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In J.K. Rowling ‘s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone, the supporter, Harry, is today ‘s modern hero. It is perceptibly evident that Harry is a hero, utilizing the guideline, “ The Hero ‘s Journey ” developed by Joseph Campbell in his novel, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. In Campbell ‘s book, he breaks down multiple hero ‘s narratives, from fabulous and modern times ( from Odysseus to Luke Skywalker ) , into certain stairss that each hero takes throughout their journey. I will be following Harry ‘s narrative to demo that Harry is, in fact, a hero, merely as Campbell proved Odysseus to be. The narrative of Harry Potter is the common narrative of good vs. immoralities, with the good and evil in the narrative being blatantly obvious. Voldemort, Harry ‘s antagonist, intends to kill Harry because, as their prognostication, another component of mythology, foretold, “ Neither can populate while the other survives. ”[ 1 ]However, when good meets evil ( Harry meets Voldemort ) in the novel, good prevails both times ; which is a really cliche construct.

Harry ‘s life starts out rough, he being the lone subsister of the barbarous slaying the Dark Lord, Voldemort, brought upon Harry ‘s household. In effect, Harry is forced to populate with his lone lasting “ muggle, ” non-magic common people, household. Harry ‘s life in the muggle universe is that of a tragic one ; there ‘s no joy, as he is forced to privacy by his aunt and uncle, in fright that his ‘dark secret ‘ will hold visible radiation shined upon it. His aunt and uncle are afraid that they will be seen as castawaies by the judgmental people in their kingdom of non-believers, “ ‘Knew! ‘ shrieked Aunt Petunia all of a sudden. ‘Knew! Of class we knew! How could you non be, my dratted sister being what she was? Oh, she got a missive merely like that and disappeared off to that – that school – and came place every holiday with her pockets full of frog spawn, turning teacups into rats. I was the lone 1 who saw her for what she was – a monster! ‘ ”[ 2 ]This is a jeer of the society we live in today ; how people live in fright of the unknown ; besides how differences between people cause them to go castawaies, and the subjugation of judgement based on these differences. When, in all actuality, we learn from each other ‘s differences and should accept and encompass them as a learning experience.

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The demand to happen credence and a topographic point where he belongs is a impulsive force for Harry. He has come to the realisation that he is different, and that there ‘s a possibility that there are people like him someplace else in the universe. However, he does n’t cognize merely yet that he truly does n’t belong in the “ muggle ” universe ; allow entirely that there are even other universes beyond his ain. The universe of thaumaturgy, a universe that is filled with fabulous originals, animals, and the oddest of people, will eventually be the topographic point that Harry feels at place ( because at one time, it was his place ) . Literary value has non depreciated in modern literature as evidenced by an analysis of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Rock by J.K. Rowling. It will make so foremost by following the usage of “ the Hero ‘s Journey ” in both novels, and secondly by doing a comparative analysis, based on these observations, in order to be able to give an reply to the research inquiry.

II. Harry Potter as a common fabulous hero

The fictional character, Harry Potter, from J. K. Rowling ‘s novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone, follows one of the common originals found in Mythology, The Hero ‘s Journey. This original was discovered and sorted out by Joseph Campbell in his novel, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The Journey consists of three major parts and 17 sub-sections within the three major 1s. The three major subdivisions are The Departure, The Initiation, and The Return.[ 3 ]

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone, Harry ‘s “ journey ” starts with the major point, The Departure with his call to escapade: when he gets his missive of credence to Hogwarts School of Wizardry. He so refuses this call when he tells Hagrid, “ I think you must hold made a error. I do n’t believe I can be a ace. ”[ 4 ]He receives supernatural assistance from Hagrid, who is truly merely an extension of Dumbledore, the preset caretaker of Harry Potter when Harry ‘s parents died. The decease of Harry ‘s parents really becomes a symbol and extended metaphor. His female parent ‘s love becomes a signifier of protection for him, because she sacrificed herself for Harry, out of love – the same love that continues to protect Harry throughout the novel. Harry crosses the first threshold when he enters Diagon Alley for the first clip.[ 5 ]Diagon Alley is considered the root of the wizardry universe. This is where every ace keeps their money, buys the necessities for wizarding, and where everything that is associated with aces is found. The Belly of the Whale phase is frequently seen as the “ induction ” into the new universe.[ 6 ]Harry ‘s induction is when he foremost enters Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor, one of the four houses at Hogwarts.[ 7 ]In Harry ‘s overall Journey, Harry learns the full prognostication. This new cognition transforms Harry ‘s individuality so that he now sees himself as a “ pronounced adult male ; ” he feels separate and apart from the remainder of Hogwarts ( or the remainder of the universe, for that affair ) , and most significantly, it makes him to the full committed to the end of get the better ofing Voldemort. This is the most of import measure because it shows that the character is willing to undergo a metabolism, to decease for the greater cause, so it ‘s expected that Harry ‘s character will germinate in a important, positive manner because of this measure.

