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The positions on how to go a adult male can be different for everyone. For Tupac Shakur, he reveals his position of how to go a adult male through his music. Tupac is a rapper who is a fable ; he reveals his position on going a adult male the most in his plant “ Me Against the World, ” “ Hellrazor, ” and “ Cradle to the Grave. ” Most of Tupacs vocals are autobiographical. Frederick Douglass is an American writer who besides has his ain position of how to go a adult male. He reveals his position most through his plants “ Letter to Thomas Auld, ” and “ What to a slave is the 4th of July? ” It seems that Tupac Shakur and Frederick Douglass have similar portraitures of going a adult male. Both think it is a difficult route going a adult male.

In Tupac ‘s work “ Me Against the World ” he reveals some points of his life where he has to remain safe while populating in a bad country. In the vocal, he talks about populating on his ain in the undertakings acquiring through the twenty-four hours without acquiring killed. He raps about larning to non swear anyone but himself and finds that he is surrounded by immorality at all times. As a kid he would hold incubuss about losing everything, so he decides that he needs to turn up and confront his frights. This vocal talks largely about when he was turning up in a battle. “ Can you picture my prognostication? Stress in the metropolis, the bulls is hot for me. The undertakings is full of slugs, the organic structures is dropping. There ai n’t no stoppin me, invariably movin while makin 1000000s. Witnessin violent deaths, leavin dead organic structures in derelict edifices, carries to kids cause they ‘re illin Addicted to killin and the entreaty from the cap peelin. ” ( “ Me Against the World ” 1-8 ) . The things he talks about are life experiences that he went through and saw.

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In Tupac ‘s work “ Hellrazor ” he reveals some of his life when he was introduced to packs. In the vocal, he talks about turning up and going a pack member at age 16. He raps about ever running from the bulls and killing people who get in his manner. He so realizes that person good ever pays the monetary value for person else ‘s incorrect title and that people can merely swear themselves. He talks about a small miss in his vocal who had to pay the monetary value for making nil, “ Dear Lord if ya hear me, state me why, Small miss like LaTasha, had to decease, She ne’er got to see the slug, merely heard the shooting, Her small organic structure could n’t take it, it shook and dropped ” ( “ Hellrazor ” 69-72 ) . He was ever populating the gang life and says that his female parent did non cognize what type of kid she was raising. “ Mama raised a hellrazor, emphasis gettin major, Lord be my savior ” ( “ Hellrazor ” chorus )

In Tupac ‘s work “ Cradle to the Grave ” he reveals his childhood and how he grew up to go the adult male stand foring the thug life. “ From the cradle to the grave since a small bittie kid, I ‘ve been known to acquire sick and kinda vaulting horse natural state. Pop dad! Just like the portion that ‘s in my walk with street talk I ‘m runnin ‘ up the block in the dark with less flicker. Survalience on a ni**a every twenty-four hours, Waitin ‘ on my dada merely to take his buttocks off. Now Mama ever workin ‘ tryin ‘ to do terminals run into, so now a immature ni**as bein ‘ raised by the streets. ” ( “ Cradle to the Grave ” 1-10 ) In the vocal, he talks about how he was born as a mobster and knew from the get downing how to utilize guns and acquire off from the constabulary. He raps about what he would make if he were sent to prison and that populating life is like being in a war with world. “ And if I hit the pen I got ta make my clip, Sittin ‘ on my bunk reminiscing about the good times. It ‘s fucked up a nigger got Tas turn up making soil, But from the cradle to the grave I’ma put in work. ” ( “ Cradle to the Grave ” 104-107 ) Anything can go on at any given clip and cipher can anticipate the hereafter. He believes that everyone should all hold our ain manner of covering with world. How we can cover with world is up to each person, and no 1 will hold the same manner.

Frederick Douglass has his ain position of going a adult male in both his plant “ Letter to Thomas Auld ” and “ What to a slave is the 4th of July? ” In “ Letter to Thomas Auld ” Frederick explains life on Lloyd ‘s plantations, like that on many Southern plantations, is barbarous. The slaves are overworked and are really exhausted ; they receive small nutrient, few vesture, but do non acquire to kip in beds. Slaves who break the regulations, even those who do non, are beaten and or whipped and sometimes are even shot by the plantation proprietors, the worst of which are Mr. Severe and Mr. Austin Gore.

