Mt First Lovely Dog English Literature Essay Free Essay

My male parent likes animate beings really much that he kept them since I was immature. He had Canis familiariss. At that clip, I was excessively immature that I was afraid of them. I was little kid and they were large monsters. So I did n’t wish them. But, my male parent tried to do me go familiar with them. So he used to gave me opportunities to touch the small babe Canis familiaris. He brought the babe to me every dark for 5~6 proceedingss. The Big Canis familiaris was scared, but the small babe was really cunning.

However, One twenty-four hours, one accident happened to me. It was approximately noon. There was cipher but merely me in my house because my parents went to work. It was nice twenty-four hours until the BIG my male parent ‘s Canis familiaris appeared. The tether of her was cut! Although I knew that I should n’t run off in forepart of Canis familiariss, but I was really aghast and frightened that I ran off. Surely she ran after me. But she ran merely cause I ran. However I misunderstood she was approximately to seize with teeth me. I was excessively abashed that I fell down. The Canis familiaris merely passed me and disappeared. At that clip, I was really aghast that I thought I had got bitten by her. And truly there was a cicatrix on my arm! But it was scare which is made by droping down to the land. I could acknowledge it a few yearss ago.

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After that incident, I hated dog really much until my household moved to here. My male parent likes mother nature really much that we moved to state side when I was 8 old ages old. Here is truly deep in the mountain that there is a few houses. So it is nice to maintain animate beings. Then my male parent started to maintain Canis familiariss once more. At first, my male parent brought a small Canis familiaris that I loved her. As Yeappi ( the Canis familiaris ‘s name ) became bigger and bigger, automatically I do n’t detest large Canis familiariss any longer. Every eventide, my male parent and me used to walked around with her. She liked run really much.

And she was a good female parent. When she raised her childs, she wholly devoted herself. When she took attention of her babes, they were the first of import things to her. Guarding her babes was certain thing to her. If her babe excreted dongs, she ate it all to do it clean. And to cancel the odor of babe from their enemy. I was moved to saw that. Besides if it was really cold twenty-four hours, she dug the hole and moved her babe to there to do them warm.

However she was besides aggressive like other wild animals. I loved coney that Once I had kept coney. When he was a small coney, I could had him in my room. But as he grew up, it became difficult to. So my male parent decided to maintain him following to Yeappi ‘s place. My male parent and I thought that it is really good thought. But every bit shortly as Yeappi saw my coney, she changed wildly. She tried to kill him! ! We were shocked and my male parent saved rabbit really rapidly. But it was late. Already one of ears of coney was cut. Sadly, my coney had gone after 7days. At that clip, I hated and blamed Yeappi for long times. But she was n’t aggressive to me that as clip goes by I could bury that go oning.

By the manner, My male parent is n’t acquire along with a cat of neighbour. He is truly ignoble. He tried to appeal his choler to non merely my household but besides Yeappi! He blamed and shouted to Yeappi whenever he passed her. Just because she was barking! Even he spitted to hapless Yeappi! ! ! One dark, I could n’t stand it any longer. It was about midnight. That dark, she barked aloud. So he came to Yeappi, threatened her with long stick with shouting. I got angry that I got away with my ma and had a fought with him. I said to him “ It is non a Canis familiaris mistake but our mistake. Then you should see my household, non Canis familiaris. And you used to shouted to my Canis familiaris with really disgusting words! How would you like person blamed you, If you were a Canis familiaris? Surely you would detest him and bark at him, is n’t you? Besides Your method is incorrect! You could work out this job with us non chase! And you are really ill-mannered! It ‘s about midnight. It ‘s excessively late, do n’t you cognize? You could see us following forenoon! ” And so, I wanted to contend with him more, but my ma made me returned to place.

And following forenoon, he made a problem. Finally he destroyed Yeappi ‘s house! Oh my God. I hate that cat really much. He let off his choler to chase! Yeappi could n’t show her bad emotion except for barking. How could make that such a hapless Canis familiaris! I ca n’t understand him and I do n’t desire to understand him either! !

