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William Shakespeare is arguably one of the most celebrated authors of all clip. He has written 30 eight dramas, two narrative verse forms, several other verse forms and one hundred 50 four sonnets. Some of his most celebrated verse forms are Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Those two verse forms are merely a few of the many verse forms Shakespeare wrote. I think Shakespeare is a singular individual because he accomplished so much in merely fifty two old ages of his life.

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon on April 23, 1564 to his parents Mary Arden and John Shakespeare. Shakespeare was the 3rd kid of eight. He was the oldest lasting boy, because in the clip Shakespeare was born there was a pestilence traveling about called the Bubonic Plague. This is besides known as Black Death because it killed so many people in the in-between ages. It purportedly killed about one out of every seven people. Not really much is known about Shakespeare ‘s early old ages in life, the lone manner historiographers found about his early life were based on church records, and tribunal colonies. It was thought that Shakespeare got his instruction at a grammar school called King Edward VI School Stratford-upon-Avon. When Shakespeare was 18, he married a adult female who was eight old ages older than him, her name was Anne Hathaway. Together they had three kids. The first was a miss named Susanna and so two old ages subsequently they had twins, one male child name Hamnet and a girl named Judith. Hamnet died at the age of 11 of unknown causes. After the decease of Shakespeare ‘s lone boy purportedly Shakespeare was ne’er the same. Historians have no hint what happened in Shakespeare ‘s life between the old ages of 1585-1592. Historians name this clip of his life the “ lost old ages. ” No 1 is truly certain when Shakespeare started composing but they think it was in 1592 when some of his dramas were get downing to be performed on phase in London.

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Shakespeare has had a batch of legion dramas and about all of them were performed in his clip. Some of his first plants include Richard III and parts of Henry VI. No 1 truly knows when a batch of Shakespeare ‘s dramas were written, but most historiographers think it was sometime in the early 1590s. Shakspere has two truly celebrated narrative verse forms that many people read today, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

Hamlet was foremost printed in 1601 and could perchance be one of Shakespeare ‘s most celebrated narratives. This narrative is reasonably much about Prince Hamlet be aftering retaliation on Claudius for slaying King Hamlet. When he does kill Claudius he takes over the throne of his male parent. One of the most celebrated quotation marks from the book Hamlet written by Shakespeare is, “ To be or non to be that is the inquiry: Whether ‘t is nobler in the head to endure, the slings and pointers of hideous luck, Or to take weaponries against a sea of problems and by opposing, stop them. ” This is Shakespeare ‘s longest narrative verse form, and possibly one of his most tragic, but the narrative Romeo and Juliet is right up at that place with Hamlet.

Romeo and Juliet is a narrative that everyone in their life is traveling to read, particularly in high school. If you ask people that have graduated from high school, what book they remember reading. I guarantee you that most of them will advert Romeo and Juliet. That merely shows you how powerful Shakespeare ‘s Hagiographas are. The narrative Romeo and Juliet is about two people who become to love each other but where they come from, they are truly enemies. It is dramatic sarcasm because since they can non be together, but they love each other so much, they end up killing themselves together. Romeo and Juliet is to me one of his greatest pieces of work.

You would believe that from all of Shakespeare ‘s achievements and all of the authorship he had done, that there would be a large influence in his life but truly there is no known influence in his life. I think that the lone thing he knew was composing, so he did what he did best and was truly good at it. There are n’t many writers from that clip that you read from these yearss but everyone knows Shakespeare and his work. Even though Shakespeare might hold non had a large influence in his life, he has influenced a batch of people today in at that place composing. I know there are people out there that look up to Shakespeare and analyze his composing so that they can be authors someday. Unfortunately, Shakespeare is n’t alive and we truly can non happen out all of this information about him.

Shakspere ended up traveling back to his place in Stratford and ended up go throughing off on April 23, 1616. This is dry because he died on his birthday in the exact same topographic point he was born. Shakespeare was buried in the Holy Trinity Church, and is still buried at that place today. Harmonizing to Petri Liukkonen from, these are the four lines that are written on Shakespeare ‘s grave, “ Good friend, for JesusA? interest forbeare / To digg the dust enclosed here! / Blest be ye adult male that spares thes rocks / And curst be he that moues my castanetss. ” It was said that his married woman and two misss wanted to be buried in the same grave when they died but ne’er did. Shakspere is today still arguably one of the best poets/writers in our history. His Hagiographas are still being read all over the universe four hundred old ages subsequently, and I do n’t see that stoping anytime shortly. He lived a life of 50 two old ages, accomplished so much and dedicated his life to authorship.

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