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In the undermentioned I will indicate out in which manner the context of British Imperialism is of import and cardinal to our apprehension of Victorian texts presents and how this might hold changed during the 19th century. This will be discussed in relation to H. G. Wells ‘s The War of the Worlds.

H. G. Wells ‘s The War of the Worlds was foremost published in 1898. The terminal of the 19th century was a clip, in which Germany and America began to vie with Britain for primacy in planetary economic system.[ 3 ]

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In the British society sentiments differ what the great British Empire is concerned. Most people think the enlargement was a desirable thing. Over the old ages the enthusiasm grows and better life criterions are expected from the supplies of Empire merchandises.[ 4 ]‘Children grow up in a clime of sentiment that was unequivocally imperial. ‘[ 5 ]Britain was believed to hold the fate and the responsibility to govern the universe. The head of imperialism, so the society is told, was ‘reactive and defensive, non officially expansive ‘[ 6 ]. Patriotic history and geographics books, vocals, imperial exhibitions and literature hide the truth.[ 7 ]So is Boehmer controversy,

‘by offering us insight into the imperial imaginativeness, the texts of the imperium give some purchase on the occlusion of human loss that operates in colonial representation. The consequence of imperium on colonised peoples, and colonised responses to invasion, normally appear as mere hints in the authorship of the clip. Readings of imperial texts suggest, hence, how it was possible for a universe system which presided over the lives of 1000000s to legalize itself while dissembling enduring. ‘[ 8 ]

In earlier novels of the 19th century, e.g. Jane Eyre and Great Expectations, imperialist subjects can be found, so. However, they do non hold a great impact on the general purpose and are easy to lose. In Jane Eyre there is Bertha, a adult female from Jamaica who Mr. Rochester was married to and is hidden in the loft of Thornfield because she had become huffy. Rochester was to get married her because she came from a rich household. The money, so it is to be assumed, was made by slave trade. All these points are merely hints throughout the whole novel and do non hold a great impact on the supporter ‘s determinations. Imperialism is taken for granted and is non commented at all.

Approximately 50 old ages subsequently, H. G. Wells, in contrast, wrote his novel to uncover the truth, ‘ [ My ] narratives reflect upon modern-day political and societal treatments ‘ .[ 9 ]The novel ‘s intent is hence, as Wells himself states explicitly, non to alarm us to the imminency of Martian invasion. Wells uses scientific phenomena as a footing for looking at the present from different point of views.[ 10 ]This is, what Alkon argues when he writes that Wells uses ‘the possibility of an brush with a more technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilisation to make a cardinal displacement in political position whereby readers are shown what it is like to be on the having terminal of an imperial endeavor. ‘[ 11 ]

The whole novel can be seen as a parable. The modern-day reader is confronted with the existent face of Imperialism. The Martians who are evidently the novel ‘s adversaries invade Earth because Mars has become inhabitable for them. They take over Earth and claim it for themselves. Furthermore they live from the earthly population ‘s blood.

They invade without any warning and take what they need, wholly regardless of the effects for Earth ‘s population. Doing so, they act really violently and merciless. Worlds are defenceless and wholly under the Martians ‘s clemency, ‘the monster [ … ] had begun to walk [ … ] across the common among the few runawaies [ … ] . A sort of arm carried a metallic instance [ … ] and out of the funnel of this there smoked the Heat-Ray. In a few proceedingss at that place was [ … ] non a living thing left. ‘[ 12 ]

This is precisely how the British proceeded in their settlements. They took over the population ‘s land and their natural stuffs. For them it was non even necessary to colonise. It was a affair of prestigiousness every bit good as a affair of maintaining up with Germany and America. The Martians, in contrast, had to go forth their place planet in order to last. Just like the Martians destroy everything and act like machines the British invaded the lands they wanted and degraded the land ‘s populations to be simply the ‘colonial other ‘[ 13 ]and ‘subaltern ‘[ 14 ]in comparing to themselves. Furthermore, the British felt merely as superior to the, from their vantage point, uncultivated, crude and less developed as the Martians felt about the earthly population.