Sadly, my male parent decided to allow Yeappi travel. I did n’t desire to make that, but I thought it is torture to Yeappi. So I agreed with him. Since so, I could n’t reach to her. I am truly regretful to her.

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Thread: I do n’t like animate beings.

Post: I do n’t like animate beings.

Writer: GA-YUN 5B KO

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 5:38 AM

Last Modified Date: November 21, 2010 5:45 AM

Status: Published

Overall evaluation: A

I have ne’er raised cat, Canis familiaris, coney, hamster and so on because my household, including me, do non like animate beings.

I do non like animate beings. Frankly speech production, I hate animate beings. From small animate beings to an animate being of immense size, I hate animate beings. Of class, I like to see cunning puppy or lovely cat but it is merely a oculus confect. I feel repulsion toward animate beings. There are many grounds that I do non like animate beings.

First ground that I do non like animate beings is fear. I am afraid of being bitten by animate beings. Dog, cat, coney, hamster and so on have crisp dentitions. They have endangering dentitions. Particularly, large Canis familiaris has immense lower jaw and big dentitions. It is really chilling to look. Because of this, I do non desire to travel near them.

Second ground that I do non like animate beings is hair. I do non like touch animate beings that have hair. It is awful that I touch them or they touch me. It feels eldritch and uneven. Besides, when they move, their hairs are falling out. The hairs can trip allergic reactions such as coughing and wheezing. Therefore no affair how cute an carnal expressions, I barely like to stroke, pet and touch.

Third ground that I do non like animate beings is ungraded. Of class, household pets are clean but I think that animate beings that wander the streets are really soiled. They live streets so they are surely foul. Animals that wander the streets can non rinse their organic structures so they have the possibility that they have diseases. Besides animals that wander the streets may hold diseases that can convey people. For illustration, people can be infected with hydrophobias. We have to be careful of it. Because of this, I do non desire to travel near them.

Fourth ground that I do non like animate beings is noise. Animals are really noisy. Animals make a noisy sound. Typical noisy animate beings are dog and cat. When Canis familiariss bark at a individual, it is really noisy. And the sound can scare a individual to decease. Furthermore, cats meow. Around the flat edifice that I live in now, there are many cats. Every darks, they mew as a group. Cats sound like a babe weeping. It is really atrocious sound.

Last ground that I do non like animate beings is my experience with animate beings. When I was immature, my grandma raised a Canis familiaris. One twenty-four hours, the Canis familiaris gave birth to two whelps. The two puppies were really cunning and lovely. Because I was immature, I was bold. So I tried to convey the two puppies from their female parent with no definite thought. Suddenly the female parent Canis familiaris attacked me to recover her babes. I was greatly surprised and I screamed loud. It was fortunate that I was non hurt but I was really aghast by her sudden action. From that twenty-four hours, I took a strong disfavor to stroke, pet and touch animate beings. I became afraid of animate beings. That experience made me dislike animate beings.

For these grounds, I do non like animate beings. Of class, I like to see cunning puppy, lovely cat, small hamster and so on, but I do non desire to touch them. I merely want to see them. I do non desire to travel close animate beings.

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Thread: Animals are our friends!

Post: Animals are our friends!

Writer: HUI-YUN 5B LEE

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 9:26 AM

Last Modified Date: November 25, 2010 12:18 AM

Status: Published

Overall evaluation: A

Animals are our friends!

