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This drawn-out essay is an probe of the symbols images and dreams employed by George Orwell to demo the dystopic nature of the fresh 1984 therefore suggesting the research inquiry, “ How do symbols, dreams and images contribute to Orwell ‘s word picture of a dystopic hereafter in his novel Nineteen Eighty Four ” ? I was really interested with the correlativity between the two and intrigued by Orwell ‘s accurate portraiture of a dystopic universe. I believe meeting it from a different position will turn out advanced and reviewing. Rather than discoursing the many confederacy theories environing Orwell ‘s novel, I will discourse the repeating symptoms of adult male through the ages and associate this with Winston ‘s predicament. The twenty-first century has been about prophesised by George Orwell in Nineteen Eighty Four, but it makes sense when think about the thoughts explored in the book utilizing a more holistic attack. Concentrating more on why the subjects are explored, instead than what they are. The Research inquiry I chose is “ How do symbols, dreams and images contribute to Orwell ‘s word picture of a dystopic hereafter in his novel Nineteen Eighty Four ” . This subject will hopefully let me to research Orwell ‘s thoughts in a systematic method. Two of each literary characteristic was investigated by utilizing the constructs of the novel as a back bone. The decision reached within this probe is that the part made by the literary characteristics discussed are non of import in demoing the dystopic nature of the novel but besides as a manner to understand the characters and other constructs which are linked with the manner they live and the general description of Oceania.

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1984 is an utmost illustration of the hereafter could hold offered us ; subjugation, subjection and totalinariasm. A universe in which free idea was a offense and the construct of doublethink was non questioned. Although we can hit down Orwell ‘s novel as delusionary due to his strong anti – communist feelings, there are similarities which links 1984 to this twenty-four hours and age. Although many comparings have been made between the novel and the twenty-first century, do we truly understand how it correlates with the modern universe?

All three statements in hindsight do non do sense. If I take the first phrase “ War is Peace ”[ 1 ]and trade it about, it should remain the same merely as 2+2=4 and 4=2+2. However, after trading the phrase you get “ Peace is War ”[ 2 ]. The inquiry so arises, how can Peace be understood as war? The two words have wholly different significances. War means a violent confrontation between two separate groups but peace can be defined as an cease-fire or rapprochement between two or more groups. So how can the two equate? To reply these two inquiries, there is a demand to understand war in 1984 and what it meant to the party and its people instead than tie ining war to what we believe. The war between Oceania and either Eurasia or Eastasia are uninterrupted and largely non violent. In Goldstein Emmanuel ‘s book “ the theory and pattern of Oligarchic Bolshevism ” he states that “ , they are non contending against one another at all. The war is waged by each opinion against its ain topics, and the object of the war is non to do or forestall conquerings of district, but to maintain the construction of society intactaˆ¦ It would likely be accurate to state that going uninterrupted war has ceased to be ”[ 3 ]

War was a manner to get by with the people and forestall the crumble of large brothers government, the word war nevertheless is can non be used in this context. War as stated before is a violent confrontation but as mentioned by Goldstein, it was war waged on its ain topics and non an enemy from the exterior. The word warfare may hold a similar significance but it does non needfully indicate out to a violent confrontation. We have solved George Orwell ‘s belief of war non needfully being violent or even being a clang between two separate entities – but something more deep and meaningful. This quotation mark by Walter Lippmann allowed a connexion between the twenty-first century and 1984.

By seeking to dig into the significance of the slogan “ War is Peace ” , we have entered into familiar land – the modern universe. This cemented my ideas sing how similar Orwell ‘s thoughts in 1984 are to the world today and gave me the concluding push to make an drawn-out essay which tried to make feasible links between what Orwell foreseen and the state of affairs now. My concluding inquiry was ;

“ How do symbols, dreams and images contribute to Orwell ‘s word picture of a dystopic hereafter in his novel Nineteen Eighty Four ” .This subject non merely addresses the symbols and subjects of 1984 but makes it relevant to modern readers. Many people have compared the two – making shallow decisions that show psychotic belief and paranoia. This inquiry will compare 1984 and the twenty-first century in a more realistic manner, casting to illume the obvious yet elusive similarities.


