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Abigail Adams was born November 22, 1744 in Weymouth, to Elizabeth Quincy Smith and Reverend William Smith. Turning up, Abigail ‘s female parent and male parent insisted on obedient and first-class behaviour along with a rigorous instruction. Like most misss of her clip, Abigail did non have a formal instruction but, she did take advantage of her parents and more so her grandma, Elizabeth Quincy, “ I have non forgotten the first-class lessons which I received from my grandma, at a really early period of life ” ( Holton, 4 ) . As Abigail got older she and her equals taught each other by reading books and discoursing them, to composing letters back and Forth. The friend that helped educate Abigail the most and assist make-up for her deficiency of cognition was Richard Cranch who was paying tribunal to her sister Mary. Richard was the first individual who “ put proper Bookes into my custodies, who taught me to love the Poets and to separate their virtues ” ( Holton, 6 ) which pushed Abigail to be one of the best read adult females of her clip.

John Adams met Abigail through his best friend Richard Cranch who had been wooing her sister Mary. At first John was non fond of Abigail ‘s intelligence or her unladylike behaviour, but shortly he began to appreciate the particular qualities in Abigail. On October 25, 1764 Abigail and John were married by her male parent. Soon after matrimony John and Abigail welcomed their first kid ; a girl named Abigail and continued to turn their household welcoming John Quincy, Susanna, Charles, and Thomas Boylston. Sadly Susanna died as a yearling and subsequently Abigail delivered a abortive kid in 1777. John spent a batch of clip off from place due to his busy jurisprudence pattern and the state of affairs merely worsened when he joined the Revolutionary War. In order to match with each other Abigail and John exchanged legion letters with each other.

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Abigail became a house truster in the instruction for all adult females. She believed that adult females should be recognized for non merely their day-to-day family responsibilities, but for their intelligence every bit good. After composing John Adams reminding him of the male ‘s ignorance of the adult females ‘s deficiency of instruction she once more wrote, “ If you complain of disregard of Education in boies, what shall I say with respect to girls, who every twenty-four hours see the privation of it? … I most unfeignedly wish that some more broad program might be laid and executed for the Benefit of the lifting Generation, and that our new Constitution may be distinguished for promoting Learning and Virtue ” ( Holton, ) . Accompanied by her involvement of adult females ‘s instruction, Abigail besides had a passion for adult females ‘s rights.

At the clip adult females were non allowed to vote and married adult females were non allowed to have any belongings. Abigail was ferocious that adult females were merely identified as their hubbies comrade and had to obliged by Torahs that did n’t suite them. It was n’t until Abigail Adams wrote to John on March 31, 1776 “ Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favourable to them than your ascendants. Do non set such limitless power into the custodies of the Husbands. Remember all Men would be autocrats if they could ” ( Abigail Adams 1776 March 31 ) . After reading Abigail ‘s missive, John did non take it earnestly ; in fact he did n’t even see giving more rights to adult females after reading it.

As Abigail was in the thick of composing her letters, America was contending Britain for independency. During this clip, Abigail was known for sharing her house to Patriots, in which she fed them and supplied them with gunpowder when they were out. The cause of war was close to Abigail ‘s bosom and she compared the British ‘s control of the settlements to work forces ‘s control over adult females. Abigail wrote once more to John showing “ Whilst you are proclaiming peace and good will to work forces, emancipation all states, you insist upon retaining an absolute power over married womans ” ( Abigail Adams 1776 May 7 ) . In her celebrated “ Remember the Ladies ” missive, Abigail hinted at a rebellion similar to America ‘s with Britain by stating, “ If peculiar attention and attending is non paid to the Ladies we are we are determined to agitate a Rebellion, and will non keep ourselves bound by Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation ” ( Abigail Adams 1779 March 31 ) . In response John wrote back with “ Depend upon it, we know better than to revoke our masculine systems. All though they are in full force, you know they are little more than theory. We dare non exercise our power in its full latitude. We are obliged to travel just and quietly, and, in pattern, you know we are the topics. We have merely the name of Masterss, and instead than give up this, which would wholly subject us to the absolutism of the half-slip, I hope General Washington and all our brave heroes would contend ; I am certain every good Politian would plot, every bit long as he would against absolutism, imperium, monarchy, nobility, oligarchy, or mobocracy ” ( John Adams 1776 April 14 ) .

Along with her devotedness to adult females ‘s rights, Abigail was to the full against bondage. She believed that bondage was a menace to the “ American democratic experiment, ” and that the Virginians were “ striping their fellow animals of freedom ” ( Holton, ) . Abigail ‘s dedication to adult females ‘s instruction extended non merely to Whites, but to African Americans every bit good. On February 13, 1791 Abigail wrote her hubby a missive about a black slave male child who asked her to travel to school in order to larn hot to compose. Abigail instantly enrolled him in school, and neighbour ‘s ferociously objected. She described him as “ a freewoman every bit much as one of the immature Men and simply because his Face is Black, is he to be denied direction? ” ( Holton, ) .

Abigail supported her hubby through all of his rises of power, even if that meant him being off from place for long periods of clip. In 1796 John Adams became the 2nd president of the United States doing Abigail the 2nd First Lady.

Despite Abigail ‘s petition to “ Remember the Ladies ” , the Declaration of Independence still stated that merely all “ work forces are created equal ” . Her battle for adult females ‘s rights did n’t hold every bit large of an impact as she wanted. Although Abigail ‘s ‘ letters did n’t do an impact during the American Revolution, she continued to contend for adult females ‘s rights and equality for all people. Abigail Adams was the first individual to get down a motion that eventually utilized her thoughts later in the twentieth century. Women ‘s right to vote was eventually ratified, and the abolition of bondage was endorsed. She challenged work forces around her and cared for everyone. Though her radical thoughts did non impact the American Revolution at the clip, it was the footing of all societal revolutions since.

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