I like animate beings. Sometimes I find some animate beings at unexpected topographic points and I get smiled. For illustration, I met coneies accidently which were feeding on grass when I was exerting at Sara-bong. And when I climbed the Hala mountain, I heard subdued sounds like something is go throughing. Soon I find a beautiful roe which was looking at me oddly. Besides we can easy go on to run into Canis familiariss which help a adult male who is visually handicapped when traversing the street. In add-on to these animate beings, there are assorted species of animate beings and our ecosystem consists of them.A

A However these animate beings are enduring from homo ‘s selfishness. Environmental break causes big temperature alterations and ecological adaptation. As consequences of them, many animate beings are threatened with extinction. Besides, indiscriminate poaching has placed many carnal species in danger of extinction, excessively. For illustration, poachers capture many giants cruelly to commercial development. And some people hunt animate beings like raccoons, coneies, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams or so, A so clamber them and made a fur coat in the name of manner. Crocodile is used for many accoutrements such as pocketbooks, manner belts and bags. Even dog meat is really popular and healthy nutrient for some Koreans. Last twelvemonth, I have watched a docudrama called “ Tears of the Amazon ” . Harmonizing to that, A A some people in the Amazon besides ruthlessly capture alone animate beings in Amazon and sell them off for a life and it made some species to vanish.

We should halt being barbarous to animate beings, because animate beings are on an equal terms with human being. Human has no right to find other animate being ‘s being. Animals are our friends. We can easy understand it by imaging our egos in animate being ‘s place. To construct this sort of position of universe, it is good for us to remind a Indian head ‘s missive.

In 1850, the Indian chiefA wrote lettersA to white adult males who force Indian to give ownership of their land. “ How daring you buy and sell sky and land? We think it is really uneven. We ca n’t have sacred sky and twinkling H2O, how daring we sell it? All things of this land are sacred. We are the portion of the land and land is portion of us. Flowers are our sisters. And cervid, Equus caballuss, bird of Joves are our brothers. A bouldery mountain, wild flowers, pony and homo are household. aˆ¦aˆ¦We thought about your proposal to sell our land.A A WeA want to suggestA some conditions to you.A I have seen a batch of icky H2O American bisons which white people shoot and throw off. You have to function animate beings in this land as your brothers. What is human being in the universe without animate beings? If all animate beings are gone, human will decease because of solitariness. All creative activities are related, so the thing which happened to animal can go on to human, excessively. Although we sell this land to you, love this as the manner we love it. Please protect and love this land unfeignedly for your boies and grandsons. ”

As the Indian head said, animate beings are our cherished comrade. They are cherished merely the manner they are. They live non for humanA butA forA themselves.A So we should protect them from our selfishness. We can take up a positive actionA by get downing from a small things. For illustration I can protect bird nest which is located near my balcony. Because protecting animate being ‘s home ground is get downing of the love. And we can sometimes seek some vegetarian diet while reminding of animate being ‘s right to populate. If we perform these small but of import plants, the relation between human and the other animate beings will be improved and travel meaningful. I hope more animate beings to hold their stable home ground and acquire a right to populate their ain life. For that, homo ‘s support is indispensable.

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Thread: To my unforgettable pet, Ban-di

Post: To my unforgettable pet, Ban-di

Writer: JI-HAE 5B BAK

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 9:01 AM

Last Modified Date: November 21, 2010 9:03 AM

Status: Published

Overall evaluation: A

Dear my cherished pet, Ban-di

When reading this forum subject foremost, you rushed upon my head. You are a Canis familiaris. And I ‘m human. But that was non of import. You were same as my household. Although you are no longer with me, I ‘m still miss you. So I want to remember memory with you through this forum.

Make you retrieve when we met for the first clip? I ‘m eight old ages old that clip. And you were merely one months old little puppy. My household began to speak about your name. Finally we choose your name. It was Ban-di! It means a fire beetle in Korean. Because you have shiny aureate hair we choose that name. I was excited because I lived you. But you were whining all dark. It was because you were scared. I felt sorry for you. So I brought you to my room in secret. When I petted your pelt, you went to kip peacefully. After you went to kip, I went to kip near you, excessively. Although I was scolded by my parents ( my parents does n’t let to raise Canis familiaris in the house because I have asthma ) , I was truly happy because you could kip peacefully.

We have become near after the twenty-four hours. Even though we were different species, I felt you understood my feeling. When I was happy, you were glad with me. And when I was sad, you shared my sorrow. When I was shouting, you come to my side quitely. Then you started lick my custodies until I stop shouting. It was a great solace to me. I still lose your comfort when I get depressed.