It seems that our universe is destined to go a “ Large Brother Society ” . In his novel, 1984, George Orwell envisioned a universe of changeless surveillance, where the privateness of the person was virtually nonextant. Although the engineering he predicted seems unworldly to us today, the construct is still the same. The authorities is happening it easier and easier to dig into our lives and we are happening it harder and harder to halt them. We know computing machines will acquire more powerful by the twenty-four hours, and that engineering is going more and more entwined in our mundane lives. These progresss in engineering can be interpreted both positively and negatively. Legislations such as the Patriot Act ( America ) have given the authorities an about illimitable exhibition of any of our personal records. It is absolutely legal for them to supervise your household life, look into up on organisations you belong to, dig into your medical history, and even do background cheques on your personality and instruction. Orwell predicted a society of full telescreens and monitoring by the thought constabulary. He thought that the authorities would virtually govern the lives of its citizens. Orwell did non do a factually right anticipation of what the hereafter would be like. However, the cardinal nature of his premises is right. While we are non invariably monitored by telescreens, about every twenty-four hours we are recorded by surveillance cameras and are wholly unmindful to it.

From the ATM to the wellness nine cabinet room, surveillance cameras follow us everyplace. Furthermore, people can Google us and easy happen out about anything about us, from how our house looks like to what function we had in the simple school production of ‘Wicked ‘ . When Orwell wrote 1984, the universe was sing the rise of the utmost left and utmost right in the Communists and fascists. With the rise of these two totalitarian signifiers of authorities Orwell right predicted that, the universe would go less and less private. He designed “ The Party ” to emulate these two organisations and magnify their cruelty, to function as a warning of what things could come to if they went unbridled. That fright of extremism which Orwell had is immediately recognized when O’Brien says, “ The Party seeks power wholly for its ain interest. We are non interested in the good of others. ”[ 4 ]

The twenty-first century is a really large system, working like a clock without fail. This is assured by each state and their authoritiess. Each authorities have their method of control, nevertheless most prefer and count on democracy. Unlike 1984, authoritiess allow citizens who are above the legal age ( this varies ) to vote on the party they believe holds their precedences. A state would n’t desire to come in a argument or a disturbance with another state merely to get down a war. A war in the twenty-first century enchantments at hand danger to the civilians of the corresponding states. Technology allows a missile 100x stronger than the bomb that levelled Hiroshima to get in foreign air space in 3 hours maximal. This type of discreet war began in the cold war, in which bullying and the facade of strength was more of import than the figure of soldiers out in the field. This method of war is now called political warfare. The interesting thing about political warfare is that it is n’t violent and does non happen in pretension to a war – but occurs every individual twenty-four hours. This is because propaganda is the fuel for Political warfare.

In Oceania, rumor, myths, thoughts and false information controls the heads of the citizens. The Party uses propaganda as a powerful arm against the citizens. There are many types of propaganda used.

