Examining The English Rulers Of 1550 English Literature Essay Free Essay

The English swayers between the clip of 1550-1650 consisted foremost of Anne of Cleves and King Henry the VIII whose narrative was what seemed to be a roller coaster ride.A King Henry foremost showed involvement in Anne when he realized her household background showed that her brother Duke Williams of Cleves, he intended to utilize her to make an confederation between them and derive more power and land.A Henry agreed to get married her before he of all time met her in individual, establishing his determination off of a portrayal picture of her.A He thought she was beautiful, he was eager to run into her thought he would derive both power and land while get marrieding a lovely woman.A When he did eventually run into her he was extremely defeated, the creative person who painted her seemingly did n’t capture Anne ‘s true physical attraction. Bing that Henry is a shallow adult male every bit shortly as he saw that his shortly to be married woman did n’t suit his outlooks he did everything he could to seek and acquire out of this wedding.A To his discouragement he was merely able to prorogue two yearss, he was forced to get married her January 8th 1540.A Their matrimony merely lastedA a couple ofA months, Anne could state that Henry resented her and that her life was in danger because of it so sheA nulled their matrimony July 9 1540.A Henry was so alleviated that he gave her two houses with a house hold staff and besides promised herA A 4,000 per twelvemonth and this pleased Anne really much.A This is a much better stoping for her than some of Henry ‘s other antique married womans ; he was n’t so sort to them.A The Gallic Ambassador states “ Madame of Cleve ‘s has a more joyous visage than of all time. “ A Her and Henry remained friends, he really referred to her as his sister, and she was the last of his ex married womans to die.A

A A A A A A A A A A A Queen Elizabeth I ruled furring 1558 to 1603 of the Golden Ages. She was born September 7 1533 in London.A She was the Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, he had his married woman beheaded and disowned Elizabeth in 1536.A Though ulterior she would be put as 3rd in line to the thrown.A Behind her half brother Edward and her half sister Mary.A Elizabeth out lived fuss of them and took over the thrown in 1558.A Queen Elizabeth had many suers throughout her life but she died entirely March 24 1603.A During her regulation she was caput of the church when she was crowned.A She is known for conveying spiritual harmoniousness back to England ; to this twenty-four hours she ‘s still remembered as one of England ‘s greatest leaders.A

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A A A A A A A A A A A James I succeeded Queen Elizabeth in 1603.A When she died James was the King of Scotland at the time.A He was known to be rather the debater, he was really rational and because of this he ne’er thought anyone else could be right other than himself.A Peoples said that “ His ( King James I ) lingua was at times excessively large for his oral cavity. “ A He was crowned King of England at the age of 37.A Peoples said that he was like a breathe of fresh air, after the serious Queen Elizabeth James was known to convey laughter and gags to his political dinners. He died on March 27 1625.

A A A A A A A A A A A Charles I is the 2nd boy of King James I and Anne of Denmark, he succeeded his male parent March 27 1625 and married Henrietta Maria by proxy.A That ‘s an interesting name for a lady, im presuming her parents thought she was traveling to be a male child with the name Henry in head, but she turned out to be a miss so they improvised.A While reigning over England Charles seem to hold dug himself a hole of debt by taking on so many wars during his rule.A First with Germany than he took on France every bit good non to hanker after.A The King was executed by being beheaded on January 30, 1649 for his disrepute as the male monarch ; even though it was the cause of his decease he regretted none of his determinations.

A A A The political state of affairs in England during this century was run wholly by the royal family.A As you can see one time one died, another household member was ever at that place to step in and take over the Crown and the country.A Harmonizing to King Charles “ England had b been run by the familial land for over 1,000 old ages. ”

A A A At this clip in British history it was known as a spiritual war.A Peoples were burned at the interest for being any other faith than catholic.A Peoples were besides really concerned about acquiring ill with the plague.A It took 1000s of lives when this disease was introduced to the country.A Back so there was no remedy to this unwellness so one time you were infected you were fundamentally doomed to your decease.

A A A Peoples lives in Britain was short and inexpensive, like most topographic points back than as Mr. Dennis has been prophesying to us all year.A Life anticipation was March shorter than it is today.A Populating to be 40 was unheard of and was considered a miracle, now yearss that ‘s when people hit their midlife crisis. There were two different life styles, Urban and rural.A Life in the metropolis was awful and foul ; you were expected to populate even shorter because of the awful fortunes. Some occupations that people in the metropolis would hold were booksellers, arm and vesture shapers, stores and people who gave you medical specialty and legal assistance.A Urban lives were lived like people have been lasting since the beginning of time.A Turning their ain harvests and cowss to prolong their ain household ‘s lives, they made money by merchandising cowss, sheep and chickens.A They besides sold their fruits and veggies to the local metropolis markets.A Markets and metropoliss were so foul with rubbish England really made a jurisprudence non to kill any of the large birds because they helped restrict rubbish in the cities.A They used much of the rubbish to construct places or to merely eat.A Since the metropoliss were so soiled and infested with birds could be the ground for much of the sicknesses.A

A A A There were two pestilence epidemics throughout shingle lances life.A The pestilence is a awful flu combination of being both really contagious and lifelessly due to their being no remedy for it.A The first was when he was 30, when he foremost began composing verse forms and executing his plays.A The following occurred in 1603-04.A This is besides when Queen Elizabeth died, England was swept with heartache and unhappiness Shakespeare wrote many calamities at this minute in time.A His composing told a batch about what was go oning in Britain during his life.A In his dramas he showed that many people believed in enchantresss and shades even though they were Christian.

A A A Before Shakespeare there was still plenty of ways to maintain you entertained.A Peoples enjoyed a nice cock battle, or to get down and stop their twenty-four hours with forepart row seats to a whipping or even executions.A They liked to chance on reasonably much everything from cards to chess.A They besides played athleticss such as tennis, but had no rackets so they used their hands.A Sounds like a reasonably entertaining game to both ticker and play if you ask me.A They besides rode Equus caballuss, hunted had archery tourneies like in Robin Hood, hunted or merely wrestled for merriment.

A A A After the Shakespearean Era died on March 25, 1616 his work began to go more and more celebrated in clip. A In 1623 Shakespeare ‘s first pagination was printed. Charles I was still King at this clip, he had n’t yet been beheaded when Shakespeare died. A England had made its manner to North America by the clip Shakespeare had died.A Making the first English settlements and from than they being to construct what is now the United States of America.

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