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Nowadays, we can see how many Mexicans move to the United States of America looking for a better life. It is a world in the US how many nurserymans, housekeepers, waitresses, and tellers are Mexican workers. Many times we see that Mexican adult females that work as housekeepers on American places, are invariably socialising with the kids and grownups that live in the houses they are working in. Children usually look up to people who surround them, and copy their actions by larning from them. Even if the housekeeper were n’t Mexican, childs would of course larn from what they see and learn from them. In the instance of the film “ Spanglish ” , the housekeeper, Flor, is a Mexican, and throughout the film we can see how the two American kids that live in the house she works in, are easy larning from her with regard to her values. They start to follow them and demo them in their lives. This has affected the American civilization due to the apparent mixture of civilizations that comes along with Mexicans life and working in the United States. Children are the 1s who will run and pull off the state, and they grow up raised, in portion, by these Mexican adult females, so it is clear that this will hold an consequence on the manner societies live on the US, every bit good as in their civilization.

After watching the film “ Spanglish ” , analyze it, and reading books about Mexicans in the United States ; their intents and impacts on the American society, the decision of this drawn-out essay is that even though Mexicans are surely non cardinal in the formation and development of an American household, they interact so much with them that they become a portion of their lives, and unconsciously learn from them, and this slowly changes America ‘s civilization.

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This extended essay make-believes to analyse the film “ Spanglish ” ( 2004 ) from manager and author James L. Brooks, to show the influence in American kids when they socialize with Mexicans when they move to the United States of America looking for better chances and a better manner of life, particularly Mexican adult female. This film is about how Flor Moreno moves in with the Clasky ‘s household and brings along her girl, Cristina, with her. Flor works as a housekeeper for the household, and every bit shortly as they started populating with the Clasky ‘s, they start holding problems with linguistic communication, the differences in their values, and their civilizations.

For that ground, the inquiry that this drawn-out essay desires to reply is How does the film “ Spanglish ” shows the influence in American households when Mexicans move to populate and work in American societies?

Concentrating in making the impact in the American households ‘ values when they live and socialize with Mexicans. This will be done by researching in books about Mexicans in the USA and analysing the film “ Spanglish ” , concentrating on the consequence that households have by interacting with Mexican working adult females.

As a immature, Mexican adult female who lives in a boundary line metropolis next to the United States, I see the effects that American households have by interacting so much with Mexicans. Therefore, my aim is to look into to what widen does this go on, specially with Mexican adult female and American households. The film “ Spanglish ” shows an illustration of how this happens. Throughout the essay, I will compare the American household ‘s values when they are invariably socialising with a Mexican adult female, and when they are non.


When Mexicans go to the United States, they most likely want to accomplish the “ American Dream ” . California offers chances to this people that ca n’t be offered anyplace else. The “ California Dream ” includes several factors, for illustration, the Gold Rush, and its continue bequest of easy money and broken hopes, the sense of liberty which came from an nightlong development, old ages in front of the progressing frontier, the assortments of people who arrived, and that they brought along.[ 1 ]California represents the hope of better work, better wages, and overall a better life. In the film Spanglish[ 2 ], Flor Moreno and her girl move to Los Angeles. At first they lived for six old ages in a town that was non that different from their place in Mexico. Flor worked two occupations paying a sum of 450 dollars a hebdomad. They lived with one of their cousins.

Normally, in California, most Hispanics live in the southern portion of the province. In Los Angeles, Mexicans are concentrated in the eastern portion of the metropolis. Linguistically and culturally these barrios give coherence and security to Hispanic immigrants who keep shacking in the barrio chiefly for economic grounds. In declared such as California, Hispanic kids and young person are the largest minority population. In this province, Hispanics constitute about 19 per centum of the population. These forms are a contemplation of the history of these provinces where Mexicans were the first colonists and have emigrated in big Numberss.[ 3 ]When Flor and Cristina Moreno ( her girl ) foremost travel to L.A, the lived in one of these barrios, and everything seemed so likewise to what they were used to in Mexico. The people at that place spoke Spanish, Flor was able to work with things she knew how to make, wish wash, and Cristina was able to play with childs her age that came from the same roots as her. Life in concentrated countries helps to continue their native civilization.