However, the storyteller himself develops during the secret plan. He has a clear head and is able to see everything from different point of views. When he says, ‘The base thought of this is no uncertainty dreadfully abhorrent to us, but at the same clip I think that we should retrieve how abhorrent our carnivorous wonts would look to an intelligent coney. ‘[ 15 ], the readers are reminded that it is of import to look at their ain actions from a different point of view to recognize how their behaviour might impact others.

The Martians are much higher developed than the earthly population. They are more intelligent and have stronger arms against which humanity has no opportunity to last. The whole world is under their control and no human arms can halt them.

Wells besides included the subject of evolutionary dominance in his novel. In comparing to the Martians humanity is weak and defenseless. Whenever people get attacked by the Martians, they feel bantam, merely like an ‘ant ‘[ 16 ], ‘as a coney might experience returning to his tunnel, and all of a sudden confronted by a twelve drudges delving the foundations of a house ‘[ 17 ], ‘an animate being among animate beings, under the Martian heel ‘[ 18 ]. Now humanity feels degraded and, above all, disempowered.

For the first clip people realize, they are non the most intelligent animate beings in Universe, ‘No one would hold believed, [ … ] that this universe was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than adult male ‘s ‘ .[ 19 ]

Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in which he states development as fact in 1859. Harmonizing to him, merely the fittest survive in the battle for life, ‘Natural Selection Acts of the Apostless by the saving and accretion of familial alterations, each profitable to the preserved being ‘[ 20 ].

Wells wants to warn his readership about seeking to be the fittest. Aiming to be ever the best agencies concurrency. Britain tried to maintain up with other economical powers and finally behaved as inhuman and mechanical as the Martians do. Harmonizing to McConnell, Wells ‘s purpose was to demo how ‘the evolutionary hereafter [ invades ] and [ suctions ] the lifeblood from the human nowadays ‘[ 21 ]. The Martians were ‘ourselves, mutated beyond understanding, though non beyond acknowledgment ‘[ 22 ]. They represent the danger of what ourselves might go. Huxley is of the same sentiment composing in his essay Evolution and Ethical motives,

‘In topographic point of ruthless self-assertion it demands temperateness, in topographic point of thrusting aside, or steping down all rivals, it requires that the single shall non simply respect, but shall assist his chaps ; its influence is directed, non so much to the endurance of the fittest, as to the adjustment of every bit many as possible to last. ‘[ 23 ]

He warns of ‘fanatical individuality ‘[ 24 ]and provinces that world should work together as one species, alternatively. That does non belie Darwin ‘s theory as he points out that the term ‘survival of the fittest ‘ ‘ [ includes ] dependance on one being on another ‘[ 25 ]. McConnell sees these intimations for humanity ‘s hereafter and writes that ‘only by confronting the hopelessness of human status adult male can get down to build something in which, absurdly and heroically, to trust. ‘[ 26 ]He interprets the loss of human domination as a wake-up call which allows to trust that worlds would work together finally.

Until the terminal, world is non able to get the better of the Martians. Earth is non under their control any longer. The Martians are defeated by micro-organisms and bacteriums they are, in contrast to worlds, liable to. The tiniest and until so for humanity unimportant and unappreciated species of animate beings reached what world was non able to.

To sum it all up, H. G. Wells ‘s The War of the Worlds is a fable in which its writer evidently tries to uncover the truth about the Great British Empire, whereas many earlier Victorian texts instead hid or covered subjects of Imperialism.

Sing that The War of the Worlds trades with a colonial reversal in which, alternatively of oversea states, the British Empire itself is invaded, it is of import for the reader to cognize about the context of Imperialism in order to wholly understand what H. G. Wells intended to state. Of class, the destabilization of false hierarchies of biological science every bit good as of civilisation is another subject that Wells smartly includes. However, this subject is strongly connected to the one of colonial reversal.

Although the novel can be interpreted from different point of positions like every other novel, Wells explicitly expressed his purpose which was to uncover the truth about Imperialism.

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