Jean-Paul Moliere's Play, Tartuffe free essay sample

A look at the main character in Jean-Paul Moliere’s play `Tartuffe.`

This is an argumentative paper regarding the play `Tartuffe` written by Jean-Paul Moliere. The author has taken a unique stance equating the family, and their relationships to the military and its chain of command in the play. The author concentrates on how Orgon, the father in the play, failed as a commanding chief and father.
`When Jean-Baptiste Moli’re decided to write the play Tartuffe, he knew full well that this play would contain a story of religious hypocrisy that would be very controversial. But to make his point more clear Moli’re was not attacking religion itself, but rather the hypocrites within it. In this same manner Moli’re made a very strong statement about the structure of the family in his time. Moli’re used the platform of a comedic play about religious hypocrisy to show a common fault of the family structure, a structure not all unlike that of the ranks in the military.

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He illustrates a conventional dissension among the very ranks of the family structure. He demonstrates how Orgon, the father, fails in his responsibilities as the commanding officer of his own unit/family. But before one can unquestionably state that Orgon failed, a good example of a commanding officer must be given.`

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