In “ What to a slave is the 4th of July? ” Frederick explains that it is a black jubilation. The 4th of July is the jubilation of Independence but the slaves do non hold independency. They are still owned and are treated dreadfully. He discusses the ways of churches.A He says that church work forces have justified bondage and that hence when people go to church they are implicitly back uping bondage. He besides discusses the American attitudes towards other countries.A He points out that Americans celebrate refugees from the dictatorship of topographic points like Russia while yet leting bondage and the Fugitive Slave Act and such to be. One of Douglass ‘ critical points in the address is the thought that America has become desensitized to its hypocrisy.A For Douglass, this is what has become of White citizens in the North.

Goliath ‘s article, “ Reaffirming African American cultural values: Tupac Shakur ‘s Greatest Hits as a musical autobiography ” negotiations about gangsta blame and gangsta rapper such as Tupac Shakur as a “ hood ” whose music has contributed to the “ moral diminution ” of American civilization. Apparently it would be excessively simplistic a statement to explicate the messages contained in his music. In contrast to the negative unfavorable judgments of gangsta blame, some scholarship has showed the multiple messages of the genre and Shakur ‘s bequest as an urban common people hero, rational, and political figure, . There was a recent survey held by the Institute for Afro-American Research at Harvard University in 2003 that and talked about Shakur ‘s impact on the civilization.

Tupac Shakur ‘s position on going a adult male is that it is a difficult route, and people can state through his narratives in his vocals. First Tupac ‘s wordss encouraged people to remain strong particularly in the face of hardship. For most persons hardship presents a hurdle excessively difficult to traverse. For Tupac it was non merely a barrier but besides a changeless manner of life. Changeless battle is what made Tupac so amazing.A Continuously beat down by cases, disgraceful adult females, the media, Washington-just about everyone.A Yet he stood strong and kept populating his dream to promote a more loving society through art.A ” What does non kill me merely makes me stronger, ” was something that Tupac steadfastly believed. Secondly Tupac ‘s wordss forced people to look at themselves and alter for the better. Tupac would be the first one to look upon him and do himself a better adult male a better human being, which would intern alter the environment. He steadfastly believed that if the community of people would merely halt and look at the hatred and devastation being bred and people began to alter so and merely so would the universe be a better place.A Tupac was hated because people do non like alteration. No 1 likes to see the injury and hurting of the ghettos and poorness. Third and likely the most influential of all his points was the fact that he took duty for his actions. In a universe where convenience leads people to fault everyone else but themselves for their actions, Tupac represented the image of duty.

Frederick Douglass ‘ position on going a adult male stresses the low beginnings of the self-made adult male, who has non inherited his societal place by birth or other favourable fortunes, but who achieves everything without any outside aid. Douglass argues that there is a natural hierarchy of work forces. An ambitious adult male will of course, through difficult work, mount the societal ladder, whereas the unmotivated adult male will non better his place. He admits that industry is non the lone account of the phenomenon of the self-made adult male. In his sentiment, necessity is what urges a adult male to accomplish more. Furthermore, favourable fortunes are counterproductive to one ‘s declaration to acquire in front. Ease and luxury instead lead to helplessness and inaction and an inactive adult male can ne’er go a self-made adult male. To go a free adult male, Douglass resolves to educate himself and get away from bondage by handling cognition as the agencies to freedom. Not merely was instruction a turning point in going a adult male for Douglass, but besides stoping physical force between Covey, a horrid slave owner, and himself. Although he had gained regard as a slave, he is non to the full a adult male until he reaches New York and Wednesdaies Anna Murray. Knowledge, aggression against Masterss, and get awaying to New York are important turning points in where Douglass became a adult male once more in The Narrative of Frederick Douglass.

In decision, Tupac Shakur and Frederick Douglass so do hold similar positions on going a adult male. Both believe that working difficult and taking attention of their lives was the most of import thing in acquiring through life. Tupac wrote about acquiring through his life in his music, which has been played multiple times throughout the media. It turns out that Tupac did hold that consequence on people much like Elvis did because about instantly there were rumours that he did non decease. He was a force to be reckoned with non merely because of his alleged gangsta blame image but besides because of his ideals, which at the clip may hold been radical and possibly still are. He was and really still an icon in the hip-hop community and even those who do non listen to hip-hop still hold a general thought of who he is. Frederick Douglass wrote about acquiring through his life in his plants, which has been published in multiple beginnings throughout Afro-american history and through the cyberspace. Throughout his life though, Douglass envied other slaves who did non hold the cognition of the persecution of which the constitution of bondage was made. He wished at times that he did non cognize all that he knew because it consumed him. In this enviousness he still felt it upon himself to distribute the cognition of the truth because it was of import that other slaves knew of the dictatorship involved. Even with that job, Douglass worked difficult and took attention of himself. Both Tupac and Douglass had similar positions on going a adult male.

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