Reviewing The Play Man And Superman English Literature Essay Free Essay

The “ Man and Superman “ is a drama written by George Bernard Shaw ( 1856-1950 ) , a major British playwright.

The drama was published in ( 1903 ) .and was preformed in ( 1905 ) .

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The “ Man and Superman “ play consist of four Acts of the Apostless. starts with a daze between Tanner and Ramsden.

They discovered that two will function as defenders of Whitefield girl, Although both dislike each other. In the same act, it is discovered that Octavious ‘s sister is pregnant without being married.

At the terminal of this act, it is revealed that violet has in secret married. In act two of the drama, Tanner appears with his chauffer, Henry Straker, who tells his maestro that Ann loves him.Tanner discover the true ground why Rhoda can non fall in Tanner on the motor trip when he has received a note from Rhoda.At the last of this act we reveals that Hector is violet ‘s hubby.

In act three, Tanner and Straker are asserted by is explored that Mendoza, the leader of bandits, had become a bandit because of defeated in love.Tanner has a dream, he is Don Juan and he interviews a adult female, whom discovered that she is speaking to her lover and her male parent liquidator.

In act four Malone, Hector ‘s male parent, discovers the matrimony of Violet and his boy. At terminal of the drama Tanner announces that he will get married Ann shortly.

The research consists of three chapters:

First chapter: this chapter will cover with George Bernard Shaw ‘s life.

Second chapter: this chapter will cover with the sum-up of the drama.

Third chapter: this chapter will cover with the characters in the drama.

Chapter One

His life:

George Bernard Shaw is one of the greatest British playwright. He wrote 50 phase dramas. He is besides one of the literature ‘s great missive authors. He is considered the most extremely clear music critic and the best theatre critic of his coevals. He is, farther more, the most searching pamphleteer.

Shaw was born in Dublin in July 26th, 1856. He belonged to a Protestant household. His male parent, George Carr Shaw, was the youngest boy in his household. He was a minor functionary in Dublin tribunals. After that he retired on little pension and he ran a concern but it was unsuccessful. He married the girl of an Irish landholder, but their matrimony failed, because he was non able to gain adequate money. Then, Mrs. Shaw and her girl leaved Dublin and went to London. Mrs. Shaw had a good vocalizing voice, so that, she supported herself and her girl by giving music lessons.

In 1876 Shaw joined his female parent and sisters in London. He inherited his voice from his female parent.

The following decated of Shaw ‘s life was difficult and close poorness. He worked as a music critic, and worked besides for a telephone company. However, both of these occupations did n’t last really long. In 1882, Shaw became a socialist and joined the Fabion Society, and became an art critic for a London based paper, one twelvemonth subsequently. In add-on, he was a vegetarian adult male ; he did n’t used to eat meat because he had a strong feeling that animate beings were our fellow animals. Between ( 1885-1898 ) Politics and Journalist occupied Shaw.

Shaw met the Irish inheritress, Charlotte Payne -Townshend, through the Fabion Society and married her. Unfortunately they had no kids.

In 1906, Mr. Shaw and his married woman moved to a house, now called Shaw ‘s Corner, at Ayot St. Lawrence in Hertfordshire. They lived there twenty-four hours in twenty-four hours out for the remainder of their life. Mrs. Shaw died in 1943, so Shaw lived entirely and died in 1950.

His plants:

In the early old ages of Shaw ‘s life, he worked as a critic of humanistic disciplines and have used to hold “ Comodi Bassto ” as a Nickname in some of his Hagiographas during his work for Pall Mall Gazett. In 1895, Shaw worked as a play critic in Saturday Review and criticized many authors merely like Shakespeare. Shaw became the title-holder of the Norse playwright Henrik Ibsen and wrote The Quintessence of Ibsennism ( 1891 ) ; “ is a 1891 extended essay by G.B Shaw, in which every bit good as advancing the plants of the Norse dramatist Henrik Ibsen, he articulates a system harmonizing to which he partitions world into three classs: the Philistine, the Idealist, and the Realist ” ( en. ) .

Shaw ‘s first drama was “ Widower ‘s Houses ” ( 1892 ) . a vigorous onslaught on slum Landlordism. In 1898, Shaw produced Pleasant and Unpleasant which contains seven plants for the phase they are The other were, Candida, Philanderer, Arms and Man, The Man Of Destiny, Mrs. Warren ‘s Profession, and You Never Can Tell ) . Shaw wrote three dramas for Puritans, they are ( The Devil ‘s Discble, Caesar and Cleopatra and Captain Brassbound ‘s Conversion ) . All of which were published in 1901.

