Hamlet – Disillusioned or Insane? free essay sample

A look at Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet from the point of view of Hamlet’s state of mind.
This essay suggests that Hamlet was not insane, but emotionally devastated by what he perceived as betrayal by those closest to him. Quotes from the play are used skillfully to support this theory.
“As the curtain opens on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the audience is introduced to an extremely bleak young man. The grief triggered by the death of his father and the hasty re-marriage of his mother to his uncle, has left Hamlet feeling disorientated. It is in this state of emotional vulnerability that Hamlet begins to distort reality and doubt the intentions of those around him. Hamlet’s initial sense of hopelessness deepens as the play progresses and more of the people in his life appear to betray him. He is left alone in a world where he is unable to trust anyone and even begins to doubt the strength of his own character.

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The perceived betrayal by those closest to Hamlet, causes him to become disillusioned about himself and others.”



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