Literature Of Modernism And Postmodernism English Literature Essay Free Essay

A tree, A stone, A cloud written by Carson McCullers is a postmodernism narrative that trades with disenchantment that has a deep psychological subject of the human component that brings to illume that the head can be intelligent and strong but with a bad event that comes along in person ‘s life can drive them to existent disenchantment.

The narrative takes topographic point in a diner and the proprietor, Leo, is the lone character whose name is mentioned. Mccullers brings in older gentlemen that express his bosom and feelings to a immature paper male child who is nameless. The adult male goes through his spill about an event that has his psychological head set in a warp province. The adult male tells the male child that “ I love you ” in their debut at the diner. Leo, who is functioning breakfast and java, does non to be seemed excessively thrilled at the adventuresome ways of the adult male in the manner he is working his short but long narrative that he is showing to the male child. A disillusionment minute is displayed by Mccullers when he writes that the old adult male says to the immature paper male child to “ sit down and hold a beer with me ” . This shows that the old adult male is non in melody with whom he is speaking to, cognizing good and good that the male child is excessively immature to imbibe beer and Leo reminds the old gentleman that “ he is a minor ” .

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The old adult male shows the male child some exposure of a adult female ; so he responds by saying that he has ne’er seen her before. The old adult male references that the adult female in the exposure was his married woman. Leo seems bothered and annoyed like he has heard this narrative a million times. This did non halt the old adult male from stating the narrative of how he met his married woman and giving an history of what took topographic point and the love that he one time posses for this adult female. The male child is still at the point where he is seeking to understand were the old adult male is speaking about. The old adult male states that his married woman and he had been married for one twelvemonth, nine months, three yearss, and two darks and the old adult male states “ she left me ; I came in one dark and the house was empty and she was gone ” . The male child asked “ with a chap ” and the old adult male instantly comes back and says “ why of course, boy. A adult female does non run off like that entirely. ” The old adult male does n’t cognize this to be true but assumes that if a adult female leaves a adult male she had to hold gone with another adult male. This is McCullers manner of demoing that the old adult male ‘s psychological presence is a small out dated and old manner. As the old adult male keeps on stating the narrative about his love for this adult female ; he goes into item about the topographic points that he explored to seek for her and how for old ages the feelings started to alter. Once the male child inquire “ what was her name ” and the old adult male states that it is immaterial.

Mccullers has this scene, non merely in a diner, but has the old adult male intoxicated with beer in the wee hours of the forenoon. The old adult male tells the male child about love and how powerful love can be, but the old adult male explains how finally after all the seeking it became a clip when his ideas were being filled with clean ideas. The old adult male could give an history of when he last saw a piece of broken glass on the pavement or a nickel melody in a music box and besides a shadow on a wall at dark. The old adult male states that through it all ; the searching he could ne’er happen the adult female but she was trailing him in his psyche and how he blames her for his wickednesss. The old adult male disenchantment of his love for this adult female brought him hurting and sorrow, but he believed in his ain small universe that the love that was broken brought him to a province of head to where he drifted from province to province. The old adult male truly believes that there is a scientific discipline to love and there was a logical account to the love trigon. The old adult male states to the immature male child that “ make you cognize how love should begun? ” the old adult male states that it is an “ A tree. A stone. A cloud. ”

Mccullers concludes in this narrative and this narrative comes to a point that no 1 else was in the diner but the old adult male, Leo, and the small paperboy. Leo gets angry and tells the old adult male to close up. The old adult male tells them that he can love anything because he has found the scientific discipline to loving something ‘s but non allowing it psychologically empower him any longer. The male child ask the old adult male have “ you of all time fallen in love with a adult female once more? ” he answered “ no, Son. You see that ‘s the last stairss in my scientific discipline. I go cautious. And I am non rather ready yet. ” As the old adult male was go forthing the diner he reference to the immature male child “ retrieve I love you ” the male child who is still confused inquire Leo “ was he rummy ” and Leo says “ no ” the male child asked “ so was he a pot monster? ” “ No ” responded Leo. The male child besides asks “ was he crazy? Make you believe he was a moonstruck? ” Leo has no response so the male child references “ he certainly has done a batch of going. ”

Mccullers brings emotion in a psychological position to demo how love can come and travel, but the effects of loving could hold an ageless consequence on how a individual can see the universe. A head can be powerful but yet so delicate and delicate that one experience could hold a individual going down a dark route. It. was pointed out in so many ways in this narrative of a adult male who loved but was destroyed by love and now he is driven to a province of disenchantment that he feels he can command love but yet he is entirely and seeking love in all the incorrect things.

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