In the 19th century, Shaw worked more than any one else to a waken the play and wrote many plants for this interest. In 1903, Shaw wrote Man and Superman. Through this drama, he transformed Don Juan[ ( ]2 ) Legend[ ( ]1 ) into a drama. The action on the drama gave Shaw the chance to research the rational clime of the new century in a series of treatments, despite the fact that it seemed on the face value that it was a comedy of manners about love and money.

The following work for Shaw was “ Major Barbara ” in 1905. One twelvemonth subsequently, he wrote “ The Doctor ‘s Dilemma ” these two plants revealed a high sense of comedy which Shaw used to hold.

Shaw moved into what might be described as a serious travesty, rational comedy with his usual poetry for duologue by composing these three dramas, they are “ Geting Married ” ( 1908 ) , ”Misalliance ” ( 1910 ) , and “ Fanny ‘s First Play ” ( 1911 ) .

In 1914, Shaw wrote “ Pygmalion ” . It was popular as a movie every bit good as the footing for the musical comedy My Fair Lady. “ Pygmalion ” was a terrible unfavorable judgment of societal immoralities. Although Pygmalion successful and popular it had been criticized as one of the least convincing of Shaw ‘s dramas. Pygmalion led Shaw the manner to the Oscar Prize.

In 1921, although the postwar old ages were hard, poorness and had economic depression, Shaw could happen his manner out of postwar pessimism by composing five dramas under the corporate rubric “ Back to Methuselah ” , they explore human advancement from Eden to a science-fiction hereafter. In 1923, “ Saint John ” was published. Two old ages subsequently, Shaw had been awarded a Baronial Prize for literature for this work.

In his last old ages, Shaw wrote many plants such as “ The Apple Cart “ ( 1929 ) , it was likely his most popular work of that epoch, “ Excessively True To Be Good ” ( 1932 ) , ” On The Rocks “ ( 1933 ) , ” The Millionairess ” ( 1936 ) and “ In Good King Charles ‘s Good Golden Days “ ( 1939 ) . Shaw wrote besides short narratives, he included them in a aggregation called “ The Adventure of the Black Girl in Her Search for God ” in 1932. These short narratives revolve around black miss, she thought that the God is an existent individual and she searched for him. At the terminal of narrative, which is happy, the black miss quits her searching to assist household with the assistance of Irish adult male who had no metaphysical inclination. Shaw used her escapade to uncover defects and false beliefs in the religious of the universe. After Shaw ‘s decease, many of his plants were published. Shaw helped reshape the phase of his epoch, although he found no school of dramatists like himself. In 1929, Shaw ‘s dramas were acted at Shaw festivals at Malvern in Worcestershire.

His decease:

At the terminal of his life, Shaw settled in Shaw ‘s corner. He died in 1950 agony of nephritic failure precipitated by injures incurred by falling while sniping a tree. His ashes and his married woman ‘s ashes were assorted and scattered along foot waies and around the province of Saint Joan in their garden.

Baronial Prize:

Shaw received a Baronial Prize of literature in ( 1925 ) for his parts of literature. He received an Academy award in ( 1938 ) for his work on the movie Pygmalion. So, he is the lone individual that has been awarded Baronial and Oscar Prizes. At first, Shaw wanted to reject his Baronial Prize, because he had no desire for public honours. However, he accepted it at his married woman ‘s demand. Shaw considered it a gift to Ireland. He did decline the pecuniary award, bespeaking it to be used to finance the interlingual rendition of Swedish book to English.

Shaw and Prophet Mohammad ( peace be upon him ) :

Shaw admired Mohammad ( peace be upon him ) He considered him It had painted a inexorable image of Muhammad by the clergy of the in-between ages as a consequence of ignoranance faith. But Shaw read about Muhammad and found that Muhammad was n’t an enemy of Christianity. He was a hero, Shaw in his book “ The Genuine Islam “ said: “ I have studied him – the fantastic adult male and in my sentiment far from being an anti – Jesus, he must be called the Savior of humanity. I believe that if a adult male like him were to presume the absolutism of the modern universe, he would win in work outing it ‘s jobs in a manner that would convey it the much needed peace and felicity. I have prophesied a turn the religion of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of today “ ( ) .

