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THESIS STATEMENT: Not clear. “ Our work trades with three dreams of the chief character of Crime and Punishment, Rodion Raskolnikov ” is a start, but “ covering with ” is non plenty to depict what the essay is about in one sentence. “ This essay offers a Freudian analysis of three dreams experienced by the chief character of Crime and Punishment, Rodion Raskolnikov ” would be better.


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Fidor Dostoyevsky is decidedly one of the greatest authors of the 19th century. His creativeness can be identified with the heavy literature, on which the elements submitted utilizing, inter alia, dark subject. Literature critics name him a mastermind of complex and deep features. The author devotes much attending to the elaborate descriptions of his heroes. In “ Crime and Punishment ” writer non merely focuses on the features of the supporter, but besides shows his dreams, which are for the reader the manner to run into fluctuations, medicines and battle with himself. Quoting Freud, we know that dreams are a span between the witting and the subconscious of a adult male. Analyzing dreams, we can acquire to our subconscious, but we must besides be able to read symbolism skillfuly, which appears in dreams. Our work trades with three dreams of the chief character of Crime and Punishment, Rodion Raskolnikov. Rodion Raskolnikov was a hapless jurisprudence pupil, who frequently had to give cherished objects for nil to pawnbroker. At the clip when the idea to kill the pawnbroker appeared in his caput, Rodion dreams began to stalk, which besides harassed him after the offense.

The first dream was the most symbolic, in which Rodion saw himself as a seven- twelvemonth old male child in his native bungalow. His choler and defeat is about to detonate, and first it appears in a really barbarous dream. Rodion with his male parent were on their manner to a graveyard, when they saw a new wave standing in forepart of a tap house. They were amazed by the fact that the large and heavy new wave was attached to a thin, little, old and weak female horse. It was obvious that drawing it was over its capacity. Suddenly bibulous provincials left the tavern and began to acquire in the auto. The proprietor of the mare- called Mikolka – claimed that the female horse give gave advice to theirfor them to draw. Animal, although it all put a force, council could non even do that measure. Suddenly, it rained on those whips, that the female horse until she sat. Shaken by the sight Rodion rushed to the anguished animate being in order to protect them. However Mikolka female horse round with all his might, express joying aloud at the same clip. View badly treated creative activity provoked rolls of laughter by provincials sitting on the new wave. To the delectation of “ public ” Mikolka chiropteran turned the large caput, which he tried to kill the female horse. Finally, he grabbed the Fe wrecking bar and knocked mighty in her caput, and so killed the animate being. Small Rodion threw himself with his fists on Mikolka, but in clip his male parent stopped him. Bearing in head that this dream occurred shortly before the slaying Raskolnikov pawnbroker and her sister, this dream can be read in several ways.

In his ain analysis he sees himself as the anguished female horse, nevertheless the dream is besides a projection, as Freud called it, of his connotation to kill the pawnbroker. Mikolka can be the prototype of his ain fury. However another readings can be added. This dream arises wholly from his ain head and it can match to diverse sides of his personality.

First, it could be a warning against nearing offense. Both maremares, Alona and Lizaveta, died in a similar and every bit barbarous mode. Besides They besides shared a sense of weakness against the oppressor, and the mode in which they were murdered.

Second, the dream of the female horse can be read as an effort to show Raskolnikov as a sensitive adult male, incapable of inhuman treatment, force. He is an guiltless kid who loves all animals created with God ‘s custodies, he is non a barbarous aggressor, rather the antonym he despises force. In this manner, Dostoevsky could indicate out that his character in his offense was rather different from Mikolka, but it do non warrant his offense anyhow. Author outlined the extraordinary complexness of the human mind, non merely RodionsRodion ‘s. He besides could be a victim, the maltreated female horse with whom he identifies himself, with the unfairness and unfairness of life. This was after all ground that fuels his fury.

Third, the vision can be read as “ closed ” phase in the life of Raskolnikov ‘s artlessness. The hero is no longer a kid, whose destiny of beat-up helpless animate beings touched profoundly, he has changed, after all, a ruthless executioner able to kill another human being.

Despite of all these different significances and readings Rodions Rodion ‘s reaction after he wakes up is merely 1. He after rousing already connects this dream with his program to slay the pawnbroker.

