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Priestly was born in what he described as an “ ultra-respectable ” suburb of Bradford. His male parent was a headteacher whilst his female parent died immature. On go forthing grammer school Priestly worked in the wool trade of his native metropolis, but had aspirations to go a author. He was to pull memories of Bradford in many of the plants he wrote after he had moved south. Socialism refers to a wide set of economic theories of societal organisation recommending public or province ownership and disposal of the agencies of production and distribution of goods, and society characterized by equality for all persons, with a just method of compensation.

Duty is when you ‘re in charge of something e.g. looking after person, you ‘re responsible if something goes incorrect.

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We meet the Birling household all happy and joyful from their jubilation and so an hr subsequently being sad and distraught. They are a rich household who owns a respectable and reasonably large company, which is the chief ground for their wealth. The novel is set merely after the Second World War.

Mr. Birling is the male parent and caput of the Birling household and is the proprietor of a big company. He knows Eva Smith because she used to work at his mill but was the chief perpetrator for a group of adult females traveling on work stoppage demanding for a wage rise. He did n’t let it and sacked her. He does non believe he is responsible for “ Eva Smiths ” decease, he says “ Still I ca n’t accept duty. If we were all responsible for everything that happened to everybody we ‘d had anything to make with it would be awkward, would n’t it ” . In add-on to this he is really angry at the Inspectors relentless inquiring of him and the remainder of the Birling household, he says “ Possibly. But you were n’t asked to come here to speak to me about my duties ” . He blames Eric for the decease of Eva Smith as he finds out Eric ‘s engagement in all this. “ [ angrily to Eric ] : You ‘re the one I blame for this ” . He besides believes Eric should be like him and take duty for what he has done and be more mature and he says “ It ‘s about clip you learnt to confront a few duties ” .

Sheila is the girl of Mr and Mrs Birling ; at the start of the novel the audience believe she is a sort, playful and happy miss who has no jobs in her life.

She knows Eva Smith as she got her sacked from her occupation at Millwards because she was express joying at her in a frock and recognizes the image the Inspector shows her, every bit shortly as that happens she runs out of the room weeping.

Sheila believes that she is responsible for Eva Smith killing herself. She besides believes everyone in the household had some portion in killing Eva Smith, she says “ And likely between us we killed her ” , this cholers Mr and Mrs Birling as they believe they are non to fault and believe she is being infantile. After all of this the audience see that Sheila is an emotional immature miss who believes she is responsible and she wishes she had been more reasonable and non taken any notice of Eva Smith at Millwards.

What makes Sheila experience even worse is when she hears that Gerald was seeing Daisy Renton ( Eva Smith ) behind her dorsum and betraying her and lying merely before they are about to acquire engaged.

Sheila besides believes that if Eva Smith had been ugly she would n’t of got her despoiled she says, “ If she ‘d been some suffering field small animal, I do n’t say I ‘d hold done it ” . This is still no alibi for what she did, she should take more duty because it was her mistake for Eva losing her occupation non anyone else ‘s mistake and the Inspector points that out.

Gerald is the fiance of Sheila and his male parent owns the rival company to Mr. Birling.

The audience think that Gerald is rich, confident and a charming type of individual.

He does non cognize a Eva Smith nevertheless he does cognize a Daisy Renton who is truly Eva Smith but she changed her name. He had an matter with her and gave her money behind Sheila ‘s dorsum, and the whole of one summer her stayed away from Sheila whilst he was concentrating on Daisy Renton.

As Mr.Birling is being interviewed, Gerald is present and supports Mr.Birling with some of the things he says to the Inspector. He besides believes the inquiries the Inspector is inquiring them are non relevant to the decease of Eva Smith and he makes this clear to the Inspector, he says “ And I do n’t truly see that this enquiry gets you anyplace, Inspector ” .