It was said that Shaw wrote a drama called “ Mohammad “ , but it was burnt by British Authority.

Introduction to “ Man and Superman “

“ Man and Superman “ , is besides called “ A comedy and A doctrine “ , was written by George Bernard Shaw, who is one of the most greatest Irishmans dramatist who have written all right dramas in English linguistic communication. Shaw wrote “ Man and Superman “ as a respond to those asked him why he did n’t compose a drama talked about Don Juan fable.

“ Man and Superman “ is a drama consists of four Acts of the Apostless. At first, it was acted without the 3rd act ( Don Juan in snake pit ) . Through this drama, Shaw explicate how Don Juan is presented in other plants as used by Mozart in “ Don Giovanni “ . In this work, Don Giovanni, Don Juan is an extramarital adult male, a paint ; and a chaser of adult females. In the terminal, it is dragged Don Juan to hell. “ Man and Superman “ is written to reply those has asked what happened to Don Juan ‘s psyche in snake pit.

Chapter two

Act one

Act one of “ Man and Superman “ takes topographic point in Portland, London this act starts with a great daze between Tanner and Ramsden, because they discover that both of them will function as defenders of Whitefield ‘s girls Ann and Rhoda, whose male parent has merely passed a manner.

Tanner and Ramsden dislike each other ; Ramsden is a respectful adult male who hates Tanner because of his thoughts and thought. He sees him as a individual without moral. On the other manus, Tanner sees Ramsden as an old fashioned adult male. There is another adult male on the phase ; he is Octavious, Tanner friend, a immature poet. He loves Ann but Ann does n’t react to Octavious love. On the reverse, she rejects him, because she loves Tanner.

Ann appears with her female parent, Mrs. Whitefield.Ann is a beautiful miss. She seems sad because of the decease of her male parent. Tanner and Ramsden nowadays this quandary to Ann and her female parent. Ann asks them to accept this partnership, and do n’t reject it because it is her father want. Then, Ramsden departs the phase.Tanner and Octavious sit and talk. Suddenly, Ramsden appears with a new what that is Octavious ‘s sister, Violet is to go single female parent. She is pregnant without matrimony.

All of the characters are shocked except Tanner, who congratulates Violet on “ the fulfilment of her highest intent and greatest map to increase, multiply, the replenish it earth “ ( Shaw.1973 )

Miss Ramsden, a old maid decided that Violet must be fired from the house every bit shortly as possible. Violet is in an awkward place ; she enters and asks them to be quiet to uncover the truth. She is non a fallen adult female yet, but she has a in secret married.

Violet adds that she can non state them the individuality of her hubby. This fact makes the characters relax.

Act Two

Act two of “ Man and Superman “ takes topographic point in the park of house near Richmond.This act starts with a conversation between Jack Tanner and his chauffeur, Henry Straker. Straker is a adept machinist. He feels sad, because there is a new steam auto is being driven down ; this type of auto is really fast and his auto is non every bit fast as the new auto. Fortunately ; there is a good intelligence for Straker that is both autos will be used for going. All characters are be aftering to travel on a trip to France.

Octavius comes and negotiations with his friend about his love and emotion toward Ann. Through their address the audience reveal that Ann refused Octavius.Tanner mock of his friend, because he has non tried love in his life. Tanner is given a note from Rhoda Whitefield by Octavius, in this note ; Rhoda tells Tanner that Ann, her senior sister, had forbidden her to travel on the motor trip with him.

Ann comes and tells Tanner that Rhoda has a concern, so that she can non fall in them in the driving party.While Tanner faces Ann, she offers many grounds.Ann claims that she is a duteous girl obeying her female parent ‘s order. Mrs. Whitefield appears with Hector Malone, the immature American, and followed by Ramsden and Octavius, through Mrs. Whitefield speaking ; she asks Tanner to take Rhoda out for a motor trip. He becomes certain that Ann is lying. Ann introduces Hector rapidly to absorbs Tanner ‘s angry.Ann Tells Hector that they are be aftering to travel on trip.

Hector reveals his regard toward Violet and appears his desire to attach to Violet in the trip. He is warned that Violet is a married adult female. Violet is asked to hold a few words in privet by Hector. In conversation between Hector and Violet, the audience finds out that Hector is Violet hubby.The ground for doing their matrimony in secret is that, Hector belongs to a billionaire household, his male parent wants him to get married a member of the nobility, so he refuses this matrimony between his boy and Violet.