One of the chief statements George Orwell was presenting within his novel was that “ Knowledge is power ” . The Big Brother government in 1984 used cognition as a arm, non merely to repress them – but to command the yesteryear. The issue of altering history is explored when Winston is asked as portion of his occupation, to alter Big brother ‘s address to suit the alteration in war challengers – Eurasia and Eastasia. He is finally mystified by the actions led by the authorities in which he states “ I understand HOW, I do non understand WHY ”[ 5 ]Orwell italicises the phrase and high spots the two words ‘how ‘ and ‘why ‘ to oppugn the readers apprehension of the party ‘s purposes. Why are they making this? It besides raises homo ‘s innate credulousness in knowing and yet non cognizing the deductions of what they know. As Winston begins to understand the basic map of the Party, it is illuminated that Big Brother ‘s biggest tool is his ability to make or even pull strings cognition without discretion. For illustration, in Goldstein Immanuel ‘s book “ The Theory And Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism ” , he discusses the nature of Oceania ‘s war with Eastasia/Eurasia saying that “ To understand the nature of the present war- for in malice of the re-grouping which occurs every few old ages, it is ever the same war- 1 must gain in the first topographic point that it is impossible for it to be decisive. None of the three superstates could be definitively conquered even by the other two in combinationaˆ¦ . There is no longeraˆ¦ anything to contend about ”[ 6 ]In this instance, this nonexistent war is used by the government to guarantee that its sense of love and duty towards the party ne’er outputs. If we know take on nonsubjective lens on the twenty-first century, are we able to observe similarities. Propaganda plays a large function in the manner we see the universe and its many complexnesss. From newspapers to the cyberspace, propaganda is bound to impact you in one or more ways. Although we may non utilize it as a manner to command world oppressively, but its nature is to pull strings or conceal the truth.Propagandais defined as “ a message which attempts to change public perceptual experiences and/or bring on action. It serves some specific docket. Propaganda can look in any signifier or medium and may or may non be obvious as propaganda. Its existent beginning may non be obvious. Not all propaganda is evil – some serves sensible intents, like advancing action on public wellness issues. Harmonizing to Lasswell ( 1927 ) “ It refers entirely to the control of sentiment by important symbols, or, to talk more concretely and less accurately, by narratives, rumors, studies, images, and other signifiers of societal communicating. Propaganda is concerned with the direction of sentiments and attitudes by the direct use of societal suggestion instead than by changing other conditions in the environment or in the being. ” “[ 7 ]From this we can deduce that propaganda has been used as a tactic by world since the ancient Greeks to either derive the upper manus in warfare or in footings of today – wealth. From advertizements to the manner we elect our authorities, there is person traveling the strings above it all – devising certain that you believe in this. From this information posed Forth, we can reason that there is a deeper, subtler significance to George Orwell ‘s “ Nineteen Eighty Four ” which proceeds beyond the many confederacy theories which surrounds his “ surprisingly accurate rendering of the twenty-first century ” . Although Orwell ‘s about ill-famed hatred towards communism is noticed, he besides explores the complaints of the human status. If this essay successfully argues this thought, it will intend that the novel was non a prophetic illustration of our universe but instead the about cyclic nature of human behavior. From ancient Rome to Britain ( post WW1 ) and from Germany ( station WW2 ) to now – we exhibit the same features and the same problems continue to harm us. However far the universe develops, these will non change.Using the yesteryear, Orwell has purportedly predicted the hereafter.

Winston ‘s hungriness for individualism is the biggest ground for his rebellion towards the party. After recognizing the Party has brainwashed its topics. Through his experience, he noticed many cases in which he believed did non do sense for a human being. For illustration, the Party has banned/ prohibited holding “ dealingss ” with a adult female for merely enjoyment. There has to be a valid ground, viz. acquiring kids to beef up lengthen the Party ‘s reign. Other facets such as your household, your kids and even your ain pulse are monitered invariably. This reduces any opportunity a man/woman can bewray the government. By commanding adult male ‘s basic impulses and necessities – they have created obedient topics. Thereare many cases where Individuality plays a large portion in his concluding rebellion. For illustration, attractive force is non a virtuousness which is endorsed by the party – but he feels it when he sees Julia. He asks himself if other people thought approximately facets such as this like him. Winston merely wanted to experience like his life had substance. Today, Individuality is seen as a virtuousness instead than a prohibition. Peoples go to extreme steps to asseverate their individualism. However, most of our changes are merely skin deep. Often altering facets of our being such as how we look and how we talk – however, other than a few minor differences sing moral, faith, etiquette, and beliefs, we are all worlds with the same basic human features. It is rather dry that George Orwell creates a book which subtly explores the human status, while the narrative is of a adult male which is denied to be a human. We can reason that individualism, like the other subjects of “ Nineteen Eighty Four ” explain and light homo ‘s reoccurring and about deathless features which have defined us from other animate beings since the clip of the cave work forces.