Traditional beliefs such as baptisms, nuptialss, verifications, are chances to regenerate cultural and cultural imposts and beliefs.[ 4 ]Spanish americans in the United States keep their original individualities and cultural forms of life, doing Hispanic a typical and alone cultural group in the United States and, although they may non follow other cultural and lingual features, they keep practising those forms that identify them as Dominicans, Colombians, [ and in this instance ] , Mexicans, and non simply Hispanics.[ 5 ]

Spanish americans are a population in demand of fiscal resources. They suffer from a assortment of economic and societal jobs such as unemployment, hapless lodging, and unequal wellness attention, among others.[ 6 ]This is non precisely the instance of Flor and her girl, but they do necessitate more money than what they were doing. That is precisely the ground why Flor accepts to work with the Clasky household when she was offered to.

It is of import to cognize the content of the film for a complete comprehension of how the American civilization becomes affected by Mexicans working in their state. When Flor foremost enter the Clasky ‘s house, she is amazed by all the things that she sees because it is really different from the barrio where she lives. She has an interview with Deborah Clasky, the adult female of the house. She does n’t work. She likes to do a batch of exercising and shows a really dying attitude towards everything. She introduces her girl, Bernice, and his boy, Georgie, to Flor and her cousin, who had accompanied her for the interview. They besides meet Deborah ‘s female parent, Evelyn, who seems to be the lone 1 who truly understands her dying girl. Deborah tells Flor that she is perfect for the occupation. Then she finds out that she does n’t talk any English, but decides that it would n’t be a job.

Flor thanks her and leaves the house. Throughout the whole film, she ever shows to hold good values.

Feminism is one of the first valleies that we can analyse from Flor. When she tells Cristina that she got the occupation, they go out for dinner to observe. While being in the eating house, two work forces invite her some drinks. This action truly offended Flor and asks the waitress to state the work forces that she wants them to be respectful, and inquire them to detect that she is with her girl and that accepting those drinks would be a bad illustration for her kid. This besides shows that she is a really proud individual.

The Clasky household seems to hold a set of values of their ain. John Clasky is an first-class chef who shows that he is respectful, lovingness, and a gentleman. He frequently offers to open the door to Flor, and ever thanks her for the things she does. There is a scene in the film where Deborah buys some apparels to Bernice, but she intentionally bought them a size smaller than what she truly is, with the aim of doing her girl loose weight. This makes Bernice call and acquire angry with her female parent for doing her feel corpulence. John and Flor were worried about Bernice ‘s ego regard after how Deborah had treated her, even though she said it was the best for her. Flor decides to steel those new apparels for a dark and repair them, so that they were bigger and they fit Bernice. This shows how sort, apprehension, and generous Flor was, because she did this favour to Bernice even though she had merely met her, and even though she took the apparels without permission, her purposes where ne’er to maintain them.

We can see throughout the film that Flor ne’er lets Cristina disobey her or be ill-mannered with her. She commands regard at all clip, and that is something that you can see in Mexican civilizations really frequently. Mothers tell to their girls that they must be respectful and to ne’er oppugn any order that they give to their kids. When Flor was foremost seeking to larn English, she was reiterating some sentences that she wanted to state in that linguistic communication, and Cristina starts express joying at her. This made Flor bend and expression at her girl boldly and ferociously. Cristina knew instantly that she had to halt laughing, and so she did.

After that, we can see in Cristina ‘s face that she feels guilty about what she did, because those are her values, and that ‘s the manner she has ever been educated.