Violet forbids Hector to denote their matrimony, because his male parent may disown him, on the other manus, she has no desire to populate hapless.

Tanner returns with his chauffeur. They discuss the Continental trip.Straker tells Tanner that Ann looks for Tanner as a partner, so she refuses Octavious.Tanner is shocked and tells his chauffeur to sit new auto to travel out of Ann ‘s range because he wants to be free.

Act three

Act three of “ Man and Superman “ takes topographic point in the Spanish Siewas. It is flushing, there are a group of brigands, their plants are halting autos and stealing their proprietors. Mendoza is the leader of this group, which contains twelve work forces. When waiting for autos. the necessary process is made by the bandit They have strewn nails on the route. The bandits force the auto to halt, autos proprietor. Tanner and Straker, are arrested. Mendoza postpones concern until the following twenty-four hours, there will be no talk of ransom, so that they can now loosen up Mendoza Tells Tanner and his narrative. He was a server and became a bandit after letdown in love. He is rejected by his lady, because he is a Jew. She has a strong feeling that Jews are dirty in their usage.Through his speaking, it is revealed that Straker is a brother of Louisa, Mendoza ‘s lady.Tanner calms the two work forces.Straker travel to kip. An original love Lyric addressed Louisa is read by Mendoza to Tanner who is asleep before Mendoza has finished.

Tanner views himself as Dan Juan in snake pit in his dream he sees an old adult female. He goes and speak to her. Don Juan dazes her when he tells her that she is in Hell. She has expected to be in Eden, because she is a good miss and a loyal girl of the Church. Don Juan explains that there are many good people in snake pit. she asks him about himself. He declares that he killed the male parent of his lover in a affaire d’honneur between them. At the same clip, he assures her that he is non guilty.

When they finished speaking about her position in snake pit, Juan asks her to take any age she dreams to be. she prefers to be 20 -seven. She is changed to a beautiful miss, Don Juan sees her as Ann Whitefield, and calls Through their treatment, Ana discovers that Juan is the liquidator of her Dona Ana de Ulloa. Suddenly, Ana ‘s male parent appears as the life statue of the commanding officer of Calatraven.He does n’t retrieve his girl. After a short clip, the Satan enters. he welcomes the statue and citizens. so the statue, declares that he wants to go forth snake pit and travel out to heaven, because “ the snake pit is a topographic point of where you have nil to make but divert your ego “ . ( Shaw.1973 )

The statue does n’t wish to believe at all. Dan Juan explains that the object of the life is intellect. Ana starts speaking about the relationship between work forces and adult females. she believes that the great map of work forces is to gain money for their household. On the other custodies, the map of adult females is to raise their kids. Juan dazes Ana and her male parent when he explains that matrimony is the most off-color in human organisation. Ana begins the defence of matrimony.

Don Juan shows desire to go forth snake pit and travel to heaven because he is stuck in snake pit, people in snake pit do non utilize their encephalon, and they fined their felicity in making nil. On the contrary, Juan finds his felicity in thought. He can develop his mental capacity in Heaven.Don Juan departs snake pit and travel to heaven.

It is forenoon Tanner woke up, the bandit ‘s lookout state the bandits that there are auto and two armoured autos approach the topographic point. Sixpence is told that Ann had traced him everyplace. Everyone is happy to happen Tanner and Straker.

Act four

Act four of “ Man and Superman “ takes topographic point in the garden, in an a expensive and pretentious Villa in Granada. Enry Straker in the phase with an Irishman, Hector Malone, Sr. there is a note sent to Hector ; Straker had received it and he is asked to give it to Hector introduces himself as Hector Malone, Sr. Violet welcomes him. He is made a ware of his boy ‘s deep involvement in some adult female unknown to him by the note, which is for his boy. But now Malone know that Hector ‘s lover is Violet.He refuses her to be a married woman for his boy, because she is romantic to get by with money like his boy, Although he considers her an intelligent miss.

The conversation between Violet and Malone reveals that the male parent may disown his boy if he marry Violet. He sees that Violet ‘s societal place is n’t good as Hector ‘s place, Violet belongs to a in-between category.The conversation between them is stopped by Hector ‘s reaching.Hector is angry with his male parent for holding read the missive.Violet calms him by explicating that Malone ‘s name was on the Lehrer ‘s screen.

