Exploring Existentialism As A Thematic Element English Literature Essay Free Essay

Existentialism is a thematic component in countless short narratives and novels. The dogmas of the doctrine of Existentialism are rather easy to use to plants of literature and are great vehicles to acquire the point of a peculiar narrative across. This is surely the instance in Franz Kafka ‘s The Metamorphosis. The Metamorphosis is more novella than philosophical treatise to be certain but however, the desolation of the work conveys the overall feelings of desperation, disaffection from others, absurdness, hunt for significance and disaffection of one ‘s ego ; many of the thoughts environing the canon of experiential doctrine. Kafka does this non by sum uping experiential doctrine but instead by showing the dogmas through the interactions of his characters. I intend to analyze the experiential predicaments raised by Kafka ‘s drab chef-d’oeuvre.

Alienation is a thematic arteria that runs through Kafka ‘s dark work. Alienation besides happens to be an thought that is paramount to the experiential school of philosophical idea. In peculiar, disaffection of ego occurs evidently in that Gregor ‘s whole character was tied up into his occupation and the fact that he was “ set for life with the house ”[ 3 ]and the fact that in big portion this subdivision of his “ ego ” was being torn down and finally removed from the equation therefore literally and figuratively seting his new ego in rigorous segregation from his old sense of ego. The fact is that in his new form really small of his former ego, physically, professionally, metaphysicallyaˆ¦etc remains.

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“ aˆ¦he felt really proud that he had been able to supply such a life for his parents and sister in such a lovely level. But what if all the peace, all the comfortaˆ¦came to a awful terminal? Rather than lose himself in such ideas, Gregor crawled about the room ”[ 4 ]

As Gregor easy comes to the decision that really small is the same about him except possibly his head it becomes evident that the portion of his sense of ego that was tied into his being a supplier and a “ worker bee ” is now but a distant memory. The experiential disaffection of ego is evident.

One must besides see the component of experiential idea which holds the strongest correlativity with Metamorphosis ; disaffection from others. The text of Metamorphosis is afloat with mentions to and allegorical grounds of Gregor Samsa ‘s disaffection from his household. Gregor felt shame and heartache for his freshly get incapacity to supply for his household[ 5 ], this being his merely existent strong household tie would doubtless shortly plenty experience the sting of his household no longer looking to him for fiscal support. Yet another facet of Gregor ‘s transmutation that contributed to his disaffection from others was his voice. Even if he wanted to turn to his household, explain or even thank his sister he was unable to make so. The disaffection Gregor felt is illustrated absolutely by his affray with his male parent, who when Gregor was working and supplying would hold greeted his boy at the door upon his return[ 6 ]was now throwing apples at his grotesque organic structure. It is besides obvious that the physical transmutation of Gregor would surely supply a jumping off point for contempt which was already present pre-bug and cultivating exponentially post-bug. The referencing of Gregor as an “ it ” is declarative of both his dehumanisation every bit good as the experiential convulsion presented as clip goes on. “ we must seek and acquire rid of itaˆ¦it will be the decease of your two.. ”[ 7 ]These words coming from Grete, Gregor ‘s sister, are stating so due to the fact that his since was his caretaker to an extent. There is an obvious “ usage against him ” sort of vibration that is pervading the ranks of his household, from his sister on up. There is an component of fright to some of the household ‘s interactions with Gregor. There is a good illustration of this in the book wherein Gregor, holding witnessed most of the articles from the room in which he dwelled be removed, makes a move to protect a image hanging on the wall from being taken. No longer able to bridge that spread between himself and his household members, Gregor bears informant to his sister Grete doing moves to ‘protect ‘ his female parent, who is now wholly estranged from him, from the horror of interacting with her son the monster bug.[ 8 ]There is merely no inquiry that throughout the The Metamorphosis, Gregor sing changing grades of solitariness and desperation from going progressively alienated from his household and himself.

The prose environing the decease of Gregor is besides really declarative of the experiential position of absurdness and decease. When Gregor is discovered to be dead in his room by the Charwoman, the actions of his household truly brings place how small they truly cared for their boy to get down with. “ Existentialists closer to the nihilist tradition position decease as preferred to life, which is full of desperation and frusteration. ”[ 9 ]The nihilist position of decease is brought to visible radiation when Gregor ‘s male parent offers his commentary on the decease of his boy ; “ Wellaˆ¦Thanks be to God ”[ 10 ]This, in my sentiment truly shows that Mr. Samsa is genuinely happier that his boy is passed on instead than alive, for possibly now he and his household can happen respite from coexisting with this monstrous bug. The existentialist position of decease provinces that decease is construed as the concluding alleviation from the atrocious agony of human being[ 11 ]. This is surely the instance with Gregor. Through the entireness of the book Kafka has made mention to his enduring whether indirectly or straight, how can it be so that one views the decease of Gregor as anything other than a nihilistic release of the loads of enduring. The absurdness of the fact that after the decease of their boy or brother as it were, the household really fleetly turns their attending to the junior-grade departures on of their ain lives is stating as to where their concerns lied in the first topographic point. There is small sorrowing if any in response to the decease of the bug Gregor. Given that heartache is the expected response to the decease of a loved one, their reactions show that Gregor was more burden and less loved one, his decease being a lifting of a load on the household. The fact that Grete, whose brother has died really late, is painted as a supple, beautiful immature miss whose household ‘s chief concern is whether or non it will be clip to happen her a hubby is farther grounds that they took Gregor for granted when he was human and supplying for them, moreover could care less now that he is dead.

Kafka has genuinely painted a literary portrayal with shots of agony and spatters of hopelessness and futility of being. A genuinely experiential novelette, The Metamorphosis tells the narrative of a hapless working adult male turned dehumanised bug that finally dies after a painful and agonizing being. His decease is seen as a release for him, and his household by the reader and one can non assist but to hold some gloss of understanding for the bug and contempt for his self-involved household. Kafka has really competently employed the existential philosophy doctrine in the relation of this narrative insofar as it truly hammers place how ineffectual chase of stuff wealth as a agency to an terminal can be.

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