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French republics Hodgson Burnett ‘s The Secret Garden is a novel in which wellness issues figure conspicuously. From fatal diseases to disablements and mental illnesss, the writer incorporates the subject of unwellness in the book as an of import facet of the narrative. In fact, it is possible to reason that wellness jobs such as those mentioned above cause the chief character of the narrative to undergo a psychological growing, which leads to her rousing to the world of life. Furthermore, the subject of wellness throughout the narrative creates tenseness for the supporter every bit good as her familiarities and most of the turning points in the secret plan are related to these issues. As the narrative progresses, the alteration in character of Mary Lennox becomes evident as she is transformed from a really disagreeable immature kid, to a more cognizant and mature individual.

The fatal cholera that breaks out in India is a important event that farther leads to Mary ‘s psychological development. In fact, the narrative is merely get downing when this fatal disease spreads out and kills many people including both of Mary ‘s parents and her retainer besides known as an Ayah: “ The cholera had broken out in its most fatal signifier and people were deceasing like flies ” ( Burnett 4 ) . It is of import to detect that this event is the struggle of the plot line: the first major perturbation in the novel. The supporter is brought up to be a really disagreeable kid in India: “ [ … ] by the clip she was six old ages old she was every bit oppressive and selfish a small hog as of all time lived ” ( 2 ) . However, it is non possible to to the full fault Mary for the manner she was in the yesteryear. The fact that she was such a rancid individual is chiefly due to her life style in Asia and the manner she was taken attention of by her retainers. Due to the decease of her parents and her Ayah, Mary is sent to her uncle in England, where she is exposed to new people and a different life style. This major alteration in the chief character ‘s state of affairs easy awakens her to the world of life and her psychological growing is evident through the manner she acts during her yearss at Misselthwaite Manor.

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Furthermore, Colin Craven ‘s mental illness causes much tenseness in the Manor, but it proves to be good to Mary in the long term. The character of Colin is particularly of import to Mary ‘s mental growing because for the first clip, she meets a individual who somewhat resembles the manner she used to be back in India. “ Mary had non known that she herself had been spoiled, but she could see rather obviously that this cryptic male child had been. He thought that the whole universe belonged to him. ” ( 131 ) . Although Mary realizes that Colin is a spoilt kid, she is still non to the full cognizant of the manner she is herself. It is interesting to analyse the interaction between two spoiled kids in the novel, and it proves to be good for both of them. Colin is so used to acquiring what he wants that he pulls fits when things do non travel his manner. As an illustration of this, when Mary decides that she will non travel visit Colin one forenoon, he gets really angry at her. “ But Mary was non afraid of him ( Colin ) as other people were, and she was non a self-denying individual. ” ( 165 ) . This quotation mark refers to when Martha warns Mary that Colin will be really angry if she does non travel see him in his room. It is of import to detect that Mary has non to the full evolved to a mature adult female yet, and that she will non travel out of her manner to delight another kid as an grownup would. This event leads to a struggle between the two kids: a first for both Colin and Mary. The chief character of the narrative has a batch to reflect upon after this statement and this event decidedly helps her psychological growing.

Colin ‘s disablement to walk around is a really outstanding wellness issue in the narrative: it allows both Mary and Colin to hold a common end to prosecute, which besides helps Mary ‘s psychological development. In fact, Mary and Colin maintain a good relationship in malice of their old affraies. Mary benefits from Colin ‘s disablement because it allows her to persist in assisting this kid get the better of his job. Colin and Mary have a common dream and that is for her to take him in the secret garden with her. For the first clip in her life, Mary is get downing to do new friends such as Dickon, Colin, Ben Weatherstaff, and even Martha. It is with these people ‘s support that Mary helps Colin accomplish his dream. Towards the terminal of the novel, Mary is a really different individual compared to how she used to be in India. She acts courteously towards everybody, she is physically fit, and she is non the disagreeable miss she had ever been. There is a great sense of accomplishment for both Mary and Colin when he starts walking and is able to travel see the secret garden. This is really good for both of them. Colin ‘s wellness issues truly let Mary to go a more witting and caring individual.

In decision, whether it is the fatal cholera, Colin ‘s mental illness or his unwellness, the wellness issues in the novel all cause the chief character of the narrative to undergo a psychological growing, which leads to her rousing to the world of life. Furthermore, the tenseness that these wellness jobs create turns out to be good to the chief character as the narrative progresses because she becomes a much more mature individual at the terminal of the novel. Finally, it is through these illnesss, diseases and disablements that the writer is able to come on with the secret plan of her narrative. [ 979 words ] – Subject # 4

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Burnett, Frances Hodgson. The Secret Garden. London: Puffin Classicss, 1994.

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