Tanner, Ramsden, Ann and Octavious enter. Hector is asked by his married woman to present his male parent to her household, but he refuse.Malone became certain that his boy married Violet. He faced Hector whom does n’t deny and a vow his matrimony to Violet his male parent describes his boy ‘s married woman as a stealer. The boy refuses the description and challenges his male parent. He tells his male parent that he is a worker and he can gain money for his household.Hector wants to be independent of his male parent.

Sixpence and his friend, Octavious, show that they are willing to assist Hector acquire a good start. Hector is still declining any aid from his male that, his male parent asks Violet to return his boy to his senses.Violet advices Malone non to make anything without informing her. Then, she is given a thousand -dollar measure, by Malone.

Violet leaves, The male parent Malone is excited, Tanner and Ramsden talk with Malone Through their speaking the audience find that Malone ‘s concern in Mendoza, limited Malone is informed by Tanner that he knows Mendoza, and he promises to take Malone to him. Malone and Ramsden leave. Octavious is called by Tanner and is told that brigands its financed by Malone, so Tanner follows Malone and Ramsden.

Octavious walks with Ann in the garden. He tries to convert her to get married him. Ann explains that her female parent decides that Ann will get married Tanner and it is besides her male parent ‘s wish. This fact shocks Octavious.Ann adds that Tanner has no semblances about her, and asks Octavious that he must non state Jack what she tells him. Octavious becomes really sad. Ann leaves him lonely and come in her Villa Mrs. Whitefield appears and sees the crying Octavious through her speech production with him ; he tells her what Ann told him Tanner arrives, and asks Octavious bout his cryings. Octavious hopelessly departs after inquiring Mr. Whitefield to state Tanner what she wishes. Mrs. Whitefield tells Tanner that she wants him to get married her girl Tanner refuses Ann because, she is a liar.The female parent agrees with him, but she explains that she ca n’t detest her girl merely she sees her girl ‘s errors.

Ann enters, she is a lone with Tanner on the phase the conversation on between them shows that Tanner refuses the matrimony to Ann, and she convinces him to get married her. At last. Tanner announces that he will get married Ann she swoons when she hears that.

Violet, Octavious, Mrs. Whitefield, Malone, Ramsden, Mendoza and Straker enter Tanner declares that he will get married Ann. He is congratulated by his friend Octavious, Ann shows her felicity. Then, Tanner and Ann Announce that they will get married will do a simple nuptials, when they return to England. The drape of the drama is closed.

Chapter three

Fictional characters

Jack Tanner

Jack Tanner is the supporter of “ adult male and demigod ” drama he is the anther of “ the revolutionary manus book ” . he has a thin organic structure and bluish eyes.he is in the in-between age.He speaks fluently. He is rich and individual, unattached. He refuses the thought of matrimony because he wants to be free signifier adult females, particularly from Ann Whitefield. Furthermore, he describes matrimony as apostasy and black resignation.

Tanner argues, Ann to dispute her female parent through his address against the dictatorship of female parents and intends sixpence to move hat he believes to be true moral sense. Through “ adult male and demigod ” drama. Tanner is pursued by Ann Whitefield and he tries to get away organize her. At the terminal of the drama sixpence announces that life forces enchant him and he will get married Ann. The reader can see organize the drama that sixpence merely negotiations, in other words, he does n’t interpret thoughts to actions tanner appears as condemned adult male who has no control over his destiny.

Ann Whitefield

Ann Whitefield is the heroine of “ adult male and demigod ” drama. She is an intelligent adult female. Ann is beautiful, graceful and respectable. She wears black frock. Most of the drama ‘s characters are fascinated by her expect sixpence who considers her a liar adult female, Ann loves sixpence and pursues him, but he does n’t care of her. She is “ the original of the critical adult female ” ( James, lowers.1971 ) . the most of import intent in her life is to happen the right male parent for her kids. So she purpose in her life is to get married him, who refuses her at first but accepts at the terminal.

Ann plays her function successfully so the audience understands how she deceives most characters in the drama. The reader can see from each act of the drama that Ann does every thing to do people make what she wants. Briefly, she uses all agencies to accomplish her fate. Tanner describes her as a liar adult female because she lid when she told him about the ground why Rhoda can non travel with him to the trip.