You were a really thoughtful Canis familiaris. But you were besides jealousy. I brought up you and other Canis familiaris ‘Buk ‘ at the same clip. One twenty-four hours Buk gave birth to puppies. Puppies were so cunning. So my household ‘s attending was on newborn puppies. Than you became huffish. So you went up on the roof and ne’er came down expect meal clip. By than, I understood your head. So I gave much attending to you. Merely so you came down to the land. Even now I ‘m amusing at the idea of it. It was jealousy but really cunning behaviour.

Even though I brought up you, I was afraid of Canis familiariss which are non my pet. One twenty-four hours I met a unusual Canis familiaris on the manner place from school. It was non far from my house. But I could n’t travel because I was so scared. I merely screamed. Just at that minute you appeared! Although you were smaller than a unusual Canis familiaris, you barked ferociously. The Canis familiaris ran off fortuitously. You saved my life! I ‘m so thankful to you.

Now I write about our last twenty-four hours. It was a showery twenty-four hours. Just as I was go forthing place, you come to my side easy. And you looked up at me. I told you to come in your house in fright of you got soaked in the rain. But you did n’t come in your house. Alternatively, you looked up at me for a long clip. Although your behaviour was unusual, I went to school so that I would n’t be late. I received a text message from my male parent that twenty-four hours. The text messages runs therefore. “ Ban-di went to heaven. Please pray for Ban-di. ” I burst into cryings. I remembered your eyes that forenoon. I felt so sad I could n’t halt weeping. It was for the first clip that I lost my love 1s. I cried my eyes out. So I took an early leave from school and went place. And I finally absent from school following twenty-four hours. There were so many memories that we made together the cryings did n’t halt running.

Ban-di. How is everything with you in heaven? I still miss you so much. I could ne’er set into words how much I miss you. Even though we lived together about 10 old ages, it seems to take more than ten old ages to bury you. No. I ca n’t ne’er bury you. We wo n’t populate together any more, I will care for every minute we have been together. Ban-di! Please take attention in oasis. I love you so much!

from your unforgettable household, Ji-hae.

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Thread: We need to protect animate beings.

Post: We need to protect animate beings.

Writer: JI-WON 5B HUH

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 7:06 AM

Status: Published

Overall evaluation: A

I like seeing animate beings in menagerie. And I besides like to travel fish tank and see many sorts of fish or to watch a dolphin show. But I ca n’t maintain animate beings. Because I can non touch or travel close animate beings, even little. And I ‘m afraid of animate beings like Canis familiariss, poulets, ducks, and so on.

I ‘m peculiarly scared to travel close Canis familiariss. There was experience about this. When I went my aunt ‘s house during Chu-seok, there was a large Canis familiaris. A Canis familiaris was kept on a lead. So I tried to travel near the Canis familiaris with my cousin. But I failed because of Canis familiaris ‘s barking.

And there are another experience about Canis familiariss. In last summer, I went my friend ‘s house to play with her. But there were two Canis familiariss, excessively. And because my friend knew that I ‘m really frightened of Canis familiariss, she saved me from Canis familiariss. So I could come in her place safely. But the job occurred when I came place. When I came out from her house, like before, she tried to salvage me from her Canis familiariss. But she failed and two Canis familiariss surrounded me. And I was excessively fearful because two Canis familiariss reached my legs. In the terminal, I cried. Like these, I ‘m really frightened of Canis familiariss.


So I hope that I ‘m non scared and I can touch Canis familiariss someday. Because I ‘m frightened of Canis familiariss, non dislike or hate.A And because of fright of animate beings, A I was apathetic to animate beings and I do n’t wish confabs about animate beings.

By the manner, these yearss I take more involvement in animate beings. After I watched two articles through cyberspace about animate being maltreatment, I changed my head. One is “ The decease of Maltese ” , and the other is “ The Cat, Eun-bi incident ” .