Subsequently on in the film, we can see how Bernice gets angry with her female parent because she noticed that she usually lies to everyone to acquire what she wants or that she does things that she knows are incorrect and she lies to acquire away with it. In several occasions, we can state by Bernice ‘s facial looks that she can non believe that her female parent does that, but she keeps quiet and does n’t raise the voice to her female parent, whereas at the beginning of the film, she does stand up to her female parent, she is ill-mannered, and she embarrass her. This shows that throughout the film, Bernice observes the behaviour of Cristina towards Flor and imitates those actions to demo good behavior, and this is non needfully to do her female parent happy, but she learns that those are good values that merely do her a better individual.

Cristina has her ain values, which were learnt from her female parent. When they accompany the Clasky ‘s to their house in Malibu, she tells the household that she is thrilled to be at that place and so she thanks them, likely more times than what were truly necessary. This shows that she has a demand to do people cognize what she is grateful for. She wants to demo her grasp and gratitude to the household for giving her the award of remaining with them. The Clasky ‘s seem really surprised and amazed by this, because usually, their childs are n’t like that, and they do n’t look to cognize a batch of people every bit grateful as she is, because if they did, they would n’t be so surprised, and it would n’t hold caused that much impact in them. However, in the last scenes we can see that both, Bernice and Georgie adopt many of the values that they invariably saw on Flor and Cristina. For illustration, we can see that Georgie becomes a grateful individual, and thanked his grandma, his male parent, and his female parent for things they do for him, even if they are every bit simple as conveying him nutrient, or reading narratives for him.

There is another portion of the film where John asks his two childs and Cristina to look for a specific type of shells and stones by the sea. Bernice and Georgie did n’t like the game, so they went on and played with a ball. On the contrary, Cristina does the occupation that John asked her.

The wages that they were traveling to acquire for happening the stones was money. John gave a certain value to the different types of stones and shells, depending of the size and form. Cristina spend the full twenty-four hours looking for them throughout the beach, which made her happen the sufficient sum of rocks to bear down John with approximately five 100 dollars, which he accepts to pay, because he says that that was what he had promised, and even though she said it was all right and that he did n’t truly needed to pay, he kept his promise and paid. This shows how Cristina has learned that when person offers a occupation with an economic wages, she must make it, and that she has to be paid for her difficult work, dedication, and via media for that work. She has seen that all her life, looking at how her female parent was a difficult worker and honorable adult female and that she was ever rewarded with money that allowed them to populate. And non merely her female parent, but her female parent ‘s friends and household did the same. During this film, when we see Mexican adult females workers in Los Angeles, we can detect that they typically get the occupations of house cleansing, wash concern, or they have little shop sections where they do hair and nails.

Another brace of values that we can see in Flor is self-respect and the bravery to stay sane. When Deborah takes Cristina to repair her hair and travel shopping, Flor gets truly disquieted, dying, and angry, due to the fact that Deborah left her a note that said that she was literally nerving her girl for a twenty-four hours. Flor feels like shouting the full twenty-four hours, but when John enters the same room that she is in, she collects the bravery to demo saneness and composure, even though she feels wholly different. She does this because she wants to maintain her self-respect, and she feels like cipher can see her call without them believing that she is weak, and she would ne’er allow John see that. She ever represents herself as a strong and independent adult female.

Dignity and bravery is something we do n’t truly see in with the Clasky household. However, at the stoping of the film, this alterations.

One of the last things that happen in the movie is that Deborah tells John that she has been holding an matter with another adult male. This took a great sum of bravery from her because she wanted to maintain it a secret, but she realized that it was highly incorrect and decided to state John. What truly made her take that determination was that her female parent, Evelyn, talked to her about that issue. Evelyn tells her that John was a great adult male and that she would ne’er happen another adult male like him. Deborah realizes how Flor is ever handling John, which was in a really respectful mode, and she notices how Flor is ever supporting and contending for what she thinks is right, which might hold inspire Deborah to state the truth. Here we can see how this Mexican adult female non merely influenced the American kids with whom she was now populating, but besides the grownups.