Roebuck Ramsden

Roebuck Ramsden is an old gentleman. He has a white hair. He wears a black greatcoat. He works as a free bargainer. He is a respectable adult male ; he holds an of import place is society he is described by Shaw as “ a adult male of agencies ” ( Shaw, 1973 ) who lives in rather and comfy.

He is the first individual who opens and reads Mr. Whitefield ‘s missive and discover that he will be a guardian with sixpence for Whitefield ‘s girls, he shocks to detect that, because he hates sixpence. Ramsden considers Tanner as a adult male without ethical motives and he refuses to read sixpences book “ the revolutionaries enchiridion ” although he denies that this book is non excessively advanced for him. On the other manus, sixpence sees Ramsden as an antique adult male. Ramsden wears, as show tells us suited apparels with a respectable spiritual adult male he seems as a complete conformist, although he appears his proud on his place.

Octavius Robinson

Octavius Robinson is immature adult male and handsome. He has a thin organic structure, large eyes and black hair. He wears a black elegant suite. He is besides a poet. he is a romantic adult male. He loves Ann, whom calls him Ricky_Ticky_Tavy. Octavius is shocked when Ann tells him that she will get married Tanner because it is her parents wish. He believes her and thinks that his friend, Tanner, cheats him.

He appears in the drama as a individual who “ loves and suffers at the same clip ” ( Shaw, 1973 ) . Octavius cried when Hector declared that he will work entirely. He cried besides when Ann refused him and revealed that she will get married Tanner. Ann sees Tanner as a good individual and nice to ladies, furthermore, he is different from his sister, Violet.

Violet Robinson

Violet Robinson is Octavian ‘s sister. She is a graceful immature lady. Ann admires violet because she does what she wants without concern for others. Violet married in secret, and her household is shocked to happen out. While Ann was seeking male parent for her kids, violet was seeking a rich hubby. Violet makes her matrimony in secret because she does n’t desire to populate in poorness. Her father-in-law, Mr. Malone, will disown his Sun, Hector, if he marries her. At first. Mr. Malone describes violet as a stealer adult female, so he blends her to convey back his boy, Hector, to his senses and gives her a 1000 lb. Ann wins Malone who wants his boy marries an blue blood lady.

Ann is unconventional character ; she challenged society when she married in secret. The reader can see organize the drama that Tanner and Violet hate each other.

Mrs. Whitefield

Mrs. Whitefield is a widow, her hubby has merely died. She is a small adult female ; she is beautiful. She wears a black frock. She is a diffident and a conventional adult female as Ann says. She hopes that her girl, Ann, marries Tanner, because he is soft and rich adult male. Mrs. Whitefield is used by Shaw to show his thoughts about the independency of kids from their parents.

She seems weak adult female ; in the conversation between her and Tanner she complains that she has a small regard from her girls, Ann and Rhoda, although other kids respect her. Mrs. Whitefield is the “ paradigm of the Victorian female parent and Womanly adult female ” ( James. Lowers,1971 ) .

Henry Straker

Henry straker is Tanner ‘s chauffeur. He is a immature adult male ; he has dark eyes and black hair. He wears a tidy bluish suite. He speaks easy ; he respects himself, as a working adult male, and all who related to his category. He is a mechanic and he works expeditiously ; he is besides unconventional workingman. He is clever ; he thinks, farther more, he knows about love and adult female more than does his maestro, Tanner. Straker is the first individual who tells Tanner that Ann loves him and she wants him as a hubby. He is one of the most of import characters in the drama. As Ann explains to Mr. Malone that Straker is the household ‘s chauffeur and they depend upon him ; Tanner insists that he can non populate without Straker.

Straker has a strong believed that is his school better than universities ; he explains to Tanner that in the universities, adult male is learned to be gentleman but in the Polytechnic, his school, adult male is learned to be an applied scientist. Through act three we discover that Louiza, Mendoza lover, is Starker ‘s sister.

Hector Malone, Jr.

Hector Malone is east American. He is a rich adult male,

related to a billionaire ‘s household ; he is 20 four old ages old. He has a clear eyes with a black

face fungus. He is stylish adult male. He appears in act

Two with Mrs. Whitefield. Then, it is discovered that he is Violet ‘s hubby. They married in secret because his male parent refuses this matrimony ; he wants his boy to get married an blue adult females.

