being spread faster in countrywide. Harmonizing to the research in America, the American takes up to 300 million cups of java in a twenty-four hours. In add-on, java is a celebrated drink in the universe.

Business that would take away my energy

The concern that would take away my energy is tuition Centre because it is difficult to pull off a tuition Centre concern due to a batch of parent have high demand to their kids ‘s instruction. They even willing to pay higher fees than the money they have pay to tuition Centre for their kids to engage a place coach.

I would wish to get down my ain concern someday because of I hope I can convey my passion and involvement to the people in the universe. Through this, I will bask in my work and I can convey the satisfaction to my client. Another ground why I will get down my ain concern because of I can hold the flexibleness and more freedom in my concern. For illustration: away twenty-four hours or vacation. I can do the determination by myself excessively so that I can acquire things done faster.


Location is of import for a concern. Geographical country is of import, it can specify that a concern is failure or success. If a concern tally in a incorrect location, the concern might be fail. A good location must be accessible by everyone and it must be provide the convenience for the client. The pick of location to run a concern is of import because it will impact the concern operating disbursals. We should take a location that less sell the similar merchandise to our concern to avoid the competition. The community size and nature is of import and the commutation engagement is of import excessively. The transposing distance that I like is 20 proceedingss or less than that.

I would wish to pass $ 200 on the location.

Lifestyle and work manner

The size of my concern that I prefer is less than 1 million or under 20 employees because it is easier to pull off as I am the enterpriser. The rate of existent growing that I wanted is fast which is over 25 % per twelvemonth. From this, I can gain the net incomes faster in short clip to retrieve my ain capital. The work load that I prefer for weekly is 40 hours or less than 40 hours so that I can still hold adequate clip to pass on making my personal undertaking. Marriage is of import excessively, I rate it for 4. Family is really of import in my life as they are the large and forever protagonist in my life. I prefer to go aways from place for less than 30 % .

I would wish to pass $ 150 on life style and work manner.

Standard of life

The tight belt or ulterior capital additions is of import to my concern.

I would wish to pass $ 100 on criterion of life.

Personal development

For the personal development, the use of accomplishment and instruction is of import to me. I need to larn more to better my accomplishment to pull off a concern.

I would wish to pass $ 100 on personal development.

Status and prestige

The position and prestigiousness in my entrepreneurship journey is of import excessively as I should hold my ain household.

I would wish to pass $ 100 on position and prestigiousness.

Impact on ecology and environment

The impact in ecology and environment is of import to my entrepreneurship life excessively. I ranked it for 4 because now a yearss, every alteration really fast so we should fix ourselves to confront the impact that are traveling to go on.

I would wish to pass $ 50 on impact on ecology and environment.

Capital required

Capital required is of import in my enterpriser journey excessively non merely from me but besides from others.

I would wish to pass $ 300 on capital required.


Capital required


Lifestyle and Work Style

Personal Development

Status and Prestige

Standard of Living

Impact on Ecology and Environment

Analyze Your Personal History.

The activity that has provided me fiscal support in the yesteryear is portion clip occupation. The lone portion clip occupation I have worked in the yesteryear is restaurant waitress. The eating house that I work is the eating house that prepare the nuptials dinner for the invitee. I serve them by take the nutrient and put it on the invitee ‘s tabular array to function them. I go to work for this occupation is because of I want to gain some pocket money to diminish my parent ‘s load. I got the experience about hoe to function the invitee and communicate with them.

I involved in this activity is because I want to gain some pocket money and my friends promote me to work together with them and we can hold more clip to pass together.

I have learned about how to function people and how to pass on with the invitee. The invitee that came from different topographic point is utilizing different linguistic communication to chew the fat with me, from this I have learn some specified words from different linguistic communication. I besides have learned how to work together with other even we do non cognize each other. I besides learn how to work in a squad because we have to work together to function our invitee ‘s tabular arraies. Before start work, we will pass on decently and set up decently by delegating who do which undertaking and what undertaking should be perform. I learned how to execute work together but non separately. Other than that, I besides learned how to work out the job by myself. After done the work, we portion the narrative of our work together and bask our supper together.

The activity such as athleticss that I have participated is badminton. I was played it in a squad.

The lesson that I have learned from this athletics is how to pull off the clip. I learned how to pull off the clip for the pattern of playing badminton and besides set up my clip decently for my day-to-day activities. I besides learned how to work in a squad. In a squad we should pass on decently every clip before the game. Other than that, I besides learned a squad must portion information together. This can assist in do the work win.

I have quit for my portion clip occupation because in that coming twelvemonth, I have my PMR scrutiny so that my parent promote me to halt my portion clip occupation and focal point on my survey.

