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In most eighteenth century narratives, work forces portray to be the more dominate figure in the narrative or household. Womans in the narratives tend to be less of import than the males. In Mary Shelley ‘s Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus, adult females are reference that much and even if they are, they end up being killed or deceasing. Feminist translators tend to believe Shelley has patriarchal man-centered positions sing gender functions. The thought of inactive adult females in a patriarchal society enormously impacts the strategy of the novel. This is a complicated subject because most of her adult females characters are quiet, content adult females who, at first, portion small similarities with self-assured adult females. Womans did non hold many rights as work forces and they could non stand up for themselves. If a adult female were to make so they would be label as impertinent and ungrateful. Shelley ‘s attack on adult females is more complex than what we know it. She reveals to us that adult females are equivocal and conflicting people, without a huge sum of control.A Shelley reveals the unfairness discreetly all through the book. All through the novel, Mary Shelley suggests that adult females are victims in a patriarchal universe. In Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus, Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein, Justine Moritz, and Elizabeth Lavenza are examples victims of a patriarchal universe, dominated by work forces

CarolineA BeaufortA Frankenstein, Victor ‘s female parent is a victim in a patriarchal universe. After her male parent ‘s decease, Caroline is taken in by, and subsequently marries, Alphonse Frankenstein. She ends up get marrieding Alphonse, a friend of her male parent. Alphonse subsequently became her defender, “ he came like a protecting spirit to the hapless miss, who committed herself to his attention ; and after the burial of his friend he conducted her to Geneva and placed her under the protection of a relation. Two old ages after this event Caroline became his married woman ” ( 18 ) . Alphonse is the dominate figure over Caroline, he is her defender. This shows adult females, like Caroline are non capable of taking attention of themselves. In chapter 1, Shelley portraiture of Alphonse ‘s attention for Caroline sounds as if she is in charge, “ Everything was made to give to her wants and her convenience ” ( 19 ) . This short description shows that Caroline is cherished by Alphonse, doing her more dominate. Shelley tells how Alphonse, “ endeavor to shelter her, as a just alien is sheltered by the nurseryman, from every rougher air current and to environ her with all that could be given to excite enjoyable emotion in her soft and benevolent head ” ( 19 ) . Shelley seems to portray adult females as a delicate individual they needs to be attention for by a adult male. Women, like Caroline appears to being incapable of taking attention of themselves. This implies that adult females are victims in a patriarchal society, dominated by work forces.

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Justine Moritz lives with the Frankenstein household as their retainer after her female parent base on balls off. She is a victim in a patriarchal universe, dominated by work forces. After William is murdered, the animal puts an image of Caroline, William ‘s female parent, that William was transporting in Justine ‘s pocket and she is incrimination of slaying. She subsequently confesses wrongly to the offense out of trepidation of traveling to Hell. Victor did non believe that she has slaying William expression, “ Justine Moritz! Poor, hapless miss, is she the accused? But it is wrongfully ; everyone knows that ; no 1 believes it certainly, Ernest? ” ( 62 ) . Even after this she is still guilty of the slaying and is executed. This reveals that Justine is a victim because even though she did non really slay William, she was found guilty. The murdered was really a male, the animal, yet Justine was punished. She is wrongfully executed for an action of a adult male. Justine is an guiltless miss ; she would instead confront the effects of a slaying strong belief than be excommunicated by the church. Justine, a pure guiltless psyche, has no 1 defend her in test. Yet, when Victor, a work forces, accused of killing Henry Clerval, has many people to support him, a much more corrupt psyche. For this ground Justine is put to decease, therefore she is besides a victim of a male dominate universe.

Elizabeth Lavenza is an illustration of adult females being victims in a male dominated universe. Elizabeth is an orphan taken in by Victor ‘s parents. She is inactive, waiting for Victor ‘s return. She is a victim is a adult male ‘s whole because all she does bulk of the clip in the novel is wait for him to return. After having the intelligence that Victor has fallen profoundly sick she instantly writes him a missive, “ My beloved Friend, It gave me the greatest please to have a missive from my uncleaˆ¦my hapless cousin, how much you must hold suffered! I expect to see you looking even more sick than when you quitted Genevaaˆ¦My uncle will direct me intelligence of your wellness, and if I see but one smiling on your lips when we meet, occasioned by this or any other elimination of mine, I shall necessitate no other felicity ” ( 165-166 ) . Elizabeth seems obsess with Victor, Shelley ‘s portraiture of her seems to be as if she is in demand of Victor, as if she would decease without him. Elizabeth theoretical accounts the Victorian “ angel in the house. ” Victor describes her as “ a being providential. ” “ bearing a heavenly cast in all her characteristics, ” “ fairer than pictured cherub ” ( 20 ) . Victor ‘s description of Elizabeth makes us believe that she is an angel. Victor is really fond of her, this show that Victor treasures her greatly, therefore her being dominate over Victor for a minute. Victor ‘s action is the cause of Elizabeth ‘s decease, because of the promise Victor broke to the animal he vows to take retaliation on Victor. The animal ends up slaying Elizabeth on her honeymoon dark with Victor. Even though at times Elizabeth appears to be ruling over Victor, he still surpasses and controls her, therefore Elizabeth being a victim of a patriarchal universe.

Throughout the narrative Shelley suggests that adult females are victims in a patriarchal universe, dominated by work forces. Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus is an incarnation of Shelley ‘s concern for feminine place andA importance in the eighteenth century patriarchal society.A Shelley ‘s attack on adult females Tells us that adult females are equivocal and contradictory, missing power.A Shelley reveals the inequality inconspicuously all through the narrative. Throughout the novel, Mary Shelley suggests that adult females are victims in a patriarchal universe. Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein, Justine Moritz, and Elizabeth Lavenza are victims of a patriarchal universe, dominated by work forces. Work force are the grounds why these adult females were punished. The fresh exemplifies the unfairness of adult females in the eighteenth century and in the novel.

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