The following major point, Initiation, starts with Harry ‘s route of tests. However, Harry ‘s tests are n’t in order with the stairss of the hero ‘s journey ; they ‘re closer to the terminal of the novel. Harry ‘s tests are the captivations that are guarding the Philosopher ‘s Stone. These consist of, Fluffy, the three-headed Canis familiaris[ 8 ]( another mythological original that will be discussed subsequently in this essay ) , the “ Devil ‘s Snare, ” ( deathlike vines that constrict like boa constrictors around its capturers )[ 9 ], which is symbolic for the adversities that Harry has been and will be traveling through in the hereafter. Others include enchanted keys intended to kill anything that attempts to interrupt their intent of guarding a door, and eventually a lifesize Wizard ‘s Chess board in which Harry and his two friends were to go existent participants in.[ 10 ]

There are three transformative events that are the possible apogee of the hero ‘s journey. These are Meeting with the Goddess, Atonement with the Father and Apotheosis. For Harry, who is raised in the absence of love, love is his life end. The Goddess ushers Harry and provides him the agencies for success in his tests. In a sense, all adult females comprise the Goddess – they inherently represent Life and Death at the same time. Some may clearly take on the ‘shadow ‘ side of the Goddess as represented in the Temptress theoretical account, while others may hold both elements of visible radiation and shadow. Several adult females portrayed in this novel have specific properties of the Goddess. These word pictures may concentrate on the romantic facet, but there is besides the ‘motherly ‘ and ‘sisterly ‘ position of this motive that needs to be considered. While all adult females are goddesses, the hero has but one Goddess to be found. She is his contemplation, his complement, evident antonym yet unified with his psyche.

As female parent, Lily Potter sacrificed her life to Voldemort for her love of Harry.[ 11 ]He owes his being to Lily non merely for birth, but besides for her on-going protection from Voldemort. Harry was cursed with a cicatrix the twenty-four hours his parents died and his life was spared, from the protection of his female parent ‘s love. The cicatrix burns every clip Voldemort is nearby because of the connexion the cicatrix has to its Godhead, “ Harry felt Quirrell ‘s manus near on his carpus. At one time, a needle-sharp hurting seared across Harry ‘s cicatrix ; his caput felt as though it was about to divide in two. ”[ 12 ]The cicatrix could besides be firing as a warning from his female parent because her love is Harry ‘s protection. As a sister, in spirit, Hermione poses as the goddess in each escapade or test. Hermione is the knowing one out of Harry and his two friends, Hermione and Ron. Hermione guides Harry with her cognition ; for illustration, she was the lone of the three that knew how to guard off the compressing vines of Devil ‘s Snare.[ 13 ]

Harry Potter is a male child with many male parents – the biological male parent, of class, is James Potter ; the male parent of memory is Vernon Dursley ; the defender is Albus Dumbledore ; and the devil who created Harry ‘s fate is Lord Voldemort. There are many other work forces cast in the male parent original within the series, as good. James is perceived as being exceeding at everything, much like his boy, Harry. He gave his life contending Voldemort and in protecting his married woman and boy under onslaught. James is Harry ‘s ideal – the perfect and unachievable male parent. Albus Dumbledore is Harry ‘s defender, the keeper of the prognostication, the wielder of old thaumaturgy based in love, the enchanter of the Dursley place, the keeper of the Order, and the maestro of Harry ‘s instruction. Dumbledore is the original of the Wise Old Man who seems to cognize what Harry is believing even before Harry can explicate his ideas. Dumbledore appears to hold bid of both infinite and clip. He besides demonstrates superior penetration and a higher province of consciousness. Dumbledore has a surpassing authorization that is obeyed by both good and dark aces, the latter following despite single will and verbal commentary. Dumbledore unveils Harry ‘s powers bit by bit, stressing repeatedly that his greatest power is love.