The thing I liked the most in the little company is flexible and easy to pull off. Small company have lesser regulations than the large company so it is more flexible and the employee is lesser than big company so that the company is easier to pull off and delegate the occupation. The thing that I liked the least in the little company is the little company have no adequate capital to make the advertisement.

The thing that I liked the most in the big company is at that place has more chances available. You will hold more chances to be promoted or more occupation picks and the chance of the company to turn is larger. The thing that I liked the least in the big company is hard to pull off. Because of the company size is large so it is really hard to pull off and apportion the resources of the company.


The sum-up of my entrepreneurial strengths are clip direction, pass oning accomplishment, how to work in a squad and how to supply service to make client satisfaction.


The sum-up of my entrepreneurial failing is no confident. I ever have no confident to speak in forepart of many people. When speaking or showing something in forepart of many people I will experience really nervous and can non speak swimmingly.

Your “ Business Hero ” .

The enterpriser that I have admired him and mention this individual as a beginning of inspiration or a function theoretical account in my life is Howard Schultz. He is a president and CEO of the Starbucks.

Howard Schultz was born in 1952. He was graduated with a grade in communicating from the Northern Michigan University in 1975 with the football scholarship. He is involvement in athleticss. He spent most of his high school and college clip in athletics. He ne’er thinks that he will go a CEO of a billion dollar company.

The characteristic that Howard Schultz has is he has the passion for java. He is difficult working. He says that to be a successful enterpriser have to believe like an jock. Which means that person have to tolerance for all the challenges in his or her concern life.

Part II: Profile of the Present:

Where You Are

Analyze Your “ Entrepreneurial Mind ”

Committedness and Determination

My entrepreneurial strengths are doggedness, subject, continuity in work outing jobs and willingness to give. I am discipline because I am a responsible individual. I will follow all the regulations and ordinance that is stated. I have self-discipline which I have good attitude to make everything in my concern life. I am a doggedness individual as when I met the jobs, I will seek my best to work out the job but non make nil and experience non good. I am the individual that willing to give. I will seek my best achieve my success, I willing to give myself to work out the job and happen out solution for the job by myself but non give or hurts other.

My entrepreneurial failings are decisiveness and. I ever can non do determination by myself. When there is an unexpected affair happens, I will experience no assurance to make a determination, I have a batch of concerns and I need a batch of clip to work out the job by my ain ego.

Opportunity Obsession

My entrepreneurial strengths are holding the cognition of clients ‘ demands. As I worked as a waitress a eating house in my yesteryear, I have a small cognition about what client demand and I will seek my best to do my client to be satisfy to my concern.

My entrepreneurial failings are being market driven. I am weak in market driven. I non so clear about the market that I am non understand and interested.

Tolerance of Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty

My entrepreneurial strengths are calculated hazard taker, hazard minimiser, hazard partaker and tolerance of emphasis and struggle. Before start a concern, I will make everything about that concern. I will besides make a contriver for my concern to follow, including analyzing the hazard of the concern. From that, I can seek to minimise the hazard. I will besides discourse and hold a meeting with my spouses to portion the information about our concern so that we can work out job together and can acquire more thoughts from my spouses alternatively of make this all by my ain. I have the tolerance of emphasis and struggle. I have the tolerance to confront the job that will go on and conflict in my concern. When struggle happen, I will look into the job decently and will non be hotheaded.

My entrepreneurial failings are ability to work out the jobs and integrate solution. I weak in solve the job by myself, I need more clip to get the better of the job that happened.

Creativity, Self Reliance and Ability to Adapt

My entrepreneurial strengths are nonconventional, unfastened minded, sidelong thought, restlessness with position quo, ability to accommodate, ability to gestate and to “ sudate inside informations ” because I can accept alterations in my concern or life. I am willing to make some alterations if there is better thought to do my concern to accomplish my concern end and I will do certain the alteration will convey the vitamin E to win more than failure merely I will make the alterations.

My entrepreneurial failings are deficiency of fright of failure. I scare to run into the failure and the job that happen unexpected and out of my program. Before I start a program, I will seek my best to analysis the hazard of making something before I start.

Motivation to Excel

My entrepreneurial strengths are consciousness of failings. I know what my failing really good.

My entrepreneurial failings are holding position and sense of temper and the ability to be interpersonally back uping. I will take my concern really serious.


My entrepreneurial strengths are being self-starter and holding forbearance. I can construct up my concern by myself without the aid of other and I have forbearance because work easy can bring forth more quality work.

My entrepreneurial failings are holding internal venue control.