First, “ The decease of Maltese ” was that after Maltese Canis familiaris was born, it breed for 10 old ages, because of his proprietor for doing money. Because the proprietor forced him to engender, Maltese finally go sick awfully. And the proprietor left him entirely, Maltese was died in the terminal.

And “ The Cat, Eun-bi incident ” was similar the narrative of Maltese. In one efficiency flat, a adult female in mid-twentiess hit her cat badly and throw it outside the window.

I was really shocked by reading them. And I besides feel awful after watching them. Frankly speech production, I was really angry that people act that. The proprietor of Maltese was really selfish and greedy. Besides it was incorrect act that Eun-bi ‘s proprietor teased the cat. Thinking, it is natural that we should non make such Acts of the Apostless. And such behaviors are unacceptable. But what ‘s the thought of the such Acts of the Apostless and why do that? I saw one remark in article. “ Peoples are the most of import than any others. So what is the job? ” This remark makes me angry and I felt ashamed as a individual. And it does non do sense. Because animate beings have the rights and it is non of import thing that who is more of import. And animate beings are populating things, non our playthings.

And after seeing two articles, I thought carefully about animate beings rights. I think that animate beings have the rights. I read in a book that in Korea, otherwise other states, there are some people that kill pets or wild animate beings pitilessly. Nevertheless these people were n’t punished or were punished lightly for these Acts of the Apostless. So some people have no respect for maltreating animate beings. Therefore we need to fix measures and protect animate beings from carnal inhuman treatment.

And I wish that animate being maltreatment no more occur. Along with this I hope that I ‘m non scared and I can touch animate beings every bit shortly as possible.

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Thread: My lovely favored Pump.

Post: My lovely favored Pump.

Writer: MI-HWA 5B KIM

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 2:07 Autopsy

Status: Published

Overall evaluation: A

My lovely favored Pump.

Since I was a kid, I loved animate beings. I thought that animate beings is really cunning. So I wanted to raise carnal. But my parents did non like animate beings. Therefore they refused my petition. When I saw Canis familiariss and cats, ever I wanted to chuck Canis familiariss and cats.

Meanwhile I became a 2nd twelvemonth in in-between school. I went to my friend house, that clip I saw a animate being. This animate being was really cunning and bantam. This animate being seemed like mouse. My friend introduced her pet. This animate being is included species of hamster. Since that clip, I dreamed about raising hamster all twenty-four hours. So I pressed my parents. But they refused my petition. When I went to place after school, I tried to carry my parents every twenty-four hours. After all my parents permitted my petition. My parents suggested some regulations. First I raised hamster and cleaned hamster`s pelt. Second I did non trouble oneself hamster. Concluding I paid full cost about hamster. So I had saved pocket money for a few months. And I brought a hamster. I called my favored Pump. Merely I saw the Pump that I felt happy. I had problem to take attention of my pet because I raised pet foremost and I did non understand what my pet wants. One twenty-four hours I did non cognize that my pet was hurt. A few yearss subsequently my hamster walked square. I was surprised and shocked. Right now I took my hamster to carnal infirmary. Veterinarian said “ If this hamster non treated, it walk feeble hamster`s whole life. ” I was so regretful.

While we spent a twelvemonth, we had a happy times. One twenty-four hours, when I went to place after school, I had a unusual esthesis. So I wanted to travel place every bit fast as I could. When I arrived place, I saw the hamster. The hamster was lying on the underside. I thought that Pump was kiping. But Pump groaned with hurting. I was embarrassed. I did non cognize that what I have to make. I took my hamster to animal infirmary every bit fast as I could. Veterinarian said “ Hamster is bantam and decrepit animate being. So hamster is susceptible to colds. If hamster catch a cold, hamster can decease. I am non certain that this hamster dainty wholly. ” I received drug and took my hamster to place. I kept my hamster drugged. And I waited that Pump would acquire the better of sickness.Suddenly Pump groaned with hurting once more. Anything to took the hurting off from my hamster. Just I could pray for my hamster. But the pray did non work good. My lovely favored died. I cried all twenty-four hours and I could non eat anything. Peoples said “ Forget the hamster. And you buy any other hamster. ” I did non hold their sentiment. My favored pump is non the same other hamsters. We spent cherished clip had delicious memories.

