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While reading “Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the police”, I knew that the people did not bother on calling the police. Honestly, I was impressed by this story because now and days people still do this. I started to pretend I was in this story because the author wanted his audience to have a click while reading. While I was imagining to be a character in this story, I wanted to be that person were to call the police right away and help that victim. This story have caught my attention throughout the story.

I really wanted to add details to this because it was interesting to know that people around us won’t step up for help for other. When the victim was getting attack by the stalker, this guy came out of his window saying “Let the girl alone” (128) to the stalker and the person who call out to that stalker just went back to sleep.

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I wanted to scream at that person because he told the stalker to let her go but he did not bother calling the police because he was tried.

I wanted to asked that person if he was the victim and his neighbor tried helping him by saying “let him go”, would you be so angry that no one bother to call the cops on you. I would rather help the victim by calling the cops , instead of tons of guilt when I don’t save that person. Thirty-Eight who saw the crime should have helped her by calling the cops because it is much better to feel care to other. If they care, the next something goes wrong they can be heroes like the same way they did to that victim.

This people that called the police at the last minute felt like they were in a movie were their role was to be silent when a stranger tries to attack a victim and they will pretend that they did not know it was a bad situation. The author, Martin Gansberg wants to make a point were we help others and they can do the same actions as we did. He wanted us to know that stepping down from fear is not helpful, because if it was our family member would we just call out the window to let them go, no we try to help by calling the police.

Bianca Moreno February 20, 2014 Summary Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police The title “Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police” caught my attention because I knew it was about this group of people decided not to call the police when they had saw a crime scene. This story took place in Queens, Manhattan were a woman named Catherine Genovese was returning home from her job as a manger in a bar. When she parked her car to the kew gardern railroad station, she saw a person from a far and started to walk fast.

When reaching to the bookstore, a person grabs her and started to scream. When she screamed, apartment 82-67 turned their lights on to see whats the caution happening outside and Genvoses started to scream for help. When that apartment saw whats going on they did not bother calling the police, because they thought that it was just a husband and wife love. After reading on, Genovese has been stabbed three times and while the stalker drags Genovese around the neighborhood one person opened his window do tell the stalker to “let her go” and just went back sleep again.

The stalker was getting afraid because he saw that windows were opened and some apartments light were on , so he drove off. Miss Genovese was trying to walk on her feet because she got away and she had crawled to the back of the building, were it was freshly painted and found a safe place. But when the killer returned, he search for Miss Genovese on the first floor but no one was there until he found her trying to go inside her place, but the killer caught her and stabbed her a third time.

When the police have received a phone call from a man who was neighbors of Miss Genovese, they went to the scene where her was found. There were only three people who step forward about the crime scene out of those lights were on. A police investigate why none of the neighbors called for help, and they answer “i didn’t want to get involved” (129). After six days later, police officers caught the killer and started to confess his crimes with two other victims he killed. The author wanted us to just Call the police when we hear unknown noises outside.

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