As the Inspector is oppugning Mr.Birling he besides says “ After all, y’know, we ‘re respectable citizens and non felons ” , as the Inspector coatings oppugning Gerald this position alterations and Gerald finds it excessively much as he is excessively disquieted so he has to travel for a walk. Before he does this Sheila gives him her battle ring as if to state it ‘s over and so he leaves. After all of this Gerald believes he is responsible and that is why is excessively disquieted and has to go forth.

Mrs.Birling is the female parent of the household and is the caput of a local aid Centre for adult females. At the start of the novel the audience believe Mrs Birling to be unagitated, obedient and higher up in the household than Mr Birling but this is non the instance.

She knows a miss who called herself Mrs Birling ; this angered the existent Mrs Birling because she thought it was hideous and she was angry with the miss, therefore she did n’t give her any aid that the miss urgently needed and turned her away.

In add-on to this Mrs Birling believes she did her responsibility by stating to the Inspector “ I consider I did my responsibility ” . She besides believes she has nil to be ashamed of but the others do as she says once more to the Inspector “ Unlike the other three, I did nil I ‘m ashamed of ” .

Mrs Birling does non believe she is responsible for Eva Smith killing herself and believes the miss merely had herself to fault. Before she finds out the awful truth near the terminal of the scene she says, “ I ‘ll state you what I told her. Go and expression for the male parent of the kid. It ‘s his duty ” . However this position changes as she finds out who the existent male parent is and she is shocked and says to the Inspector that she was incorrect for stating it, it ‘s a different affair when its her ain household and non person else because her household are perfect in her eyes.

Eric is the boy of Mr and Mrs Birling. At the start of the novel the audience believes that Eric is enthusiastic, immature and an alcoholic and believe he likes to hold a good drink without his parents even winking an eyelid. Eric knows a miss called Daisy Renton, he met her at a saloon in town. He gets intoxicated one dark and gets Daisy Renton pregnant which makes Daisy Renton name herself Mrs Birling, which subsequently causes the problem with the existent Mrs Birling.

Eric has the same position as Sheila and believes that he is the chief ground why the miss killed herself and he gets annoyed when his parents try to deny the allegations. Eric besides believes that if his pa had n’t of sacked Eva in the first topographic point none of it would hold happened and she would still be alive. He says to the Inspector “ He could hold kept her on alternatively of throwing her out ” . However Mr and Mrs Birling go angry yet once more when they find out the truth about him and Daisy Renton and they hold Eric responsible for all the problem and for the misss decease.

The Inspector is a consecutive forward, no-nonsense character who we foremost meet half manner through the first scene as he comes to the door after the household are observing the battle of Sheila and Gerald. His relentless inquiring is good and gets him really far in happening out the truth and replies from the household nevertheless this relentless oppugning make the household angry. The Inspector believes everyone in the household is to fault for Eva Smith killing herself and he says this to all of them “ This miss killed herself and died a atrocious decease. But each of you helped to kill her ” , this puts the duty on all members of the household and does n’t individual out anyone.

As the household argue at one of the points in the novel the Inspector does n’t desire to blow clip and says “ You ‘ll wholly be able to split the duty between you ” , this is a humourous reply that the Inspector gives the household to keep them responsible.

As the Inspector leaves, the household attempt to happen out who he truly is and inquire if he is a sham so they phone the constabulary station and mortuary to see if there is an Inspector Goole and if there is a dead organic structure at the morgue. After that they find out that they are safe and seek and calculate out who he truly was. I believe he is a existent individual who had done a batch of research and used it against the household to do them steal up and talk out.

In decision I feel that Mrs Birling is the most responsible for Eva Smith killing herself because the miss needed her aid at the clip she needed it the most. I believe this drove Eva Smith to the terminal, as she believed that life was n’t deserving life as she killed herself. J.B Priestly makes Mrs Birling seem really full of herself as if she ‘s better than everyone else non merely in general but in the household aswell. I believe this because she decides who the aid centre helps and who they do n’t, when they should be assisting everyone they can no affair what. I besides believe that the other members of the household are responsible for Eva Smith killing herself as they caused small things that hurt Eva Smith but non every bit much as Mrs Birling because none of the households actions were capable plenty for person to kill themselves.

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