To apotheosise is to deify ; when person dies a physical decease, or dies to the ego to populate in spirit, he or she moves beyond the braces of antonyms to a province of Godhead cognition, love, compassion and cloud nine. This is a god-like province ; the individual is in Eden and beyond all discord. A more everyday manner of looking at this measure is that it is a period of remainder, peace and fulfilment before the hero begins the return. Harry has been known by the charming universe to be the Jesus of the universe since he was an baby. That belief diminished greatly after he was viewed to be a really existent stripling alternatively of the mere material of fables. Harry, nevertheless, knows nil of the enlightened province – in fact ; Harry believes that actions of others were the footing for his endurance instead than any power that he possessed. There are several possible events where Harry Potter can accomplish acknowledgment of his true ability. The first may be designation as Dumbledore ‘s equal in wizardry – where Harry becomes the greatest of all aces. There is a significant power that Harry must still detect for this to take topographic point – possibly in how to exert that greatest power found in the Department of Mysteries – love. Another possibility is an brush with Voldemort to get the better of, or at least balance, his dark nature. Voldemort has spent life-times planing agencies to rip off decease, yet ne’er groking the value or significance of life. Conversely, Dumbledore is the reigning Bodhisattva who has conquered decease ( in footings of being the greatest ace ) , but chooses to remain in the universe until it is “ saved ” . This load appears to be taking its toll on him even as his protege Harry nears adulthood.

The ultimate blessing is the accomplishment of the end of the quest. It is what the individual went on the journey to acquire. All the old stairss serve to fix and sublimate the individual for this measure ; since in many myths the blessing is something transcendent like the elixir of life itself, or a works that supplies immortality, or the Holy Grail. The ultimate blessing found in Harry Potter, is when Harry enters the room with the Mirror of Erised, a mirror that shows the viewer what they desire more than life itself. Once in this room, Harry is confronted with one of his professors, Professor Quirrell. However, as the events in the room advancement, we discover that Lord Voldemort is utilizing Professor Quirrell as a beginning for life. Therefore, in a sense, Voldemort is a bloodsucker. The ground Harry entered the room in the first topographic point was to recover the philosopher ‘s rock, a rock that provides the holder ageless life. Harry perceived that Professor Snape was the 1 after the rock, and was surprised to see Quirrell at that place. Harry quarreled with Voldemort/Quirrell for ownership of the rock and reigned winning[ 14 ]. The victory over Voldemort is what makes the connexion between Harry and his biological male parent, James. Just as his male parent did, he succeeds with whatever he sets his head to. Which is a really cliche construct, but a valid construct frequently found in plants of literature that follow the hero ‘s journey.

The concluding measure in the Hero ‘s Journey is The Return. The first subdivision of this measure is the Hero ‘s refusal to return. This is seen when Harry realizes that he will hold to return to the Muggle World, the universe he ‘s ever despised ; even more now that he ‘s eventually found the universe ( place ) where he belongs. The yearn to remain in the Wizardry World is what allows his hate for the Muggle World to turn, which causes jobs for him in the undermentioned novels. The refusal is followed by the Magical Flight, in which the hero has to acquire away with whatever object he has retrieved. In Harry Potter, he does n’t really acquire away with his object. Alternatively, he receives an ancient cloak of invisibleness that belonged to his male parent ; which symbolizes his powerful object. The wining subdivision of the Return is the Rescue from Without. This is characterized in the novel after Harry has defeated Voldemort, and is in the hospital ; when he awakes Dumbledore is standing in forepart of him. Dumbledore symbolizes the usher or savior for Harry in the state of affairs because Harry was severely injured and was, in a sense, “ brought back to life ” by Dumbledore.

Following is the Crossing of the Return Threshold. In the novel, this is shown when Harry is get oning the Platform 9A? train ; Hagrid tells Harry to retrieve that his “ household ” , the Dursley ‘s know that he is a ace, and that he can utilize that to his advantage. This leads the reader to believe that Hagrid is touching to Harry utilizing his wizarding accomplishments as a menace to do his life at Privet Drive more favourable. Harry becomes the Maestro of the Two Universes when he is able to see the balance of the two universes ; how he will return to Hogwarts one time summer is over and that he can utilize his

thaumaturgy in his favour against the Dursley ‘s. Harry ‘s Freedom to Live is derived from him

lasting two separate confrontations with Voldemort ; taking him to lose his fright of decease, which in bend, allows him to populate life with freedom. Even though he yearns to be back at Hogwarts and off from the Muggle World, he ‘s found the balance that allows him to populate freely at that place.

