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We may happen it natural to accept that Gogol is an designer while his male parent Ashoke is a professor. But have you thought of a inquiry why the writer assigns Gogol as an designer alternatively of a man of affairs or a attorney? When we have a farther idea, you will see there is some specific significance of their business and significance of their business serves as a strong line to associate the full narrative.

First these businesss infer the particular mission of Ashoke and Gogol. Ashoke, the first coevals of the immigrant, is a professor and the mission of the professor is to leave the cognition to your pupil. And the pupil here is his boy, while the cognition is the true significance of the name Gogol. So the mission of Ashoke is to state Gogol the significance of his name.

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So what ‘s the mission of Gogol? To reply this inquiry, we have to calculate out the significance of the designer foremost. Architect is a adult male who designs a edifice and physiques something on the land. In the narrative, Gogol, as the boy of Ashoke, his mission is to plan and construct his ain life in America.

Occupation in the narrative is non merely stating us the mission of the character, it besides shows the values of the characters. As a instructor, Ashoke ne’er gives up stating the true significance of Gogol to his boy. He is seeking to happen the best clip and best manner to state his boy of the accident to do his boy know the narrative of his name. So in the fourteenth birthday of his boy, “ Gogol is particularly surprised to see a gift in his male parent ‘s custodies ” “ The gift is covered in red-and-green-and-gold-striped paper left over from Christmas the twelvemonth before, taped awkwardly at the seams. It is evidently a book, midst, hardback, wrapped by his male parent ‘s ain custodies. ” ( p74 ) He managed to demo the particular of this gift to do his boy recognize the importance of the book, importance of his name. And he besides wanted to state his boy about the accident in the train, but out of the love to his boy he did n’t. “ Today, his boy ‘s birthday, is a twenty-four hours to honor life, non coppices with decease. And so, for now, Ashoke decides to maintain the account of his boy ‘s name to himself ” ( p78 ) . But it is his hesitate that make himself waited twenty old ages. Although he told the accident of himself to his boy after 20 old ages in his auto, his boy did n’t to the full understand it. Not until he experience his duty to read the particular book his male parent gave him, did he happen his name ‘s true significance. It besides tells that the book refer to the spirit of his male parent, his male parent continued to touch him even though he has died. His life experience is merely like a perfect professor. Even though he had died, he still used his spirit to edify his pupil. Just like the book he left changed Gogol ‘s thought about his original name.

When it comes to gogol, he is a designer. When he chose his university, he had begun to plan a new life for himself. “ His male parent presses him to presses him to prosecute technology possibly at MIT ” ( P93 ) . Though MIT is besides a great university, he merely wanted to go forth Boston and did non desire to be with his parents. He tried non to travel to the same manner of his male parent by chosen Yale to major architecture. And he besides designed to alter his name. “ He wonders if this is how it feels for an corpulent individual to go thin, for a captive to walk free. “ ( P102 ) When he changed his name, he act like he do a good design for his edifice. But it ‘s non true, alternatively of seting the great design of the edifice, he removes the basic portion which is the most of import portion of the edifice, which makes it overwhelm in the hereafter. Because it merely like the edifice out of the BASIC of, you can ne’er do a successful edifice. The higher you build, the greater hazard do you endure. Consequently, he lost himself. He tried to be Nikhil, but he was still Gogol. “ At times he still feels as if he ‘s dramatis personae himself in a drama, moving the portion of twins, identical to the bare oculus yet basically different. ” ( P105 ) ” though this job merely appeared at the beginning when he changed his name, but it continuously affected unconsciously. Though he found some misss and got along with them in the name of Nikhil, but they still interrupt up at last. Merely when he recognized the importance of his name and happen back the base of the edifice of the life the true significance of his name, can he construct a good architecture, a good life in the America.

His life experience is merely as the experience of being a good designer. Or we can state the manner of going a good designer merely like the experience of Gogol ‘s life. To go a great designer, we may do some errors, merely like Gogol disregard his original name and insist on holding another name. But we solved it and got experience from it. Though the writer did n’t state the consequence of Gogol after he read the book. I think he at that clip had figured out who he is and became a successful designer, I am certain he will construct his bright hereafter. The writer besides wants to state us. To do a good life in Ametica do non necessary bury the background of your state. Alternatively, you should calculate out who you are and pround of yourself. Merely so, can you hold a great life belong to yourself.

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