Examine Entrepreneurial Role Requirements

My entrepreneurial strengths are moralss and unity and extent to which conventional values are held. I have good attitude and behavior in all the things that I do. I will make what I have promised. The adjustment to venture is of import in my life so I will set it in the first precedence.

My entrepreneurial failings are stress that influence in the cost of adjustment.

Analyze Your Management Competencies.

My strengths are marketing, interpersonal or squad and disposal. I am strong in market research and rating and merchandise pricing in the country that I focus on. I besides strong in assisting and training my spouses when there is a job happened. I can pass on good with other individual with my communicating accomplishments that I learned from my yesteryear.

My failings are operation or production, finance and jurisprudence. I am weak in operation or production. I am non so clear about how to command the stock list and how a merchandise will be produce. I am weak in finance since I am non analyze in that field and no experience in finance. I have lesser cognition about jurisprudence and I did n’t larn clearer in jurisprudence before this.

After done these 3 stairss analysis, I found that I still have to better myself. I will seek my best to better my failings in order to be a successful enterpriser. I will calculate out these jobs I am weak and larn them.

Part IV: Puting It All Together

From the feedback that I received, I found that I have a batch of failings. I have to better all my failings to do myself more adept and acquire more cognition. I will seek to acquire a adviser and purchase more books to read in order to derive cognition to do myself more adept and have more cognition.

Part V: Thinking Ahead

I want to be a successful enterpriser in the clip when I am 70. I want to hold my ain concern and will non worry about my income. I will hold my ain concern and few ironss in different location.

I want I have a stable and desire income over the seven old ages of mine. After acquire the stable and desire income, I will get down my concern with a little section foremost.

I wanted to pass my 1 twelvemonth clip by enjoy my life merrily and populate without nerve-racking. I want unrecorded peaceful and hold a good remainder in that clip. I will pass more my clip with my household. I will travel travel with them and I will go through my concern to my following coevals.

The existent ends and the ends that I would wish to carry through over life clip are to give my parent a good life criterion. I wish I can go a successful enterpriser and a rich cat own a batch of money.

I will seek my best to happen out the manner to be success no affair how difficult. I wish I can give my parent a good life criterion because my parent ever gives me the better thing in my life.

First, I will contend for my work and work hard to acquire my stable and desire income. Second, I will give my parent a good life criterion. Third, I will do my dream come true that I want to accomplish which is to be a successful concern adult male. I will get down my concern in a little section. Forth, I want have concatenation of my concern.

There will be a batch of job when I am seeking to make these ends. The first job I will confront is happening a good occupation that offers high wages to me. In order to bespeak for high wage for my occupation, I should hold a qualify ability and cognition to accept the occupation that offer me high wages. There will be a batch of unexpected job happen when I am seek to make my ends and I will happen the solution to work out those job to accomplish my ends.

I will work out the jobs by happening a adviser or inquire for advice from the people who have the experiences. I besides have to construct up my assurance to do the determination.

The action measure and undertaking that for the every end of mine is I should be brave to seek. I should larn how to get the better of and work out the job when there is job happened. I should read and pass on with other ever to derive my cognition. I besides have to larn to work out all my failings that I am weak and alter them became strengthens. After learned and gained cognition that I do n’t hold, I can get the better of the job and happen the solution by myself in the shortest clip and I can do a good determination by my ain ego.

Rank: stable and desire income- 5, Good populating standard – 5,

Start my ain concern – 5

The most of import thing in the list that the activity or undertaking can non be completed in following 7 yearss is become a successful concern adult male. It is hard to me as I have no sufficiency know and accomplishment to pull off and run my concern in such short yearss and do it success. The individual most of import end is I can hold my ain auto and house in the latest clip.

The first undertaking which is harmonizing to my first precedence is to happen a high wage occupation. To acquire a good occupation, I have to derive my cognition and skill so that I am measure uping for a good wages occupation. I will derive the cognition that I am weak in and larn them. I will happen the individual who has experience to learn me or give my advice about how to pull off to make my ends and besides read books.

The job I will be face to make my ends will be a batch of unexpected job. I am weak in fiscal and investing. I will confront the job of fiscal and how to put my money when I am seeking to accomplish my ends.

I should larn how to have failure and job. I should larn how to work out the job and do a good determination in short clip. I besides need to derive the cognition about the concern. I am non so good in manage a concern, so I will inquire other to give me advice and happen the adviser. I will besides borrow or purchase the books that are related to read in order to derive my cognition and accomplishments.

Every undertaking besides contains hazard. I will measure good is it deserving for the hazard before I try to get down and I will be brave in face the failure. I will accomplish all my ends to go a successful concern adult male after I overcome and find the solution for the jobs that I face.

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