I was changed because of this go oning. Frankly speech production I do non understand carnal rights before I raise my pet. Now I think that animate beings besides have valuable life as people. Sometimes, people think that people have power and strong than animate beings. So they ignore animal`s right and bully the weak animate beings. I think that this idea is really incorrect. If I did non raised my pet, I do non believe animal`s rights.

Sometimes I think Pump. Until I miss Pump. Once in a piece I think that I want to raise pet. But when Pump died, I was in so much hurting and I was so sad. If I raise pet once more, Sometime I will see decease of pet. Therefore I am little frightened. I think that I can non raise any other animate being.

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Thread: Scare and commiseration, but animate beings are our friends.

Post: Panic and commiseration, but animate beings are our friends.

Writer: MI-JIN 5B KIM

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 10:41 AM

Last Modified Date: November 21, 2010 10:52 AM

Status: Published

Overall evaluation: A


When I think about animate beings, I feel two emotions. One is panic. The other is pity.A

A First, I ‘m frightened of animate beings. Particularly, Canis familiariss. I do n’t cognize why I ‘m frightened of them. When I was 7 old ages old, I had been walking along the street nearby my house. At that clip, I heard clinking of a bell. I thought that possibly this sound is bell of Canis familiaris neckband. After a piece, I could see a Canis familiaris. That Canis familiaris was scraggy and had crisp eyes. I was really frightened. Because there were merely I and chase on the narrow way. So unconsciously I started to run. Then, a Canis familiaris besides started to trail me. I ran fast urgently, as fast as I could. But the Canis familiaris ‘s velocity was really fast. So I was about bitten by that Canis familiaris. I hardly get out Canis familiaris by concealing in a neighbour ‘s house.A

A Besides, I ‘m frightened of cats. Because cats have awful eyes. So I ca n’t gaze at cats for a long clip. And cats are really fast. So cat all of a sudden appear and disappear in my sight. Besides, cat did non avoid human these yearss while cat in last yearss were scared of human and avoided us.

When I see image or Television scene of animate being, I say, “ Oh, what a cute! That animate being is really reasonably ” . But if I truly run into carnal, I feel chilling.

And my best friend have a favored Canis familiaris. That Canis familiaris ‘s name is BOM. BOM is small large but he is really cunning. He wag his tail when my friend come back place. That behaviour is lovely. So, sometimes I want to hold a pet.

Therefore I decided to hold a pet, porcupine. I thought that porcupine is little, cunning, reasonably and capturing. I collected many information about porcupine like image, nutrient, lifetime and manner to maintain them. I thirstily anticipated porcupine. But when I saw truly hedgehog, I was sad. They were really cunning and capturing as expected. But I was scared of them. So I failed to hold a porcupine.

A Second, I feel commiseration for animate beings. Particularly, abandoned Canis familiariss in street and animate beings that life in menagerie. Peoples irresponsibly abandon their pets. So derelict pets wander around street. They ca n’t bath and eat any nutrient. So they get soiled, have diseases and eventually they die. And I feel commiseration for animate beings that populating in menagerie. When I was 10 old ages old, I went to the menagerie for the first clip. At that clip, I was really aroused and I think that animate beings were cunning. But I went to the menagerie in in-between school pupil, I was n’t excited. Because animate beings of menagerie have life in coop. So they ca n’t hold freedom. And they have difficult preparation for visitant. I feel commiseration for them.A

In 4 old ages ago, I went to the Thailand. In at that place, I rode a large elephant on dorsum of elephant. And trainer rode on cervix of elephant. Riding elephant was really exciting. But I saw the trainer have a hook and threatened to elephant for prevent people can ache by elephant running fast or stand up. At that minute, I felt really sad and angry to trainer.A

Still, I ‘m frightened of animate beings. But I think human and animate beings are spouses that populating together. So I want to seek to acquire rid of my fright to animate beings. And I hope that trainer can recognize their behaviour like endangering to elephants is awful. Besides, I truly want pet proprietors to maintain their pets to the terminal and raise them by loving bosom. Because I do n’t desire to see derelict pets any longer. Finally, I wish have a lovely pet. I will dispute to raise a pet.

