Hester Prynne Is The Main Character English Literature Essay Free Essay

The Scarlet Letter begins as Hester Prynne is being led up to the scaffold where she is to be publicly humiliated for her wickednesss against the 7th commandment ; Thou shall non perpetrate criminal conversation. She carries along her kid Pearl, who at the clip is still a newborn, and the vermilion missive A, surrounded by aureate yarn upon her bosom. As she stands upon the scaffold she is asked with whom she committed her extramarital act, but garbages. While she looks over the crowd, she recognizes one adult male a Roger Chillingworth, who is her hubby. Once Hester had returned to her prison cell, Chillingworth came to see her. He tells her that he will happen out the individuality of the adult male and that he shall judge him for himself. Chillingworth besides makes Hester promise that she will ne’er uncover him as her hubby.

As clip moved on, Hester moved out to populate in a little bungalow that bordered the forest with Pearl. Pearl had grown to be a wild spirit, difficult to command and declining to obey her female parent. Hester earns her life by making the stitchwork for local high ranking individuals. One twenty-four hours when she goes to present her plants to a client of hers, Governor Bellingham, with her girl by her side. There she sees Arthur Dimmesdale, the curate of the town, along with some more high ranking magistrates. The magistrates try to take Pearl off from Hester but Dimmesdale defends her. Since the curate is admired by many, the topic is rapidly dropped.

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In the interim, Chillingworth acts like a doctor in the town and after clip earns a good repute. He uses his repute so he can populate with, while taking attention of the curate but more significantly the existent male parent of Pearl. Chillingworth plans to make all he can to torment the easy dying curate.

Dimmesdale ‘s bosom is heavy with guilt and shame ; so heavy that one dark he walks up to the scaffold and imagines the whole town, there gazing at him and all his wickednesss with his ain missive firing on his thorax. While standing at that place, Hester and Pearl appear and he calls them to stand on the scaffold along with him and they all hold custodies. Pearl asks him to stand with them tomorrow to which he replies, non so but shortly. The sky lights up and in the distance they all see Chillingworth watching them. Dimmesdale tells Hester that the adult male terrifies him and she realizes that Chillingworth is easy killing Dimmesdale and that she wants to assist Dimmesdale.

A few hebdomads subsequently, Hester sees Chillingworth and tells him that she ‘s traveling to uncover to Dimmesdale that he is her hubby. Chillingworth tells her that she may make what she wishes, that their destiny is n’t in their custodies. Hester brings Pearl with her into the forest where they run into Dimmesdale. Dimmesdale is surprised to see them at that place but admits that he ‘s happy to be able to speak to person who knows his secret. Hester tells him about Chillingworth being her hubby and Dimmesdale is enraged. But they subsequently decide to run off together and when they go their separate ways he comes back to town with more energy than he ‘s of all time had.

Hester ‘s able to happen a ship that can acquire them out of the town the twenty-four hours after Dimmesdale is to give his Election Sermon. On the twenty-four hours of the discourse though, Chillingworth gets the ship captain to let him on the ship besides, go forthing Hester no manner out of the quandary. During this, Dimmesdale is giving his discourse which is said to be the best he has given yet. After his discourse though, he walks up to the scaffold and calls Hester and Pearl to stand with him, flooring everyone. All the piece Chillingworth is seeking his best to halt Dimmesdale but all Dimmesdale does is laugh stating that he can non win any longer. Dimmesdale so turns to the town and tells all the people that he is a evildoer like Hester and that he ‘s taking his rightful topographic point following to her. He rips his shirt to uncover a vermilion missive on his flesh and so he falls to his articulatio genuss and dies.

Hester and Pearl so leave the town for a piece. Several old ages subsequently, Hester reappears without Pearl. Many assumed that Pearl had settled down and now had a household of her ain in Europe. Hester continues her life as it had been earlier, gaining her money from her stitchwork and life in her bungalow by the wood. She besides continued to have on the vermilion missive, ne’er taking it until she passed off and was buried at King ‘s Chapel.

The Puritans were a really rigorous group of spiritual people. They lived in conformity to Protestant principles and regarded pleasance as iniquitous. They coincided with everything in the Bible keeping it of high importance, like the Ten Commandments. Hester had committed criminal conversation which is stated in the 7th commandment as incorrect. So punishment was required for this offense against God. The vermilion missive was a manner of public humiliation. Those who knew what she had done looked upon her with shame but the 1s who did n’t cognize about her penalty thought it was a mark that Hester was of high, even royal importance. Either manner, the missive had everyone gazing upon her thorax.

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