Another illustration of this is when John listens to the intelligence his married woman merely gave him and decides to go forth the house to believe entirely. This shows self-respect, because in a certain manner he made himself be respected by Deborah when he leaves, because if he would hold stayed there with her, he would hold shown no regard for himself, since he would demo a careless behaviour. Earlier in the film, John and Flor take a walk by the beach, and John implies to her that she makes him desire to be a better adult male, by stating her that she is a really good individual that, in a certain manner, she inspires other people to be every bit good as her.

During the period of clip in the movie that Deborah takes Cristina with her, the miss thanks Deborah for everything, and she tells her that she is the most astonishing white adult female that she has of all time known. Deborah takes this as a immense compliment, and she thanks Cristina for her company, because you can state by Deborah ‘s reaction that she and her girl did n’t truly went shopping and making things together. When they come back, Evelyn, the grandma, tells Deborah that she ca n’t take person else ‘s girl and run off the manner she did, which merely made Deborah really angry. This now shows us the values of Evelyn. She knows that what Deborah did is non right, non in Los Angeles, non in Mexico, or anyplace else.

Evelyn shows a great sum of apprehension and consideration for Flor, because she knows how low and respectful she is towards everybody, and she knows it is non just that Deborah responded in a wholly different manner. During the film, she besides thanks Flor for ne’er judging her even though she acts unusual sometimes and so she kisses her on the cheek, demoing the value of grasp.

Subsequently on, Deborah justifies her actions by stating John that she merely wanted Cristina to experience welcome, which shows that she has sympathy for the child, but besides shows how disrespectful and inconsiderate she is towards Flor, and how she cares merely about Cristina.

That is besides incorrect because she has a girl of her ain who is experiencing sad by seeing how her female parent has fun with person else ‘s girl, and when Bernice looks at how much merriment her ma and Cristina has without her, she feels truly sad and defeated.

Attempts have been made to seek to run Latino immigrants into the American society by holding them get American values and imposts and learning them English at the disbursal of their ain civilization and linguistic communication.[ 7 ]This is represented in the film when Deborah insists over and over that Cristina should travel to the same school as her girl. She says it is the best option for her, and that she could even acquire a scholarship. Flor admits to John that she is afraid that Cristina would lose her values and civilization if she enters that school, because she had seen it with other people ‘s kids.

Latino kids and young person are non a homogenous socioeconomic and educational group. Mexicans have the lowest educational attainment. A important per centum of Latino kids and young person portion the Spanish linguistic communication and Latino civilizations. Language, spiritual beliefs, household construction and general imposts are enhanced among Hispanics.

There is a common denominator of Latino civilization, particularly in the same Hispanic socioeconomic category. Latino kids have a wide scope of linguistic communication features and need that impact upon their development.[ 8 ]For illustration, Cristina has to linguistic communications, Spanish and English. This helps her develop in the manner that she can pass on in both linguistic communications with no problem, and while life in the United States, this is a immense advantage for her.

Cristina tells John that their household is Catholics ; hence, they are really familiar with guilt. Flor felt guilty after reasoning with John about how Deborah had taken Cristina without her permission. She felt that manner because she knows that she is working for them and she should be respectful, and she besides feels guilty when she realize that she was being dissembler for reasoning about how Deborah should n’t acquire affect with Cristina ‘s personal life, but Flor did the same thing with Bernice when she fixed her apparels earlier in the film. This shows how they do transport their values and spiritual beliefs anyplace they go. After Flor apologizes for being ill-mannered to John Clasky, he follows her illustration and apologizes back ; amazed by the circumstance he is in. He ca n’t believe that Flor apologized, and he sees that as an action of good manners and decides to make the same, influenced by the values that Flor shows.

Another interesting fact that the film shows, is that Deborah, an American adult female, stays at place and watches the childs, while Flor, a Mexican adult female in the United States, is found working all the clip, even if she does n’t cognize the English Language. Researchs have shown that merely 8.8 per centum of Mexican adult females have English linguistic communication proficiency.[ 9 ]Despite this, Flor works more than Deborah, even if she has troubles with communication because of the linguistic communication.