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Thread: alteration! ! ! ! !

Post: alteration! ! ! ! !

Writer: SAE-EUN 5B KIM

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 10:36 AM

Status: Published

Overall evaluation: A

When I read this forum rubric, I was surprise. Because these yearss I was interested in animate beings. Merely now, I watched Television plan ‘Men ‘s Qualification ‘ . This plan rubric is about isolated Canis familiaris. There is one adult male that do n’t wish Canis familiaris. The adult male lives with isolated Canis familiaris. Small by small, the adult male loves the Canis familiaris and communicates. After watching this plan, I want to turn Canis familiaris. I want to experience contact between human and pet. In fact, I do n’t hold experiencing about Canis familiaris. But once and for all this plan makes me alter my point of view. I will compose my point of view ‘s alteration for animate beings.

When I was small miss, I liked animate beings. And I familiar with animate beings. Because my gramps love animate beings. So my gramps raised pets, poulets. I went to the gramps ‘s house, I played with animate being. And my gramps even raised beloveds. When my gramps told about raising cervid, my household opposed. But my gramps was stubborn. Finally my household tired and let that. Then I wanted to cognize why grownup did non like raising cervid. Because I was happy, when I listened my gramps rise cervid. Just, I was happy that I have new friend.

This head that I like animate beings continue to simple school. When I was simple school pupil, I raised coney. She ‘s name is coco. One twenty-four hours, on my manner to place, I found old adult female that sell biddies. So I wanted to but biddies. So I tell to my friend that buy chick together. My friend agreed my suggest. So I bought one biddy. I arrived at place and I call my ma. But my ma did n’t wish biddy. So I felt sad. Because I expected that my ma praises me. But my pa state me “ my girl really good miss, because you can love other animate beings ” I was really happy. So I truly loved my biddy. But my biddy died. So I was really sad. My male parent and I went to at that place mountain at the dorsum. And we buried biddy and prayed for my biddy.

After this occurrence, I did n’t turn any animate beings. But I grew animate being. When I was simple school pupil, I grew coney. She ‘s name is pipi. I was received her friend. In fact my friend grew pipi. But she will reassign to another school. So my friend ‘s ma did non hold that grow pipi in new house. So I decided turning pipi. pipi did n’t wish bath. So I was surprise that coney do n’t wish clean. For illustration pipi ever has darkness pelt. Because she dind’t shower since pipi came my house. pipi was soiled. But I loved her. But pipi at large house. So I cried two yearss.

So I do n’t hold turning animate beings. Because I have feared that my pet will decease or get away. But I want to turn babe Canis familiaris now. While I watched Television plan, I think many thing. Life that communicate pet is really beautiful. And life with pet does n’t alone. I ‘m happy. Because I am ready to turn pet. In fact, one twelvemonth ago I do n’t turn any animate beings. But I can pet once more now.

Animal can non state. So I think that we protect carnal and love them. So I do n’t understand individual that throw away their pet. Think about pet ‘s injury. And I think that proprietor have to hold a sense of duty. And there were many isolated Canis familiariss in Korea. This isolated Canis familiaris will decease in seven yearss. So I am really surprise. Because isolated Canis familiaris is really hapless Canis familiaris. So I think that need public policy that more protect stray Canis familiaris.

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Thread: I like you and lose you

Post: I like you and lose you

Writer: YOO-NA 5B LEE

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 9:07 AM

Status: Published

Overall evaluation: A

I like you and lose you

A Recently, pets have been called ‘companion animate being ‘ . I think that it is truly true.Our household and many my friends are maintaining many sorts of pet.

