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Once there was a small town in a distant shore of Japan called Murazato. The people of that small town were really happy and peaceable with no enemies and uncomfortableness. In the yesteryear, the small town was one time ravaged by wild storms. The people of the small town made two invaluable gems from Ruby and Diamond and called them the Dragon and the Tiger spirit. They built a shirne called the Todoroki shrine on a little island merely off the chief shore. The storm shortly as if by magic disappeared and the small town was saved. The villagers kept the liquors in that shrine and had been praying it of all time since.

After all these old ages at that place was non a individual menace from outside the small town but there is no topographic point without problem. The problem started from inside the small town itself. It ‘s like this, there are two major high category households in the small town. The Tomoshibi household and the Sumizome household. There was ever a large confusion between these two households on who will go the swayer of the small town. A new swayer was to be chosen every four old ages. One peculiar twelvemonth, the confusion shortly grew in to a public violence and all the common people besides joined in this public violence. There was batch of harm to the small town. Soon a new tradition was started to make up one’s mind the swayer of the small town by the small town seniors in the presence of the feudal Godhead. Every four old ages on the ceremonial of the Todoroki shrine festival, a endurance contest would be conducted to everyone who wishes to go the following swayer of the small town. The individual who runs across the island and swims to the other island and reaches the shrine foremost will go the swayer of that small town for the following four old ages.

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The Tomoshibi household were a really sort hearted household and was liked by everyone in the small town. They were sort people and ruled the small town peacefully. But, the sumizome were stone hearted and collected batch of revenue enhancement from the common mans. They win by rip offing and had won the old term by puting traps for other rivals. Their star smuggler was yosuke Itsuwa. The introduction smuggler for the Tomoshibi was Morino Idate. Idate was a really fleet smuggler and had his preparation at the concealed small towns of the Ninjas where itsuwa trained under the Samurais, the two most differend and opposite combatants in the whole of Japan. The day of the month was fixed and all the readyings were done for the festival. But the heat was merely catching up for the two smugglers as they were under high force per unit area from the two households.

Yosuke itsuwa was hired by the sumizome by giving a immense amount of money but the narrative is different for the smuggler Morino idate. Idate ‘s parents had died and he had no where to travel. He was really hungry one cold winter midday when he saw a affluent adult male base on balls by. He gathered bravery and went to rob that adult male but was defeated. Idate was really dog-tired and his status pitied the affluent adult male. He offere to supply him nutrient and shelter to him if he would assure to go forth the pathe of robbery and work candidly under him. Idate was really happy and he became the loyal escort and high ranking worker in the affluent adult male ‘s household. The affluent adult male was the caput of the Tomoshibi household. Soon the affluent adult male found that Idate had unsual velocity and accomplishments and asked him to develop with the Ninjas. Soon Idate became really powerful and sort and that ‘s why everyone was anticipating him to win the race and govern the small town.

The twenty-four hours of the endurance contest dawned. Both the smugglers were looking really confident. The Ninjas and the Samurais came to watch their pupil compete and settle the difference of who is the best. Everyone was at the get downing point and the referee was waiting to blow the whistling. Everyone had to run for a short distance and the get a boat and row to the other island, where they had to run and complete the race at the Todoroki shrine. At the get downing point Idate notice that the boat was nailing against the seaport walls and realized that the sea current and the air current was at the opposite way. The whistle blew and everyone ran towards the shore to catch a boat and row across. But Idate started running in the left towards the terminal of the island. Everyone was really aghast and started express joying at his foolish actions. Everyone thought that Idate will lose and the swayer will be yousuke itsuwa. Idate ran every bit fast as his leg would transport to the border of the island and plunged into the sea and started swimming. He swam fleetly to the other island ‘s terminal and started running. He saw that the others did n’t even traverse half of the distance and was really happy. Idate knew that the opposite H2O current and the air current would do the smugglers about impossible to row the boat across the sea to the other island. So, he started running towards the utmost terminal of the island and swim from there which was really easier.

Runing merrily that he would win the race, he let down his guard. But as usual the Sumizome would non play a just game and had hired some Samurais to halt Idate if he was to acquire to the island fast. Soon Idate found himself surrounded by four Samurais. One of them attacked Idate ‘s leg with the Katana and left a deep lesion. Merely as it seemed that they would complete them off, “ POOF ” a fume screen! ! . Idate turned and a manus grabbed hime and took him off to a same topographic point. Idate shortly realized that they were the Ninjas and they fought off the samurais in a ferocious conflict. Idate was given some herbs by the ninjas and he started running once more towards the coating. The Ninjas backed him in instance the Samurais return.

Finally at a distance, Idate saw the Shrine looming the island majestically with a great after-noon sundown background. Idate was really dog-tired and in hurting but he pressed on. Finally Just before the Sun sank in to the ocean, idate reached the coating. Everyone of the small town members greeted him heartily and showered him with flowers and coins. The courageous Idate became the swayer of the small town and ruled the small town peacefully.

2. This is a Traditional narrative. It is a sort of adventuresome narrative and has a background of traditional Nipponese narratives. This narrative chiefly revolves around loyality and leading.

3. a ) . Fictional characters:

There are legion characters in the narrative sharing same importance but the chief character is Morino Idate. He is a immature and loyal retainer of the Tomoshibi household and had his preparation under the Ninjas. He is really sort and intelligent and is a speedy perceiver. He knows his milieus really good and that ‘s how he was able to expect the conditions and act consequently. The other of import characters are Yosuke itsuwa, who is the Sumizome household ‘s hired smuggler. The affluent adult male who gave Idate a new bigining is besides one of the of import character in this narrative. The ninjas and the samurais together portion same importances.

3. B ) . Topographic point:

This narrative unfolds at a distant shore of Japan in a small town called Muzarato. The small town has two parts. One portion is the chief land where the existent small town is located and the following is a little island off the shore, where the shrine of the liquors is located.

3. degree Celsius ) . Time:

The narrative takes topographic point in the present but has two flash back. One flashback is to demo how the tradition of taking the swayer for the small town began and the other tells the narrative of Morino Idate, the chief character.

3. vitamin D ) . Story Line:

Loyalty towards others and leading are chief qualities to accomplish public grasp. Morino idate trains difficult to win a traditional race to derive leading of the small town in order to reconstruct household awards and to salvage common people who are enduring due to bad swayer.

3. vitamin E ) . Colorss:

The chief colourss in the narrative are the cool bluish colour of the ocean and the orange xanthous aureate colour during sundown when Idate eventually finishes the race. It give energy to the scene.

3. degree Fahrenheit ) . Emotions:

The taking emotions in this narrative are winning spirit, felicity, hurting. All the emotions are mixed up in this narrative.

3. g ) . H ) .. Narrator:

The narrative is narrated by a 3rd individual storyteller. The storyteller is narrating this narrative in a insouciant and enthusiastic mode.

3. I ) . Subject:

The chief subject is how a individual can win with trueness, kindness, difficult work and enthusiasm.


This narrative is related to many common Nipponese traditional narratives. It besides has some similarities from a MANGA t.v. series.

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