Importance Of The Comedies Of Aristophanes English Literature Essay Free Essay

I believe that it would be near to impossible to reason that the great classical authors and minds of the ancient universe have had no consequence upon more modern Western attacks to literature and drama. For it was they who invented most of the critical vocabulary and nomenclatures we still use today and it was they who have provided us with the most basic and permanent inquiries.

For my thesis I will be taking a close expression at the dramatic plants of Aristophanes, discoursing how they are valuable to our apprehension of the history and civilization of fifth-century Athens and how this historical relationship to the amusing dramas is important to an astute and ample reading. I will besides analyze the strength and magnitude of the humourous political duologue and laughter in his dramas, showing how amusing address in theater functioned as a method of automatic political disapprobation, and how it helped supply a agency of communal contemplation upon the current personal businesss and democratic patterns of the clip.

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I will be paying specific attending to the cardinal inquiries environing the nature and map of comedic classical theater, inquiring: What is Comedy? How is created? What are its effects? How has it been evaluated? I will include a series of scholarly expoundings, appraising opinions, normative unfavorable judgments, theoretical decisions, and historical plants. I will besides persist to integrate any unrecorded theater experiences I have witnessed towards my survey in a hope to make a most justifiable decision. By affecting these inquiries and pulling from these beginnings, I believe I can make an encompassed and plausible critical sentiment and decision upon the comedic/satirical/critical quality and value of Aristophanes plants in the ancient universe. I will besides discourse his attitudes towards other classical dramatists of his clip, ( displayed through his plants ) oppugning the credibleness of his societal and political phase review.

The four chief capable subjects I will take into history are as follows:

The Manner and Style of the Comedy of that Age

The Frailties and Government of Ancient Athens

The Way in which Aristophanes Should be Performed ( in relation to other classical dramatists )

Aristophanes Attitude and Jests towards the Gods and Society

I will non keep these subjects in rigorous order, but have them fluctuate on a regular basis throughout my chapter rubrics. I will split my thesis into four chief chapters. My chapters will be approximately 1500-2000 words each in length and my Conclusion 1000-2000. I will guarantee to supply clear headers and rubrics to the allowing capable affair.


For the debut of my Dissertation I will give a brief and concise lineation of the known historic, philosophical, cultural and societal developments in the physique up to the clip of Aristophanes, speaking in peculiar about the beginnings of the classical comedic dramatic signifier. I believe that by sketching the basic developments and tensenesss of the clip I can assist the reader contextualise the statement I hope to build. A peculiar focal point of my debut will foreground the modern jobs environing the length of clip that has passed since the composing of Aristophanes ‘ plants, foregrounding what subsequently historical and scientific surveies have by and large concluded upon the societal world of the clip of their composing.

Chapter Administration:

For my thesis chapters, I will seek choosing the differing dramas of Aristophanes ‘ and group them as Chapter rubrics harmonizing to their manner of content i.e. Chapter 1: The Frogs & A ; The Wasps. In kernel the dramas I will partner off as chapter rubrics will be slightly similar to each other. Aristophanes ‘ dramas, The Frogs and The Wasps for case, are both clear and early illustrations of the Old Comedy, determining particularly to the cardinal facets of their dramatic construction and rich features of rough political and societal messages, tied in with the recent and current personal businesss of the clip ( all features of Old Comedy ) . I will besides do certain to observe the progressive traits and stairss within the texts ; Both The Frogs and The Wasps for case contain elusive fluctuations from the Old Comedy ‘s traditional manner, which hints at the beginnings and foundations of the ulterior ancient comedic manner known as in-between Comedy.

Under each of my chapters I will discourse each of the mated texts I have chosen as follows. I will foremost take a expression at the public reaction to Aristophanes dramas in the ancient universe. Here I will concentrate to a great extent on mensurating the effectivity of Aristophanes ‘ humor and sarcasm and how censoring affected this. I will so pull to a great extent on the changing critical responses towards Aristophanes ‘ plants throughout clip, foregrounding changing critical contradictions, struggles and concurrencies. After this I will take a close expression at ulterior readings, interlingual renditions and versions of Aristophanes ‘ plants in order to seek and hold on an apprehension of precisely how his dramas should be performed to cry the true purposes of his Comedy. I will so make a chapter decision.


After my chapter subjects I will province my conclusive theory, an embracing decision based on the consequences of each of my chapter surveies. I will be certain to besides clearly province the jobs that have arisen in my survey and weigh them clearly against the decisions I have drawn. My decision will convey forth a theory taging Aristophanes ‘ usage of humor and sarcasm in theater as a sort political virtuousness for the populace. I will besides convey forth my ain concluding appraisal of the value Aristophanes of plants in our apprehension of the history and civilization of fifth-century Athens.

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