How Clothes Used In Eurpides And Ibsens English Literature Essay Free Essay

Apparels and dress are an unalienable portion of our human lives. They are prescribed for certain occasions and have symbolic value attached to them and impute qualities to the wearer. It is meant for protection and pick of frock is dictated by the clip of the twenty-four hours and the activities to be performed. Apparels do non merely map as protective bed against conditions or conceals nakedness but it makes a statement of personality. A frock can even adumbrate the ideas and concerns of the individuals associated with it. In ‘Medea ‘ by ‘Euripides ‘ and ‘A Doll ‘s House ‘ , by ‘Ibsen ‘ apparels go beyond their traditional associations with human existences and their conventional use to go a agencies of understanding character every bit good as enabling secret plan development.

Clothes become a slaying arm in ‘Medea ‘ for the supporter. In ‘Medea ‘ after Aegeus ‘ issue, Medea informs the Chorus about her determination to kill the Princess Glauce, the freshly wedded bride of her hubby with poisoned gifts. “ A finely woven frock and a aureate crown. And if she takes them and have on them upon her tegument she and all who touch the miss will decease in torment ; such toxicant will I put upon the gifts I send. ”[ 1 ]This reveals non merely the strength of her fury but besides the thirst for retaliation and the demand to bring down cruel agony. It besides shows her celebrated abilities with witchery and these two facets combine to finish the image and presentation of Medea as a passionate wronged adult female with ability for supernatural immoralities and who becomes a formidable opposition. The apparition of a horrifying, impending decease for a immature bride by a most cute machination would enchant the audience.

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Whereas Medea has merely this one mention to and one intense climactic episode affecting frock in ‘A Doll ‘s House ‘ , there are several mentions to articles of frock, embellishment and knitwork. Dress becomes a particular focal point because of the secret plan device of the fancy frock party. Apart from conversations about the frock and the dance used by Nora to forestall Torvald from reading Krogstad ‘s missive, the fancy frock party by its very nature besides augments the subject of false visual aspects and misrepresentation in the characters and the relationships – most specifically Nora ‘s relationship with Torvald and Dr. Rank. Very typically she asks Torvald to propose a frock and a function for her at the party. This pimps to his self-importance and succeeds in deflecting him momently from the Krogstad issue and reinforces his dominating and commanding presence in the matrimony. His suggestion to dress as a Neapolitan fisherlass and dance the tarantella takes them back on their trip to Italy for which she had forged the IOU for the money she had borrowed. Here once more she gives Torvald the semblance that he is in control of the state of affairs like the Italy trip but in world she has manipulated the state of affairs to her advantage.

In Nora ‘s conversation with Kristine, Nora says, Look, here ‘s the costume, Torvald had it made for me down at that place, but it ‘s got all lacerate and I merely do n’t knowaˆ¦ ”[ 2 ]Mrs. Linde tries to assist Nora happen a manner out, “ it ‘s merely the paring come off here and at that place. Get a needle and thread? Ah, here ‘s what we are after. ”[ 3 ]The lacerate fancy frock gifted to Nora by Torvald is symbolic of their matrimony which is besides torn from borders and it is Mrs. Linde who offers to repair it merely like the frock. But while Mrs. Linde is successful with the frock she is non successful with the matrimony. Therefore the text besides uses a frock to propose the subject of the text. This runs parallel to their visit to Italy to retrieve Torvald which is the cause and birth of all the problem they faced and the 1s yet to get.

In Jason ‘s conversation with Medea, Medea puts on her mask and pleads for forgiveness for foolishly showing rough feelings against Jason and keeping him perpetrator for her sorrows. And as a manner to do damagess she decides to direct the princess of Corinth some gifts. In her address to Jason she states, “ For I will direct her some gifts which are far fairer, I am certainly of it, than those which now are in manner, a finely woven frock and a aureate crown, and the kids shall show them. ”[ 4 ]Medea ‘s marrying gift to Jason ‘s bride was a aureate frock which Helius, Medea ‘s expansive male parent bestowed on his posterities. Helius is the Sun God and the success in her slaying indicates that Medea had the countenance of the Sun God and the support to plan a poisoned frock. Besides Medea asks for the poisoned frock without re-entering the house after her first visual aspect on phase, “ Quick allow one of you servant conveying here to me that beautiful frock. ”[ 5 ]This suggests that all her purpose of perpetrating suicide conveyed to the Chorus was a misrepresentation as her purpose was all along to revenge herself with blood and that her slaying arms were ready.