Hector is a moral individual. He announces that he will work to gain adequate money for his household and he does non to depend on his male parent ; he wants to be an independency adult male. Hector is shocked when he learnt that his male parent reads his missive ‘s but violet explains that Malone ‘s name was on the missive ‘s screen. Hector

refused present his male parent to violet ‘s household when violet asked him that and he said “ there is no male parent of mine ” ( shaw,1973 ) .

Hector Malone, strontium.

Hector Malone, sr. is billionaire ‘s adult male. He is an old gentleman. He wears a black coat, hat, and a gray pants. He is Hector ‘s male parent. He is a conventional adult male he refuses the matrimony between his boy, Hector, and Violet. He wants his boy to get married an blue lady.

Malone is described by violet as a romantic adult male and she can win him over to her sentiment. Malone describes violet as thief adult female ; Hector refuses this description and declares that he is now a workingman ; he does non necessitate any money from his male parent. Malone becomes more sort when sixpence and Octvius promise to assist Hector. Malone gives violet a 1000 lb to return his boy to his senses. Through act four of the drama, we discover that bandits are financed by Malone.


The leader of the bandits ; he is a Spanish adult male. He has strong, tall organic structure and black hair he has a clear voice. He identifies himself as a adult male who lives by stealing the wealth. He is a romantic adult male. He postpones concern, speaking of ransom, until the following twenty-four hours.

He tells his narrative to Tanner and Straker ; he was a server, but he became a bandit after he had a letdown in love. He loved his retainer, but she refused him because he is a Judaic and she had a strong believed that is the Judaic are dirty in their wonts, through Mendoza ‘s address, we discover that, this lover, Louiza, is Starker ‘s sister. Mendoza is financed by Hector Malone, Sr.

Don Juan Tenorio

Tanner sees himself as Don Juan in his dream. Don Juan Tenorio resembles doodly-squat sixpence, even in their names: denim Tenorio_ Jack Tanner. Don Juan has beautiful face. He wears hat. He is a Spanish adult male. Don Juan shows his thoughts with strong belief, on the reverse of Tanner who shocks his hearers. He tells Ana that all evil people are rest and happy in snake pit. But Don Juan refuses snake pit because he is non an evil adult male, and he does non experience happy in snake pit. On the contrary, he feels deadening. So he decides that he will go forth snake pit and travel to heaven. He wants to develop his encephalon. In heaven, as he thinks, he will happen his pleasance and felicity. The Satan shows his angry when he learns that Don Juan will go forth snake pit. In the terminal of the dream, Don Juan leaves snake pit and goes to heaven.

Dona Ana de Ulloa

Dona Ana is a faithful member of the church. At the first of the dream Ana appears as an old adult female. She is horrified when Don Juan tells her that she is in Hell. Then, she changes to a immature lady ; she becomes every bit beautiful as Ann Whitefield. In the conversation between Ana and Tanner, she discovers that she talks to her lover and the liquidator of her male parent. She is shocked when she learns that her male parent, who lives in Eden, is the Satan ‘s friend.

In the terminal of the dream, Dona Ana dose non go forth Hell to travel with don Juan to Heaven. Shaw explains that love is Ana ‘s concern ; it is non her felicity.

The Devil

The Satan regulations hell. He looks older ; he seems really friendly towards people in Hell. He is non cagey or mind, his informant is excessively weak. He describes Hell as a fantastic topographic point, a house of the sensitivenesss people whose talk about love and felicity, in farther more, Hell is comfy topographic point. But Don Juan sees that the people who live in Hell are bad and wicked ; they ne’er think or even use their head so Hell is a suited topographic point for the Statue and to others. When Don Juan announced that he will go forth snake pit, the Devil felt angry and tried to carry him non travel to heaven.

The Statue

The Statue is Ann ‘s male parent. He is the commanding officer of Calatrava. He prefers to look as a statue than a human. He is a brave soldier and he prides of himself. He does non believe and prefers to populate without do anything ; Statue explains that he is amusement himself without believing or understanding the things. He tells Don Juan that Eden has non beautiful adult females or even creative persons. The Statue has a small regard of encephalons, so he decides to go forth heaven and comes to hell.


My research is devoted to discourse chief characters in George Bernard Show ‘s drama “ Man and Superman “ which was written in 1903.

It contains a treatment of Shaw ‘s life and some of his celebrated plants It besides contains a sum-up of the drama. Which consists of four Acts of the Apostless.

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