III. The Fabulous Aspects in Rowling ‘s novel

Magic has been used in many plants of literature, and is frequently found in mythology. J.K. Rowling focuses her novels around thaumaturgy with the usage of thaumaturgy, charming existences, and charming objects. Rowling incorporates many originals derived from mythology and chemistry that give her novels a sense of nostalgia.

Her novels revolve around prestidigitators and the instruction of the accomplishments used for thaumaturgy. The chief focal point of the narrative, Hogwarts, is the school for aces. The school teaches the pupils how to impart their thaumaturgies through their wands. Hogwarts besides plays another function, specifically for Harry. It plays as Harry ‘s place. The lone topographic point Harry of all time feels an emotional connexion with is when he ‘s at Hogwarts. This is because the wizarding universe was, at one point in clip, Harry ‘s place. The uninterrupted hunt that Harry journeys through is symbolic of the emptiness Harry feels indoors. He ‘s lost everything good in his life, and the journey he makes throughout the novels is to happen fulfillment and to make full the nothingness he ‘s carried around with him throughout his life.

Many charming animals frequently found in Harry Potter are charming animals common to mythology. One of the first sightings of an existent animal is when the three is in the out wood with Hagrid. Upon review of the forest, they find a unicorn lying dead on the land.[ 15 ]Unicorns are animals bred from mythology and narratives passed down for centuries that, presents, make full the heads and suites of small misss. Another animal found in Rowling ‘s novel is a centaur, the fabulous animal that is half adult male and half Equus caballus. The centaur finds the group in the out wood besides.[ 16 ]The centaur approaches them to explicate what happened to the unfortunate unicorn. Centaurs can be found in many different fabulous narratives, and they symbolize the dark, boisterous forces of nature. One of the other animals in the novel is an original of the three-headed Canis familiaris, Cerberus. In mythology, the intent of Cerberus is to guard the Gatess of Hades ; in Rowling ‘s novel, she portrays Cerberus as Fluffy, the three-headed Canis familiaris that guards a trap door hidden in the floor of a room at Hogwarts. What ‘s behind the door that Fluffy guards is symbolic of Hades. Rowling is doing the connexion by puting ‘Fluffy ‘ where he is, because in kernel, Fluffy is Cerberus and the door he guards is the gate to Hades.

The novel is titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone for a ground. The book is about the hunt for the ‘sorcerer ‘s rock ‘ that until the terminal, the three had no hint as to what it genuinely was. It is frequently referred to as the ‘philosopher ‘s rock ‘ which is a legendary alchemical substance that is said to turn lead into gilded and give the holder immortality. Paulo Coelho wrote about the Philosopher ‘s Rock in his novel The Alchemist, he writes of a male child on his personal journey who meets an Alchemist that shows him the agencies of Alchemy and how to make the Philosopher ‘s rock and the elixir of life.[ 17 ]Alchemy has been a common portion of many civilizations for centuries, and it ‘s no happenstance that Rowling incorporates it into her novel ; she uses many different originals from other plants of literature and history.

IV. Decision

The Harry Potter saga has gained rather a fan base since the first novel came out in 1997. The lunacy behind the popularity of Harry Potter is the thought of charming pragmatism that exudes from the novel. It gives the reader the thought of a universe beyond our ain, that allows the reader to fantasy about the possibility of a universe in which anything is accomplishable. However, Harry Potter has been criticized on its literary worth because it is based on a fictional universe, the “ demonic ” background of genius, and of the darkness that solidifies each of the characters.

However, a closer expression entirely at the general construction of the novel shows something that is really familiar to the literature universe ; this would be the Hero ‘s Journey. The narrative of Harry Potter is familiar in the most basic definition of the novel. This basic definition is the construct developed by Joseph Campbell known as the “ Hero ‘s Journey, ” which I have applied to the novel in my essay. It is really obvious that the narrative is one that has been told clip and clip once more, one time Campbell ‘s construct is presented to the reader.

The literary value of J.K. Rowling ‘s novel is really high because of the manner she creates Harry ‘s heroic journey and by integrating fabulous originals into her novel. Therefore, with all of Rowling ‘s literary devices and mentions in head, it is apparent that her novels hold a really strong value in literature. These qualities of her work are groundss that the literary value of modern plants have non become disused over the old ages.

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