Actually, I do n’t hold straight experience like maintaining pet or animate beings. But I have some experience about animate beings.

When I was a preschooler, my grandma have a babe Canis familiaris. Then, I and my cousins went to the grandma. By that clip, babe Canis familiaris was really cunning, lovely and little. So we started to do a Canis familiaris house with my male parents help. Although we had bad accomplishment, we made the Canis familiaris house difficult. the great portion of doing the Canis familiaris house was made by my male parent. My male parent nailed the panel and sawed the designed wood panel. I and my cousins besides help my male parent. For illustration, we was planing the Canis familiaris house, transporting wood panel and adorning the completed Canis familiaris house. After my male parent completed the Canis familiaris house, we decorated the Canis familiaris house with pigment, water-color and several sorts of point. And so we want to give a name to chase. So we truly worried. Finally, the name that we thought is ‘beak Guam ‘ . ‘Beak Guam ‘ is really common name. We can see this name anyplace state. But our grandma ‘s Canis familiaris is really white and cut. So, we think that ‘beak Guam ‘ is matched good. When we decorated the Canis familiaris house, we made a notice board. We wrote that “ this is beak-gu ‘s house ” . Because of doing house twenty-four hours is winter, we covered the warm cover in the Canis familiaris house. we was really happy to do house. Because we was really really love ‘beak-gu ‘ . Happy feeling was filled with my bosom. Then, we brought the Canis familiaris in the Canis familiaris house. And when we brought the Canis familiaris in the house, I said to chase that please unrecorded merrily with my grandma. I did non cognize whether the Canis familiaris was happy or non. But now, I think that the Canis familiaris liked the house to leap in the Canis familiaris house that clip.

Till so, ‘beak-gu ‘ is so little. we can embrace the ‘beak-gu ‘ . After some old ages left, I could n’t embrace the god ‘beak-gu ‘ . ‘Beak-gu ‘ grew up really fast. So I was really surprised. to talk candidly, I was afraid with our Canis familiaris ‘beak-gu ‘ a small spot. When I went to my grandma ‘s place, adult ‘beak-gu ‘ ran to me. That moving agencies that playing with me. But it is a small chilling to immature miss. Now believing, I am regretful to ‘beak-gu ‘ . The ‘beak-gu ‘ was besides excessively large to populate his house that we made. So the Canis familiaris lived grandma ‘s house garden.

Now, my lovely dog ‘beak-gu ‘ is non in my grandma ‘s house. In the state, most state people do n’t keep the Canis familiaris ‘s twine. So the Canis familiariss go everyplace freely. My dog ‘beak-gu ‘ besides does n’t hold twine. So ‘beak-gu ‘ used to travel around the grandma ‘s state and travel back house. But someday ‘beak-gu ‘ did n’t come back place. I heard this talk by grandma. By that clip foremost I am sad. But following I worried about my dog ‘beak-gu ‘ like where the Canis familiaris ‘beak-gu ‘ is and nutrient. My lovely dog ‘beak-gu ‘ does n’t come back in the terminal. Anyway I want to state to my lovely favored ‘beak-gu ‘ . “ hey, my cute and lovely dog ‘beak-gu ‘ ! After you leave my grandma house, I ever miss you. thank you for recognizing me! Whenever I go to grandmother house, you ever welcome me merrily. And when my grandma stay place entirely, you followed my grandma good. So thank you so much about that thing. Even though we have many happy memories that we made, I truly like you. So please retrieve me everlastingly. ” I still live flat so I can non raise the pet particularly dog and cat. And my female parent do n’t wish pet. Now I do n’t hold pet. But I ever have the head maintaining the pet.

These yearss, many pets are thrown out. so certain entertain plan have characteristic about pet. But the pet is particular. The pet is pretermiting Canis familiaris. The pretermiting Canis familiaris have pain from homo. So they are afraid of people. That ‘s really pathetic. In this point, I want to go through along a petition to pet ‘s proprietor. We must hold sense of duty about maintaining pet.

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