The usage of force in Nineteen Eighty Four serves to reenforce the sombre and dejecting tone of the novel in general. As Winston rebellion additions impulse and begins to oppugn the party and choose to populate in Goldstein ‘s safety, Orwell begins to increase the cases of force which are either related to the war between Eurasia/Eastasia or thought offense. The reader begins to understand the dangers of his rebellion and the likely opportunity of tormenting him and eventually made an illustration of. In the eyes of large brother and the Thought constabularies, any thoughts or original ideas are considered as treachery and tortured for harboring confederacies against the province. When Winston and Julia are eventually caught, Orwell puts accent on Winston ‘s anguish in the ministry of Love by giving a 3rd of the book on what Winston informants and how he progresses as he is physically and psychologically tormented. In Nineteen Eighty Four, there is merely one phrase which matches itself with analogues itself with force and that is “ room 101 ” . Room 101 is the room where the Party applies the ultimate anguish to people that have been detained by the Thought Police.A If people do non check under regular anguish, they end up in this room. The purpose of this room is to happen your greatest fear/ failing and utilize it against you to eventually give up your emotions and your resoluteness. The reaction of one of a adult male who is sentenced to room 101 is that abhorrent and is used to increase the dramatic strength of the reader, expecting Winston ‘s anguish. Orwell explains the adult male as “ already really pale, turned a color Winston would non hold believed possible. It was decidedly, unmistakably, a shadiness of green. ‘Do anything to me! ‘ he yelled. ‘You ‘ve been hungering me for hebdomads. Complete it off and allow me decease. Shoot me. Hang me. Sentence me to twenty five old ages. Is there person else you want me to give away? Just say who it is and I ‘ll state you anything you want. I do n’t care who it is or what you do to them. I ‘ve got a married woman and three kids. The biggest of them is n’t six old ages old. You can take the whole batch of them and cut their pharynxs in forepart of my eyes, and I ‘ll stand by and watch it. ‘ But non room 101 ”[ 8 ]this long quotation mark portrays the pure force and panic of the Party ‘s anguish room – but besides the ability of Big brother and the party to wholly destruct a adult male physically and mentally to the point where he believes seeing his ain married woman and kids killed. Throughout the ages, world has ever found a manner to be resilient and somehow overcome any and all obstructions. For this basic inherent aptitude to be numbed – Tells us a batch about how far the party will travel to quash adult male ‘s natural features. It encompasses force, as the chief purpose is to command, brainwash, and eventually gain their errors in forepart of the general public.However, should we be surprised – force has ever been of cardinal importance, work outing many of our issues and making civilizations. From the Crusades to the Arab spring – we have ever fought to protect, conquer or overthrow. From this fact the inquiry arises, do worlds despisefighting? The reply will be yes. Everyone wants safety and peace for his/ her family/friends. However, if I ask a inquiry such as, will human of all time halt combat? The reply will be no. In the same manner animate beings fight for district, worlds have a inclination to get down a battle from piddling issues. Violence is a merchandise of our emotion. World War 1 was set off by the choler the Austria-Hungarians felt over the blackwash of their Archduke. The Cold war occurred due to belligerencies between the USSR and the USA and even the Vietnam War was caused by the fright of communism. Even the book being investigated – “ Nineteen Eighty Four ” is a consequence of George Orwell ‘s concern towards the events happening in the universe in the late thirtiess. Even now, where we try to work out most international issues utilizing the United Nations – but like everything we create there are defects. Winston ‘s battle against the thought constabulary resonates with us, non because we are besides oppressed – but because force is one of many human conditions which have n’t changed for many millenary. Many writers, dramatists and film managers continue to make similar narratives of the problems a individual faces under an oppressive regime/government ; however, no 1 has explored the facets which make us human in such an aesthetic and profound manner. Indeed, George Orwell explores force, one of many human properties to inform our apprehension of the modern universe.[ 9 ]


Winston ‘s relationship with Julia is seen as the nucleus of Winston ‘s rebellion against the party. However, unlike the modern rendering of relationship which involves love, committedness and apprehension. Winston ‘s relationship is based on the animalistic impulse for physical contact. Unlike a physical rebellion one might meet when subverting a authorities – Winston and Julia use their organic structures as a manner to arise against a government that controls everyone ‘s actions. Many may reason that Julia and Winston have a relationship based on love, but when they are anguished – we notice that there were little feelings of fondness, however, it was non plenty for them to halt betraying each other. From the morning of clip, work forces and adult females who loved each other were bound by the power of relationship, friendly relationship, household and kids. There does n’t look to be any individual who denies love and relationship as a natural feature of a human being. Therefore, Orwell uses Winston ‘s battle to keep his humanity to inform the readers apprehension of the modern universe.

After look intoing the deductions of this inquiry, a possible range or country that could emerge from this essay are how characters are embedded within the chief constructs of the novel. This can be done by look intoing how Winston, Julia and other characters such as Parsons and Symes are integrated with the chief thoughts which are portrayed by George Orwell.

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