The employments and economic chances of Mexican workers have been restricted since the appropriation of northern Mexico by the United States after the United States- Mexico war of 1846-1848 reformulates the labour market cleavage theoretical account, giving race – ethnicity a cardinal focal point. Mexicans ‘ category place integrally bound to the position of their racial – cultural individualities. That is, Mexican ethnicity became synonymous with inexpensive labour and lower category position as Mexicans became incorporated into low-level sections of the labour force.[ 10 ]Flor and her cousin, who is besides a Mexican working in Los Angeles, are seen in the film as a lower category position. We can see this when they show the house they live in, which is non in the best conditions, and nowhere every bit large as the Clasky ‘s house. We can besides see this in the manner they dress up. Flor and her girl are have oning common simple apparels, while Deborah is ever have oning at least some sort of jewellery and expensive frocks. And eventually, we can besides see that while John is an of import chef, known as one of “ the best chefs in America ” , Flor is his housekeeper, which reflects a certain degree of lower status.

Flor shows more values when she is larning to talk the English linguistic communication. She buys a plan she saw on telecasting that contains CD ‘s, a DVD, books, etc. , which will assist her with her English.

She patterns during her on the job hours, and in her free clip. Sometimes, even Evelyn, Georgie, and Bernice pattern with her, even though they already speak this linguistic communication. This shows the value of solidarity from their portion.

This now makes us chew over that they have been developing values of their ain, and as ever, childs make up their ain set of values harmonizing to what they see in their surrounding, and unconsciously copying the people they see as governments or people who they admire. By this clip in the film, Flor has lived with them a long clip now, and she is an authorization figure that these kids look up to. While larning English, Flor shows duty, bravery, courage, finding, difficult work, dedication, and hope, among others.

Cristina and Flor ever show trueness to their civilization, which is highly of import because it shows that they stay true to who they truly are, no affair where they are and who they are populating with. The besides ever remain really low.

In the “ Spanglish ” DVD, there is a subdivision in the particular characteristics content that contains a “ Behind the Scene ” section. In at that place, we can listen to the manager, James L. Brooks, talking about the mixture of civilizations and how they collide to do what appears to do a new 1. He besides says that with this film he wanted to demo an American point of position about how Mexicans socialize in an American place. Even in the rubric Spanglish shows the mixture of two things, two linguistic communications, two states, and two civilizations. In an interview made by Paul Fischer to James Brooks, they asked him how much research did he make before doing the film, his reply was: “ Enormous, tremendous, tremendous. Siting around tabular arraies, sitting at my place, garnering adult females, hearing great lines, seeing adult females with their kids, holding the childs translate, speaking to them about that experience. ”[ 11 ]This shows how he got inspired on something that he saw, and non something that he invented with his imaginativeness. This demonstrates that these state of affairss occur in existent life.


Not all American households live with Mexicans, or socialise with them. Their presence is non indispensable in the development, instruction, or formation of the American kids or in the manner the household behaves. However, one time they integrate to the day-to-day life of an American household, they will most probably have a great influence on their lives, and non merely because of the fact that they portion a certain sum of infinite with them, but because Mexicans carry with them their values and civilization, and they ne’er stop demoing them. This has an consequence on the manner these Americans will act in the hereafter by passing so much clip with Mexicans who arrived to their places or vicinities looking for occupations or a better manner of life in general. In the instance of “ Spanglish ” , we can reason that the Clasky ‘s household did hold alterations in their lives and in their values by populating with Flor and Cristina. They saw that both of them carried values that showed good manners, and that made them sympathetic. They found them animating, which led to the household to copy what they saw as good values. To stress on replying the chief inquiry of this drawn-out essay, we can reason that households that live or are invariably socialising with Mexicans are influenced by them. Even though they are surely non cardinal in the formation and development of an American kid and American households, when they interact so much with them, they become a portion of their lives, and unconsciously learn from them, merely like all kids learn from their milieus, and these is easy altering America ‘s civilization, because each twenty-four hours more and more Mexicans immigrate to the USA, and they easy became a portion of its civilization.

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