In ‘A Doll ‘s House ‘ , Nora is a individual who addresses everything to apparels and frocks. Even Christmas nowadayss for the amah and kids take the signifier of apparels. During Christmas Eve, Nora ‘s nowadayss for her kids and the house maid comprise of apparels. This brings out the facet and contrast of personalities of Medea and Nora as Nora presents apparels to distribute joy of Christmas while Medea uses it to distribute sorrow and torment. Clothes besides reveal the defects in the other relationships that of Nora and Dr. Rank and Jason and Glauce. In Medea, Glauce ab initio is put off, “ disgusted ”[ 6 ]she “ turned herself away ”[ 7 ]when Jason appears with his kids. However the aureate frock captures her attending and reveals her greed and acquisitiveness every bit good as Jason ‘s ego misrepresentation that Glauce will obey him for love of him. Glauce ‘s amour propre and greed are displayed in her preening before the mirror and how the frock influences her determinations presents her in an uncomplimentary visible radiation. Jason believes his recommendations are equal but the frock influences Glauce ‘s determinations. In ‘A Doll ‘s House ‘ , Nora uses a brace of silk stockings to chat up with Dr. Rank, possibly to act upon him to assist her with the Krogstad affair. “ Flesh-colored! Are n’t they lovely! No, no, no you can merely look at the pess. Oh good, you might every bit good see a spot higher up, excessively. ”[ 8 ]Merely before the tarantella to avoid Torvald from sing the missive box and maintain him engaged in her beauty Nora drapes a long gaily- coloured shawl around her and starts dancing. This reveals Nora ‘s personality as she believes apparels that adorn her beauty, a manner for seduction can be used as a device for distraction.

The usage and description of the poisoned apparels and their effects are used to heighten the description of the climactic wing action by the Messenger address. The chorus address, “ The bride, hapless bride, will accept the expletive of the gold, will accept the bright crown. Around her xanthous hair she will put that frock of decease with her ain custodies. ”[ 9 ]The chorus with the redolent poignancy ridden description of the frock enhances the tragic loss which can non be displayed on phase to the audience. The courier gives a really gory, elaborate and ghastly description of the princess and Creon ‘s decease. “ Form the top of her caput oozed out blood and fire assorted together. Like the beads of pine -bark, so the flesh from her castanetss dropped off, torn by the concealed Fang of the toxicant. ”[ 10 ]Torvald initiates his conversation with Mrs. Linde by asking about her involvements in embellishment and knitwork. He justifies his captivation for embellishment compared to knitting. This signifies Torvald ‘s confidant observations to needle work and vesture which depicts his concern for dress and visual aspect.

Nora sews, embroiders, tidies them, and picks them up after the childs. Her preoccupations with apparels and frock show the domestic, gender defined function available for her which she has besides used to bring forth income to refund the loan. In ‘A Dolls house ‘ , Nora pays heed to minute inside informations she could construe through frock and vesture may it be the conditions outside or a arm used by her to deflect Torvald from the truth. In Medea vesture or frock is merely used in the scene to slay the princess, but in A Doll ‘s House most of the scenes depict frock and vesture which indicates that Medea ‘s personality counts on dressing merely to function her intent while Nora ‘s life has apparels are an of import factor and which she uses to function her intent. Thus these texts use apparels as a device for personality word picture, to develop the secret plan and the subjects. Through apparels writers of both the texts brings world and genuineness to the characters and their opinions comparing their ideas to common adult male ‘s perceptual experiences and concluding to vesture.

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