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Sara Bareilles is an American vocalist, songster, and piano player. She grew up in Eureka, CA, and at the age of 18 she moved to Los Angeles, CA to prosecute her calling ( Sara Bareilles ) . Harmonizing to She is a alumnus of UCLA ‘s Communication Studies Department. While in high school, she performed in community productions and besides high school events. Although she was involved in legion vocalizing Acts of the Apostless, she ne’er had any preparation in either voice or piano. Bareilles has been a songster for about all of her life. Her two first plants, “ Star Sweeper ” and “ I Love a Parade, ” did n’t win her any Grammies, but they are a representation of the fact that she has been song composing for a really long clip ( Sara Bareilles ) .

Harmonizing to Bareilles ‘ life on, she began to execute in local bars and open-mic darks after she graduated college. After deriving adequate assurance to experience comfy on phase, she began to execute at local locales and musical festivals. She had made a Cadmium, and began to shop it about and finally signed a trade with Epic Records in April of 2005. A produced by the name of Eric Rosse worked with her the undermentioned February to assist hone her record. They worked on the record merely over a twelvemonth. Sara Bareilles 2nd album was titled Small Voice and released in July 2007. Her first individual “ Love Song ” and the album reached the Top Ten after being released ( Sara Bareilles ) . She has been awarded four Grammies ; two in 2008 and two in 2009.

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Historical Context

“ Gravity ” was originally written for Bareilles foremost album entitled Careful Confessions ( Careful Confessions ) . After she was signed to Epic Records and teamed up with Eric Rosse, the individual was added to the path list for the album Small Voice. Gravity was written in the early 2000 ‘s. During this clip there were many events go oning which included George W. Bush being president, the major terrorist onslaught in New York, George Harrison died and the war in Iraq began ( United States Timeline ) .

These events likely did n’t hold much consequence on Sara Bareilles ground for composing “ Gravity. ” Not much was found for her logical thinking, but it was perchance based on past relationship that she has had, or a contemplation on either one or multiple relationships.


The overall subject of “ Gravity ” is how one can be drawn toward another individual in their life, even if they do n’t desire to. Sara Bareilles starts the vocal by “ Something ever brings me back to you, It ne’er takes excessively long, No affair what I say or do, I still experience you here ’til the minute I ‘m gone ” ( lines 1-4 ) . Here she is stating that there is a force that is doing her return to person in small clip, and it does n’t count what she does to halt this or travel in a different way because there is ever a feeling that she has that wants to be nigh, allow ‘s state, this adult male that is pulling her near.

The 2nd poetry is “ You hold me without touch, You keep me without ironss, I ne’er wanted anything so much, Than to submerge in your love and non experience your rain ” ( lines 5-8 ) . When she says “ You hold me without touch, ” she is stating that she can experience him even though he is non at that place. “ You keep me without ironss, ” means that he can command her without him even seeking to. The last two lines can be translated into that she has a strong feeling to desire to be embraced in his love and non experience like she ca n’t hold it. The ground for this is because when you are submerging, you are to the full covered in H2O, and when you are being rained on, you merely acquire glance of H2O and you ‘re non to the full drenched in it.

The chorus of the vocal is “ Set me free, go forth me be, I do n’t wan na fall another minute into your gravitation, Here I am and I stand so tall, I ‘m merely the manner I ‘m supposed to be, But you ‘re on to me and all over me ( lines 9-13 ) . When the vocal goes into the poetry, it seems that the vocal is exchanging cogwheels a small spot. She wants to be set free from this force that she is experiencing. She does n’t desire to be pulled into him any longer. She wants to be her ain individual without him, but she feels it may be impossible to halt this force.

The 3rd poetry is “ You loved me ’cause I ‘m delicate, When I thought that I was strong, But you touch me for a small piece, And all my delicate strength is gone ( lines 14-17 ) . She is stating that she thought she was strong plenty to non necessitate a adult male in her life, but she was really weak, and all the strength she thought she had went off when the adult male came into her life. After the 3rd poetry the chorus repetitions.

The hook is “ I live here on my articulatio genuss, As I try to do you see, That you ‘re everything I think I need, Here on the land, But you ‘re neither friend nor for, Though I ca n’t look to allow you travel, The one think that I still k now, Is that you ‘re maintaining me down, You ‘re maintaining me down ( lines 18-26 ) . This is the flood tide of the vocal. She is explicating that possibly she thinks she needs to hold him in her life. He is non a friend or an enemy, but she ca n’t allow him non be a portion of her life, because he is what keeps her sane.

This vocal goes through multiple ups and downs. The creative person seems to non be certain what this adult male is to her in her life, but in the terminal she comes to the decision that he is what keeps her grounded.

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