Revealing The Symbols Of The Womb English Literature Essay Free Essay

I ‘m a cloud, congealed around a cardinal object, the form of a pear, which is difficult and more existent than I am and freshnesss red within its translucent wrapper.

Tropology ( Symbolism ) : The term “ cloud ” in the above quotation mark is used as a symbol of a uterus.

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The cloud is used to symbolize that the adult females are instruments of reproduction. They are no longer considered as persons who have rights of their ain.

This differentiation emphasizes the thought of birthrate and how it affects the adult females ‘s lives in the community.

The adult females who are fertile no longer hold a life of their ain. They have to follow the order of their superior and are confined to the infinite provided by their Masterss.

If they are non fertile, they are no longer of any usage to the Gilead society which may take to rough effects for them.

This conveys the thought that in the Gilead society, the cardinal object of a adult female ‘s organic structure is her uterus, neither the will, nor the hurting of the fertile adult females affair. The fact that they can bear a kid is the lone thing that the society is concerned about. Therefore, it reduces their self-respect and pride.

It generates ideas in the readers mind such as why are adult females who are fertile valued so much in the Gilead society?

If the fertile adult females are valued, why are they treated in such rough manners alternatively of handling them as peers?

This can be related to the manner the adult females are treated in states like Saudi Arabia, where the adult females and work forces do non hold equal rights. The adult females are treated merely like how the adult females are treated by the Gilead authorities. The Islamic jurisprudence states that the adult females are non equal to work forces, therefore they do non hold the same autonomy and voice.

I would wish to believe this is a narrative I ‘m stating. I need to believe it. I must believe it. Those who can believe that such narratives are merely narratives have a better opportunity. If it ‘s a narrative I ‘m stating, so I have control over the stoping. Then there will be an stoping, to the narrative, and existent life will come after it. I can pick up where I left off.

Position: First individual, as this is being told by Offred and uses the personal pronoun ‘I ‘

The supporter is the storyteller of the narrative which can be seen by the usage of the personal pronoun ‘I ‘

This reveals the power and authorization of the authorities over the community and adult females.

The present Gilead system is shown as a system which seeks on stamp downing the voice and demands of the adult females.

Offred ‘s words portray that she is acquiring tired of the system which she is populating in. Her interior voice existences to develop i.e she wants to revolt against the system.

She seems to talk out, against this society, even though it is to God or the readers, it pinpoints the flicker of an rebellion.

This sentence besides illuminates that she denies the authorization of the authorities over her in the hereafter. She does non desire to be seen as an instrument of reproduction. Alternatively, she wants to be recognised as an person who is responsible for their ain actions, non a pre-defined society.

She mentions that “ there will be an stoping to the narrative ” which indicates that this authorities will shortly fall in and “ existent life will come after it. I can pick up where I left off. ” Showing that she is hopeful that she will be able to restart her life usually, merely like the pre-Gilead yearss.

She considers the present state of affairs to be a narrative which will shortly, as she is the author of this narrative. This brings up the subject of world vs. flight as the storyteller is hopeful that she will be able to get away from this Gilead narrative and go on her life the world.

This creates inquiries in the readers mind such as how does the supporter intend on liberating herself from this Gilead society?

Will the storyteller be able to carry through her end?

This storyteller is indistinguishable to Abigail Adams, a fecund author, who spoke against bondage on behalf of the adult females, many old ages before the abolitionist motion.

There is no such thing as a unfertile adult male any longer, non officially. There are merely adult females who are fruitful and adult females who are wastes, that ‘s the jurisprudence.

Rhetoric: The repeat of “ adult females who ”

This line highlights the really thought of bioethics among the fertile adult females.

Even though the work forces may be unfertile, the adult females are held responsible for non being fruitful. They label a adult female waste if she fails to gestate. Thus the Gilead ‘s do non utilize modern scientific discipline to explicate work forces ‘s asepsis in order to maintain their self-respect and glorification in the community.

This shows the suppression of the adult females ‘s rights and voice.

The Gilead ‘s usage adult females to reproduce but do non offer them any sort of regard.

The reader may believe, why do n’t the adult females protest against the Gilead authorities if they are being abused?

“ They ‘ve got oranges, ” I say. “ At Milk and Honey. There are still some left, ”

Location: The food market shop named “ Milk and Honey ”

The food market shop is an of import scene in this subdivision as it is the country which adult females normally visit for purchasing assorted trade goods.

This location expresses the political orientation of freedom among the adult females who are suppressed by the Gilead.

This is a topographic point where the reader visualises some kind of interaction among the adult females who are distant from each other. This topographic point provides a manner of interaction for all those who have faced isolation and allows them at least some signifier of contact.

The oranges are important as they are considered luxury. They are a symbol of wealth and power. They are seldom available in the food market shops due to the tight security in which the citizens are populating in.

This creates a sense of isolation and privacy as it makes the people feel that they are being overprotected which is denying their sense of freedom.

The makes the reader ponder, why did the writer choose oranges as the symbol of power?

Even in the most inauspicious state of affairss, the market topographic point is ever the most lively and go oning topographic point.

Serena Joy was ne’er her existent name, non even so. Her existent name was Pam. I read that in a profile on her, in a intelligence magazine, long after I ‘d foremost watched her singing while my female parent slept in on Sunday forenoons. By that clip she was worthy of a profile: Time or Newsweek it was, it must hold been.

Fictional character: Serena Joy ‘s character is illuminated.

The character ‘s existent name is revealed, which is Pam.

The early life of Pam is displayed. She was one time a vocalist which is no longer acceptable in the Gilead society.

This reinforces the thought of feminism and segregation within adult females in the society.

Even though she is besides a adult female, she has a immense influence over the storyteller ‘s life. She controls the storyteller ‘s actions turn outing that she has the power and authorization being the commanding officer ‘s married woman.

Earlier she was a vocalist and a motivational talker. But now she is no longer any one of these and continues to stay in the house verifying that she no longer is recognised in the society as an person. Alternatively, she is known as the commanding officer ‘s married woman.

This shows that even though there is segregation among the adult females in the community, all the adult females are at a loss as they are now recognised by their hubby ‘s or birthrate. Not by whom they truly are.

This makes the reader think, did the commanding officer ‘s married woman quit vocalizing because she was forced to, or had she lost involvement in it?

Does Serena lose the celebrity and popularity which she earned from her ain difficult work?

Serena Joy is similar to my aunt who was one time a really celebrated vocalist. But one time she got married she was forced to discontinue her profession as she had to take attention of the household. She had lost the celebrity and repute which she had earned for the interest of her household.

Do n’t allow her see it, said my female parent. Here, she said to me, flip it in, quick.

Ocular Structure: The word “ see ” is italicised in the text

This word stands out every bit compared to the other words in the page.

This signifies the thought of subjugation and spiritual fundamentalism.

All the magazines which was a beginning of information for the people were being burned in immense hemorrhoids portraying that the spiritual positions of the people were similar and did non desire anyone to read any article which was in any signifier of resistance to their faith.

Offred was interested in the image of the cover page of the magazine. But she was forced to throw it into the immense heap of fire, firing it to ashes.

This demonstrates that from a really immature age, the storyteller was oppressed and was non allowed to show her feelings. She was forced to follow the societal norms and was emotionally stuck between the things she wanted to make and the things she was forced to make.

This makes the reader ponder, why do the people hate the magazines so much that they are firing it in immense balefires?

What impact does this event have on Offred ‘s development as a kid?

This incident is similar to the balefires which take topographic point in the farms and public violences where the people gather in a peculiar location and burn immense sum of refuse to acquire rid of debris.

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