“ Good Supreme being! he cried, can it be, can it be, that I shall truly take an axe, that I shall strike her on the caput, split her skull unfastened aˆ¦ that I shall step in the gluey warm blood, interrupt the lock, bargain and tremble ; conceal, all spattered in the blood aˆ¦ with the axeaˆ¦ . Good God, can it be? ” ( Dostoyevsky, p. 116 )

He already feels that the defeat that arose in him must force him into action. In his dream his choler explodes, and this manner should work out all his jobs. Debts, fiscal household jobs, lodging troubles all go off, disappear after the offense, at least in his ain beliefs. The dream has exposed his ain motivations to him. At the beginning he wants to carry himself that he will non make this, he will non travel with axe and will non perpetrate slaying. However, the external events took control over him and directed him to the way of his ain unconscious purposes. When he overhears a conversation, which suggests that the pawnbrokers pawnbroker ‘s sister Lizavetta, who lives with her will non be at their flat one afternoon he instantly begins to making make his “ undertaking ” . That twenty-four hours he takes an axe under his coat, enters theirs flat and while Alona, the pawnbroker examines the bogus point to soak he uses the axe. He strikes her a few times in the caput and so starts to seek the flat in order to happen jewelry and money his deliverance from his fiscal jobs. Suddenly the victim ‘s sister is enteringenters the flat and sees her sister lying dead on the floor. They both were united by the same destiny, nevertheless Lizavetta was barely raising her weaponries or protesting when her caput was split with the axe. Disgust and panic takes over him, Lizavetta was so guiltless, did non even set up opposition, unlike her sister. This 2nd unexpected slaying seemed to tipped his interior balance much more so the first 1.

In another, worth discoursing dream, Rodion returns to the pawnbroker ‘s house. This clip, nevertheless, when he smashes her caput with the axe, she laughs at him alternatively of shouting. Confused and frustrated Raskolnikov attempts to get away, but all of a sudden the flat is filled with express joying people and he can non travel. After this dream Rodion realized that killing the pawnbroker will ever remain alive in his memory and dreams, that she will frequently see him. In this portion we can see something what Freud called “ criminalism from a sense of guilt. ” Raskolnikov is unconsciously seeking penalty for his offense. He feels awfully guilty, even more because he killed an guiltless adult female. By projecting his ain incrimination onto his victim, he tries to acquire rid of his ain sense of guilt. He views her as a louse, and by killing her he does universe a favor. This manner his interior choler is explained. In this dream, he becomes anything but a hero, person who can and is permitted to make everything he wants. However, it does non convey any sense of alleviation.

Freuds psychoanalytical reading of dreams is seeking to do sense of worlds personalities. We are pushed and pulled by forces we barely understand. Raskolnikov was introverted into the universe of his ideas and could halt seeing differences between those two, universe of his phantasies and world. Somehow, he was forced to make things without his permission, without his witting consent and against his will. His phantasies turned into a world, he realized them even though he was non certain if this is what he wants, if he truly believes in his projections and the benefits, they can convey. This thought of killing and robbing the pawnbroker is formed by his head as a solution to his jobs. His fury found a mark, a topographic point, a manner that he can vent his choler with rationalisation. His offense and frights seem less undignified and mortifying. His “ undertaking ” was a consequence of an compulsion, a struggle between unconscious defensive and cognizant assholes of scruples.

The following, last dream takes topographic point on twenty-four hours of the Resurrection. So far, the hero could non get by with his ain ideas, nevertheless, does non repent that he confessed. Real agony was the fact and consciousness that his theory was incorrect, Rodion understood that he is non a unit selected, which might evade the jurisprudence. Sleep on the expatriate is an revelatory vision of the universe overpowered by unidentified plague, which cause marks of insanity because everyone from that universe thought that he entirely possessed the truth. Every adult male in that dream saw himself as an outstanding person who stands above others. Rodion realized what this ruinous theory could do. He understood the injuriousness of these thoughts and effects of implementing them. The spread of infection leads to the extinction of humanity. This dream made a great feeling on Rodion, he experienced penitence. He experiences a “ Resurrection of this psyche ” .

The three presented dreams depicts the unconsciousness of Radion in different phases of his life. The fisrt one is before the slaying, which can be interpreted in different ways. It can either typify that Raskolnikov is the guiltless kid who suffers when looks at an abused animate being. The presence of kid can besides typify that the artlessness of Raskolnikov is passed since his already an grownup adult male. The following symbol is the mistreating carnal adult male, with who Raskolnikov can be identified when he kills the pawnbroker.The female horse can besides be identified with Raskolnikov, who suffers after the slaying of Alona. Radion in this dream see the minute when he was killing the pawnbroker and she laughs at that place every clip

when he hits her caput with an axe. In world one of his statement to kill Alona was because she was non a good individual and he was converting himself that he was making a good thing to the universe, nevertheless that dreams did non convey him any alleviation. The last dream brought Rodion a alleviation, when he experienced a penitence.

Radion Romanowicz Raskolnikov was a complex supporter of Dostoevsky. The writer of the fresh described him with a great item, non merely demoing his witting ideas but he besides showed the reader his unconscious through dreams.

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